New sex game mercy x soldier fuck pov play free

New sex game mercy x soldier fuck pov play free
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After 3 days of hard fun, I was starting to feel a bit sore, but didn't want to miss out on some more fun, and any way, as soon as things got going, I knew my pussy and butt would relax.

Grant had to head of home today for awhile, for work, so I got myself ready and headed down the beach around 11, as with the last 2 days the guys knew as soon as they saw me, and walked along to the place we played at before. It was getting warmer, Mark and Jim were waiting for me, as 3 or 4 guys took me, and started to use my body, my mouth quickly filled with cock, as I was placed on 2 cocks, they fucked me hard, they know now what I liked, and took more time to satisfy themselves as well as me, I was having fun, my butt and pussy filled and the guys swapped around to take turns, then Jim moved up, he soon butt fucked me, his big headed cock plunging deep, duddys step daughter jerk off a taste of the holidays then with one hard push fisted my butt, I jumped up, then fell back, on the guy below me, his cock, now shooting cum over my tits, as Jim played inside me, Mark went under me his cock now deep in my pussy, opened up my cervix for the day.

As soon as Jim pulled his fist out, I got him to fuck my arse, with Mark still in my pussy, Jim plunged deep in my arse, Jim smiled saying he was hoping we might have more fun with Prince today too.

I told him all going well we will. Things picked up at lunch time as more guys arrived, and by 2 pm I was ready to head home, telling them to meet me there, as we walked to the cars. Once back at my friends place, they all got to work, fucking me ready for the show, one after one, they fucked and cum in me, Prince was out side waiting, so when I said elena malysheva zhit zdorovbol v sustavah open the door, he ran in, sniffing my pussy and licking me clean, this time I lay on my back, legs up, and Prince, facing me, his cock knew where to go now as he rammed it in quickly.

The guys watched him going flat out, his cock a blur, as he pushed more and more into me, then soon his knot was hitting my pussy lips once more, I wanted it in me more than ever, So as I pushed into him, he rammed harder into my body, then in he went.

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My cervix once more opened up by his huge cock. I was in bliss, as I had orgasm after orgasm, my face covered in cum, by one or two guys, Prince licked it all off me. I didn't have to wait long, Prince growled; his cock grew bigger still, filling my cervix with hot doggy cum, He was getting better at not pulling back so hard now waiting for his knot to loosen, I worked my pussy muscles on his cock, his knot held firm, yet his cum still flowed, I knew he was good for a few more minutes before his cock would go soft.

As he pulled out, Jim was first to go down, eating his cum as it flowed free, taut pussy open wide girlfriend and hardcore after a few minutes he came up, kissing me sharing doggy cum. as he did my arse was filled by a cock and soon filled once more with cum, the guys again turned on, seeing me take a fucking from Prince, worked me over for some time.

Grant arrived as most guys had worn themselves out, with a smile, saying it wasn't fair he missed out, so with little fuss I pushed him down, and sucked his cock hard, before turning him over and shoving my fist in his butt, Jim laughed and shoved his cum soaked cock in his mouth, as we worked him to the first anal orgasm for today, then I saw Prince, walk by, Grabbing him I pushed him up to Grants butt, he licked it then jumped up, his cock finding Grants arse easy, went in at least half way.

We lay back, Prince working his cock in deeper with each thrust, Grant now going wild, I moved my pussy to his face for him to eat me out, as more doggy cum run free, Prince was forcing his knot in now, as Grant let out a loud moan, the guys watched in surprise, as both began fucking hard, Prince was going flat out, his second cum was going to take longer now, Grant pushing back hard onto his stiff cock.

Grant was orgasming one after another, Prince now, slowed as his cock began to jerk, I knew just what he feeling too, as my body also went into a orgasm, Grants mouth, stopped licking me, as he shouted out, Prince had rammed his cock in further than before, the knot now not just in, but out of sight, Prince howled again, he was now flooding Grants butt with hot cum, and it seemed they both enjoyed it too.

We waited, Jim and myself close by, and as Prince's cock popped out, we sprung into action, sharing doggy cum, between us, I took a big mouth full and kissed Grant, dropping it into his mouth, he swallowed it all, then Jim fisted Grant, cum flooded the floor, as Grant held him in tight, then Jim slid his cock in with his fist, and refilled Grants butt with human cum, Mark then took his turn and after some 10 minutes flooded Grants butt with more cum.

As the guys rested I got them drinks, and told them we might try some thing kinky again, Jim and a few others knew, gulping down fluid, Then after some 15 minutes Cheating wife fucks daughters man and gets threesome se lead them out side, and knelt down, I pulled out a padded wooded bench and lay Jim on it, sitting over his chest I started to pee on him, he drunk what he could, Grant still unsure, siff cock in hand, I slid down over Jims cock and told Grant to slip his in my arse,and told them both to pee in me, it felt great, the heat and pressure, now they all had pissed over me, with my hair and body soaked, and Jim totally wet and covered in cum too, I took him thought the back door to the shower and we washed off.

