Blindfolded wife fucked by black guy

Blindfolded wife fucked by black guy
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Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond with great comments. Also, thanks for all the positive votes. For the few who voted in the negative I'm sorry you didn't like the stories. You probably won't like this one either. It was Friday, the day before an agonizingly long three day weekend which meant that after today Mom and Dad would be around for seventy-two hours which in turn meant Emily and I would be back to self serving sex; in other words, jerking off alone.

Damn holidays! We got off the bus right on time and started walking toward home. Today, Emily walked with me instead of her friends, who lagged behind. She whispered in my ear, 'I can't wait to get home' and then she gave old girls yung man xxxx a mischiefish little giggle. 'Hey, what's the big secret,' one of her friends called out, but Emily just shrugged and smiled at me.

I'd never seen my sister so adoring of her little brother, but I loved it. I guess sex buddies can be friends, too. I unlocked the front door and let Emily go in first then locked it behind me. Emily turned toward me.

Her face was flushed. 'I am sooo horny,' she said. 'I didn't think I could make it to the final bell'. She looked down at the lump in my pants. 'I see you have the same problem.' Emily hit the shower first. By the time I had showered she was waiting in my bedroom wearing a pair of very brief panties and a bra that was cut to go below her tits lifting them up, but in full view.

Her nipples were hard. I gasped at how sexy she looked. 'Where did you get those,' I asked knowing that our mother had nothing to do with it. 'I sewed them faketaxi party girl gets fucked in taxi she said. I used a pair of panties and bra and just did some modifications. You like'? 'I would 'like' to win the lotto. You are beyond that'. I was wearing only a towel when Emily took me by the hand and led me to my bed.

'I want to give you something special today,' she said. 'Lay down here'. As I laid on the bed Emily took the towel away. Then she did something that totally shocked me. She kissed me softly on the lips. I think my eyes gave away my surprised, but Emily only laughed and shoved me back so I was laying flat out. Of course, my cock was a flagpole in the cool bedroom air. Emily took my prick in her petite blonde babe fucks naughty pawnmans cock for money hand and stroked it a couple of times then lifted my balls with her right, exposing the skin beneath.

She lowered her head and began to give me a hickey right between my asshole and the bottom of my ball sack. She massaged my cock with her thumb.

It felt so good I thought I would faint. I pushed my hips into the air to give her more room as she continued to suck in that one place. When she stopped she looked up at me and said, 'Now you're marked with my brand which means I own you'. She smiled again and moved to my balls. Emily began to lick under my balls right where the sack begins letting her tongue slip onto one ball and then the other, then taking one into her mouth to gently suck before moving back to the other again.

I didn't think it could get any better than this until she moved up and let her lips slip over the red, swollen head of my leaking cock. She took only the head into her mouth letting her tongue circle around and around stopping only to give a second little hickey where my cockhead joined the shaft then licking the precum off the tip.

'Emily, if you keep doing that I'm gonna cum'! She stopped for a moment taking my prick out of her mouth. 'Hmmm', she said, 'I wonder if I will jerk you off so I can watch you squirt or if I'll let you cum in my mouth so I can swallow it'? Before I could answer she took my prick in her mouth again and let it go all the way to the back of her throat.

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She did this several times until I felt my ejaculation start boiling up. 'I'm Cuming, I groaned. Emily took my prick from her mouth and said, 'I'll do both'. She jacked my cock up and down until I shot the first stream into the air.

She looked at it for only a moment as it splattered onto my chest then took my cock back in her mouth using her lips to masturbate me. And now Emily did one more thing that caught me totally unprepared. As I continued to cum in her mouth she began to swallow in big gulps. I couldn't believe my sister, who until this week I'd never seen in anything less revealing then her pajamas, was sucking my exploding cock and swallowing every bit of cum I could produce. The feeling was so unbelievable that all I could do was pump my hips into her waiting mouth.

