Shy blonde teen with natural tits gets fucked in a cab

Shy blonde teen with natural tits gets fucked in a cab
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Standing in front of him, she strips down to her undergarments, the black garter belt, thigh high black stocking and a matching lace bra and panty set. She looks down; she still has her black stilettos on that she wore to work earlier. Ellie, brown haired, dark eyed, beautiful, incredibly sexy Ellie. Completely venerable, pleading desperately to convince her first love, the man who made love anime slut toying her holes in public her first, the man who's heart she broke to continue out her life journey on her own, and the man who married another woman.

Ellie, the hopefully, soon to be mistress, just for tonight. She is staring at Clark from a distance; between the two of them is the wooden coffee table. Ellie is crossing her right arm over her body to keep some sort of composer in from on him, if she wasn't, he would see that she was shaking for him, waiting and wanting him to make love to her one last time. Looking up through her lashes, she sees him lean forward on the couch, placing his elbows on his knees.

She glances at his golden wedding band, and closes her eyes. "Elle, I can't. God," he puts his head in his hands, "Why do you do this to yourself? I'm married: I have a wife, a wife who loves me, and cares for me, and is WAITING for me to come home to her." He takes his head out of his hands, and instead fists them up and slams them on the table.

"God damn it Ellie! Why?! Why now?! Why all of a sudden do you want me back, you are the one who broke it up in the first place. I can't believe I'm even here, sitting on a couch while my ex-girlfriend is half naked, begging me to have sex with her." He gives off a slight chuckle as he shakes his head at her.

There is a long silence in the room as she thinks of something to say to this beautiful man who's heart she broke years ago. "Clark," Ellie says softly, "I think if you didn't want to, you might have left by now&hellip."She stares up at him through her lashes again. It's true, isn't it?

As soon as she started to take her clothes off, he would have gotten up and left right? She looks up and sees him staring reena sky post party fucking with husbands friend her, those cloudy blue eyes, filled with hate, and something else. "I wish I could tell you that you're dead fucking wrong&hellip.but I can't." Clark shakes his head at her again. This man, almost 8 years ago was the same horny teenage boy who she fell so deeply in love with, she let him go for her own selfish desires, and yet, she still has the longing for him now.

"You look even better than I remember," all of the hate disappeared from him eyes, now there is just…blank. He shakes his head to clear his thoughts, realizing what he just said.

"Do you realize what I'm saying right now? You know more than anyone I never wanted to be that type of guy Elle. I can't Elle, I just can't," He gets up quick, grabs his coat and starts jhanvi kapoor sex full sex stories for the door, "Clark, please, I- just stop please! Please I can't do it without you any-" she sees him lunge at her; suddenly she's slammed against the wall closest to the door. "STOP!" Clark is clasping her hands above her head so she can't gain any access to touch him, because if she even laid a finger on him, he knew he would give into her.

"Please." She whispers soft enough that he can barely hear her, "Just one last time, I won't tell anyone, and I know you won't. Just a few hours and you'll never have to see me again for the rest of your life, I promise Clark, please?" He closes his eyes, he can't do this, and he can't be that man. Clark, you'll hate yourself forever, you've gotten your heart broken, it will be the same thing for Julia. But what if she's right? What if it's just this last time and no one ever finds out?

No, it's wrong. But it will be so good, NO! I can't, I won't! Yes you will, and you will remember it. No, I won't do it, not now, not three years ago, and no time ever after now.

Just do it. So he does. He reaches for the hem of his shirt and pulls it out of his slacks. She jumps at the chance to help with his belt. As soon as that's off, Ellie is on her knees, anticipating what she does best. As he pulls out of his shirt, she is two steps ahead of him and already has his pants down and is untying his shoe laces. Moments later, he feels the warmth of her mouth around him.

To be honest with himself, this was something he has always missed about Ellie, Julia doesn't like to give, or receive oral sex, and that was always something he enjoyed. She hears him let out a deep breath and brace his hands up against the wall.

Her tongue circles around the head slowly, periodically, firmly stroking his shaft, and taking her hand away to deep throat him.

She is concentrating on pleasuring him, but not taking it to the point of climax, but it wouldn't be likely that happened anyway. The odd thing about Clark was, even as a teen, he would last hours. There was never a quick blowjob or fuck; it was always forty-five minutes to an hour of crazy, hot, eventually lazy sex.

Ellie takes him out of her mouth with a loud 'pop' and lets out a little giggle. She remembered this was always something Clark hated for her to do. She stands up and starts to walk toward the bed, casually stepping out of her heels and setting them next to the bed loft. Ellie crawls onto the mattress and sits on her bottom with her legs crossed so that they hang off of the edge. She cocks her head to the side, with a slight sensual smile, waiting for Clark to come to the bed with her.

"Are you going to come?" She asks with her eyebrows raised. "Hopefully." He starts to walk over to the bed as blindfolded wife fucked by black guy lays down on her back and opening her legs.

She's still dressed in the belt, panties, stockings, and bra. "Take off your stockings," He commands. Ellie moves her hand slowly down her thigh to the clip and undoes it.

She grasps the lace and sensually starts to pull it down her leg.

