Horny girls have fun with a friend

Horny girls have fun with a friend
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Tiffany sprinted from William's office sobbing her eyes out and straight to the bathroom where she washed her mouth out with cold water. She brushed out the dried up cum that had become matted in her long locks and scrapped her hair back into a ponytail. She headed to her car and sped away from the haulage yard and back to her house where she enjoyed a nice hot shower, she desperately scrubbed her face and hair hoping that it would make the memory of what just happened in William's office disappear, but much to her frustration all it did was upset her more.

Her shower was disrupted by her mobile stepped out of the shower she answered nervously.

"Hi Sarah, as anything else happened?" "No I'm just phoning to let you know that dad is home." Sarah replied. "Okay thanks for letting me know I'll be there shortly, how is he?" "If I'm honest I'm not sure he should be home, he still seems disoriented and his face looks worse now than it did when he was in hospital." Sarah explained. "Okay, give me twenty minutes and I'll be there to check on him." Tiffany said.

She drove to Butterton as fast as she could and as she was just about to enter her father's house she heard. "Get your tits out." She turned her head to see a gang of young youths stood on the street corner Tiffany shook her head as she entered the house thinking to herself, how glad she was to be out of this horrible estate that seemed to get rougher every time she visited her family.

She saw her father lied down on the sofa as she entered his lounge and burst into tears as she saw the state fellow cums on sexy lovely cutie pornstar and hardcore his face, Sarah was correct he looked much worse than he did when he was in hospital.

His nose and cheekbones were both clearly broken and his left eye was swollen shut. Tiffany felt guilty that he had taken such a beating and buried her face into the palms of her hands before bursting into tears. "Calm down, it's not that bad honestly." Her father winced as he moved and grabbed his ribs which were clearly giving him pain.

"Do you still not remember anything about the attack?" She asked. "No it's just like I said early, I was jumped from behind by some cowards." He answered. Tiffany then headed upstairs and into Sarah's bedroom where Sarah was sat on the bed with her long term boyfriend Luke Baines.

Tiffany was quite glad to see Luke there as he was a street wise twenty year old who was a fanatic boxer, he was a little rough around the edges but his heart was in the right place and adored Sarah. Knowing that he was there made Tiffany feel that Sarah and her father were that little bit safer. A visibly distressed Sarah said. "I told you dad looked worse didn't I?" Drying her eyes Tiffany replied.

"Yes you did he looks awful how could anybody do that to dad he would never hurt a fly." "Luke thinks it was a case of mistaken identity." Sarah explained. Tiffany's eyes turned to Luke and she asked. "Why do you say that?" "Well, what would Harper want with your dad?" He enlightened. Hearing his words made the colour drain from Tiffany's usually colourful cheeks, he must be talking about William but how does he know about him?

She pondered to herself.

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"Harper? Who is this Harper?" He asked in a panic. "Harper, he's a gangster who controls the city and surrounding area, nobody ever touches him or says anything bad against him because they know that if they do there are dead." He explained. "What makes you think he's involved in dad's beating?" She inquired feeling more intimidated of this man the more that she heard about him.

"It's just what the lads on the street are saying, but as I said it must be a mistake as what would Harper want with your dad?" He stated. Tiffany made a poor excuse to leave and left her father's house as she drove past the same gang of youths who shouted at her earlier they blew her a kiss which made Tiffany shake her head in disgust at the youths.

By the time that she arrived home Tiffany was shaking almost uncontrollably, she was confused at all of the different feelings that she was experiencing because of William. She had never been so intimidated or fearful of anybody or hated a man as much as she detested him, but as the same time she couldn't help but admit his power was drawing her to him and she was finding it harder to resist him the more that she knew about him. She remembered that William had ordered her to shave her pussy completely bald, she hated the fact that he was deciding something so private and personal to her and felt so degraded as she proceed to shave of her pubic hair until it was as he wanted it, completely smooth and hairless.

That night Tiffany went to bed early but all she could think about was William and found that the more she tried to shut out and fight the thoughts that she was having about her lovable girl is geeting peed on and splatters wet honey pot the stronger her feelings become.

The following morning she got dressed for work she decided to wear a pair of black knickers with a beige strip of lace on the front of them, she then put on a black lace Wonderbra then pushed her tits together tightly creating a huge amount of cleavage.

After a quick look in her wardrobe Tiffany pulled out a charcoal coloured knee length pencil skirt and a purple short sleeved blouse that she left the top two buttons opened on so that her cleavage was on display and tucked into the skirt. She straightened her long locks and viewed herself in a long mirror she had created the look that she was hoping for, sexy but also very classy. Tiffany drove to work and entered her office and saw that Chloe was already there working.

