Old guy licks teen pussy age aint nothing but a number

Old guy licks teen pussy age aint nothing but a number
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Text: Margo --- John --- thanks and need to see you John, Thank you so much for your kindness this morning for stopping and changing my flat. I am amazed at what happened standing next to you and the effect I apparently had on you. It is very flattering. After that incident, I went home to shower. I just want to let you know that you had the same effect on me although it isn't as anatomically visible.

I enjoyed some alone time in a hot shower.I enjoyed it three times and probably would have a fourth if not for my solitude being interrupted. I was embarrassed by how visible your effect was on me earlier in the week. Anyway, since it's Friday, I wanted to ask if I can see you again.

Would you be willing to come over tomorrow morning around 6am and have coffee? Thanks! Margo Margo paused for a few seconds as her mind wandered back over the morning and what happened on the way to work. Her pussy still felt sensitive and she loved how things had turned out; she loved feeling attractive to me, feeling as though she had some special power over me, but this text that she'd just typed is a step toward a plan that would test this new sexual adventure even further and she felt nervous about it.

She remembered the feeling of my erection between the cheeks of ana foxxx dripping the ball ass, she remembered turning around to watch me ejaculate, apparently out of control, in the alley, and she remembered the feel of my warm, slick semen on her fingers.

She hit the petite teeny who loves cock cunnilingus doggystyle button and watched the text go out. She leaned back in her office chair and sighed. How long would it take me to see the text and respond? She pushed her chair back and stood up.

" Coffee." She thought. She crossed her work group office area and left through the side door towards the kitchen area. A few minutes later she came back through the door and headed toward her cubicle with her cup of coffee. She noticed I was near her cubicle and her heart jumps. I'm apparently looking for her.

When I didn't find her at her desk, I turned and our eyes met. I smiled and Margo's nerves settled down a bit. As she approached, he spoke, "Hi. I was just looking for you." " Well, here I am." She replied. I looked at her and then stepped into her cube and pulled a chair closer, sitting down on it. I leaned forward and whispered, " I will see you at 6am." Margo's nerves jolted and she felt her heart racing.

" Ok." She replied. Margo is 37 never married, slim petite body, small breasts about the size of an orange, is 5' 4" tall with shoulder length blonde hair. Margo has a condo on the third floor of a nice building. Margo opened the door about a foot and smiled at me, keeping her body behind the door and out of view. " Good morning, John!" " Hi Margo." I smiled back. She opens the door a little wider leaning forward, looking left and right. " Nobody around?" She asked. I turned to look, " No." She pulled the door open wide and stepped into my view.

" Good. Come in." Margo is uncomfortable looking into my eyes which have a searing glance, as if with an insidious intent. She showed me the way to the bathroom and I gave her a smile before leaving which made her feel uneasy. I came back after 5 mins. I again threw a smile at her and said, " The rain is pouring heavily.

" I don't think this was a good idea. I don't ask strangers over. I am sorry I have to ask you to leave." Margo blabbered, now getting increasingly tense.

" That's really rude." my voice showed a sense of disappointment as my eyes were still lit up. " I am sorry I can't let u stay" She tried desperately to sound normal. I suddenly lunged forward and caught her by the hair." I want you Margo" " Leave please." She shrieked. " I want your tight cunt, Margo. I will fuck your big breast brunette girlfriend the center of all his fantasy cunt so hard that you will never ask for any man's dick in future." My voice is stone cold.

Suddenly she realized the unthinkable is going to happen. She is going to be raped. She could have never thought of landing up in such a situation. I dragged her by the hair to the bedroom and pinned her down to the bed.

She feels the girth of my torso and realized I had a large body, way larger than she imagined. She has not been with a man recently and never with a older man with a large body.

" Leave you bastard, She cried, trying to resist vehemently, throwing kicks and fists at me. But I didn't flinch. I then rolled her over on her back as my hand explored her jeans button. She tried to move away from me throwing her legs at me. At that moment I slapped her hard on the cheek and she dropped to the bed like a discarded toy. Her head started spinning with the impact. I wasted no time as my fingers worked with eagerly. I unbuttoned her jeans lowering them to her legs in one tug.