As I came I looked down to see Emily looking up at me. When our eyes met something happened. We locked onto one another and the whole act of her blowing me became something deeper, something I knew right then would never fade.

There was a connection.

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I knew in my heart that I would never let anyone hurt my sister as long as there was a breath of life, left in my body. And I saw the same look in her eyes. When I stopped cuming I fell back on the bed in an exhausted heap. Emily let my deflating cock fall out of her mouth then opened her mouth to show me she had swallowed every drop. She climbed up on the bed and laid beside me turning to kiss me, but waiting to see my reaction.

After all she had just swallowed a massive load of cum and probably was wondering if I thought her lips were now dirty. I took her face in my hands and kissed her passionately.

Our tongues intertwined.

And then to my surprise, as we kissed I felt life coming back into my lower region. As we broke the kiss, Emily looked down and saw what was happening. 'Oh good,' she said. hottie evelin stone cleans big cock of neighbor was hoping we could have more'. My sister turned so that her face was over mine and kissed me again on the lips.

She felt so soft. Our tongues found each other again while she let her fingers trace my neat playgirl gets nailed doggy position homemade hardcore and balls until I was standing at attention once more. Emily held my cock in her hand while moving her right leg over me as if mounting a horse. She guided the tip of my cock to her opening and slowly impaled herself on it sliding down on the entire length. She gave a soft sweet sounding sigh as we joined.

Her pussy felt like a velvet glove encompassed my prick. We began to move slowly, she lifting as I withdrew then coming back down as I pushed up into her. I wished this could last forever. We started a slow, passionate love making, but as we rode each other I could feel her need beginning to grow.

Soon we were bucking into each of with abandonment. Each time Emily raised up my prick came out of her to the point of almost falling free only to have her come back down with a driving force.

And as I met each stroke I felt my balls slap against that part of her crotch that was between her pussy and ass. As Emily continue to ride my dick, cowgirl style, I reached up and took her beautiful breasts in my hands pulling her toward me.

I pushed her nipples together and took them both into my mouth mimicking what she had done to my cock. They stiffened at the touch of my tongue. Emily shook her head to get her hair out of her face then looked down at me as I sucked her tits.

'I going to cum soon,' she said. 'Me too,' I mumbled while still sucking her nipples. She placed her hands on my chest. 'Let's cum together', she said. 'Tell me when you're ready'? I nodded, not wanting to relinquish my hold on her breasts. After another minute or so I felt it begin. I looked at Emily and nodded up and down. She in turn, somehow made her pussy contract tightly around my cock and said, 'Do it'.

Like a trained circus pony I responded instantly to her command. My prick swelled and I began to cum. Emily felt it and let whatever concentration she had been using to hold back go as she too began to cum. It was amazing. I slammed upward trying to get my entire being into my sister while she let her pussy squeeze my cock pulling the hot load out of me, one shot at a time.

As we came, Emily leaned forward forcing me to let go of her tits. Instead our lips met and our tongues worked as we fucked. I don't know exactly at what point we went from soft love making to wild fucking, but it was obviously at the right time. I pushed up and shot load after load into my sister, her pussy pulling on my cock in a sucking frenzy only slowing after a very long time.

When we had finally stopped cuming we continued our movements now at a more gentle rhythm until we felt the animal need silently slip away. Emily let her body fall onto me limply. I don't know how long we laid there in the afterglow that neither of us recognized.

You don't get that kind of a feeling from jerking off, that's for sure. When we finally regained some strength we showered together then had a huge supper followed by sitting together, holding hands and watching TV. The next morning the bomb was dropped. Our parents told us they were going on vacation with our father's sister and her husband. At first we were excited to hear the news. Emily and I would have two glorious weeks together with no adults messing us up.

But that excitement was short lived. We were going across town to spend the whole two weeks with our cousins, Eileen and Frankie! (Please read my stories Eileen and Eileen Pt2 to understand where this is heading. See you there.)