Chic fists sticks monster cock up old guys ass

Chic fists sticks monster cock up old guys ass
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The crystal entity Aphrodite pulsed brightly with pleasure as her simulacrum neared completion. Thin strands of crystal lattices floated from her body to join with it, completing it further. A shape could be made out already, it was definitely human and most certainly female. The shape was more demure than the last she had but these times were different and this shape would please her Avatar.

Soon she would know the pleasure first hand again and walk among men, if only for a while. For now, the feeding would continue as her Avatar and Oracle were about to generate some more energy. Perhaps the second female could be made into a priestess, she was willing enough and enjoyed the administrations given to her by her representatives.

When she walked among them, she would see if she was worthy of the honor. Drenched in their bodily fluids, David and Tillie made their way up to the master bathroom. Brother and sister, Avatar and Oracle, both were now able to influence their own and other bodies with focused pleasure, denying it, storing it, releasing it or even rewire sensitive neural clusters. Tillie's nipples were still wired as a clit and David was teasing her with it, trying to lick or pinch them.

She fought him of just long enough to get into the shower. There he managed to grab her from behind, his still hard cock between her butt cheeks, and pinched both nipples at the same time, getting a shudder and a gasp from her. Momentarily distracted, Tillie was unable or unwilling to resist David as he pulled her up and set her down on his cock again. They both grunted their pleasure at being joined again and while Tillie turned the water on, David undid the rewiring of her nipples, but kept them extra sensitive.

As the water cascaded down on them, Tillie bent over to set her hands against the wall as David started to move in and out of her. With an ease belying the difficulty he undid the lace that kept her corset on, letting it fall on the ground. Her hoses had become undone already, being torn during their make out session on the couch. The warm water relaxed both of them and soon they were set in a nice smooth rhythm, teasing each other with short bursts of intense sexual stimulation.

No words were spoken, their bodies in perfect sync, their minds on the same track. David experimented with his new found powers and found that he could influence the size and shape of his cock as well as hold or release his own orgasm. He searched for the most active spots in Tillie's cunt and adjusted his cock in length, width and bend to achieve maximum pleasure for her. "What are you" Tillie started but could not finish as she came, exclaiming "Oh my." Her orgasm forced cunt muscles clamped down on David making him join her in ecstasy.

As she shuddered panting under the hot shower, David shook as he unloaded his cum in her. "This is the closest to heaven I think I could ever come" David whispered, still panting from the intense orgasm, his cock still throbbing deep in Tillie. Tillie on her part, still had her head down, gasping for breath as each throb of David fired a micro orgasm in her cunt.

"I agree love" she whispered back "this is addictive." It took them awhile to regain their full senses and get cleaned. They both took turns, washing each other, taking their time and making sure there was nothing innocent about it.

David had helped her out of the soaking boots and held her as she took her hoses down. "I like these boots" Tillie said when they left the bathroom "lucky for you I have a pair in black as well because these are ruined." "We'll buy new ones dear, as many as you like" David answered, looking forward to help her select sexy outfits on the internet.

"Really? Cool, there are a few things I had my eye on but wasn't sure if you'd like them, but eh, I guess you like anything that's on me hmm?" Tillie continued, pulling David into his bedroom.

Maggie was still asleep on the bed when they entered, the sheets caught my sexy sister on camera fucking of her curves. "What do you think bro?" Tillie said "Shall we wake her or move to my bedroom?" "I don't mind either way sis, we have the rest of our lives to fuck each other silly two hard peckers for a naughty brunette, you chose" David answered her question, pulling her closer for a quick kiss.

"Oh, I have an idea, you wake her up, I'll be right back" she replied after the kiss and darted of to her room. David sat down next to Maggie and carefully moved her hair out of her face. He bend down and ever so gentle started to kiss her face, nose and lips. Small movements under the sheets showed David that she was waking up and he continued to kiss her neck and shoulder. "Oh a girl could get used to that you know" Maggie said sleepily.

"I hope so" David replied moving in for a real kiss. His lips met hers and as before, their kiss started softly but ended in a passionate kissing frenzy. Her hands were all over his body as she came up and he caressed every inch of her free skin. David moved onto the bed, removing the last piece of sheet covering her and placed his body on top of hers. His head bent down he started to lick and suck on ebony kandee with white boy large ladies amateur nipples, getting them harder than before.

