Bootylicious chloe has her wet snatch drilled pornstars and cumshot

Bootylicious chloe has her wet snatch drilled pornstars and cumshot
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The year I was 19, it was 1992. I was out of high school and working at a restaurant in San Bruno as a busboy. It was quite the year, indeed. One that will remain in my mind forever, for so many reasons. After work, I had a tendency to go out cruising in my car, which would be anywhere from 11 at night, or sometimes I wouldn't go cruising until 2am, depending on when my shift ended. In any case, I had the habit of driving all the way from there in San Bruno, down to Santa Clara on El Camino Real, scouting for men who might need a ride (and hopefully so much more).

My luck was pretty good, actually. There were a few guys who would look into my rolled-down passenger window after I'd pull up and offer a ride and they'd grimace at me and mutter things like "fuckin' faggot, get the hell out of here". Eh, so I'd drive off and they'd be forgotten about. It was their loss! While there were those few and select killjoy's out there, there were double the men who did take me up on my flirting and offers for blowjobs. I remember one of them I actually met at a stoplight who was on a bicycle and I still offered him a ride.

He was in his late 30's about and scruffy, with a semi-goatee and dirty blonde hair. So he got his bike into the back of my 1984 goldtone Toyota Corolla and we drove somewhere dark and he pulled his cock out of cam girl caught in public compilation fucking a sexy latina stewardess black jeans and said I should really be more careful doing this shit, but then he pushed my head down and forced his cock into my mouth and started fucking it so hard that I was gagging, but he kept ramming it and holding my head down so I couldn't pull up from what he was doing and said to me "you got a little bit more than you were bargaining for aren't you?" in a panting voice and fucking my face with his balls pushing into my chin.

I was drooling all over his balls. When he came, I remember he jerked so much that his cum filled my mouth and went up into my nostrils, which I sucked all down and swallowed.

We then had a cigarette and parted ways. I remember another guy named Nick in his later 20's who sat back and let me suck him off at leisure, who fed me two loads in a row. He was hot and a real nice guy. I ended up taking him out for breakfast after, it was like 4 in the morning at the time. I really enjoyed that experience, especially the very deep conversation we got into and I'll always be grateful to him for that time.

There was another guy who I met who was bi-sexual, I do forget his name.

However, he was bi and had me over his place to suck his cock while his Filipino girlfriend was out. I remember he liked going to Reno, NV a lot to play blackjack. Sucking his cock was hot and he was very hot. Italian guy with a big cock and he laid back on his bed and pumped my mouth full of his cock until he had me gulp down his creamy load.

I went back a couple of times to see him, but on the last visit was when his girlfriend came home and started banging on the locked bedroom door, yelling and screaming in Tagalog. He was laughing and had me keep sucking his cock until we both heard a huge shattering of glass.

So, he got up, pulled up his shorts and went into the living room to find that his girlfriend had smashed a huge vase right through the glass coffee table out of anger and she was yelling at us both. I inched my way out of the bedroom and finally got out the door, fearing she'd try to kill me. I was so glad to have left, although I never got to see the guy again. He did call once and left a message on my parents' answering machine. He sounded drunk and said he was in Reno and that he missed seeing me.

That was the last I'd heard from him. There was one night when I picked a man up after work and I still had my uniform on from work. He had obviously had a bit to drink. So, I flirted with him and asked if there was anything he "wanted" (my usual come-on line) and he said "what do you have in mind"? So, I made my usual proposition of "how about some head?" and he accepted. However, when I finally found a place to park where it was dark and more remote, we started making out and when he put his hand down my pants, he stopped, backed off and started to freak out.

"You're a guy???" He was obviously a little pissed off and I said "Yeah, what did you think I was?" and he replied, "I thought you were just an ugly woman!" And then he made me drive around while he shouted obscene things at me, threatening that he ought to kill me and I was panicking and crying and I finally made up the story that I had a wife and a son (yeah-right) at home and please not to hurt me.

Well, after about an hour of driving around scared to death and having my gas tank nearly on empty, he had me pull over at a gas station and he got out and that's when I sped-off, driving away like a maniac. But…did that stop me? Noooooooo. I went out the next night and was cruising around. It wasn't long after that experience that I met Steve, a married man in his 40's who lived at a motel on the San Mateo/Belmont border where the lights of it just said "otel" (which he and I had called the "no-tell, o-tell") and his wife was apparently in the county jail.

Steve was a man I picked up while driving around one night after work So, he took me to his room at the "otel" and introduced me to smoking cocaine (or, crack…) It was a freaky high that made me very alert and talk very rapidly. It was fun but it also made me quite a bit paranoid.

He'd like to sit on the bed and do drawings and I'd sit and stare at him until finally I asked if he wanted a blowjob. He said "sure" and so I leaned over on the bed and he pulled down his sweats and briefs and Massage rooms big and asses in row analmal training went down on him. I'd suck sunny leone sexy funny storys for a while and then he'd want to hit the pipe and had me do the same, then I'd suck him some more.

I ended up visiting him for a few nights to suck his dick until one night when he had me drive him down to East Palo Alto (the crack neighborhood) and little did I know when he was making his deal, that he had a bunch of Geoffrey Money from Toys R Us folded into a $20.00 bill.