She is lying on the bed in her panties in full view. " Wow, you have a gorgeous cunt." I said. Please go, tears streaming down her face. I ignored her pleas grabbing her legs and parting them forcefully. Then I put super son bigger brest mom fuk fingers on her panties and tore them off in one motion. Margo is naked waist down and shivering at the thought of the impending calamity. I then put two of my fingers at the mouth of her pussy and smiled malevolently.

I then abruptly inserted them inside her quivering hole and start thrusting. With each thrust her nipples start becoming hard. She realized that her pussy had started moistening by the expert maneuvering of my fingers, as if it wanted to aid me.

Then all of a sudden her cunt betrayed her and wrapped around my fingers tightly. Margo wondered what is happening to her. How can she get excited at what I'm doing? But she had to admit, my strength feels good. I continue finger fucking her cunt without slowing my pace. Now, she is feeling a lightheaded whether it is from fear or pleasure she can't decide.

She started feeling guilty of her sensations and thought of switching off in her mind and not think of what is happening to her. But she feels it burning deep inside her. A bubble wanting to come out like lava from a crater. I read her facial expressions and saw it coming. At that very instant I put my thumb on her engorged clit and gave a firm push!! An electric current went through her, it is sudden and violent and her vaginal walls clenched my fingers in wild abandonment.

She came hard and a muffled cry escaped her lips. She is awash with a whirlwind of pleasure and wetness. Her pussy spasm uncontrollably and I chuckle. " You are quite a busty mature babe trixie sucks and gets fucked with mouth cum pornstars hardcore. You should be ashamed of yourself." I said proud of the accomplishment of my fingers.

She feels my words stinging her like bullets. I'm telling the truth. How could her body respond to this extent to my advances? She covered her face with her hands and started whimpering. There is a dull soreness in her body created by the violent orgasm. I lifted her shivering body and put her on her knees.

Now, my dear slut, you know what I want don't you? Margo knew exactly what I wanted. She lifted her hair off her face and nodded. Then she realized she was going too far. She gathered her strength and asked me to leave one more time.

But as she looked into my cold eyes she realized I will not leave before I get what I wanted. With shivering hands she stooped forward and started to unzip my trousers. As she unbuttoned she realized my member is monstrous. As she lowered my pants down to my knees she sees it taut, my underwear struggling to keep it restrained in its limits.

Margo slowly slides the briefs down and my member jutted like a jumbo spring in front of her. Margo is startled as It sprang forth. She tries to gauge its length and to her horror realized it must be at least 9 inches. It is almost 4 inches longer than her last boyfriend and its width is prolific. Its spasming motion made her confused. She feels a tingling between her legs and is deeply embarrassed at her predicament.

She remained silent, confused and ashamed of herself. I said pointing at my giant member. " Now you will learn how to love this monster, won't you, my darling Margo?" She is transfixed at the monstrous instrument. It is unreal. She wonders how a man could possess such a huge cock. It is just inches away from her mouth. Its pulsating motion is paralyzing her senses. Margo is in the whirlwind of perplexing emotions.

Her heart is telling her to give in whereas her head is asking her to cry her lungs out. " Hey Margo, I don't have all day. Start showing what your mouth can offer and maybe I will forgive your cunt for today. If you don't comply then I swear my cock will batter your cunt so hard that you would not be able to walk for a week." Margo is stunned by my words. She is not sure whether she will be able to take the tip of my penis inside her mouth.

She started considering her options. She had stopped to consider my demands then suddenly I slapped her cheeks using my rock like penis. Finally her fear gave in. She decided that whatever may happen she will not put her body in further trouble from me and will give into my demands.

Quickly grabbing the bottom part of my penis. Slowly she started flicking her tongue over my penis. " That's it my darling, that's it.

Put it in your mouth." She slowly opens her mouth further and took it in as much possible. " Wow, very nice. Lick it, aaahhhh.you seem to be an expert.it seems you have serviced many before.uuummmmm." Suddenly she feels a tinge of wetness between her legs. Whether she wanted to finish quickly to get herself out of situation or is it something else.

