Cuckolder gets bbcs cum interracial and pornstars

Cuckolder gets bbcs cum interracial and pornstars
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Part 2. By the end of the next week my anger towards my hubby was starting to bubble over, because I knew what he was missing and that he most likely didn't seem to care.

The bastard had not touched me in years and I had a hormonally enraged teenager enraptured with me. Now after two weeks of my son staring at my breasts I guess that I started to emotionally snap a little. I finally said something. As we were walking Mr Drunk up the stairs I said to Ricky "I do have eyes you know" my god he almost broke his own neck. His answer took me though. At first there was the "I" with the pause, then his realization that he was trapped because he couldn't let go of his dad.

Then he said "I know you have eyes, I see them all the time, its just that you're, so, beautiful" He got me. Now it was my turn, I told him that I knew he had been looking but that I had been so angry at his father for choosing the bottle over me that it had given me at least some satisfaction to see that someone was interested in looking at what he had no interest in.

All Rickie could blurt out was "god mom, you are just so beautiful" At that point we were nearing the bed and I said "alright enough of that mister, we have to get him on the bed" and then just like the other nights I climbed up on the bed, he lifted while I crawled backward dragging his dad while Rickie stared at my exposed breasts. Then a disgusting sort of fate erupted from my husbands stomach, he vomited on me as Ricky was leaving. I screamed at Ricky to leave, he bolted like a rabbit.

I did laundry for several hours. The next night was almost the same as most of the others, almost I say because when it came time to haul the king of the castle off to his chambers I was not wearing my robe. Rickie, true to his form, never once glanced at my face. I was functionally nude with the exception of my panties, covered only by a 5 second nightie, that being how long they are usually supposed to stay on. Rickie started to say something and then stopped.

I finished for him, "I know you've been looking, and he threw up on my robe" As we wobble walked towards the bedroom I admonished our son telling him that if his dad ever crawls out of the bottle that this is coming to an end. He nodded in agreement, that was my emotional salvation. I left a way for me to back out of this that was beyond my control.

It never happened. Week 4 brought a big change. Big Rick finally noticed one day that he kept waking up still dressed and confronted me about it. I calmly told him that I was not his mother and I was not changing his clothing, further that if he got to the point where he needed a diaper that I was putting bi chaps and their cute pretty gf in a home.

He was not amused and had the gall to tell me that I needed to do more! Another snap quietly took place in me, thank god I had already started letting off steam through our son or I probably would have taken a frying pan to his head, a hot one. I told him that he was too big for me to carry and that our 14 the lovely of a attractive virgin playgirl smalltits and hardcore old son had been helping me carry him to bed, did he want his 14 year old son to help undress him as well?

Because I sure as hell wasn't strong enough to pick him up and undress him. The sotted pig never gave me a straight answer, he just repeated that he felt that I should do more. Ricky didn't know it but his mom was not going to be wearing the panties anymore. Decision made. Well later on that same day Mr Soused made another tactical blunder. With Ricky in the room he made the same damm comment. He told Ricky and I that "we had to do more" He was already drunk enough that he didn't even pick up on the look in my face, Ricky sure as hell did though.

Rickys ears perked right up when I continued the conversation that Papa Drunk started. I said "Ricky and I need to do more?" and his immediate reply was YES. Rickys eyes were now locked on me full power as I calmly said "well ok, I'll have to see what more we can do" honest to god that was the begin and end of the conversation and the start of something illegal.

With his dad listening I told Ricky that his dad wasn't able to keep up with things and that he was going to need to help out some more. That I needed him to start mowing the lawn without being asked and would he please start cleaning out the garage as it was getting to the point that a car wouldn't fit and winter was approaching. That his dad could help him pick through what to keep and what to toss and that if his dad didn't help him then it was up to him to decided what goes in the trash.

I honestly didn't care about a damm thing in that garage so it was perfect. The Beer King objected saying that nothing in the garage was being tossed without his approval but then he never once set foot in the garage to help either.

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Ricky mowed the lawn and put a good 6 hours into fixing the garage while Captain Beer gut drank his fill. Ricky had no idea that my plans for the evening now involved my lack of panties plus his penis and my mouth over top of his drunken fathers snoring body. Later on as Captain Beer Gut, I am starting to like that name for him, was starting to pass out but still not totally passed out.

Ricky came into the house from working on the garage and said he had something to show me. Now I was certain that he was angling for a little peep show to augment the evenings lineup and I was probably going to just give him whatever he asked for but that is not at all what I found. In the garage Ricky had actually made a HUGE improvement in the 2 car. But what he led me to was the golf club set that his dad had bought 2 years earlier, used one time and then never went back. Ricky said " I found this" the bag had a fifth of Jack Daniels an empty pint of vodka and a partial pint of peppermint schnapps, no big surprises there.

Next to that was an un opened 3 pack of condoms and an old faded receipt from the corner liquor store showing all 4 purchases.

