My plump asian cousin shows off her body on cam more on

My plump asian cousin shows off her body on cam more on
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He came whenever I told him to.

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Derrick was always a good boy like that. At 19 he was tall and thin with a cock too long and thick for his frame. His face was square with short blonde hair and serious dark blue eyes.

He had a soft, quiet voice. The type of voice that was perfect for whispering, "Yes, mistress." It was Derrick's birthday and I had special games in store for us. He showed up at my house at noon, hard and ready for fun, wearing only a thin pair of white running shorts. Sweat ran down his smooth chest, over his flat belly and onto the waist band of his shorts. I licked my lips in appreciation. "Have you been working out?" I asked, running my palm over the tight skin below his belly button.

He looked me up and down, swallowing hard. I was wearing a short, loose black button up dress and black thigh high boots. My dark hair hung in big waves down to my mid back. "No mistress, I was touching myself in the car. I couldn't wait," he said, grinning sheepishly.

I scratched my fingernails down Derrick's stomach, leaving big red lines in his skin. He winced and took a step back. "On your knees," I said, unbuttoning the front of my dress and letting it fall open to reveal a large purple strap on.

Derrick's eyes widened in surprise as he took in the site of my naked tits. The surprise turned to fear when he looked at the strap on. "You've been bad. Did I tell vehement doxy loves dirty sex hardcore blowjob that you could touch yourself?" He dropped to his knees, bowing his head.

"No, mistress. I just thought since it was my birthday." "Did I ask what you think, Derrick?" I stroked my hand along his jaw line, tilting his head up to look into my eyes. "You know you aren't allowed to jerk off without my permission. Are you ready for your punishment?" He whimpered, shifting his eyes to the side. studying and fucking with nerdy teeny facial cumshot natural tits, mistress." "Don't act like you don't like it.

Your cock is about to burst out of those shorts at the thought of sucking my big plastic dick. Tell me how much you fucking love it." I gripped his throat with pressure light enough that he could still speak. My pussy was on fire and soaked beneath the strap on. "I love sucking your cock, mistress. Please make me your little cocksucker." I squeezed his throat tighter, making his face turn a dark shade of pink.

Leaning in close, I put my lips to his ear and whispered, "Mmm.

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you're a whore, aren't you?" "Yes, Mistress." "Show me," I said, guiding the strap on to his mouth. I rubbed the head of the purple dildo against his lips and his small pink tongue darted out and licked.

"Good boy, now suck." I pushed the dildo against his closed mouth, forcing it open. Derrick took the gorgeous teenie floozy swallows hardcore and reality in his mouth, working his tongue along the shaft and bobbing up and down, staring up at me.

My palms slid up the sides of his face and into his hair. I wrapped my fingers around the strands and pulled him into me hard, pushing the dildo deeper into his mouth. With short, quick thrusts I began to fuck Derrick's throat. He moaned around the thick plastic, his hips thrusting in rhythm with mine.

"You like that, you little cunt?" I said, thrusting hard at the word cunt. The dildo slid deep down his throat and his eyes bulged and filled with water. He pulled his lips off the cock and fell back onto his ass, panting.

I grinned and gestured towards his shorts.

"Take them off." Derrick stood and gripped the waist band of his shorts, pulling them down in one quick motion. His cock bounced up and hit his stomach with a wet thwack. "Now show me how you were touching yourself," I said, walking towards him.

He stared at me, a lazy smile playing at the corners of his lips, and he moved his hand toward his dick. A thick drop of precum oozed from the tip as he took it in his fist and started slowly stroking it. "Faster." I growled.

Derrick groaned and bit his lip, his fist moving up and down in a blur on his cock. The muscles in his body tensed as he roughly jerked his dick.

"Mistress." he panted. "Please, can I cum?" His horny bride shares her husband with her mom twitched and jerked. I reached forward, grabbing his wrist and forcing his hand to stop. He thrust his hips wildly into his clenched fist, a low groan coming from deep in his chest. He pushed his hips forward again, the shiny pink head of his cock popping out of the other side of his fist.

The first spurt of cum hit my thigh and rolled down my leg. Derrick grunted, his face a mixture of pleasure and fear.

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His body shook and jerked as he recovered from his orgasm. "Get on your knees," I said, my voice low and angry. He obeyed, his rapidly softening dick still in hand. I slapped him hard across his cheek and he clenched his teeth, sucking in a hissing breath. Pinching his throat right below his jaw, I pulled him towards me and spit into his face.

"Did I tell you to fucking cum, whore?" "No, mistress. I'm sorry, I couldn't stop." Derrick had tears in his eyes and his blonde hair stuck to his face, wet with sweat.

"Obviously your punishment wasn't harsh enough. You haven't seemed to have learned your lesson. Since you like cumming so much, how about I let you cum again?" "I'm not ready, mistress," Derrick said, glancing down at his limp cock. I took it in my hand and squeezed, staring into his eyes. "I didn't ask if you were ready, Derrick.

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You will cum when I want you to. You'll cum where I tell you to. You'll fuck whoever I ask you to, and you will be fucked whenever I fucking feel like fucking you. Is that clear?" "Yes, mistress," he replied, his cock already growing hard again in my hand.