Tobi pacific is tiny solo girl pornstar

Tobi pacific is tiny solo girl pornstar
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Hay, If you've read another of my true stores, you will already know a tad about me. If not, Hi! My name's Josh, I'm an actor and I live in the south of England. You will probably also know that I like to detail my stories very much, so it may seem very long but if you want the full benefit two s share black cock purse snatcher learns a lesson it I do suggest you read all of it (if you can last!) This one is about Jordan and me; we were (and still are!) close workmates that became very close one particular night!

This was actually my most recent 'gay experiment/experience' if you will. I am 16, and Jordan is 14. Our birthdays are actually by coincidence on exactly the same dates! Haha Although his name is Jordan, I will be referring to him as Jordie, because that is the nickname that everybody calls him by. Although my main job is an actor, there is not a lot of work for that so I have a part-time job in a large pet store. A couple of months ago, a boy 2 years younger then me came on for work experience for two weeks.

His name was Jordan, everybody called him Jordie. He really liked it there and the rest of the staff liked him so after a couple of weeks we all agreed to take him on and pay him as a part-timer. Scene as me and Jordie where the closest in age, I was appointed to train him. As I was training him, as you can imagine, we only grew closer. We sex xxx vd2019 sex stories very good friends indeed. Not only did we get on when we saw each other in work but we also met up outside of work several times before this event.

Anywho, one week in the summer it was really good weather and I got a new tent for my birthday. I wanted to try out the tent and put it to good use, so on the Tuesday I asked my friend Pete if he wanted to come over and we could camp out in it in the back garden on Friday night. He was willing, which was great. I didn't intend on doing anything sexual with him. On the Thursday, me and my dad put the tent up in out huge back garden and put all of the bedding and stuff in it.

Later that day, Pete rang me and said that he would have to cancel it because his brother was taken into hospital earlier that day. Of course, I had already put the tent up and I didn't want to not stay in it.

And I didn't want to stay in it on my own either! But that didn't matter I wasn't too upset because I had a good idea!

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One man's trash is another man's treasure! Jordie was saying the last time I saw him he had never camped out but wanted to, so I thought "brilliant! I will ask Jodie over!". So I did. I rang him and apologised for it being short notice but asked if he wanted to stay in my new tent with me tomorrow night. Exited, riley reid in throat treatment full on zzerzcom accepted with both hands.

All set! I chose a Friday because we have a nice dinner of chips every Friday night, and afterwards both of my parents go out every Friday with friends and stay out until early hours of the morning and then go straight to bed. Brilliant!

Plus our garden is huge so the house was quite a way from the tent. We have no neighbours either! Literally in the middle of nowhere! So, 6 o'clock on the Friday night I met Jordie by the local radio station. We walked to the chip shop where we then went back to my place. We ate dinner, quite quickly, and then both of my parents left after getting ready to go out with their friends.

So now it was just me and Jordie. I made sure we had lots of Coca-cola that night! Haha it was part of my plan! ;) I wanted to make sure we weren't tired. So there we were, drinking Coke and snaking on junk food whilst watching comedy movies. We talked about the general stuff that teenage guys talk about I guess without even consciously thinking about it much. After watching a 3rd movie, it was nearly 11pm and I said that I was ready to go out in the tent.

He said, "Yeah me too mate, come on let's go." So we did. We switched everything off inside and got ready to go out. Used the bathroom, locked the doors and made our way out to the tent.

It took quite a while to get there. We were cold, even though we still had our cloths on along with shoes and a torch. We finally got to the tent, undid the padlock and rushed in out of the cold. The tent was perfect really. It was made for up to 3 people. It wasn't big, it was like the size of a double bed and it had a porch, a fly net, a camping light and a padlock for the zipper.

Like I said, the bedding had already been made up by me and my dad. It wasn't two single beds side by side. Even better! It was one double bed! One thick duvet, 2 pillows each and a few sheets and a mattress underneath. Perfect! Side by side! It was looking very cosy! We locked the padlock from the inside and put the wild threesome with a horny floozy hardcore groupsex light up on the hook.

It wasn't very bright, it was perfect. We could see each other, and we agreed to keep it on all night just to make us feel a bit more comfortable outside overnight! I had no pyjamas and nether did Jordie, we were both just gonna sleep in out boxer shorts, so we both stripped at the same time in front of each other, with no secrecy, down to our underwear.

I caught a glimpse of him. It was so sexy it gave me a boner. He was wearing quite tight red and white boxer shorts with a single button fly. I was his neat package in the middle of them in between his smooth legs. When I noticed how hard that got me, I jumped straight under the covers with speed I didn't want him to see me erection well, not yet anyway! ;) He soon followed, as we got comfortable.

We were just looking at each other. It was silent for a moment, and then he said, "Are you tired?" I said, "Nope!

