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Felicity feline plays with her ass with a buttplug outdoors in los angeles
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I m Pranay from Patna, My first time' It was in the 11th grade when I was going to turn 18, and I know that it is a very wrong thing to do but I had a bet with my friends that I was going to lose my virginity before I turn 18. So first I'll tell you a little something about myself. I was 5′11" at that time, fair, well built athletic you can say, and guys.not boasting about myself.But I was quite a popular guy in my school.not only because of my looks but also because I was my schools cricket team captain and was constantly under the spotlight because of my arrogance and hard hitting during the matches.

So my story when one day my school principal called me into her office, when I reached there, I saw that my physical director was also with her. She informed me that the school under the new curriculum all the schools were supposed to have a team for both guys and girls and since I was the captain the coach wanted me to help him with the selection and assist him with the training as well.

I agreed quite obvious…So a notice was sent that day and all the interested students were supposed to give their names and register for the tryouts by that evening. So.there we were.at 8 o clock in the morning.standing with around 30 40 big tits asian tourist sucks off and screwed by the bus who had come there for the tryouts. Quite frankly.

There were some really good looking girls in our school. Anyways.20 girls were selected for a week's training and out of them a final list o the playing 11 will have to be chosen.

In those 20.there was this girl named Urvashi, she was in 12th grade. She was the 'tomboy' of our school and most likely the hottest girl on campus, thou she had a nice body she was nowhere near sports. Let me tell you something about Urvashi…well.fair.dark haired.a perfect figure o 34 26 34.and I kid you not guys… she had the most hottest pair of legs.

The training started and from the very first day onwards I knew that she was not going to make it into the team if she continued playing like this. I tried my best helping her during the session but I guess that wasn't just enough for her and maybe even she realized that and one day she came over to me and said 'Pranay.it is really important for me to get into the team because I have this scholarship and I have to have a participating certificate in any of the sporting events if I have to apply' I explained here that it is not in my hands to select the playing eleven but I can help her improve her game so that I can convince the coach to give her a chance, and I was staying back after school for my practice it wasn't much of a problem.

And so I trained her next evening.we played for around 3 hours after school and were very tired, she was improving.and somewhere I knew that she did stand a thin chance of making it.

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After the practice as I was leaving from school and was taking my bike out of the parking lot.I realized that she was sitting near the gate.I went over and asked her that whom was she waiting for and she told me that her driver had not come yet.so I offered to drop her back home and when she sat on the bike…That was the first time I realize how hot she was.She was wearing shorts and since she was sitting on the bike they had stretched till her upper thighs and her fair Skin made it quite an attractive site.

Even when I was dropping her I realized that everyone was looking at her on the traffic signal and somehow I dint like that.and I don't know why.I told her to get a spare pajama from tomorrow… I know.you guys must be thinking that I am a fool to have missed seeing that site everyday but.I could help it. i dropped her back home.she said goodbye and left.

Next few days I trained her hard and on the day of the tryouts she performed reasonably well and because I insisted, the coach took her in the blonde milf cheri deville threesome fuck interracial could see the happiness on her face. She came over and hugged me…and then said thanks.I found it a little embarrassing as the whole team was looking at me.

As expected.by the next day everyone in the whole school thought we were a couple now and actually we couldn't blame them.we acted like one we used to roam together…play in the evenings.and sometimes I would give her a lift back too.

One day she came over and she was like 'Hey Pranay.listen.I told my mum how you helped me get into the team and all.And she has invited you for lunch this Sunday'.Now that we were good friends.I excepted her invitation and that I would go '.

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So.as expected.i got ready fantasyhd christiana cinn cums and squirts multiple times started for her place and was there at 2 o clock.my mom gave me a book which she told me to return to an aunt who lives in the same colony as Urvashi.

I agreed and left my home…reached there&hellip.I rang the door bell and her mom opened the door and I said'Hello aunty.this is Pranay' She gave me a welcoming smile and told me to come in. I sat down on the sofa in the drawing room and a man comes from behind and he goes like 'You must be that guy who taught my little girl how to play Cricket' I gave him a smile…After sometime.Urvashi comes down from her room and welcomes me.and since her parents were around are usual hug was missing.

We sat down at the table and uncle aunty asked me about my parents…from where I was…what were my future plans…this.that.normal talk. After the lunch I decided to take a leave.I bid goodbye and left and told Urvashi that I would see her at the school tomorrow and when her parents were not looking.she gave me little peck on my cheek.

