Milf pokes love tunnel with dildo japanese and hardcore

Milf pokes love tunnel with dildo japanese and hardcore
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20 Years have passed since my fateful summer fling with my first love, Samson. A lot has happened in those years, coming out to my family, living full time as a woman and finally my breast implant surgery. I'll never forget the day my bandages came off, staring at myself in the mirror and admiring their 42H glory. I couldn't help but be sad and remember Samson and what he would think of them. Sadly he'd never find out, having passed 5 years before my surgery.

I hadn't loved another dog since that summer, not physically or emotionally. That all changed when I bought my first house this year at 36. I'm a moderately successful single woman with the terrible problem that in my small town most guys won't even look at a girl like me, which means I had a non existent sex life. My daddy came to me after I got settled in to the new home and offered me one of his pistols for protection. I'd never used a gun in my life and was frankly terrified of them, so naturally I refused, swearing to him that I lived in a safe neighborhood and would be fine.

You could see that my arguments weren't swaying him and when he left my house you could tell he was working on another plan. Two days later daddy shows back up on my doorstep with a massive Great Dane.

I literally jumped back when i answered the door. Daddy was laughing and smiling, as I picked myself up. "You wouldn't take my offer or a gun, so I got you the next best thing!" He said offering me a hand off the floor.

"I know you've always been fond of dogs, so I found you one that was big enough to scare someone, but was secretly a big softie so you wouldn't be afraid of him." I smiled at his thoughtfulness and took a moment to look over the big, handsome brute he brought to my house.

He was a dark erotic cutie stretches juicy twat and gets deflorated defloration and virginity with patches of white, stood about 34 inches at his shoulders and weighed every bit of 160 pounds.

I'd never seen a dog so big and in such great shape. "Daddy I can't take him really." I protested, "It's to much, I know Danes are a really really expensive breed. You'll have to take him back!" The big boy barked and started wagging his tail when I spoke and daddy took that as a sign, interjecting. "See he likes you already! Just let him stay a few days and see how you two get along." He said with genuine concern in his eyes. "If after that you still don't want him, I'll take him back to the breeder." I've always been a big softie when it comes to my daddy, so I agreed the dog could stay for a few days in an effort to humor him.

Daddy through his arms around me and gave me a big tight hug, you could tell it gave him peace of mind knowing I would have some kind of protection. Being transgendered in a small town has never been easy and gotten me into my fair share of trouble and dad really just wanted me to be safe since I was on my own. I let daddy bring him into the house and the two of us got my big edition situated in his new home. We chatted for a few minutes after until daddy excused himself to get to work.

i walked him to the door and as he was stepping out it occured to me that I didn't know the dogs name. "Daddy, real quick!" I yelled after him, "What's his name?" Daddy turned as he got to his truck and yelled in response, "Samson!" I'll admit I wasn't ready for that.

I stood there in the doorway dumbfounded, waving to daddy as he drove off, but not fully aware I was doing it. I shut the door and slowly walked through my living room, not really going anywhere, just lost in thought.

My summer teenage fling with the original Samson running through my head, over and over. Could this be some kind of weird sign the universe was sending me, or was it just coincidence.

It had been so passion hd two hot young sluts want to work since I had a K9 lover, in truth it had been a long time since I had any lover. I was snapped back to reality as I walked past my new Samson, he barked happily and it occured to me that I hadn't even welcomed him to my home yet.

He ran up to me, tail wagging and I leaned down to pet him, making sure to scratch behind his ears and rub his back. He seemed like such a sweet dog. I went to the kitchen to fill up his water bowl and set out some food for him. I place the bowls in front of him, threw some toys out for him to play with if he got bored and headed upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. My shower lasted longer than usual, as I stood there running different situations through my head, but mostly thinking about Samson.

What are the chances this sweet Dane even liked human girls that way? I finally decided that it couldn't hurt to open myself to him, after a lot of deep shower debate. I did my hair and make up, and put on something sexy to see if he was interested, after all who was going to know?

I slipped into a white sheer babydoll nightie with pink lace on the cups, framing my 42H breasts. Slid the matching thong between my cute little butt cheeks, attached the garters to my white stockings and then slipped into my pink heels.

I stood in front of my mirror admiring myself, I hadn't had occassion to get sexy like this in years and it felt good. I gave myself one final look in the mirror, a quick wink at myself and headed down my hallway towards the stairs, my heels clicking on the hardwood floor, echoing off the walls. Samson heard me coming and ran to the bottom of the stairs, he had no idea what was coming for him.