Not at all! Are you?" He said, "Na I'm wide awake." That was fine by me. I knew what I wanted to do and I had a hunch he wanted it too. So I said, "well I know why don't we play a game to pass the time?".

After a couple of seconds I then continued to say, "something like yes or no or truth or dare or something like that maybe?" He smiled replied "yeah truth or dare sounds awesome!" I smiled back at him and then said, "okay mate you can go first.

I pick truth"… "Truth?!?" He seemed shocked. He said, "Okay, umm, do you wank?" I exclaimed, "hell yeah!" As I said that, I saw something great! I saw his dick go hard through the covers!

It had started to go up slowly and I noticed it create a little hill on the duvet! He made no attempt to hide it either; he just looked at me and smiled.

He said, "okay Josh your turn I pick dare." I said, "Alright then I dare you to cough as loud as you can!" He looked at me a bit disappointed as if to say "come on that's a bit boring! Give me something sexy!" But I actually did it on purpose I knew that it was a bit boring but that is what I intended! I needed to make sure he wanted sexual stuff before I gave it to him! haha But he did it anyway. He coughed really, really loud and I just laughed. He said, "Okay my turn to ask you!" After I saw that disappointed look on his face, I thought "right, let's get this started!" so I said, "okay then I pick dare!" He smiled widely and you could tell he taut pussy open wide girlfriend and hardcore exited because this is what he wanted.

He said "Good! Okay, I dare you to pull down my boxers and touch my dick!" I said, "WHAT?!?" He replied, "Go on you heard me" and winked at me. Yeah I did hear him. And I knew what he meant. And I wanted to as well. I was just shocked. WOW! This fitty 14 year old was actually ASKING ME to take off HIS boxers and touch his DICK!!!!!

Regardless of my shock, it was a good shock, a nice shock, and it got me SUPER exited!!!! I looked at him and smiled as he returned a nice smile, and with no further hesitation, I pulled down the bed covers, reached over to his tented underwear and pulled them down.

I had my eyes closed, because I thought it would have been more exiting to wait to look until he was completely naked. So when I flung his boxers to the bottom of the tent, I opened my eyes and looked down at his 'area'.

OH MY GOD IT WAS SO HOT! I took a moment to check out his dick. As I did, he say up slightly and parted his legs a bit. Like the rest of his body, his cock was slightly tanned. It looked about 5 inches long, give or take a bit. He wasn't circumcised (which I was glad of because the thought of having no foreskin puts me off to be honest).

His cock was straight; it didn't have a bend up or down or anything like that. So, his dick was my personal perfect dick!

He also had decently sized balls and a perfect amount of pubes. His pubes they were black, and he had just the right amount and they were just the right length. As I looked at his absolutely gorgeous penis, I also noticed quite a bit of clear, sticky precum oozing out of the tip, showing how purely exited he was! And that got ME even more exited! Jordie said "okay Josh you've done half of the dare but you still need to touch it!" I had no problem with that. Without any hesitation, and without saying anything, I began to reach for it.

When he said, "touch it" I didn't know exactly what he meant. I didn't know if he literally just wanted me to poke or prod at it or if he actually wanted me to wank him. I don't know what he expected. But I didn't care. I had got this far and I wanted to wank him.

So I went in for the kill and it was AMAZING… I grabbed his throbbing member in my writing hand and began to toss him off. It was a little bit wet in my hand, but I didn't mind I liked it I just continued to satisfy him. At this point Jordie was still sitting up a bit leaning on his arms but not for long! As I reached over to his hot rod and began crazy old lad licks young pussy oldvsyoung hardcore jerk it, he literally FELL!

His whole body loosened and he fell down onto the pillow and closed his eyes as he began to make noises of pleasure. I jerked his gherkin up and down and he lay there enjoying the experience. He said, "Oh YES! Oh GOD Josh that's AMAZING! Go on! Speed up! PLEASE don't slow down that's SOOO GOOD!" But I did. I stopped. Because I wanted to take it further. So I let go of his hot rod. He instantly woke up from his trance sleep of hypnotic pleasure and said, "Why did'ya stop Joshie?" I looked at him and said "Cause I thought you might want a blow job instead?!

You ever had one or given one before?" You could tell he wanted one oh so bad. He got really exited, looked at me with a huge grin on his face and started laughing with joy.

"No I haven't had one or given one before" he said, "But oh GOD yes PLEASE I would LOVE one if you're offering! That would be GREAT!" There was a pause for a moment as we continued to smile at one another. Then he put his arm around me and said, "But I can't have one without returning the favour to you!" I knew what he meant. And I liked it. As he said this, he began to take down my boxers. He did it just as I did it he closed his eyes bought them down from my legs and then flinging them off to the bottom of the tent just before opening his eyes and stargazing at my cock in delight.

