Asa and skin do some sixty nine

Asa and skin do some sixty nine
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This story is 100% true. I have wanted to share my experiences with my best friend a long time now. This is also the first story I have written. So, I'm not going to share everything right off the bat…I want to know if anyone likes the story before I continue into later encounters.

I am 34 years old now, the first experience I had with my friend Mike happened nearly 15 years ago. I am happily married now, and would never do anything like this again because of the love I have for my wife. But I won't say that I don't fanaticize about the experiences I shared with Mike so long ago.

I still think about the fun we had now and then, and find the time to masturbate thinking about him, replaying the scenes in my mind of some of my favorite times with him. Enough about me…let's begin. I wouldn't say I was gay by any means, I loved to look at girls as well, probably pummeling a taut wet crack hardcore blowjob than guys. In fact, I came from a very traditional family, and I believed that homosexuality was wrong, and that I shouldn't do it.

Back then I beat off almost every night, fantasizing about girls in my school mostly, or random tourist girls that traveled through our small town during the summertime. Things began to change about this time though; I started to notice the guys in the gym, and especially in the showers. I found myself checking out their cocks in the locker room, then that started spilling over to the classroom. I found myself hoping that certain guys would wear shorts to, and I would stare at their bare legs just like I would stare at the girls' legs in class.

I found myself constantly checking out a group of about 6 or 7 guys, the popular kids in class. I can still remember the first night I beat off to one of them in my bed. Like I said, I beat off almost nightly, and that night I came harder than I ever had before. My heart was racing, I was shaking. I knew it was wrong…it was so exciting though.

After that of course it became more frequent. I imagined Brady fucking me in the locker room, Steven bent over on a blanket in the grass by the dam, our clothes scattered in the trees, sucking Travis' perfect cock with his boxers on, my hands cupping his round perfect ass, kissing David's rock hard body while stroking is hard cock.

Of course I couldn't tell anyone about this attraction, I would be ridiculed and rejected, my life would be hell. Oddly enough I didn't fantasize about my friend Mike. Maybe it was because we were friends, maybe it's because I resented some of those popular kids I beat off about and this was a form of payback for me.

Whatever the reason, for over a year after I started beating off to guys I never beat off to the thought of him. That began to change after a while. We started hanging out more, we defiantly became closer friends during that year; he became my best friend where before we were just friends that occasionally hung out. As our friendship developed we were constantly talking about the girls that we wanted to fuck (and honestly neither one of us ever did).

As we talked about these girls over time…of course these conversations became more detailed. We even talked about banging the same girl at the same time. You know how boys are…over time we started acting more perverted, hot japanese busty wife cum her vagina each other's limits of comfort when it came to touching, giving each other the "credit card" with a hand when the other bent over.

We actually had a pretty perverted group of friends, always joking around about being gay, touching, grabbing, even some crazy games of truth or dare that led to something like licking a nipple or touching a cock through pants. It never got too crazy, but once we started groping and touching out of fun and teasing my feelings for Mike began to change, and I did start to occasionally beat off to him, even though I kept doing it more to the other boys I fanaticized about, and mostly girls still.

I am 6'4", and back then I was very thin and fit, with a 7" cut cock. Mike was shorter, I'm guessing about 5'6"? Anyway, Mike was also very athletic and fit, both of us had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had such an amazing, tight, round ass, just perfect. His cock was very thick, but a little shorter than mine.

I began to think about that beautiful cock more and more, but never thought about making a move. Not until a few months later when I learned something about Mike. We went to a basketball tournament and shared a room. We played like 3-4 games a day, and one day back at the room I laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

I woke up alone in the room but I heard something. I could see Mike's feet between the bed and the wall, and a brushing noise. Instantly I knew he was beating off. I was so hard listening to him stroke his cock, and very excited to know that he liked to pleasure himself as I did myself. I saw his toes stretch as he came, and as his motions slowed to a stop a "went back to sleep".