She is growing confused. Slowly she places my cock in her mouth pulling my thighs towards her. Still she had a part of its length in her hand and she realized that my cock had reached her throat. I start to pull out my cock and then again reinsert it thus fucking her mouth. With each stroke I tried to put my cock deep into her throat. My arms have firmly gripped her face. " Aaahhhhh.Margo.take more, take it, open your mouth a little more." Now I'm fucking her mouth vigorously and my thrusts are hard.

With each thrust I rest the tip of my cock deep in her throat and it became hard for her to breath. Then I slowly withdraw for a second and quickly reinsert it with animalistic passion.

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I keep holding the base of my penis so that she doesn't suffer. Suddenly I caught hold of her arms lifting them in the air and immediately give a hard thrust jamming my cock in her throat. " Aaaaghhhh.Aaghhhhhh.today you will realize what a monster cock means." Her body went rigid. Her nose is lodged in my public hair and my balls are slapping her chin.

The entire length of my cock is in her mouth and two-thirds of it is in her throat. Now I'm thrusting in her mouth like a hungry animal. I'm trying to put my cock into her throat as much as possible. She knew what is coming and she is solely responsible for that. Nobody now can stop the ramming of her throat by my cock. She hears the noise of the swishing sound of my cock violating her throat.

Then I release her arms and without wasting any time she grips the shaft of my cock by the base. Now instead of putting my cook in her throat I keep it in her mouth and asked her to suck it. Suddenly she realized that her pussy is now dripping wet.

She doesn't know why her body betrayed her mind. Margo is searching for answers in her mind but cannot find any. Then she realized that she subconsciously has started to suck my cock. I stopped thrusting and she has taken charge. She starts to take in as much cock inside as she can and maintain a constant rhythm.

Her actions would have resembled a whore at that point. " Ahhhhhgggg .Ahhhgghhhh.slut.I am about to come." She had sucked cock before but has never allowed anyone to come in her mouth and I will be the last person to do that, she decided. The idea of me coming in her mouth has nausated her.

She tries frantically to remove my shaft from her mouth. Not only can she not make that happen but her struggle has excited me further. I then thrust with my hips, my cock jammed abruptly inside her throat taking away all the air from her lungs.

Suddenly she feels liquid spurting in her throat. " Aagghhhhhh.Aagghhhhhhh.Aaahhhh.take it, take my juice." I shouted as my first load gushed out and went straight down her throat. She tried frantically to remove my spurting member from her mouth but all her efforts were in vain. My cock kept splashing and my cum flowed straight into her stomach. I keep my cock in her mouth until all my semen has been spilled. After I'm assured of my purpose I loosened my grip pulling out my cock out of her mouth.

" I know all sluts love to drink from cocks. You are no different." She had a glimpse of my still leaking cock. She feels so dirty and disgusted by the smell and taste of my semen that she decided that she will never suck another cock in her life. Margo swears my spent cock is bigger than any man's engorged cock. My juices are dripping from her face. Margo dropped on the floor exhausted. " Please can I leave now?" She asked trembling." I have done everything you asked me.

Please let me go now." I laughed. She feels very ashamed at that moment. Her pussy is still sore from the finger fucking and her breasts ache and her nipples are rock hard. " Margo, you are beautiful." Do you think I will let you go so easily?" Her eyes fell upon my cock, to her horror she sees my cock is already hard again. Within a few seconds it grew hard and took the form of tree trunk. " Oh my God. Its not over yet. Run Margo." Her inner voice shrieked.

She gathered her residual strength and lunged forward to free herself from me and run towards the door. Suddenly she feels a burning spanking in pantyhose free in pantyhose porn 4b-pantyhose4u net tube porn in her hair.

I held her by her hair pulling her heres a chic that has a empty bottle fetish that me with one savage thrust. " Where are you going Margo. You are my slut now. You can't go anywhere unless I let you.", I roared.

Within seconds I tore her tank top off. Now she is only clad in her bra which is barely covering her breasts.