He stopped and looked up at me standing at the top, leaning against the railing, giving him a long look. I slowly navigated the stairs, one after the other, my hips swaying back and forth with each one.

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Samson's breathing changed almost immediately, watching each step I took, focused on my swaying hips and bouncing breasts. You could tell by the look on his young face that he had never seen a human woman look like this, let alone have one walking towards him and he looked a little unsure of what to make of it. I brushed past him when I got to the bottom of the stairs, pausing just long enough for him to get a whiff of my freshly perfumed bottom.

I walked slowly to the couch, his eyes focused now on my round bootie bouncing as I walked. I spun around with a flourish, my giants tits jiggling as I did, and flopped down on the couch, crossing my legs Sharon Stone style and waiting to see how Samson would respond.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, I was in fact terrified of being rejected, but I resolved to mask it with sexuality. Samson stood at the foot of the stares, still staring unbelieving at how his new owner now presented herself. He took one tentative step forward, then another and another, until he was practically on top of me at the couch. My breath caught in my chest as I made eye contact with him, he leaned in close to me, his nose inches away from my face, my legs still crossed, not petite slut kiley jay gives shawns cock a blowjob anything just yet.

With no warning Samson tilted his head down and started to lick my cleavage, his tongue disappearing between my two fake breasts. "Oh god!" I moaned loudly, his tongue the first sexual touch I'd felt in years. It was soft, warm and smooth, lapping away at my big tits. In that instant I let go of whatever fear I had and new exactly what he wanted. I leaned back on the couch to give him easier access to my chest. he hopped up on top of me, my legs spread wide, his cock still in its sheath, but rubbing against my crotch, as he lowered his huge head to my breasts and began to lick them all over.

Licking my exposed cleavage and the cups of my nightie. I reached behind myself and unhooked the clasps of my babydoll, doing my best to tug it off over my head while he still tried to maul my exposed tits.

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I threw the lingerie across the room and wrapped my hands around the back of his neck while his tongue explored every part of my naked breasts. "Oh fuck Samson, you're tongue feels amazing!" I moaned loudly at him as his tongue found a nipple. "I bet you never thought you'd see human tits huh?" I asked smiling at him as he wagged his tail as if understanding.

Granny celia is a master of oral sex kept one hand on his neck and let my right hot gilr with a buttplug tube porn slide down his tummy to find his sheath.

My eyes went wide when i discovered how big it was, I could only imagine how big the cock inside would grow! I started tugging on it, over and over, slowly at first but picking up speed. He never turned away from my breasts, giving them more attention than they had gotten since I bought them. His hard on began to poke out in all its red, veiny glory. "There it is!" I smiled at him as my hand touched the wetness of his cock. "You know you want to fuck mommy Samson, let me see what you're working with!" I whined at him as he found a nipple again.

It was like he understood what I was saying as his engorged cock slid fully from its sheath. I looked down at it and my eyes went wide, I'd never seen a cock so big, fat and full in my life! I managed to push him off of me long enough to stand up in front of him and direct him to hop up on the couch.

He stared at my tits long and hard as I stared back at his cock. "You want mommy to suck your cock baby?" I asked him gently rubbing my tits. He looked down at it and back at me and I took that as a sign for yes. I got down on my knees in front of him, his cock looked even bigger when it was in front of my face. I took it in my hand and slowly started jerking it off, it had been so long since I'd held a cock in my hands, but they remembered how to do their job. I leaned in and lightly kissed his shaft which made his balls jump.

I giggled up at him and kissed it again, this time with more lips, letting my tongue slide out of my mouth to tickle the shaft. I moved a bit closer, situating myself better to take his cock into my mouth.

I looked up at him one final time and parted my lips, letting his thickness slide into my wet, hot mouth. He let out a loud whine as my soft lips slide down to his knot, hitting the back of my throat and pushing on.

I held him halfway down my throat, playing with his balls for a few seconds before sliding him back out. His entire body twitching from the sensations. I grabbed his cock with one hand and started jerking the lower half of his shaft while I played with his balls with the other.

I sucked the top half in slowly and let it back out with a loud pop each time, slobbering all over it. I picked up speed little by little, sucking and stroking him, massaging his cock like it had never been touched before. After a few minutes his hips began to buck, fucking my mouth and hands.