I heard him go into the bathroom to clean up. I thought about him stroking his dick the rest of that day, and that night in the shower I rubbed myself to orgasm by thinking of fucking him alone in that motel room.

From that moment on I had a fire in me; I wanted to suck his cock so bad. Within days as we were talking about girls I let it slip that I beat off to the girls we always talked about. Without hesitation Mike said he did the same. I felt like this was a huge step to getting what I wanted, but I couldn't just come out and say it! How was I going to get my best friend to do this with me? Months went on, we were defiantly touching and brushing against each other more, joking around.

I decided we just needed to have a chance to be alone where we could jerk off, maybe it would lead to more. We had a couple of sleepovers where we were able to get our hands on some porn and beat off to it. Of course, I wasn't looking at the porn, I was completely driven by the sight of him stroking his beautiful cock. It wasn't as big as mine, actually I was surprised that it was quite a bit smaller.

But I wanted it in my mouth. We joked about it, but I was too scared to actually make the move. As time went on I just wanted him more and more. Now I was mainly beating off to the thought of him, and another friend named Dave. I loved the sight of Two ebony teens fucked afgan whorehouses exist cock, but we hung out less and there never was an opportunity to pursue anything with him.

Mike and I were together almost daily now. I really started to feel like the joking was getting to be more serious in his mind as well, I had to test the waters. Our old basketball team was playing in a tournament in a town about 3 hours away, and Miek invited me to go with him and his dad to watch the games over the weekend, and we would be staying there at his grandma's house.

This was my chance, I knew we would be somewhere alone again for a night! Before we left, as we were joking and touching as we often did I jokingly said to him that if we didn't get laid by any girls on this trip that we had to take care of each other.

He jokingly agreed. Well, wouldn't you know it? We met 2 girls at a dance afterwards and actually almost sealed the deal with them!

I was so pissed when after all of the making out and grinding they had to go home. Then I realized how good of a thing this was, time to follow through with our "deal". Back at his grandma's I learned we would be sleeping on the living room floor.

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Dammit! That wouldn't work! I quickly convinced Mike to talk to his dad about letting us sleep in back of his Ford Explorer, and he actually agreed. This would be perfect! As we settled in and began to start our normal beating off before bed, I reminded him of our deal. Mike was very hesitant. "Are you being serious man?" I remember him asking.

"We can imagine that its girls doing it to us. Just imagine that Cynthia is beating you off". "But what about the cum? What do we do step dad grounds associates daughter the suggestive swap that?" I glanced up at the front console and saw a box of tissues.

"We can use this to clean up. I don't mind the cum on me for just a second, we can clean it up fast". To my amazement with that, he said "OK". We were already stroking as we had been talking about it, we were both hard already, and only in our underwear. We both slid our legs out of our sleeping bags, and tugged our own boxers down just a little to give access.

Then, at the same time we reached over for each other's throbbing hard cocks. I can still remember the first time I touched this cock I had waited so long to have in my hand. Again, it was sorter than mine, but very fat. The head felt bumpy, mine was so smooth, I remember thinking how unusual that was. As we began stroking, I started out slowly, taking my time to memorize every feature of this beautiful cock that I craved.

My forearm on his stomach, I could feel him breathe harder as I stroked him faster now. I barely thought about his hand on my dick, I was completely caught up in making him cum, I wanted to see him cum on my hand. But I did notice our grips were different, and his thumb and 2 fingers grip really did feel good, better than doing myself for sure. I was using my whole hand on him, out of the corner of my eye I could see him rolling his head back, his back occasionally arching, and I knew I was going to get him there.

With his heavy breathing he moaned out "I'm going to cum". I think this was supposed to be a signal for me to stop as his hand came up to take over, however I kept my grip and after his gesture to take over failed he stretched and moaned softly as his cum spirted out onto my hand. He then leaned up with a tissue to clean off, and clearly he was done and the awkwardness was back. I had to finish myself, and had another amazing orgasm as I watched him clean up his cum.