While exploring her nipples sucking and pinching. I started squeezing her tits then started nibbling at her neck and shoulders. " Where were you going darling? I was gently with you. Its not good for someone to be so rude. Is this the way you thank someone. Now see these gestures of yours have driven me crazy." Then suddenly I push her head against the bed.

Her breasts have become rosy red. She has never faced such rough treatment in her life. I spread her legs wide with my arms. Her anus is visible to me now. " Your ass is very tight, Margo. It seems you are a virgin there?" " No, no, not there. Please I beg you." She tried hard to free herself from my grip. Now while mauling her breasts I suddenly pull her towards me.

Margo realized that my rock hard cock is crawling up her back and my balls touching her butt.

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" Your former boyfriend's cock can't douse the fire in you. Isn't pretty beauteous gal rides up dick homemade and hardcore true Margo?" My hot breath is flowing down her neck like wildfire. It suddenly gives a yes yes sensation to her pussy but then she remembers the size of my cock, she came back to reality." She again struggles to break free but I again pushed her head back into the bed.

" If you don't stop Margo. I will put my cock into your tight virgin ass and will rip it apart. If you think I am lying continue to struggle." With that she feels the invading presence of my cock tip at the entrance of ass.

Margo froze to the spot, not believing what she heard. " Where do you want it Margo, back or forth." " Noooooooo.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.not in there.noooo." tears running down her face. " Tell me no honey, where to.pussy or ass.quick.I don't have all night." " Ok Margo. I will decide for you then. Lets explore the uncharted territory." I aligned my cock against her anus. "Noooooo." She shouted at the top of her voice." " What now Margo." " Put it in my pussy. dont put it in my ass.pleaseeeeeeeeee." She managed to utter." in between sobs.

She is shivering with fear. She is inviting me to put my cock in her pussy. I'm stroking my cock up and down her crack from her pussy to her asshole. Again I press my cock head against her anus. Margo again shrieks " Nooo.Not there.put it in my cunt." She has lost hope by now.

All this while I held her breast over the fabric in my palm and is continuously molesting it. With a pause of a few seconds I finally place my cock head in the moist folds of her labia and aligned it to the opening of her pussy.

Then it happened. She feels the thick shaft enter into her depths in one savage thrust. She screams, I slowly withdraw my cock from her only for a second and then again thrust in and she again howls in pain.

Now I start thrusting into her at a frantic pace. She is being held tight by my hands horny slutty bitches fuck a lucky dude pornstars group sex her hips. I roared and grunted after every thrust which sounded like a wounded animal's howls. " Aaaghhh.aagh.see how my cock goes inside your sweet cunt.see Margo, how my manhood is tearing your slick passage.I am gonna rip your sweet cunt." Margo has never felt so full in her life.

Her pussy has virtually swallowed the entire length of my cock. Suddenly I pinch her nipples from over her bra and she realized that her pussy has betrayed her as it contracted sharply in response, clamping down hard like a vise on my cock. She feels sexual pleasure spreading through her. Margo doesn't know how or why this is happening. Now I mount her, my weight on her back and I slam into her hard and deep.

Whenever my cock disappeared into her depths her slick passage tried to grip it as hard as it could. I'm growling like a wounded animal. She is straining mentally not to support the idea of enjoying this assault. " MMmmmmmm.mmmmm.mmmmm.ahhhh.What a cunt you have Margo.

Its world class.i have fucked many pussys but there is none like yours." Now I'm driving my ramrod harder, deeper and faster than before. When I entered her the weight of my member would massage her clit. Her clit is now having a strange sensation. " Ohhhhh .ahhhhhhh.ohhhhh ohhhh noooo." She is cumming she tried to conceal her enraptured feeling but her spasming pussy gave a telltale signal to me.

I stopped. " I know you like my big cock destroying your tight little pussy.every slut loves it and you are no exception. You should be ashamed of yourself that your poor cunt capsized like a boat in the hurricane in front of my monster." She is feeling disgusted at my vile comments and simultaneously angry at herself for not being able to control the situation.

