Ava devine and og mudbone spin wheel

Ava devine and og mudbone spin wheel
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I'm Maria, a 18 year old black girl and I finally finished my shift at the bakery where I worked part time while I'm studying when two 6'2 white guys walked up and stood in front of me. 'Hey Matt, I didn't know we had black girls in our street'.

He said looking at me up and down. I tried walking away but Matt grabbed me tightly by the arms. 'Neither did I Nick but I think she'll make a good addition to our little party'. 'Let go of me, I'm not going anywhere with you' I said trying to get my hand sunny leone red sofa story of his tight grasp.

'Oh but you don't have a choice, you little bitch. Help me get her in the car, Nick' I started struggling in their grasp but they were taller and bigger than me and I was resigned to the fact that I was getting away easily.

'Please let me go, I need to get home. My parents will be worried' I cried. 'We don't give a damn, you're our entertainment for tonight, bitch' I tried fighting when we got to the car and Nick punched me on my jaw knocking me out completely. When I woke up I had no idea how much time had passed and here we were. It looked like we were in the forest because we were surrounded by trees and there wasn't any light or any other car in sight.

Matt opened the door and pulled me out roughly on to the ground. 'Now listen her, you little black bitch if you give us any problems you're going to regret it.

Do you understand?' When I didn't answer him the first time he slapped me hard across the face causing to fall flat on my back 'I said do you me, bitch?' 'Ye-yes, I do.' 'Good now get up so we can move from here' 'What are you going to do for me?' 'We're going to enjoy that black little ass of yours' Nick looked at me before turning back to Matt.

'She doesn't have much of an ass does she?' 'No but we'll make do. Come on' Nick locked the car as Matt picked me up and threw me over his shoulders and the three of us ventured further into the forest until we reached a clearing. Matt threw me on the ground before moving over to a table and looking at me.

'Strip and don't let me say it again' I was startled by the pure steel in his voice so I slowly took off my shirt and then started on my jeans.

When I was done I stood in front of the two fully clothed white guys in only my underwear. 'Bro, look at what she's wearing. Did you borrow those from your grandmother or what?' 'You know the blacks are all poor Nick, they can't afford the nice things we're use to' They both laughed and then I felt Nick standing behind me.

'As entertaining as your underwear is we want those off too, now!' 'No, no. Please don't make me' I pleaded and then I felt his hands at the front of my bra. 'Then I'll just have to teen fuck hidden cam xxx ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions it for you' He said and ripped my bra in half. The only thing holding the pieces up were the straps on my shoulders which caused me to sob even louder.

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'Bring the bitch over here, I've got everything ready' 'Do we leave party sluts love to get penetrated hard granny panties of hers on?' 'Yes, let it be revealed only when the others get here' 'Others, no please. Please. I'll do anything to make you guys happy please don't bring anyone else, please.' I begged as Nick dragged me over to the table. 'What makes you think that a black bitch like you has any say?

I don't care what you want or feel because to me you're just a piece of ass. Black ass that is, so shut up before I slap you again' Together they pulled me up onto the old and dirty looking table and tied me to the four corners of the table with pieces of rope that seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Now I was lying with my legs and arms stretched into four different sides. 'Go wait for the others while I entertain our guest, Nick' 'Ok but don't mess her up too much we all want our fun' 'Don't worry, I know' I watched Nick walk back towards the direction we came back from and then turned back to Matt.

'Please let me go. I won't tell anyone anything if you let me go, please' 'Why would I do that, we want to enjoy ourselves tonight and it's your duty to make sure we do and we're going to enjoy ourselves whether you participate or not because none of us care what you want or what you feel because you're nothing but a black whore and we plan on making you suffer.

You're inferior to us, always were and always will be, you're meant to be on your knees serving us but today you'll be on your back giving us everything we want because you're nothing. You don't have an ass like most black girls but at least you have good enough boobs because without them what use could you ever be because your destiny is going to be lying on your back and serving superior white men like myself' He smirked and then he amateur webcam brunette double penetration masturbation and asshole pulling on my breast, they were only a 36C and he pulled and twisted until I started screaming.

'Wow, I can hear the whore from when I was parked, what are you doing to her Matt? I turned over and saw six more guys walking into the clearing that were just as big as Matt and Nick and started crying even more.

'Just letting her know her place. So you guys ready? There were a chorus of yeah's all over and then Matt walked back to me.

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'So I'm going first because I found her and I want to but let's reveal our prize first' He then stood on my side and ripped my poor panties in half letting the shreds fall to the ground.

'Whoa, when was the last time you shaved!' One of the guys shouting and a tried covering up but nothing worked. 'Probably couldn't afford it' I heard Nick say and then I heard zippers being pulled down and dread started setting in me because I know this wasn't ending well. Matt walked up to me and said 'let's see what we have to work with here' before shoving two of his fingers into my dry vagina causing me to let out a bloodcurdling scream and they all started laughing.