I shot cum clear to my chest, and I could see his eye widen as I did. Nothing was said, but I could tell he enjoyed watching me cum.

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That's as far as it went that weekend, but I felt like I had at least gotten things started to where I wanted to go. I wanted to suck his dick so bad! I knew the next time we beat each other off that's what I had to suggest. I was constantly looking for the opportunity, we both seemed so busy over the next 2 weeks. One afternoon I finally met up with him and we went for a drive.

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This was it, I knew I could get him alone now! I headed out of town, down a dirt road that we often drove jus to kill time. It took us out through the farms, a couple of miles outside of town. We started talking about the girls we sleeping beauty mom fuck son to fuck again, and I suggested that we find a place to beat off. He quickly agreed, and I pulled into a gravel pit off of the road.

We started beating off, talking about the girls again, and I asked him if he wanted to stroke each other. No hesitation this time, "sure" he said. We began to slowly stroke each other, I was going to take my time this time hoping that as it started to feel good I could get him to do more. We tried not to look at each other's cock as we stroked, it was still a bit weird.

But I was always looking at it out of the corner of my eye, and watching his facial expressions as I stroked his as well. I could see him also looking at my cock out of the corner of my eye! This gave me confidence…"do you want to suck each other?" "Ummm, I don't know" he responded.

"Just imagine that Ronda is doing it to you". Then I lied, "I don't know if I can handle a guy's dick in my mouth, but I will try if you want to". To my amazement again, he said "OK". As I made my move to get into position, he freaked out, "oh shit". I glanced up to see a car in this normally empty place. I quickly threw the car in gear and took off before they could see us with our pants down.

I headed to a better, more secluded spot across the valley, we both still wanted to finish the job. He was stroking his cock through his pants, talking kinky valentina nappi fucks a teen buck girls again as we drove, little did he know he was driving me nuts. When we got there, he wouldn't give into beating each other off, let alone sucking each other.

I guess the fear of getting caught was going to set me back. Again I came hard as I watched him cum. Over the next few weeks we found places to park in the hills to beat off but I couldn't get him to do it to each other again.

One dark night parked in the trees I finally got him to go for it again. Again, I asked about sucking each other, sure it would work this time.

He again refused. I was craving that dick, I wanted to suck it so bad! It wasn't going to happen. However, as I felt him close in on cumming again, the wheels turned in my mind. Again, as he cum he tried to push my hand away, but I finished the job again, his cum again spirting out onto my hand.

Oh how I loved the feel of that! As he began to clean up and had his head turned, I brought my hand to my lips and licked up my first taste of his cum. I don't know where that urge came from, I had never thought about doing that before! It was just a small lick to taste it, so salty yet sweet. I had seen girls swallow down cum in movies before, maybe that's what compelled me to taste it. Initially, I thought "no way"! But as I finished myself off I thought more and more about the taste and that musky smell, I wish I had licked up more instead of wiping it up.

Again, I shot hot amateur sucking dick in a satin chemise like crazy and watched my best friend's eyes light up as he watched it. I saxi hot xxx cartoon storys that broke my limits.

Instead of beating off at home thinking of sucking his dick, now I was thinking about fucking each other, and even kissing him, which I had never fantasized about before, not even with the popular guys. Sure, I had imagined necking and kissing bodies, but not on the lips, that would just be gross.

Now I wanted it all, everything we could do. Even when looking at porn on the computer, now I was searching for gay porn, imagining that it was Mike and I, learning more and more of what I wanted to do with him. Our beating off continued, he never would agree to sucking, so I gave up on asking. Hell, we rarely beat each other off. I wondered if I would ever get to the next step with him. But that was all about to change. So do you guys like this so far?

I know it's a lot of teasing right now…I can promise the next story will hold what you want to read. Do you want me to keep going???