Guy gets dick sucked well mature wife

Guy gets dick sucked well mature wife
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I probably would not have told anyone this but since I can do this on this site without my real name.

Well, I can let it out of the bag, sort of. I was around 13 years old just going into Junior high, and of course you get to wonder what girls look like under their clothes. Of course from what my friends tell me, what they are supposed to taste like too. It was on a Friday night and as usual, it was Horror Movie Night. I'd get the usual junk food and watch TV until late at night and would always watch TV in my older sister's room in her bed. At that age, I guess they didn't think much of it because I had been doing this for at years now.

So, it was no big deal when I would jump into bed with my old sister, I'd sleep on the foot side of the bed. My sister would put her feet in my crouch as a foot warmer, so she said. So when I started got hard-ons, I was accustomed to her touching me with both her feet and later on with her hands.

She would tell me that her massaging my dick was natural and only she could do it. She made me promise to keep it our secret. Hey what I could I say but yes! What could I say; I liked her doing rubbing my dick.

On this particular night, I had bought a small flashlight from the store because I had watched Batman and they had shown how to make a Bat flashlight. I had been watching TV for about an hour and my sister had her foot on my crotch again, when my dick got hard she reached down on put her hand on it and do her usual hand rubbing. I didn't say a word other than to enjoy it as usual. Before I was about to explode for the first time, she stopped.

I didn't know why but I was really disappointed, she would always get me worked up and then stop. Well, she started the big load of dick bangs a hot brunette thing and I now wanted to see what her pussy looked like and if I was lucky, what it tasted like too! Hey, what can I say!

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I was curious. I had been watching for a few hours after she had given me her usual hand rub. I knew she was asleep now. I slowly started to turn around under the sheets of the bed. I wanted to see what the whole commotion was about pussy. I had my trusty bat flashlight and I was ready. I turned on the light and worked my way up my sister's leg.

I followed up her right leg, kept going up until I got just passed her knee and stopped. I wasn't sure if I was getting winded, because of what I wanted to see or if I was getting excited of seeing what a pussy was all about.

I could feel my heart bounding and I felt short of breath. I wanted to see this pussy! I got up my courage and slowly, ever so slowly, I inched my way up until I was at brad knight and amber chase fucking a teen slut in a passionate threes right side of her hip looking at her crotch. She was lying on her side. All I saw was her underwear!

Never the less I put my nose as close as I could get it to get a whiff of whatever I could inhale. Still nothing! I froze instantly, she started to move and I thought she would wake up. I held my breath in complete shock. I didn't move but she did! I thought that I was busted, she started shifting around and I turned off my light. Like I was going to hide! Yea! Right! I could tell she had changed her sleeping position.

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When I finally had the courage, I turned on my flashlight. I about had a heart attack! She had taken off her underwear and now her crouch was completely exposed to me.

I didn't know what to do! She had taken off her underwear and now was like, letting me look at her pussy.

It was like an open invitation! What the hell! I had no idea of what was considered a taboo.

The guys at school never told me anything about if your sister shows you hers you couldn't do any with it. As I repositioned myself and crawled back to the foot side of the bed to get air. As I turned around and started to head back under the sheets, she moved again. When I got completely turned was now facing my objective, to see her pussy! She had her legs upwards but to the sides.

As my head kept getting closer she would keep her legs pulled up and to her sides. I knew she was awake but still didn't understand the full intent of her actions, so what the heck! I did a B line to her pussy! Bat flashlight at hand and I was face to face with my first encounter with a pussy. Even if it was my sister's! I thought to myself, what next?

The guys and I had talked about what they would do, which didn't bigest dick with small girl any sense to me until&hellip.

Rick, one of my friends told us what his brother had done to his girl friend in the back seat of their car. So&hellip. Out came my tongue and right into her pussy! I paused for a second to get used to the taste and after a bit, I dug in!

It wasn't that bad. As I stuck my tongue deeper into her pussy, my sister put her hands on the side of my head and started pulling and pushing my head back on forth. As my tongue would go in deeper she would pull me away.

Then she would pull my head into her pussy, this began to drive me crazy. What the fuck did she want me to do? Leave it in or did she want it out, I didn't know what to do. When she pushed my head away I would try to push my head back into her crouch so my tongue could get more of the juices that were coming out of her pussy. She'd squirm and her back would arch and she moaned very quietly. I had never seen her move like this. Ever! Right before my eyes she turned around and now her ass was facing me.

She had arched her back so she had both her pussy and ass facing me. I wasn't sure what to do, than she finally spoke, keep licking me and put your nose in my ass hole. Don't worry, it is clean! Fast fodii sex with baby girl have been wondering when you were going to put one and one together.

I still didn't know what the meant but I was hooked!

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I wanted more pussy!!! I got on my fours and put my tongue in her pussy and shoved my nose her butt hole. She moaned and kept squirming. I get my tongue as deep as I could, while doing that; my nose would go into her asshole. She would go nuts. I put my hands between her legs and pushed her legs outwards, I reached to the sides of waist and pulled down.

She dropped down and her face and her butt and pussy were now in a good position for me to be able to stick my tongue even deeper! She didn't protest, she just kept squirming and moaning. She kept having some kind of liquid running down her legs and into my mouth. I was really beginning to like liking pussy. She finally stopped and rolled to her back with her legs spread open. She kicked the blankets of and now I could she her pussy, it was all wet and I went right back to licking her pussy again.

"Wow there!" she said. You still want more? I looked up, smiled and said," more please." Fucking of oriental lovely girl hardcore and blowjob, let me see what I can do for you" she said and smiled.

She threw on her robe and left me in her bed with my tongue out. In a minute she came back in, with my other sister. She was at least 6 years older than I was, she walked in and drop her robe off and laid on the floor with her legs spread wide open for me to eat. I am telling you, I am hooked for life on eating pussy!

It is and still is great to do! Anytime!! Well needless to say that it is a regular Friday night habit. Pussy is pussy.

Neither one of them took my virginity until I was ready. When that night came, they really took care of that for me. Wait until I tell you how they hooked on fucking them both.

Part 2 coming.