'She's not excited to be here serving us but I know just what to do to get it all wet' Then he shoved his pants and underwear further down before stepping out of it and taking a hold of his cock that was nearly 11" long and possibly as wide as a beer can. He stepped closer to me before unleashing torrent after torrent of urine all over my body and also in my vagina.

'That should help' He said and then walked up to me and spread my legs further even though it wasn't possible and then I felt his cock at my entrance and a new wave of begging started. 'Guys, I think one of you can take her mouth, they like being used like dogs after all but wait till I'm in I wanna hear allys daughter seduction forgetful stepsis lands in scream' Then he shoved his entire cock into my poor virgin vagina all in one go making me shout louder than I thought possible.

'Damn guys we caught ourselves a virgin' Matt pulled out his cock until only the head was still in and then plunged back in and kept doing that over and over again. Nick came up to my head with another massive cock in his hand and let loose his urine on my face before shoving it into my mouth.

I had never given a blow job before and it was showing in the way I was acting. 'The second I feel teeth you're going to regret it you black bitch' He took a hold of my head and started fucking my mouth like a maniac.

I felt like I was I hell and the pain underneath wasn't going away because Matt wasn't gentle at all. He then grabbed my breast when it felt like he started vibrating and then he came inside of me but kept on bucking wildly like a mad man. A few seconds later Nick released his sperm in my mouth too but pulled out early enough so it splashed all over my face. 'Now that was a nice black pussy, can't wait for more' He said as they pulled out of my holes.

They both wiped their cocks on my hair before walking off and taking beers out of a cooler. Another two tall white guys walked up to me and the one at my mouth slapped me before forcing his cock in seconds before the one at my bottom pushed in.

His dick was a little shorter than Matt's but just as thick. This continued until all six of them had cum inside of me. I sighed when the last pair finished hoping that they'd let me go now.

'What are you sighing about cunt, we're not done yet. Isn't that right Matt?' 'Yup, the fun is only starting now. We're gonna experiment now. Who wants to do what to this black cunt?' 'How about we try double penetration, besides we're just helping her out on her path to discovering her destiny' 'That's true Rand.

Why don't you and Shaun give it a go' 'No. no please. One by one please' 'Look, she's even begging now. What do you want cunt?' 'Just one at a time please' I begged. 'One what!' He shouted slapping me in the face.

'I. I just want one dick in me please. Please don't do two. Please' 'No, we're gonna enjoy ourselves. Randy, Shaun?' Randy walked up and pushed into my cum filled hole first shortly joined by Shaun who had a bit of difficulty getting in because of the lack of space. I almost sighed when he pulled out but he shoved his dick right back into my hole and now both he and Randy were settled in snugly. The high fived each other before they started moving in tandem.

Randy would pull out and Shaun would push in and my insides felt like they were burning. While I was trying not to focus on the terrible pain they were causing me, Matt came back to the table with clothes pegs in his hands and closed one on each of my nipples causing me to howl out in pain.

He laughed and continued squeezing the pegs. 'Oh that's so satisfying. Tell me when you're done because there are a few more things that I know we need to do to her. for her own sake' 'Of course, we're doing it all for her' Randy and Shaun finished their violent assault on my hole before the other to guys came up and immediately pushed into me.

They would pull out and push in at the same time which just increased the pain more and to top it all off Matt hadn't removed the pegs so the guys grabbed and pulled on my breast inflicting more pain on my unfortunate nipples. Nick came up to me and removed one of the pegs causing the blood to run back to my nipples which was just as painful and then he put his mouth of it and bit hard and I started crying and screaming at the same time. The guys all just laughed as Nick put the peg back.

'There's something else I want us to do to her before we go on' 'What did you have in dirty cop fucks latina beauty hardcore and reality, Matt?' 'I want us to tan her black behind.

You know they're all us to it by now having the shit beat out of them but I don't know what we should use, we didn't bring anything' 'We're in the woods, I'm sure we can improvise' 'Smart thinking, Max. Turn her on her front so we can have more surface area' He laughed as he Randy and Nick went over to the trees' 'Pl.please let.let me- me go. Pl ease' 'Not gonna happen whore, you're our entertainment for the night now shut up' They untied the rope and I saw this as my only chance of getting away so I struggled past them and got on the ground but didn't get very far because the pain between my legs was excruciating and I fell flat on my face.

'Oh, you're so going to pay for that you little whore' He said before they carried me back to the table and pushed me down on it on my front. I tried kicking but that just angered them and Shaun slapped me across the back causing pain to shoot up my body.

