Sunny leone sex vdisex stories

Sunny leone sex vdisex stories
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I stood up, covered in cum from the multiple shots I'd taken and was joined by my girlfriend. She fondled my cock, slippery with lube and cum, told me I was a good boy and that she was impressed and glad we'd won the competition.

Then she told me to get ready for round two and get in the sling. She strapped my ankles in, adjusting the restraints and spreading my legs wide. She also tightened the harness, pulling on the ass strap holding the cockring so that my erect cock was sticking straight up, straining and throbbing. She inserted a buttplug, which combined with the restraints, harness and cockring, immediately caused a stream of pre-cum to flow from the head, down the shaft over my balls and onto my ass.

She then squirted a generous amount of lube all over my cock, balls and ass, stroking and rubbing it around so that my everything was glistening in the light. She then told me to wait for her to return and left me exposed for everyone at the party to admire.

As I lay in the sling wondering what would happen next, I watched as the party unfolded. In front of me about 10 feet away, a girl was on her knees deepthroating the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was larger than the guy I'd been onstage with, at least 14" and nearly as big around as my forearm. As she inhaled the cock, I could see her throat expand to accept the huge head.

She looked at me and smiled as she pulled the stepmom blows and gets fuck in the shower cock out of her mouth, saliva and precum dripping out of the side of her mouth. Next to them, a guy was laying down as another guy fucked him mercilessly, pounding his ass and making the guy yell in ecstasy. All around the main room, people were engaged in various acts and moaning.

My girlfriend and a couple returned, pushing a fucking machine on wheels. It was a heavy floor style unit with a long pole attached to a rotating wheel and an attachment for fitting dildos. They wheeled the machine into position and the other girl fitted it with a large dildo, about 15" and very thick. I knew what was going to happen and was truly worried that I wouldn't be able to take a dildo that big, but was comforted by the fact that I'd already taken 6 cocks and several dildos, hoping that my ass was stretched enough to accommodate the giant silicone cock.

My girlfriend removed my buttplug and they moved the machine into final position, pushing the dildo slowly into my ass until I'd taken about 12" of it. They then locked down the feet and my girlfriend poured more lube on my cock, balls and ass, making sure the dildo was lubed as well. She turned on the machine and adjusted the speed so that the dildo slowly fucked me without moving me too much in the sling.

I moaned slightly and my cock twitched and pulsated as the huge cock methodically fucked my ass. The guy moved around next to me and put his cock in my mouth while the girl started sucking my engorged cock as she held my ass open for the thrusting dildo. After several minutes, the guy was about to cum and pulled out of my mouth, jacking off on my face and chest. The couple and my girlfriend then left, leaving the machine to relentlessly fuck me.

For 15 or 20 minutes, the machine fucked me, my hard cock my best frends hot mom with each thrust, streams of precum flowing from the head, down onto my ass and relubricating the dildo as it fucked me.

I looked out into the room and several people were watching me get fucked, fixating on my cock, which now seemed bigger than it's normal 8", heavily veined, the head purple and engorged as it pulsated and twitched. When my girlfriend returned, she had three guys with her. She instructed me to bring them off with my mouth and hands while she gently stroked my cock, making sure not to make me cum. One guy shoved his cock roughly into my mouth as I grabbed the two on either side of me and began jerking them.

As the guy grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock down my throat, I started jerking the other two quickly so that they would cum, the 15" dildo in my ass still pumping. The guy fucking my face started thrusting faster and I felt him start to cum, the load dripping out of the side of my mouth as he pulled out.

This set off the other two guys and I finished them both off, jerking them onto my wam asian spunk mouthed pornstars and blowjob and my girlfriends hand and arm.

My girlfriend let go of my cock and turned off the machine. After a half hour of fucking, my ass was completely relaxed and when she unlocked the machine's wheels and pushed it back, the dildo slid easily out of my ass. She then walked away, leaving me in the sling, my ass gaping as I clenched my muscles and then relaxed to open it, my cock still straining and throbbing.

She returned with another couple a few minutes later, slid a larger buttplug into my ass and then positioned the girl with her ass facing my cock. She grabbed my shaft, pushing it between my legs and backed the girl up so that she slowly impaled her ass on my cock. The guy got behind me, his cock over my head, and started rocking the sling so that my cock slid in and out of the girls ass.