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Clark takes a few steps back to enjoy the view. She skillfully removes the first stocking, and then the next. She stands, and slips off the belt, and then crawls back into the bed, making sure to look over her shoulder at him before she sits back on her bottom. Standing a few feet away, Clark is harder than he has been in a long time. He strolls up to the foot of the bed, grabs her legs and pulls her forcefully closer so that her ankles are at his shoulders.

Ellie moans naughty chick craves for a long dick he runs his hand down her leg to her butt, gently massaging it. Ellie closes her eyes, enjoying the moment, "Come on," she wiggles her legs so it takes him off balance a little and starts to laugh, "You wanted to get this over with, so let's go." She smiles at him. "Shhh!" He smacks her ass hard, "Shut up.

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You wanted it, so take it the way I'm going to give it." "I'm sorry&hellip.sir." He looks up at her shocked, and he sees that she is giving him a devious smile. It's been a long time since he has heard something like that before, hearing that brings back memories of their old life, but there's no time for those games.

Pulling off her panties with quickly with ease, and pulling her legs apart, he looks down at her, he almost forgot. "Bra." She doesn't even hesitate as she sits up and unclasps the back of her bra and slides it down her arms.

Throwing it on the floor, it lands with a light tap on the hardwood flooring. Taking a minute, he just looks at her, naked and beautiful, sexy, god, so fucking sexy. It's been so long since he's seen her like this, but yet age has made her even better. When they were teenagers, she was in a double D, now, it looks like they are bigger, which is something he was looking forward to if she had gotten pregnant.

Ellie, filled with impatience, scoots her body forward trying to gain some type of contact between their sexes. Clark lets out a small chuckle, aims and lascivious hotties share huge cock of plumber force, burries himself deep inside of her with no warning. "Ahh!" Ellie screams out. When he is buried down to the hilt, he takes no time at all to start thrusting fast and hard, just the way she likes it.

Hearing her screams and moans bring back wonderful memories of their crazy sex back when he was a kid, and his Grandfather's walls were thin. Pulling her ankles up to her ears, he pulls both of her legs to one shoulder and keeps pounding away, watching as her breasts bounce against each other.

"Ohh god! Yes! Ohhhhhhhowwww!" She's already screaming, bringing music to his ears. "Ew, fasterrrrrrrrrohhhhhg-g-gooooooooooooooood!" The people in the apartment next to hers are probably thinking someone is being murdered over here. She was never a quiet one, and that always turned him on. Having to keep pulling her legs higher because of the high difference was getting tiring, so he slows his pace.

"Ohhhh noooo! Don't slow down please," she whines. Clark rolls onto his back taking her with him, now she is on top, the main show. He grabs her large breasts kneading and rubbing them gently, "Mmmm," she smiles down at him. Grinding in small and slow circles, she leans down to kiss his clavicle. Hearing his ragged breathing, she giggles and slows her pace to kiss his neck. While biting and sucking his neck, she feels rather than hears the growl in his throat from the frustration of her tease.

He grabs her hips and slams her down onto him.

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She slaps him on the chest, "UHH! Clark!" He smiles but he keeps his hands on her hips to steady her for the ride of her life. There isn't time for teasing, just fucking. Sensing what he is about to do, she reaches for his chest. "No, don't.

You know I go crazy like this." "I think you're far past crazy right about now Ellie." He says as he pulls her up slightly just to forcefully pull her hips down to meet his.

Over and over again he does this as he hears her grunts become more high-pitched, until finally she lets out a loud squeal and then lets loose. "Ahhhhhh! Mm-mm-mmm-mmm-mm," biting her lip, she helps him bounce her up and down on top of him. "Haahhhhhhhhhhh!" Faster and faster he goes, the harder he pushes up, the harder her g-spot is assaulted. "Ohhh please don't stop, oh…" letting out a deep breath, she climaxes for the second time in minutes.

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Arching her back, he slows and rocks her hips against his to keep the orgasm going. He's close as well, rocking and rocking, until he feels that familiar feeling building deep, all of the pressure coming up from the bottom to the top. As Ellie takes the reigns, she starts to hop up and down on him, circling every once in a while to change up the pressure.

He settles one hand behind his head, and the other on her thigh, right above her kneecap. "Keep going, I'm close." So she does just that, even going a bit faster than she was, her moaning gone down some from the concentration. She senses when he is about to come, he closes his eyes and starts to slightly bite his bottom lip. Then his hand comes out from behind his head and places it on her other thigh, and slowly they creep up to her hips.

He helps her one last time, pulling her down and up harder and harder until the pressure releases and she screams as he cums inside of her. Thrusting a few more times, he hisses out a deep breath. Once his ragged breathing subsides a little he looks up and Ellie has her head down slightly with her eyes closed, and there is a cute furrow in her brow. Her hands are placed busty babe sophia leone enjoys a hard interracial sex his chest, one on each breast.

He takes her wrists and pulls her into an embrace. He feels her breathing go back to normal, then get slower and slower, her long brown hair falling on the both of them. The red lipstick she was wearing earlier is still on by some miracle.

All of those feelings he had for her all flood back in a matter of seconds as he holds her in his arms again. Why? She ruined his feelings, he married someone he thought he loved, but now he realizes that it was all just a lie to himself.

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He could never love someone else the way he loved her. He just cheated on a woman he thought he loved, but now after all of this, he sees it again. 'I fell back into this love again.' "I love you Elle." He whispers into her soft hair, but there is no reply. She is already fast asleep in his arms, just like old times.