We smiled at one another. We were BOTH VERY randy, switch on and ready to go! He began to jerk me for a bit, which was great. But I said, "Come on then let's do this!" He looked at me. He smiled with joy and said, "Oh! Yeah! Sure sexy! God I'm soooooo exited!!!" I told him to get ready. As we shifted about, he was lying there with his legs slightly open. I was lying with my head in between them.

I said "your gonna love this!" smiled and went down on him… I carefully but enthusiastically lowered my head onto his precum-moisturised tallywacker.

Once I had just over half of his dick in my mouth, I clamped my lips around his hot, wet willy and began to suck like I meant it. Not too hard, just right. I also moved my tongue around a bit, exploring his 14-year-old genitalia. As I began to bob my head up and down, it was obvious he was zoning in immense pleasure.

He said "oh yeah", and laid his head back as he began to breath heavily and make sexy noises. He also opened his lovely legs wider to better 'accessibility'. I was also wanking the bottom half of his penis to compliment my vacuum mouth. It was salty in my mouth. And warm. Totally AMAZING. He was enjoyed the whole thing.

It couldn't have been long before he began to climax. I felt his whole teen ass watch more of her at ulacamcom tense, he started to breath even heavier and make even more noises, and he also began to 'hump' my mouth lightly thrusting his hot explosive Johnny in and out of him cummy, sucking lips.

I felt Jordie's cock continue to throb in my hot mouth. He was ready to explode. Another 3 seconds went by and then he did explode :) It was so nice as he orgasmed.

He was shaking like mad and making so many noises he loved it so badly. I felt my mouth fill with the hot, salty juice that was his boyhood jizz. And it was AWSOME! I began to swallow, managing everything he gave him. It wasn't amai liu likes to get drilled hard much, iv had more I guess. But that didn't matter he was enjoying it! Jordie stopped coming so I got down the last of his output with ease.

He started to calm down. He stopped shaking and began to get his breathing back into control. I lightly lifted my mouth from his satisfied dick, as we looked at each other and smiled contently. He said, "Thanks babe that was AMAZING better then I thought. Thank you so much". I said, "No worries Jordie glad you liked it, but it's my turn now!" cheekily.

He said "Oh yeah sure. Do I just suck?" It was obvious he hadn't given one before, but that' didn't matter I said, "Suck, bob your head, move your tongue around do whatever you want really do whatever feels right I'm sure it'll be great!" He smiled as we got into the same position I had just sucked off him in.

I opened my legs as he lowered his open mouth onto my rock solid hard cock.

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As I expected, it didn't matter he was a novice because it was a fabulous feeling. I felt his warm, wet lips lock in position around the top half of my dick. He began to suck and bob his head. It was amazing. Such a nice feeling. I began to show my pleasure through my breathing and body language. I could kinky honeys have fun at the club his tongue licking around my salty chipolata too. He seemed to enjoy sucking me off.

He was getting really stuck in! He grabbed the bottom half of my 6-inch dick with his hand and began jerking it off to boost the blowjob pleasure intensity.

It wasn't very long at all before I began to orgasm. I began to tense as the unbelievable explosive pressure and pleasure built up in my dick. Then, I let go in his mouth and filled it with my warm juice. He lapped it all up. He swallowed every last piece as he continued to suck.

I began to subside and control myself as my climax ended quite quickly. He gently let go of my cock from his hand and mouth before we both got up and smiled at each other (once again) haha. We lay down next to each other; I put my arm around him as he cuddled into me.

Then, he looked up and went to kiss me. I felt his tongue enter my mouth, still covered with some of my cum. I didn't mind. I put my tongue in his mouth as we continued to cuddle.

After a moment, we stopped and looked at one another lovingly. He said, "Shall we do it all again?!?" I said "haha my god I'm way too tired now! But I would be more then happy to do it again in the morning". He smiled and said "okay, but I still wanna cuddle you". I didn't mind that one single bit. So I dimmed the light and within a couple of minutes we drifted off. I thought it was really sweet; we spent the whole night in each other's arms still completely naked, warming one another.

The morning came quite quickly, he was up before me. When I was up, we got going again. I wont' go fully into the details again we did EXACLY what we did that night. It was 7am in the morning and we just did it all again, which was really nice. Afterwards, we just settled for a bit. We went inside at about 8 and never said anything about it.

He has to go at 9 so we didn't have much time, and I haven't seen him since cause it wasn't long ago, but I've got the feeling this could be the start of something this lady had an fantastic ass and admirable natural tits We've done it twice! And he said to me before leaving "we should do this again sometime!" and hugged me. So I think this truly is the start of something super-sexy! More stories to come! I hope you like my stories!

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