My girlfriend was on her knees between the girl's legs, licking her clit and pussy, the girl moaning from the assfucking and pussylicking. The guy's cock was in my face and I licked the shaft and balls as the sling moved back and forth. The girl started convulsing as she came, yelling out loud to fuck her ass harder.

When she was done, she slid off my cock and my girlfriend motioned for the guy to move around between my legs. She positioned his ass in front of my cock, grabbed my shaft and slowly inserted my hard slippery cock into his ass, pushing him back until it was buried to the balls.

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His girl got behind me and started rocking the sling, watching my cock go in and out of his ass as my girlfriend sucked his cock and held his ass open. When he was about to cum, she turned him around and jacked him off between my legs, onto my thighs, cock and balls, cum dripping down to my ass and around the base of the buttplug. My girlfriend undid the sling restraints and told me to get on the floor mat with my ass in the air, my elbows on the ground and my back arched.

She again adjusted the harness and cockring so that my cock was pointing straight at the ground and then handed the girl an 18" double dildo and instructed her to share it with me, making sure that I didn't cum.

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The girl got on her knees opposite me and inserted one end into her ass. She backed up as I reached through my legs, moved the leather strap aside and guided the other end into my ass, moving to meet her. When it was fully inserted, we began rocking back and forth as the dildo slid in and out hot babes unveil their perfectly round tits our asses. She reached down and took my swinging cock in her hand and stroked me slowly as we fucked ourselves.

After a few minutes, she let go of my cock and started rubbing her clit to bring herself to orgasm. Before she was done, my girlfriend returned with 4 guys, one of them the guy with the monster cock.

Now I was nervous. Even though I'd taken several cocks, multiple dildos and been fucked with a large dildo for a half hour by the machine, I still wasn't sure I could take that huge cock in my ass.

The girl pulled off me, taking the double dong with her and laid down on the ground, fucking herself with it and rubbing her clit. My girlfriend said that once I was done with these four, I would be finished and if I did a good job, would be allowed to cum. She told one of the guys to mount me from behind and one of the others to fuck my face.

Thankfully neither of them was the monster cock. The guy behind me straddled my ass and guided his cock into my waiting hole. It slid in easily with hardly any resistance and as he started fucking me, the other guy put his cock in my face as my girlfriend pushed my head down onto his cock. I relaxed and let it slide down my throat and he began pumping it in and out of my mouth as the guy fucking my ass pounded me from behind.

I noticed a small crowd of partygoers gathering to watch, which made me more excited as I inhaled the cock in my mouth and drove myself backwards against the one in my ass. The guy fucking me tensed up, pulled out and came on my back to cheers from the crowd.

Then the guy in my mouth moved around to my ass and was replaced by the third guy. We repeated the performance as a couple of the girls in the crowd told them to fuck the hell out of me. The second guy started ejaculating and lost his load in my ass. I could feel cum sasha gray fucking big cock out of my hole and running down my balls and cock, dripping onto the mat.

The third guy jumped up and mounted me, shoving his cock down to the balls on the first thrust, pushing me forward as the guy with the monster cock put his enormous member in my face. I got up on all fours and grabbed it with one hand to admire it, throbbing and purple, the head probably 3 inches across.

I wasn't even sure I could open my mouth wide enough to get it in, but with the crowd yelling suck it, I opened wide and put as much of it in my mouth as I could, getting about 6" of it in before I had to stop.

I pulled it out, relaxed, took a deep breath and tried again. This time I got more of it in and felt the enormous head slide into my throat tightly as the guy behind me kept pounding away, my hard cock swinging back and forth with his thrusts.

I looked to my side and saw my girlfriend on her knees, getting fucked in the ass by a girl with a huge strapon, her face buried in another girl's ass and rimming her. I turned my attention back to the giant cock in my mouth and when I got about 10" of it down my throat, one of the girls in the crowd pushed my head down, forcing another 2" of it in and making me gag. She held my head and then let me up as I felt the long shaft slide past my lips and the head pop out.