As Chloe stood up to make a coffee Tiffany saw that she was wearing a black lace, slash mini dress with an open back and her hair was brushed back in a ponytail, she looked absolutely stunning. "Chloe, can we mom and son sexy vi speak about yesterday?" Tiffany asked.

Chloe gave her a big smile and answered. "There's no reason to I know why you thought what you did and had it of been me I'd probably of said the same." Hearing Chloe say that made Tiffany feel better as she thought that there might have been an atmosphere again. The pair of females had been working for nearly an hour when Tiffany asked. "Can I ask how William managed to trap you?" Chloe explained to her that when she first starting working for William she had a very ill sister who needed constant looking after and he was very understanding of this, letting her pick and choose not only her hours but also what days she worked too.

After a few weeks she noticed that his hands were discreetly touching her and presumed that it was just accidental then one day like he had done with Tiffany he came from behind her and groped her horny college girl fucked by a friend. Chloe then explained that she instantly handed in her notice with immediate affect which William rejected so she walked out of the job, but within hours her sister had been kidnapped and her husband had been put in hospital by a vicious beating.

William then went to her house and basically told her that if she wanted to see her sister again and didn't want her husband to spend the rest of his life hospitalized then she'd work for him and fuck him whenever he wanted. She obviously decided to do whatever he wanted as she wanted to protect her family, much like Tiffany was doing too. Even though Chloe's story scared Tiffany she wasn't particularly surprised by what she was hearing.

"You must hate him." Tiffany said. "Hate doesn't come close I detest the man with every bone in my body." Chloe stated passionately. "Have there been any other girls?" Tiffany questioned. "Yes there has been plenty some William got bored of and let them go, others who betrayed him or wouldn't agree to his demands, those ones would conveniently vanish." Chloe explained.

Hearing this made Tiffany feel sick and her pen slipped from her grasp she knew that he was a control freak and a powerful man but she didn't realise that he would go to such lengths to get his own way.

William then waltzed into the office and stood behind Chloe who carried on with her work as he started to grope her tits through her dress. "How are you girls getting on?" He asked he massaged her breasts a little rougher.

"Yes like a house on fire sir." Chloe responded. "That's what I like to hear, Tiffany I want to see you in my office immediately." He commanded. Tiffany did as he asked and followed her boss into his office where he seat back on his desk while Tiffany stood directly in front of him. "Did you shave your cunt like I asked?" He inquired. Tiffany felt ashamed of herself because of hoe easily she had given into her boss as she nodded her head as confirmation.

William stood up and blew his cold breath on her as he circled the young lady. She felt her slit dampen as his hands gently grabbed her arse through the fabric of her dress. "Did you enjoy shaving your cunt just for me?" He whispered into her ear. Trying to keep what little dignity she had Tiffany just stood there motionless and in complete silence. Not appreciating her silence he slapped her arse so hard that it echoed around the office and Tiffany stumbled forward and had to put her hands out to catch herself on his desk.

"We'll try again did you enjoy shaving your cunt just for me?" He asked once more, this time aggressively. This time, Tiffany knew better than to ignore him and nodded her head before she replied. "Yes I did." "I want to see lift up your skirt." He ordered. Without hesitation she lifted her skirt up her tanned legs and to her hips exposing her panties. Tiffany's body shivered as he moved her long hair and started to kiss her neck from behind her.

She could feel her clit beginning to swell in excitement as her boss continued to gently kiss her scented neck. He stepped back from her and commanded. "Now remove your knickers for me." William oozed power and as much as Tiffany tried to fight it oral job and sex with brazilian beautiful babe authority was really having an effect on her.

She realised just how much when she rolled her knickers down her legs, they were drenched. With her snatch now fully exposed William gently ran a finger across her slit, such was her wetness that a digit slipped straight into her swollen mould, she let out a quiet moan as he gently proceed to finger her wet pussy. He yanked her hair back and he could see her eyes were shut and she was clamping down on her bottom lip.

Realising that she was trying to fight her body he slipped a second finger inside her warm snatch and started to finger fuck her roughly, this made Tiffany let out a much louder groan.

"Ooooooohhhhhh." William could now see that his young employee was clearly losing her battle against her body and released his grip on her hair and his hand roamed slowly back her back making it arch and her arse moved back onto his rock hard cock that was stretching the denim material of his jeans.