I went around to my friends place from there and spent some time there, when I was leaving. I realized that I had to return a book to one o my aunts and that I had forgotten the book there at Urvashi's place…so I went back to her place and this time Urvashi opened the door.

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I told her that I forgot my book here and she was like her parents had just left since they had to go attend some function, and then when I was leaving…she asked me.'Hey.you want to stay back for sometime.I'll show you my room and stuff' i said ' Yeah sure…I can stay' So we went back up to her room and she was showing me her room and stuff…and I noticed that she you used to look like a little doll when she was young…I asked her hey.Don't mind me asking.Now that I know you and well have realized that you are a very simple girl.why does everyone have this tomboy image of yours' She became sad and she told me that maybe it's because of her looks and that she is from an army background and open minded.people think she is a tomboy… I agreed.and I told her.that I don't know whether she realizes this or not.But we have become very close to each other and I really like her now&hellip.she said she like me too and gave me this cutest of smiles.I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips.Have to tell you.thought I had kissed a few other girls before her.she was different.her lips were very soft and I jus couldn't let her go for the next 10 minutes.

We broke our kiss and to my surprise.she slowly kissed my neck.I was aroused by then.I kissed her cheeks.moving down to her hot pov blowjob session with jaylyn rose ruffling her hair and giving her neck a little bite.and she gave this 'ouch' sound…I still remember that sound…then I slowly reached for her t shirt and it pulled it down her shoulders…kissed her shoulders… her bra strap was shown…I pulled it down…she wanted me to remove my t shirt.i did so…and then I made her remove her t shirt…i kissed her all over…and I then went down and touched her boobs…it was a feeling of a lifetime.not to tight not too soft.They were perfect…I pressed them.Removed her bra and pinched her nipples.she started moaning slowly oooohhhhh ooohhhhh.i took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it.she got full turned on and was catching my hair and moaning…I went down.kissed her stomach… I did not want to remove her shorts as it was the first time I thought she would object.so I kissed her back to her mouth and slowly slid my hand under her shorts…she said no first a couple of times but gave in later…I touched her clit for the first time and she gave the sexiest moan ever mmm…slowly I started feeling her pussy and then when I felt she was ready…I slid my finger in her pussy…she moaned and bit my neck… I started finger fucking kierra winters and nikki daniels horny threesome action I increased the pace and she was smooching me hard…we were going wild with each other…i had by now slid two fingers in her pussy…and I knew by her movements that she was now going to cum in sometime…i increased my pace and she was uttering words like&hellip.faster&hellip.aaaaahh deeper&hellip.and then she bit my lip…her whole body tensed up…she lifted her stomach in the air…and screamed…oooohh yyyeeeaaaahhh……and I knew she had cum… It was my turn now she went down and removed my jeans.and took my cock in her hand.

by now it was totally erect and was standing proud at 8 1/2 inches like a flag pole…she started stroking it with her hand and kissing me…then she said. Im going down on you…haven't done it before…so don freak out'.Before I could realize anything.she had taken my cock into her mouth…aaaahhhhh…it was a feeling ill never forget her wet pink lips around my cock…and the wetness…I had never been so turned on before&hellip.

I started to slowly jerk up and down into her mouth…and was catching hair…it was the best feeling ever…she was giving me a blowjob! She continued it for another 10 mins and we had both increased the pace and I knew I wouldn't last longer so I took out my dick from her mouth and went down and started licking her pussy again sucking her juice very hard not highs biting licking her full lower parts she s moaning in pleasure aaaaaahhh! I licked it for about ten mins I licked n sucked her pussy hole she cum on my face guys I liked that for taste first time I'm eating girls cum, it tasted really awesome.

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After mins we again sucked each others' but in 69 position.After sometime she got vover aggressive and ordered me to fuck her…so I asked her get some Vaseline and she applied it on my dick and on her vagina.

I sucked her nipples and came in between her legs and placed my dickon her love hole. I locked her lips with kiss and given a jerk and my half dick was inside her and she broke the kiss and shouted that's its paining a lot and tear rolls out from her eye.

I said her it will pain for sometime only then I liza in hard suck with ads another jerk and my dick was fully inside her. After inserting I waited and started jerking soon her paining voice ohhhhh converted into moaning aaahhhh and she starts enjoying and after 15-20 mins I cum inside her as wanted to cum me inside her. After the session all the bed was full of pre cum, blood & sperm then we lay naked sometime then went to wash her and I started to wear clothes and washed myself too.

After that session I left her home and give an I-pill to her in the evening