He then began beating me on the face with it, squeezing it and forcing precum out of the enormous head. The guy fucking me pulled out and blew his load cumming all over my back as the crowd roared. Then the monster moved behind me. I readied my ass by relaxing it best I could, allowing it to open as much as possible. I felt the head stretch my hole as it entered and to my relief, felt no pain. He slowly inserted the full 14" in my ass, lubricated by the cum from the second guy, as well as what was dripping down my crack from the other two.

As I felt myself fill up with the huge cock, another cock suddenly appeared in front of me. I thought four was it, but when I looked over at my girlfriend again, she was on her back, with a girl fucking her hard with a dildo and a guy knelt over her face, fucking her throat. The crowd was cheering "fuck him" and it seemed like maybe things were getting out of control.

Just then the guy grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth and down my throat. The guy behind me had straddled me and was driving his huge cock in and out of my ass while a girl stroked my cock between my legs and pushed on the guy's ass as he thrust.

As the guy was fucking my face, I felt the monster cock pounding my ass and then pull out.

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Two of the girls grabbed me and turned me over on my back, sliding slightly on the mat from the cum on my back. The girls then grabbed my legs, pulled them back and spread them, ass up. The guy with the giant cock got on his knees, grabbed my hard cock with one hand and pulled me toward him. He moved forward, slid his giant cock into my ass and started rocking back and forth, using my cock as a handle. My girlfriend was brought over and told to straddle me. The guy held my cock as she lowered her pussy onto my cock while he fucked my ass and the girls held my legs.

My girlfriend looked at me, cum dripping off her face and chest and managed a smile. The guy fucking my ass pulled out and then I saw my girlfriend grimace as he started to slide his cock into her ass. I reached back and opened her ass as she closed her eyes. I felt his cock slide deeper and when his balls touched my fingers, I knew he'd made it all the way. He put his hand on her shoulders and began pumping in and out, pulling her back onto his cock and mine, her letting out a wimper each time he thrust in to her.

A cock appeared in front of her face, touching her lips. I lively and provoking some sex momsandteens threesome up, grabbed the shaft and rubbed it on her lips until she opened her mouth. The cock went slowly down her throat and then began pumping, her moans garbled by the cock in her mouth.

When he was about to cum, he pulled out and I jacked him off onto her face, cum dripping down onto me. The monster cock pulled out of her ass, they pulled her off and laid her down next to me. The monster cock went back in my ass as the crowd went wild. My girlfriend watched as he pounded me with his giant cock and one of the girls pumped my cock. After a few minutes, he pulled out and stroked his cock.

When he blew, he held it by the shaft, letting the cum fly freely. It came out in long spurts, landing on my chest and cock, some of it splattering my girlfriend, who was now getting fucked herself by another guy.

He squeezed the last bit of cum out and shook it off as he got up.

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As soon as he was out of the way, another guy got between my legs and started fucking me. His cock slid in and out unbelievably easily; at about 9", it was far smaller than the 14" tool that had just violated me.

I reached up with one hand and grabbed one of the cocks bobbing above me and looked at my girlfriend who was also jacking a cock We stroked them in unison until they both came on us.

As the guy fucking me pulled out and came, and another guy replaced him, I thought to myself that there can't be many more. I've either fucked, jacked off or blown at least 10 or 12 guys and there were only 15 or so when the party started. Another cock suddenly was above me and as I arched my head back to let it slide down my throat as another cock hit my hand.

My girlfriend was now stroking my cock with one hand, stroking another cock with her other hand and I was getting fucked, deepthroated and giving a handjob. The cock pulled out of my mouth and blew all over my face and neck, the guy in my ass pulled out and blew on my cock, balls and ass and the guy I was stroking blew across me onto my girlfriend. No other cocks appeared, the audience clapped and cheered. It indian sexy delhi girl sex with bf over.

Between the performance and the party, I'd taken at least 20 cocks, including a couple of 10 inchers and a 14" monster. I'd taken multiple dildos, been fucked by a machine and fucked 3 or 4 girls. I was literally covered in cum from 20 or so cumshots and my ass was ravaged. My cock was hard as a rock and throbbing so bad it almost hurt, my balls swollen from cum ready to be expelled, precum running out of the head and dripping on the ground.

I really needed to blow my load. Stay tuned for part 3…