It was enough for today, as the guys left and we sat talking, Grant asking how my beach fun had gone, and Prince's fuck today, We set about working out a plan for tomorrow, as Grant could stay over again, then we said about Liz, hell we have time tonight for her too, if she's game, and Grant told me about a guy he had talked to, who was into kink too, and wanted to join us.

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Of course, when and where, tonight here, and more, Grant said, Let's set it up then, a few phone calls later, tonight was going to happen. Liz arrived around horny babe gets plowed at the gym, and sat talking, she was a kinky lady, willing like me to try most things, then as some of Grants mates turned up, we got going, we were naked any way, so our pussies soon got a good licking from them.

Grant and I had been shopping today, popping down to the local sex shop for some toys, always good fun, even when you have a choice of cocks to play with, so I put my 12 inch vibrator in the strap on, and eased up behind Liz, her butt took it all first go. Then I pulled out and sat her on a guys cock, pushing the vibe back in fully, she rode us both, cum soon filled her pussy. Grant was next on my list, as I aimed right at his man hole, He moved to allow me a better angle, the vibe went in, causing him to jump, Liz laughed knowing what it felt like to be impaled on 12 inches of cock, soon I pumped him flat out, he's taken the same size before, so I knew it wouldn't be long before he had lots of anal orgasms.

The guys were fucking Liz now and Grant was sucking one off, as he rode the vibe in his butt hard, then pulled of and jumped on a good sized cock to feel flesh in him. I took care of a few guys now, as the night got going, Then Tony turned up, a friend of Grants tomas falsas (segunda parte tube porn had been fucking him for ages, his cock sprang free, a nice 9 inch long cock and thick, no sooner had he lined up to Grants butt, he sunk it first go balls and all, Tony is gay, but doesn't mind females being involved, so he was more than happy to spend his time with Grant.

I saw Liz go over and begin to play with Tony, he kept on fucking Grant, then she pulled him back, and sat straight down on his cock. Wow I was waiting for him to push her away, his cock now buried deep in her butt, and to my surprise he started to pump her body, Grant looked back, to see where his cock had gone and joined in.

licking Tony's cock as she rode him, then some thing weird, he shot his load deep in her, making her orgasm hard. I went over, lubed my fist with his cum, and pushed it hard in her butt, Tony smiled, and Liz moaned as another orgasm shot though her. I continued to fist her giving her multiple orgasm's, until she rolled over, looking at me with lust, her fist went into my pussy, Just as a guys cock sunk deep in my butt, causing a good hard orgasm to ring out.

Grant took to fucking her butt now, lining up another cock for her pussy, as they began to dp her hard. She kept fisting me, as the guys fucked her, I rode her arm, working both until I felt my butt, take a hot load of cum, then with a sly smile, took Liz's fist and moved it back one hole, Tony sat watching, his eyes glued to our fun, it was some 20 minutes or so, before we beautiful slutty babe payed and fucked then gets facial and rested.

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I asked Tony how he felt, about fucking Liz, she looked puzzled at first, then he said, it was strange, but felt much like a guys butt, and seeing as he didn't have time to think, before she fucked him, he was cool with it. Again Liz looked puzzled, until we said Tony's gay, and cracked up laughing. Liz went over hot awesome teen receives body fondled well gave Tony a cuddlesaying sorry ,she didn't know, he smiled back, saying, it was the first female butt, he had fucked and that it was good, and he might even turn straight, and laughed.

Then Grant opened the door letting Prince in, he was a bit slower to get going, but with some encouragement, we got him to mount Grant again, this time we used a padded seat that we had found that was about a meter long and not to wide, Tony sat back, watching, as Princes cock went right in, sending Grant into anal orgasm, then Tony sunk his cock in Grants mouth, face fucking him, as they both worked hard at giving him orgasms, all to soon the knot disappeared in Grants butt, causing him to moan out loud, Tony turned and looked under him, and commented on how big the knot looked inside his butt, then said no wonder Grant could take a fist so easy too.

Tony lay under grant, watching him being fucked by Prince, we knew it wouldnt be long, before Prince blew his load again, we thought about telling Tony how much cum there was, but left him to find out, and he did, when the knot finnally popped out, and Prince backed off, Tony copped a face full of doggy cum, he coughed and spat it out, then licked up the cum that kept running from Grants butt, We carried on for some time, the guys taking turns fucking myself and Liz, until late in the night, we run out of hard cocks to play with,so I encouraged Prince to fuck Liz again, this time his cock went in her pussy, she screamed as he rammed hard, but soon got used to his size, before we saw the knot going in fully, and she became his bitch, and soon the now familiar growl and doggy cum shot deep in her cervix, after she had relaxed and his knot fell out Jim licked her arse and pussy clean, then I went down and put on a quick show with the toys before calling it a night, saying we needed to save some thing for tomorrow,, We let Liz sleep over, the bed took all 3 of us, as we dozed of to sleep, tomorrow she was going to come with us to the beach and have some fun there too.

we even thought about taking Prince for a walk to the beach too.