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He threw his head back and let out a loud howl and I knew he was about to cum. I popped his cock out of my mouth one last time and slapped it firmly between my soft 42H tits and began furiosly fucking him with my cleavage. After a few seconds his cock exploded from the top of my cleavage, cum spraying up to the ceiling and landing on the top of my head, face and tits.

He pumped cum for a full minute before his balls finally stopped twitching. I looked up at him smiling, as I sucked his cock head into my mouth on last time to clean up the last few drops. My hair soaked, fuck a beach babe and lick her asshole hardcore and reality covered and tits glistening with his cum. His tongue hung out of his mouth all goofy as that moment after your first real cum washes over you.

"Oh Samson, that was nothing honey! I saved the best for last!" I said giggling at him as I stood up, turned around and slid off my thong, shaking my bootie in his face.

My tiny cock flopped around as it fell out of my panties. I knew my boipussy would be tight, I try to stay in shape and it hadn't been used in so long, it was almost like he was getting to fuck a virgin. "You're not to tired to go again are you baby?" I asked as I dropped to all fours and looked back at him, cum still dripping from my lips and chin. Seeing me on all fours with my firm, round bootie pointed at him was all the convincing he needed.

He immediately hopped off the couch and ran right up to me, taking a moment to sniff my boipussy before roughly mounting me, holding me in place with his 160 pound frame.

He ran the length of his massive cock up and down the crack of my ass, trying desperately to find a hole to fuck. I gave it a few moments, enjoying his efforts, before I reached back and guided his thick cock to the prize it was searching for. This time it was me who wasn't ready for what followed. I was wet enough for him, having been turned on for a long time, but I was not wide enough for him, he hammered his cock into my boipussy an inch at a time, stretching out my human bitch fuck hole to make room for his cock.

My mouth opened and closed repeatedly but no noise came out, my eyes were impossibly wide open as he cock rammed deeper and deeper into my ass. After a few moments of savage humping his knot bumped against my boipussy and most of his length as inside of me, it was then I finally managed a scream of pleasure and pain that shook the house. My ass was stretched and relaxing and his cock was getting harder, it was in that moment that the fuck of my life began.

Samson began long stroking my relaxing ass, stretching it further and preparing it for the softball of a knot he was packing. "Oh fuck.fuck, fuck fuck,'re cock feels so fucking good!" I screamed and panted as he savagely railed my tight little hole. I held on to his front legs for dear life as his balls slapped against my ass cause my cheeks to shake and my tits to bounce wildly hanging underneath me. I reached back and put an arm around his neck and held on for dear life as I pressed my lips to his muzzle, the sounds of our love making filling the entire house, the wet sounds of his cock in my ass, balls slapping on my bootie, his panting and my moaning filled every empty room.

Samson gave one final hard thrust and his knot slipped into me, I could feel the head of his cock kylie page in perfect specimen of a booty into my belly as the pressure caused me to lose it.

"I'm gonna fucking cum baby!" I screamed as my tiny cock emptied its load onto the floor beneath us, me entire body twitching and my boipussy tightening around his massive carla petite bombe jacquie et michel. I felt the first of his load empty into my bootie, squirting over and over, filling up my insides. His hips twitched and seized up as his ball spasmed, shooting rope after thick rope of hot doggie jizz inside his new human bitch.

i collapsed underneath him, absolutely exhausted and more sexually content than I had ever been in my life. My phone rang as I was lying under Samson, both of us basking in post sex bliss. I managed to get to it and saw it was my daddy, I knew if I didn't answer he would think something was wrong.

I composed myself and hit answer. "Hey daddy, what's up?" I asked cheerfully, Samsons cock still firmly in my ass. "Oh nothing sweet pea, just seeing how you and the dog are getting along. Everything ok so far?" he asked genuinely concerned. "Yea, everything is great so far, though if I'm honest I'm a little tied up right now, can I call you later?" I asked trying not to giggle at my use of tied up.

It was in that moment that Samson was able to pull free, his knot jumped out of me with a loud POP, followed by the splashing sound of his cum running out of me onto the hard wood. "What the hell was that?" Daddy asked. I tried not to laugh out loud, "Oh nothing daddy, that silly dog knocked something off the table, love you!

Talk to you soon, bye!" I said cheerfully and hung up before busting out laughing. I patted Samson on the head looking deep into his eyes and realized he was here to stay!