Saniya sex sonakshi sinha sex

Saniya sex sonakshi sinha sex
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My day started fighting bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Connecticut Turnpike as me and my wife Carol drove to New York City. Taking a quick break from the driving, we kissed passioniately in the parking lot of a highway rest stop.

When I slipped my hand into her pants, Carol stated, "Maybe later Keith. I just got my period this morning, and I don't feel too comfortable right now." I assumed later really meant not this weekend. Carol's a housewife and dedicated mother to our four teenage children, and we rarely get a night out.

But a few weeks ago, Carol's younger sister Sally had phoned from her North Carolina condo. Sally had a five day business trip planned for New York City, and the final day was a fun day without any business meetings or conferences planned. Sally's company had a suite in midtown Manhattan and it was hers to use any way she preferred.

Since we sex gay pom old xnxx com seen Sally in almost a year, she hoped we would be free to spend Friday night with her, as well as most of Saturday, before she had to fly back to Charlotte later that night. Carol, Sally, and I exchanged pleasantries when we arrived at her hotel. The suite her company owns was incredible.

It had a small office set-up, with a computer and television, a separate bathroom, and a pull out couch that was to be our bed later that night. Sally's room had a view of the New York City skyline to die for, a king-size bed, and a master bathroom with a jacuzzi. I was resting on the couch, watching ESPN, and the girls were catching up on things and making dinner plans. At least that's what I assumed. I glanced over at two women who were polar opposites. Carol is 40 years old, about 220 pounds, with black hair, a big ass, big tits with huge areolas and nipples, and a pussy I could suck for hours.

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She keeps it totally shaven. Carol also has a really big clit and huge pussy lips, and if she had her way, I'd suck her red-hot pussy every morning after the kids head to school. If I had it my way, I'd suck Carol's hot pussy every night when we turn in to bed also.

Carol's a real screamer though, and night time fuck sessions are pretty difficult with four teenagers living at home. Sally is only 14 months younger than Carol and she never married. She's a natural red head womens basketball active athlete college av debut real petite. She has a very demanding job and she's very succesful and dedicated. She places her career in front of everything, evidenced by the endless string of boyfriends that she breaks up within months.

I must have dozed off and when I awoke, both Carol and Sally were in separate bathrooms showering. I was stunned when my wife walked out of the bathroom wearing a black corset and black stockings. She kissed me on the cheek as she walked past me, and she sat down on the edge of the king-size bed. Sally walked out of the other bathroom wearing a white teddy and white stockings. She smiled at me as she joined her sister on the bed. "Keith, poor Sally hasn't had her pussy sucked or fucked for weeks," Carol exclaimed, "and I'll be doing the sucking in a minute or two.

Watch us for a while and then you can handle the fucking if you'd like." I was totally stunned. To be perfectly honest, I've never even daydreamed about fucking my sister-in-law.

Yet I was more than ready for the task! My wife pulled up Sally's teddy and I saw her sister's small tits for the first time. Carol sucked one nipple and then the other, before quickly spreading Sally's legs. I didn't have much of a view of my wife's tongue or her sister's pussy, but my ears told me that Carol had Sally close to cumming. Sally started shaking and she screamed like a banshee when she orgasmed. Then they waved me over to join them. Carol pulled her sister's legs apart and said "Look at her sexy pussy, Keith.

It's so wet and so tight." It was very hairy too, with bright red hair that matched her head.

Her pussy was a third of the size of my wife's. Despite all the pussy fur, with that tiny little snatch she looked just like a little girl. But when Carol pulled Sally's pussy open, I noticed the second thing the sister's had in common: a huge clit. My ears had told me minutes before that the first thing they had in common was that they both were screamers. My cock was so hard and Sally's pussy was so wet when I slid it straight in.

She laid on her back as I thrusted my cock into her tight little pussy. My wife was dangling her tits into her sister's mouth. While thrusting my cock in and out, my thumb rubbed her big clit in a circular motion. I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot of bucketful of cum into Sally's pussy.

"Pull out now," Carol yelped. "That cum is all mine." She got back between her sister's legs and started sucking my hot cum from her sister's pussy. I was still stunned, having never seen that side of my wife or her sister. Going for what I knew, I started grabbing and slapping my wife's fat ass cheeks.

Carol's strange. She loves to ass-fuck, but only on the couple days a month that she has her period. Her ass is off limits any other time of the month. I started licking Carol's asshole, which All internal pony tailed veronica gets creampie deepthroat and cumshots knew would drive her crazy. She screamed, "lick my asshole, Keith, suck my big fat ass.

"It feels so good." Carol stopped licking her sister's pussy, got up on all fours, and begged me to fuck her ass doggie style.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Sally opening a bedroom drawer, and she pulled out a dildo and strap-on harness. I prayed that it was for Carol and not me. After I shot another big load, this time straight up my wife's big butt, Sally and her strap-on sat on the edge of the bed. My wife soon got up to join her, as my jizz ran out of her gaping asshole and flowed down her leg. Facing me, Carol squatted down and slid Sally's dildo into her big butt. My wife's shaved pussy was staring at me, and I couldn't have cared less about the tampon string that hung out of her snatch.

"Suck my pussy and make me cum," Carol yelled. Her clit was swollen to about half the size of my thumb, and I grabbed it with my lips, as I reached up and pulled on woolly gramma enema during a medical examination of her swollen nipples. They pointed straight out like little rockets blasting lesbian hotties make each other moan from pleasure of her big, brown areaolas.

I sucked my wife's big clit in and out of my mouth as I brought her to a screaming orgasm. I was totally spent, but the girls begged me for one more round. As Sally laid face down on the bed, Carol started licking her sister's asshole. "I'm getting her ass ready for you Keith, " said Carol, "and Sally's never been butt-fucked before." Without any lube, I struggled to jam my cock in Sally's ass.

I started fingering her butthole instead until she begged for my cock. I tried again and once the head of my cock was inside, I waited a moment before jamming all 7 inches in. Sally winced, but once I started pumping slowly, she proved to be quite the butt slut. She was just like her older, and much bigger sister. I shot my load deep into her ass, and after pulling out, I was ready to collapse. The three of us laid there, totally spent. I must have dozed off again, and I awoke to the smell of pussy juice and Carol's whimpers.

Sally and my wife were in a 69 position, with Carol on the bottom, of course. My only view was my wife's mouth on her sister's clit, and somehow she was reaching back and finger-fucking Sally's tight butt.

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My cock got rock hard and I thought, here we go again. But I feigned sleep and watched the action as both girls squirmed to another orgasm. After both girls came, they laid in each other's arms and chatted about their dinner plans. One of New York City's finest steakhouses was their consensus for dinner. Dessert sounded even better. They agreed that I'd be eating strawberry hair pie for dessert, with my wife sucking my cock at the other end of the daisy chain.

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That sounded great; I never ate out a redhead's hairy pussy before. I've chowed on my wife's shaved pussy for 20+ years. She had a dark, hairy black bush when we first met, and I had eaten out plenty of blondes and brunettes before Carol and I met. But never a redhead. I couldn't wait to get Sally's huge clit in my mouth, and my cock in my wife's mouth.

Carol sucks and swallows like a champ, and I've been cumming by the bucketload all afternoon.

The girls were also whispering some other ideas that I don't know if I heard clearly. Did they really want to have a piss party in the jacuzzi before taking turns fucking my ass with the strap-on?