'Make it easier on yourself and stop struggling bitch' By the time they had be tied to the table again Matt, Nick and Randy came back towards the group only this time I couldn't see anyone of them.

I heard whispered before I heard Matt's voice. 'You tried running away while we're trying to help you! You ungrateful little black bitch!' He shouted then I heard a whooshing sound before I felt a thin stick make contact with my butt and I screamed like hadn't yet.

'It's your fault.' Then I felt more stinging blows that hurt one more than the last and then the other guys joined in and I was being beaten on my back, thighs and butt. I throat was aching from screaming and I couldn't anymore. I laid there begging for them to let me go I even tried pulling on the rope but it didn't help it made things worse because their blows kept getting harder and more forceful. 'Her ass really gives a new definition to the word beaten black to blue' 'As fun as this is Matt, my dick is getting lonely' 'She's all yours bud.

You can go first after lesbo babe eating cream out of asshole we found her together so it's only fair you take her last cherry' 'No, no, no. Not there. Anywhere but there, please' 'Like you have any rights, don't make us laugh and I said shut up, bitch!' He said hitting me a couple more times. The only thing I could do at this point was crying softly because the pain was becoming unbearable.

'I'm hard as a rock already can someone lubricate that hole for me' 'I got you buddy' Shaun said stepping closer to me unleashing another wave of urine on my hole and my back and butt which caused the welts to sting even more. 'There, go ahead now' Nick moved closer and then pushed his dick towards my hole.

He started pushing it in but his head was too big to fit which had me sighing in relief which made him laugh. He moved backwards a bit before forcefully pushing his head into my hole which renewed my strength and voice causing me to squeal.

'Please, get it out. It hurts. Please' I whimpered but all they did was laugh. I tried forcing my muscles to tighten hoping to push him out but he smacked one hand down on my butt causing me to lose all control of my muscles and I started peeing on myself. 'Look guys, the bitch is enjoying herself so much that she's pissing herself.

Damn but she's tight. Ya'll are gonna love this' He said and then starting forcing more of his hard length into my hole. He was getting frustrated with the resistance my hole was putting up so he held my hips and pushed his entire penis into my poor hole.

'AHHHHHH!' 'That's more like it' He laughed as he pulled out until only the head was inside and then he pushed all the way in again and he kept on doing that until he started cumming. 'That was a one hot ass' He said pulling his dick out and slapping my butt again. 'I want seconds' Matt said walking to my butt and german sex porn sonaxy boollywood sex me cheeks apart roughly before pushing his pulsing dick in.

'You made my dick dirty so it's only fair that you clean it' He said walking up to my head putting me at eye level with his dick. I shook my head and closed my mouth which was probably the worst thing I could do because the next thing I knew he had my hair in his hand. He jerked my head upwards and slapped me hard across the face. 'Open. Your. Mouth. Now' I hesitated for a second so he slapped me again and I immediately opened my mouth and he forced his dick to the back u should make no doubt of me my throat making me gag.

He kept doing that until he deemed his dick clean and then left go of my head after slapping me one more time for disobeying him. Matt just added to my torture because while he was raping my butt he kept squeezing it causing the welts they made on me to ache even more. He continued doing that until he was ready to cum but instead of cumming inside of me like Nick he pulled out and walked over to my face and jerked his dick a couple of times before he cummed in my face.

I tried turning away but he grabbed onto my head and kept me facing his dick until he was done and then he pushed it into my mouth. This kept happening until all the guys had their way with my butt and mouth. When they were done my face as well as my butt was hurting but I could tell that it wasn't over because Matt moved to my throbbing vagina again but this time instead of pushing his dick in he pushed in four of his fingers and the same time. 'Guys look at this contrast.

My white hand and her black pussy' 'Let's see how far you can get it' 'I love a good challenge' He pushed in his fingers further and I tried easing the pain by moving forward but the other guys held me in place as Matt added his thumb to the equation.

Even the fact that my vagina was stretched well when they raped me the first time having Matt's fist inside of me hurt like hell. He kept pushing until his wrist was inside and I could feel his fingers inside. 'That's as far as she goes guys' He said before roughly pulling out his hand. He held the two sides open. 'Look at this' they laughed at me and then Matt spit inside of me and soon so did the others.

They released me from the rope and threw me on the ground. 'It's a pity that our entertaining night has to come to an end' 'But as they say, all good things must come to an end Matt' 'I know but we have to give her her parting gift' 'Of course' They all grabbed their dicks and came closer to me before starting to urinate on me, all over my body from my head to my toes. When they finished, Matt walked up to my face and spat in it. 'Get use to being treated this was you black whore' I heard them getting dressed before they walked away leaving me alone in the woods.

A couple of minutes later the only sounds were the animals of the night and my soft whimpering as I lay there humiliated and in pain.