His hand had now made it all the way down to Tiffany's virgin anus and a finger gently stroked her arse crack. Tiffany hated anything near her arse and wanted to move his hand but didn't try to remove his hand from her bum, but she couldn't work out if it was because she was too scared or too turned on to.

Self-consciously she had spread her legs wider and was gyrating hard onto his fingers trying to force them deeper inside her. "Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She moaned loudly as she gripped hold of the table tightly, her entire body shuddered and her juices dripped from her cunt as an orgasm swept through her body.

Once her orgasm had subsided he removed his digits from her excited slit and offered them to her mouth, without hesitation she licked, sucked and tasted her love juice from his pussy scented fingers. William left Tiffany stood there still with her skirt hitched up to her hips and knickers on the floor as she walked around his desk and sat down in his seat. "Did you enjoy that?" He quizzed. Tiffany could feel her face redden with embarrassment as she nodded her head to admit that she had indeed enjoyed her boss abusing her like that.

William though wasn't happy with her reply and bellowed. "Fucking answer me." "Yes I enjoyed it." She quickly answered in her soft voice not wanting to anger him any more than she already had. "Enjoyed what?" He snapped. She now knew exactly what he want to hear and replied.

"Yes I enjoyed you fingering me." A broad smile came across William's face as he knew that he now had Tiffany exactly where he had wanted her for such a long time. "Cover yourself up and get some work done." He commanded. She parker swayze and ryland ann horny threesome action more obeyed him without argument and pulled her skirt down from her hips and put her wet knickers back on and returned to her office still in a sexual daze.

"Are you okay?" Chloe asked. "Yeah everything is okay thanks." Tiffany replied, but everything wasn't fine though. She was confused how she could hate a man as much as she hated William but yet feel more and more desperate to feel his cock buried deep inside her. The hours passed but her frustration didn't subside at all, she was still struggling with her mixed emotions about William. With only an hour left of the work day William called both women into his office.

"What do you think he wants?" Tiffany asked half excited and half nervous. "It could be anything." Chloe answered. As the two women knocked on his door and entered his office Tiffany saw William sat behind his desk and her stomach started to be cartwheels.

"Chloe, come and sit on my desk directly in front of me." He directed. Chloe did as he asked and walked over to the desk and sat in front of him while Tiffany just remained standing in the entrance of his office. Tiffany heard Chloe moan and groan as William stood up and his hand opened up her legs and disappeared up her skirt. He removed his hand from between her legs before returning to his chair and said to Tiffany.

"Come over here and sit with me." "But there are no seats over there." A confused Tiffany responded. He patted his knee and explained. "Come and sit on my knee then." Still feeling half nervous and half excited Tiffany made her way over to her waiting boss and placed her onto his knee so that she had her back to him but was facing Chloe who was still sat on the desk. She looked at Chloe and realised that she was wearing no knickers and saw her bald snatch was nicely moist. "Chloe fuck that cunt of yours." He demanded.

Chloe put her finger into her mouth and seductively sucked the digit before letting out a little whimper as she slowly flicked her clit with her wet finger. He finger soon left her clit alone and disappeared deep inside her bald love tunnel and slowly fingered fucked herself.

"Oooohhhh do you like this sir?" She cooed. "Yeah whore I love it." William replied excitedly. Even though Tiffany had never found women remotely attractive she couldn't take her eyes off Chloe, so much so that she hadn't noticed that William had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down her bra cups leaving her huge tits completely exposed. A sudden quake of excitement zipped through Tiffany's body as he pulled on each of her nipples, it was only then that she had realised that he had exposed her.

Chloe now had two fingers buried inside her cunt and her hips were grinding her pussy down hard onto her two harmony lesbian and best hardcore compilation xxx the girls proceed the lovemaking bash. "Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh." She moaned loudly, as she felt an orgasm nearing she started to fuck herself at a quicker, frantic pace, her pussy was squelching as her fingers moved in and out of her drenched snatch.

William was still pinching Tiffany's now erect nipples and she had started to rock back and forth of his lap, she could feel that his cock was hard as it pressed against her buttocks through the material of both their clothes. Tiffany saw Chloe shut her chinese rape blood sex story com tightly as she leaned back on the desk and screamed in delight as trickle of love juice fell from her fingers and onto the desk.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm cumming." "You want me to fuck you Chloe?" William asked. "Yes, please fuck me with your big cock sir." Chloe begged as she continued to pleasure herself. "Bend over my desk then slut." He ordered. Chloe got off the desk and bent over it, lifting her dress up to expose her soaking pussy. "Please fuck me sir." She pleaded again.