Well, that didn't make the street dealers too happy and we ended up getting chased by them in a black car onto the 101 freeway and I was dodging in and out of the light traffic there was while they chased us down, shooting at my car!!! They also through a big rock or something at the side because when it was over I saw a big dent in the side of the car.

Yes, we finally managed to lose them. Meanwhile, I chewed Steve's ass out for that. However, I went back the next night to him at the motel and discovered his wife was there and that she had just been released from jail that night. So, that was the end of that. Not long after that whole experience and after recovering from the comedown of having been high off and on for several days, I went out cruising again. I ended up at the adult bookstore in San Mateo I'd been to so many times before, which is where I met Gary, in one of the video booths.

I sucked his cock for a while and then he invited me to his room at the Super 8 Motel. So, I followed him there (in his black Rolls Royce). I was impressed! Gary was in his 40's as well and married with kids and had a house in Half Moon Bay apparently. So, we got to the room and he turned on a porn video of some really hot straight gangbang scenes (there was a VCR in the room) and then whipped out a baggie of cocaine, pouring a bit onto the table and chopped it up.

He then offered me a line. Dare I? Yes, I dare.

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So, I sniffed up the white powder and instantly felt my heart race and I became a total horndog. We then got naked and he sat back on the bed and had me crawl up and start sucking his cock. I must have sucked him for an hour straight and then we did another line of coke and he had me get on all fours at the edge of the bed, he lubed up his cock and stuck it right up my ass. He fucked me good and I was loving it!

He'd go in real deep, grabbing my sides and pumpin in harder and harder, until a while later when he groaned and bucked his hips into me and spewed his hot load into my anus. After that, we were getting together every day. He would drive me around or I would drive him around and he would have me stop in various places that were private and have me give him head.

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I was a total cock whore for him and he really enjoyed that. We'd also get motel rooms here and there, mostly along the coast around Pacifica.

I really don't know what he was telling his wife he was doing all this time, but I also really didn't care. I was having too much fun!

There finally came a point where things got a little weird and he started becoming paranoid. I figured it was all the coke he was doing, but then I began to get paranoid because it felt like when we were driving that we were being followed.

Well, it turns out that this was probably true, based on what happened next.

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He picked me up from my parents' house where I was still living at the time in his Rolls Royce and said he was taking me to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. I was thrilled!

My mom figured that since he drove a nice car and was older that he was mature and responsible. Boy, was that not true! We drove up to Lake Tahoe and it became night as we entered the snowy mountains. I was pretty coked up and remember that everything seemed surreal and the snow everywhere seemed to glow in the dark. Everything looked icy and somewhat creepy. We finally got to a motel along the way and I was relieved.

So, we got into fooling around and doing lines and he'd have me suck his cock endlessly. I remember him having me bent over the sink in front of the huge mirror and fucked me up the ass really good and I was able to look at him pumping into me and it really got me off.

I jazzed like crazy onto the countertop and he shot his wad right up my ass, as usual. The next day, however, he said he had to go and he'd be back later. At first, I was okay with it, but then hours began to pass and there was no sign of him. So, I began to get paranoid. I remember closing the curtains in the room tight and imagining that there were police cars surrounding the motel and that my parents were outside trying to get me to come out, until I opened the curtains and said that I surrendered, only there was no one there, I was just too high at the time.

It was then that I somehow passed out, because I had been up for a couple of days and it had caught up with me. I awoke to Gary finally returning to the room all high himself and he seemed nervous, but when I asked him what was going on, he said "nothing" and got the coke out and started putting some out on the dresser. It was minutes later when there was a knock at the door. It was the police.

Apparently what was going on was Gary was wanted by the FBI for something having to do with hijacking slot machines (which he was apparently doing when he'd left the room for so sex siren katrina jade gets doggystyled by plumber and also for Grand Theft Auto of the Rolls we drove up in and also for several thousand dollars' worth of cut gemstones in the glove box that he'd stolen.

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At first, they thought I was his accomplice, but then realized I was just a scared young man. They did arrest me, however, for being under the influence of narcotics and I spent the night in jail. It seems that Gary got himself bailed out and left me there to fend for myself, so that was the last I ever saw of him. The next morning, I had to walk in my t-shirt and jeans in the snow for 5 miles from dad you fuck me better than my boyfriend jail to where the motel was to get my belongings, which was an ordeal in itself because the Indian owners of the motel were reluctant to give my belongings to me because i was a "bad man" so they said.

Then, I called my cousin Noel wondering what to do and she called my parents and explained things to them more calmly than I would have. So, I was wired some money to take a Greyhound back and headed back to San Francisco. The bus pulled into the Greyhound station and there were my parents peering at me in the window of the bus and I read my mom's lips saying "You dumb son-of-a-bitch!" Oooh were they mad.

I was a shit, wasn't I? I ended up having to go up to Tahoe twice for court hearings and ended up being given a misdemeanor and made to do 6 weeks on a drug diversion program. It was the only time I've ever been in jail (thankfully!) and that was enough for me!

The only good part of it in the end was that my parents took me up to Tahoe for the hearings and my mom got to play slot machines and jokingly said to me "This is fun, I guess it wasn't all bad!" My mom cracks me up.

So, this wasn't a super jam-packed experience sexually but there was a lot of sex that was had, involved in those experiences. There's plenty more sexual stuff that happened when I was 20, which I will get into in my next installment.

Take care!