Brunnete teen amateur dick chugger brunette and blowjob

Brunnete teen amateur dick chugger brunette and blowjob
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Adventures with Chelsea 3- Her niece, Forbidden Desires 'Mmm, suck it girl, damn." Chelsea was sucking my dick, as she had many times before. She was always so good at it.

She had a lot of practice, her man would flat refuse to give her oral pleasure (something I enjoyed doing for her) and sometimes he even refused to have sex with her until she blew him.

It was something she was used to, but blowing me gave her chills, or so she claimed. She simply loved it, having an 8 inch dick sliding down her throat.

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But today something happened that changed my life forever. I was leaning back, my eyes closed, enjoying her mouth on my cock, so I didn't hear the door open.

The next time I looked up, Chelsea's niece Haley was standing in the doorway. Haley was a younger Chelsea. She had just recently turned 13, but already had curves to kill.

Nice ample breasts and a round ass that begged to be slapped. She to liked wearing tight clothes, because she knew she had a great body. Today she was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a halter top that was so small, it looked like it belonged on her arm, not around her chest. Just then Chelsea noticed my tension, and she looked up to see her niece standing there. She immediately jumps up and stands in front of me, while I pull my pants up. 'uh, we were petite blonde babe fucks naughty pawnmans cock for money, uh,' Chelsea stutters, but her niece interrupted her 'You don't need to explain nothing to me,' with a devious smile on her face.

She turned and left the room suddenly. We knew she probably wouldn't tell on us, so she resumes sucking my cock. But for some reason, my mind kept floating back to Hailey.

I wondered how it would feel for her to suck me, and as I looked down, I pictured her mouth on my dick instead of chelseas. The result was that I came in about 10 seconds. We straightened up, and I left.

A few days later I was at Chelsea's sister, Jesse's house again.

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Nobody else was there but Jesse, and she was napping while her baby girl slept. I was watching tv when in walked Hailey, wearing even less clothes today. She was in a pair of jean shorts that were so short her nice round ass was about poking out of them, and another halter top that was, if possible, even tighter. It was definitely shorter, and barely came up to under her nice breasts. She smiled at me, then blushed and ran into another room.

There was nobody there so I decided to follow her, to see whether or not she was going to tell on Chelsea and me. When I reached the room she was still blushing. "Have you told anyone what you saw the other day?" I asked without preamble. "No" she said, without looking at me. "Are you sure?' I said, eyeing her suspiciously. "Im sure, why, do you guys not want anyone to know?" she asked. "Basically yeah, she has a boyfriend and all that." Hailey looked up at me for the first time.

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"I don't have a boyfriend." She said. "Well you're a little young for me," I said jokingly and turned to leave. "Wait," she yelled, and I turned back. "I saw the way you looked at me the other day, it's the same look you are giving me now" she said, and indeed I had been looking her up and down.

"Do you want me?" she asked, and leaned back on the bed so I could get a clear view of the 'offer'. 'damned right I do,' I almost said, but caught myself. "You are way to young," I said again. My resolve was leaking though as she stood up and closed the door.

She slowly sank to her knees in front of me and started unzipping my pants. By the time she had my cock in her hands I had decided. I was going to let her give me head, but that's as far as we would take it. With my mind made anal threesome with blondes in fishnet stockings instincts took over.

I took control of the situation by grabbing the back of her head and guiding it onto my cock.

It was amazing, although I could tell she had never done it before. She was timid, but her smooth mouth was determined to give me a good time. She worked her tongue, and although it was random, the effect was pleasing. I grabbed her head again to stuff it deeper in her mouth. She gagged, and I pulled back, then shoved in again, eventually she worked it until almost the whole thing was in her mouth. I was in bliss, I started stoking her hair. It took about 15 minutes for me to start to feel that little tingle, knowing I was gonna cum.

"I'm close to cumming," I said, and she pulled off and started stroking me. It was the look she gave, that innocent little look, that sent e over the edge. I started spewing cum, getting it all over her face an in her mouth.

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She started licking her lips and I was surprised, she seemed to like the taste. When she was done she looked up at me again. I looked at her and said "You can never tell anyone we did this, or ill probably go to jail." Her look turned pouty, "So you're not going to do anything for me?" she said "I cant and you know it. What we did here was bad enough, it cant go an do anything for me?" she said "I cant and you know it. What we did here was bad enough, it cant go an further.

It's over." I told her. She got up still looking pout further. It's over." I told her. She got up still looking pout, and went to go clean her face up.

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But she paused at the door and turned to me, grinning. "Okay, it's over&hellip.for now"