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I quietly looked over the items then told him to put them all back in the golf bag, that I didn't know what I wanted to do with them yet. I was lying of course but it made it better for me. Shortly after that the Beer King was finally passed out, early at that. It seemed after his "do more"comments to us that Ricky began feeding him beer after beer so that he didn't have to pause in his drinking. I guess little Ricky was getting ready to hot room mates aaliyah and tara sharing one huge dick more" around the house.

After Captain Beer Gut was totally out Ricky just stared at me expectantly. I smiled and said that since it appeared to be bedtime for his dad that I may as well get ready too. Also that I was in no hurry to drag him off to bed either. I returned shortly later in my sheer nightie with one slight omission.

Rickies eyes finely did not rest in any one place for too long. His stare went from my breasts to my pussy, to my breasts and back again.

I really wanted to make dinner for us like that but I was so anxious and turned on that there was no way I could eat. I asked Ricky if he wanted dinner and had to ask a couple of times before he said that he wasn't hungry either. Finally Ricky stood next to his dad, still long before our normal bed time and seemed interested in moving him. Well why not I figured, we would get on with what was coming, Ricky wasn't sure what, but I am reasonably sure that he also figured something new was up.

As we were dragging Captain Beer Gut up the stairs I started the conversation.

I reminded Ricky about what his father said, that both of us needed to do more. Then I asked him if there was anything "more" that he would like to do. At first he had no answer for me so I prodded, as we were walking towards the bedroom I made more of an effort to swing my breasts back and forth more and said "oh come on, I'm sure there's something more that you'd like to do?" There appeared to be a dawning of recognition in his eyes as he asked "what more could we do?" My reply after looking at his father was "anything, but at first it has to be right over top of him so that if he were in his right mind he could stop it, but that is only for tonight, I am not doing things in front of him all the spizoo petite abigail mac fucking a huge cock bubble butt amp huge tits got to the bed, I climbed up on top, faced Ricky and spread my legs wide, then began crawling backwards to get into position to drag his father.

Oh god I was both pissed and horny at levels I could never have imagined before. I drug his dad back and then crawled forward back to the edge of the bed.

Rickies eyes never met mine. I asked him if he had thought of anything yet. He mumbled "yes" and began pointing to one of my breasts. I said oh these? I then pulled one breast up from my busty teacher yoga exercises while naked with girls and offered it to him. He latched his mouth to my nipple and began feasting, after a while I had to direct him to the other one.

After a bit of that I pulled him away saying telling him that I was going tony the italian sausage beefcake hunter need to show him how to take care of me and then I would take care of him after.

He just dumbly nodded as I laid back next to my sleeping hubby and lifted the whisp of fabric that covered my slit. I then told him that mommie needs to be suckled down there as well, that he could stop after he got me off. He then latched on to my pussy and with encouragement and direction got me off to a throbbing orgasm.

I lifted the nightie off so that I was now totally nude, I spread my knees on the bed so that I could straddle my husbands legs while he snored peacefully, I then leaned forward and told Rickie that it was time to undress. He was naked almost immediately. I asked him how many times he figured that he might be able to go off tonight and his immediate reply was at least 3.

Oh god the joys of youth. I told him to get up high enough that he could put his cock between mommies breasts, that I wanted him to shoot his spunk on mommies tits first. He got into position immediately and with me squeezing my breasts together shot off on me in moments.

With no deflation showing in his young cock I then took his cock into my mouth. I was able to hear him say "oh god"and "mom" a few times. Then I could tell that his cock was getting more and more rigid and he was thrusting in shorter and shorter strokes so I started murmering mmhmm as encouragement.

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He then let go in my mouth. After that he began deflating a bit so I had him get off the bed and I sat with my legs spread at the edge of the bed while I fondled his ball sack. He stared right at my slit and as he began recovering I said Rickie I cant have you in there because I'm not on the pill yet, we'll have to do other things until I can get my proper precautions in place.

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audrey royal cum inside stepsisters mouth and pussy Without missing a beat he said, "the condoms in the golf bag" I gave him my best wicked smile and said "go get them" My god he ran so fast I was afraid he was going to break something. Either of his or from the house, but he was back in a flash and tearing open the package. I took one of the foil wrappers from him so that I could put it on properly which he appeared to enjoy greatly.

I then stood up and bent forward over the bed so that I was straddling my husband with my arms as Ricky penetrated me from behind, the two warm up squirts helped him to last a decently long time inside of me as I planned for ways to educate him carnally enough to make sure that he would be able to please me or any woman with his tool as situations permitted.

But that first time oh my god, to see his face as he rutted away inside of me, then finally the short jerks and spasms as he hit his peak slamming his young cock in as deeply as he could. That night he suckled and fucked his way through that entire package finishing inside me 3 times with his rubber clad cock.

From that point forward Ricky and I stayed lovers with many more stories to tell