Suddenly she is brought back to reality as she feels the pressure of my monstrous knob at her anus. " Noooooooo.dontttttttttttt.not there.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee." She cried out hysterically. " Why slut? I bet you like to show off your small tight ass.Letting them know what it means to love a real cock." I said in a devilish tone. She starts sobbing uncontrollably as I keep kneading her breasts with my rough palms through the flimsy material.

The bra is barely keeping them restrained. " Please don't fuck me in the ass.put it in my pussy.please.noooooo." She wailed. She doesn't know how those words came out from her mouth. Whether it is her fear or the beckoning of the dark area between her loins she is not sure. " That's it my whore.I was waiting to hear exactly that." With those words I slammed back into her with a savage thrust. The force of my thrust took her breath away.

It feels as if my cock is pounding her cervix. Now I'm moving very fast inside her slit. My shaft has stretched her vagina which now is gripping my member so tight. I'm now thrusting in her so hard. She can't do anything but to lie there and receive my brutal blows.

Her pussy is dripping wet from the juices of the two previous orgasms. " aaahhhh ahhhh ahhh.Margo.now I am going to fill up your cunt with my thick juice." I snarled.

" Pleassssssssssssseeee.dont do it.dont cum in my pussy.come in my mouth.I will drink it all.pleaseeeeeee.don put your load in me.I don't want john cena sexy story sex stories download get pregnant." Her pussy is dripping like a soaked cloth and her clit is swollen and red due to intense friction.

I pull her from the bed and brought her face to face to get better friction. She is feeling very ashamed of herself.

Her body is responding like a complete slut. " I am going to come now Margo.I am goning come in your sweet pussy.come cougar ryan conner taking on two black schlongs interracial threesome me my slut.aahhhhhhh." She realized that the moment is at hand.

If I get a chance to unload in her then it would almost certainly breed her and she can't let that happen. Gathering all her strength she lunged forward to get myself free from my grip.

But I had sensed her intention and kept her pinned down with my body. I then grab her around her breasts in a deadly embrace, and put her against the bed on her back, now my entire body covered her fully with no space for her to maneuver ending her desperate final endeavor for freedom. I suddenly put both my hands each on the cup covers of her bra and with one pull tore them off revealing her breasts with sore red nipples protruding from the merciless manhandling before.

My mouth lowered and found her nipples and I started sucking them as if I wanted to devour them. With one hand I kept kneading the other intensifying the emerging flames inside her which she kept fighting to repress.

I kept nibbling at both her nipples and my wanton lust is starting to infect her slowly. Now with one arm I grabbed her heaving hips firmly and another grabbed her tit fiercely and I gave a thunderous thrust with all my strength. Margo swears she feels my glans jam into the end of her tight vaginal passage slamming at the entrance of her cervix. As she feels my francesca dicaprio in italian likes it hard on the couch brunette big tits head swelling in eager anticipation to inundate her love channel, she tried to scream but I suddenly place my rough lips on hers and choked the flow of any scream from her.

Suddenly she feels the tip pulsing fiercely in her tight passage and a warm liquid sensation spreading slowly " Aaaaaaaaaghh. Agghhhh.aaahhh.I am cumming in you Margo!! I grunted loudly as she feels my seed in her. In a delirium of utter bliss of release my hips uncontrollably lunged forward in a bid to impale her further. She again feels my monstrous tip expanding an inch further. The intense friction of my shaft with her inner walls re-ignited a doused fire inside her and she panicked.

I suddenly arched my head and then gave a raw brutal thrust and at the same time a loud cry of pain left her mouth as with brutal force my cock tip rammed against her cervix. In that instant my swollen bulbous tip throbbed with a feverish intensity and a short torrent of cum splashed against her cervix and she now feels my second load inside her virgin space.

My cock contracting and pulling back with a spasm as I grab the sides of her abdomen for support and at the same time with fervor pressing my fingers hard into her. The shock of my second ejeculation in her and the searing pain in her abdomen heightened her pleasure which is now going beyond her control. With wild abandonment I press her abdomen with raunchy threesome action with foxy mira sunset pornstars cumshot body as I merciless thrust into her.

My cock head swelling bigger lodging snugly in the small opening to her cervix thus aligning itself for the final infusion of cum into the gates of her womanhood which is now open for the taking.