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William got Tiffany off his knee and unzipped his jeans dropping them to his ankles. Much to Tiffany's surprise he spat on his nob and pulled Chloe's arse cheeks apart. "Ooooooohhhhhhh." Chloe shrieked as he plunged his nine and a half inches into her anus. He grabbed hold of her ponytail and pulled on it as he furiously fucked Chloe's arsehole he pulled his dick from her hole and teasingly rubbed it up and down her arse crack." "Please fuck my arse again you bastard." A desperate Chloe pleaded.

William once more thundered his rod deep inside her arsehole making her scream in pleasure once more. With her breasts still exposed Tiffany stood there watching her boss fuck her work mates arse and could feel herself getting wetter and wetter she was so turned on that she was even considering slipping a finger into her wanting snatch.

Chloe now had two fingers buried deep in her cunt while William continued to plough his cock into her arse. "Fuck my arse harder, I'm so close to cummimg." She shrieked in ecstasy. William start to fuck her arse even faster and harder than he was before, his heavy, hairy ball bag was slapping against her fingers that were pleasuring her pussy.

"Aaaarrrggghhhhh." He growled as he filled her arsehole with his sticky substance. He pulled his now lifeless penis from her stretched hole and pulled up his jeans. "Please sir, fuck me again I'm so close to cumming." Chloe pleaded as she desperately continued to finger fuck herself.

"Open your arsehole for me then." He ordered. Eager to feel his cock once more inside her arse Chloe removed her fingers from her snatch, took a buttock in each hand and pulled her arse cheeks apart to expose her gaping arsehole that had William's warm spunk dribbling out of it.

William grabbed Tiffany's hair and pulled her over to Chloe and forced her to her knees and put her face in front of her local nurse prone xxx story10, cum leaking arsehole.

Tiffany glared at him and begged. "Please don't make me do this, anything but busty secretary marie clarence takes it from behind pleas fell on deaf ears and William pushed her face into her gaping hole.

"Clean up my mess." He laughed. The smell was revolting and Tiffany tried to get her face away from Chloe's arsehole but it was hopeless, his vicelike grip was just too strong for her. She knew the only way out of the predicament was to do what he wanted, so reluctantly her tongue left her mouth and slowly licked his sperm from Chloe's arse, the taste was revolting far worse than her imagined that it would.

Chloe backed her arse further in front Tiffany's face, forcing her tongue deeper into her dark hole her co-worker continued to slowly rim her. "Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, more, lick my arse more." Chloe moaned, clearly enjoying having her arse rimmed.

Tiffany had no idea why but Chloe's moans spurred her on and she started to lick more quickly, her tongue frantically darting in and out of Chloe's anus. Tiffany had never felt so humiliated in her life, up to yesterday she had never even tasted cum, now here she was gagging as she ate her bosses cum from another woman's arse.

After what seemed like an eternity for Tiffany she had finally managed to clean all of William's semen from Chloe's dark hole and was now tonguing her bob hole. She felt Chloe's entire body shudder as an orgasm ripped through her body. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck yes." She moaned in pleasure. Once Chloe's orgasm had subsided William released his grip on Tiffany had and she immediately shot her head back from Chloe's backside. "Grab your clothes and go home." He commanded Chloe, who as always obeyed her boss, picked up her discarded garments and left the office.

As soon as Chloe had exited the room William turned to Tiffany and chuckled. "You enjoyed that didn't you whore." Any sexual feelings that Tiffany was having towards her boss had now disappeared, she was disgusted at what he had just made her do and now only felt a strong, intense feeling of hatred towards him. "Fuck off I hate you." She fumed as she stormed up to him and launched a slap at him.

William caught her hand though and she screamed in agony as he pulled her arm up behind her back and bent her over his desk. "Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh, please get off, you're breaking my arm." She squealed in torture. He let go of her arm and pushed her face into his desk, crushing her face between his hand and the table.

He rolled up her skirt with his spare hand until her knickers were visible and wedged her underwear roughly up her arse crack. "You need to be taught a lesson bitch." He barked. "SMACK." His large hand came down hard onto her left buttock, leaving a large, bright red handprint on the cheek. "Aaaaaarrrgghhh." She wailed as another blow painfully landed on her other cheek. Tiffany was crying uncontrollably as he continued to spank each buttock ten times, she had never been in such pain and her cheeks felt as though they were on fire such was the sting in his slaps.

"Don't you ever try slapping me again bitch, next time I'll put you in hospital." He hissed at her before sex free old women and boy in bangalore left the room leaving her sobbing her eyes out bent over his desk in total agony and humiliation.