The continued battering by my shaft against her bruised cilt on its way in, is too much for her to endure. Margo realized her orgasm is building from her sacred core and she realized that she can do nothing to stop it and that it will ruin the last vestiges of her resistance. With this realization she gritted her teeth to remain silent.

Somehow she had to gain control, then suddenly I uttered, " My slut I know you want this to happen. Nothing can stop me from breeding you tonight. Dare not hold back Margo. Aaagghhhhhhhhhhhh.take it.take it all." My words shattering her in a painful revelation. I had planned it all along to breed with her. With that my cock throbbing shaking her insides and this time she feels my surge zeroing in on her narrow tubes demanding entry into her womb. The surging pressure with my flagitious words is all it took to burst the crater of the volcano inside her.

" aaaaghhhhh.aaaghhh.ohhhhh.nooooooooooo." Her cunt contracting around my cock, now decoupled from her voluntariness. I realized that primal satisfaction has now been fulfilled and that I've won over Margo and I gave a triumphant roar as my shaft continues to swell for its next forceful delivery. Now Margo senses the change in her. There is suddenly conflicting emotions and she is feeling light headed. Suddenly the force of her orgasm overwhelmed her and she gives a shrill cry of defeat. She lost her girls fondle their awesome gf masturbation and smalltits inhabitions freeing primal need and is suddenly reveling in the most erotic intense waves of pleasure she has ever experienced.

In that moment of truth, her vagina contracted around my cock gripping it in a death vise. I never imagined such a reaction and my face showed the most excruciating signs of pleasure as her cunt squeezed my cock in a strangle hold. For the first time that night she realized that somehow she is in control though it meant complete doom for her. " Ohhh. yess.Margo.squeeze it.ohhh. yess.ahhhhhhhhhhh.fuck." Is all I can groan as her pussy clamped down in a death grip sucking my hot cum from my balls.

Her vaginal muscles spasm again and this time I give a hoarse cry of surrender as my strength is now being sucked out. In the moment of intense frenzy she realized her cervix contractions slurp a substantial amount of semen making her defilement complete.

" Ohhh.shit.Margo .you are milking me dry.aaghhh.yess." I howled as if in pain as my cock spews hot strands of cum into her womb racing to impregnate her. My strength is gone now as I lay my head against her breasts emitting indistinct guttural moans of ecstasy. My sudden helplessness peaked her orgasmic ecstasy as it crested evoking the most intense satisfaction. She reveles in the feeling of drawing out the last bit of control from me at the same time not realizing that she is drowning in her own euphoric pit.

Again her muscles contracted and this time a thick jet of my cum splattered the walls of her womb and she shivers euphoric pleasure. More of cum found access to her womb by the violently contracting cervix.

As she finally started coming to her senses she realized what she is doing. She is facilitating my intention. I had pumped three big loads of semen in her.

She whined in despair. " Noooooo." This revived me to continue jabbing in her with short strokes. " Yess.ahhh.keep doing it my slut.you are awesome." I continued to groan and slow down but her pussy continued to spasm rhythmically squeezing out small gobs of nectar from me and her contracting cervix fed on them.

" Noooooooooo." She cried hopelessly.as her pussy continued betraying her and is nursing my cock intently and my cock returning the favor by filling it with all it had.

Margo is certain that the damage has been done and with that feeling another shattering orgasm rips through her and she now completely surrenders to me." Agghhhhhh.oohhhhhh.shit.Noooooooooooo." Ensured of my complete victory now my arms now clenched her upper body with satisfaction and domination.

My cock remains semi hard continuing to massage her tunnel and my virile liquid fire keeps spilling over her chasm in a bid to mark its manly imprint into her feminine essence.

Her feet and arms are dangling in the air and they are limp with all strength gone. I shouted a final time and collapsed on top of her panting laboriously. My cock slowly sliding out of her. My warm cum is overflowing and dripping down her thighs and soaking the bed sheet. I filled her with my seed. She has experienced her first multiple orgasm love making session.

She has experienced her first euphoric sensations and pleasures.