Adjusting their sensitivity upwards, Maggie gasped in surprise when he sucked on them. Her cunt was already getting wet with arousal and David felt that she was ready to receive his cock. He sensed that Tillie was watching from the door and imagined her smiling, waiting for the right moment to play with both of them. Tillie quietly went back to her room again, getting a strap on and some lubricant. David would be in for a surprise she thought with glee as she mentally prepared herself to bind cunt sensations to David ass.

David had readjusted his cock for maximum pleasure and a little bit of pain for Maggie, making it a bit too big. He knew she liked it rough and this would be a nice surprise for her. Maggie came up, pushing David up as well when he entered her cunt, gasping "Holy shit." He barely fit in her and she was stretched to the max.

"Am I this tight or are you this big for me?" Maggie said when she adjusted her hips so David could enter deeper. "I am this big for you" David smiled and slowly started to drive his cock in and out, hitting her G spot every time and pouncing her clit on his way in. Maggie was bucking under him, her hands on his shoulders and her legs around his waist. Red streaks showed on his back where she scratched him whenever he made her come up in intense heat.

The bed was getting wet with the juices she was leaking and David moved faster in an out now that she was soaking wet. His big size didn't bother her anymore and she was helping him ram it deeper and harder every time. When they hit their stride, the bed rocked under the force they were fucking each other, their voices getting hoarse from all the moaning and yelling. Tillie had put her fake cock on, putting her side deep in her pussy and locking the other side with a flexible clasp so she could ram his ass as he was pounding Maggie's cunt.

Already she was getting wet from the idea of fucking unsuspecting David in the ass, giving him the sensation of what it would be like to have a cunt there, clit included. Moving to the bed, she applied the lubricant on the strap on, giving it a good helping. David noticed that his sister was moving in behind him and that she was working him but he could not sense what or where.

"Hold still for a second bro" Tillie almost yelled getting on the bed behind him. Deep inside Maggie, David held still for a moment, taking the opportunity to bury his face in her neck, kissing and biting her softly.

David felt his sister's hands on his hips and was about to ask her what she was up to when she slid the silicone dick in his asshole activating the sensations she had wired there. For a moment David was shocked, the sensation was unlike anything he had ever felt.

His ass gave him the feeling of a woman's cunt and it was being fucked hard by his sister. The excess lubricant Tillie had used made the dildo go in nice and easy and after the initial shock, David resumed fucking Maggie while Tillie was fucking him.

He was a bit thrown off with the pounding in his ass, the sensations almost drove him nuts. It was like he was building towards two different orgasms, each with a distinct flavor. This was truly an out of this world experience and for a second he wondered how he would stay sane.

That thought disappeared instantly as Tillie rubbed past his fake clit making him shudder and drop his rhythm. The girls both noticed the dual pleasure he was getting as he tensed for a moment. "Maggie" Tillie spoke loudly to make sure she was heard over the noise they were making "want to make my brother squirm?" "Yes, oh yes I do" Maggie panted back, getting very close to the edge of orgasm.

"Suck on his pendant, the one I gave him, suck it like a cock" Tillie told her, speeding up her assault on his ass. She made an extra effort to rub David's clit every time she went in deep. With some effort, Maggie managed to grasp David's pendant with her mouth and started to suck on it. She was looking him straight in the eyes when she saw the surprise in his face.

He couldn't make any sound anymore, his mouth open and his eyes wide, all he could do was continue these last few motions. David was fucking Maggie's cunt, getting fucked in his rewired ass and now, through the pendant Tillie had given him, Maggie was giving him a blow job as well. His mind was lost in all the sensations it was receiving and after two more strokes, his orgasm was beyond anything he had thought possible.

The energies released from all the sensations and different forms of orgasm mingled and clashed in his body. The excess spilling out of him in a radiant pink glow, pulsing visibly and causing both girls to have a spectacular orgasm at the same moment.

His cock throbbed in sync with his ass, producing an enormous stream of cum. Maggie was overwhelmed with her orgasm and the energy she got from David, his orgasmic feeling pouring over and into her. Her cunt squeezing his cock as it unleashed a flood or her own juices, mixing it with his cum.

Tillie was holding on to David, riding his pleasure and energy. She felt so close to her brother, her cunt throbbing like his cock. She was close to orgasm herself when David's release pushed her over and beyond the edge. Smiling while shuddering she relaxed on his back, feeling happy and spent.

"That was" Maggie started but didn't have the energy to finish. "Yes it was" Tillie and David replied in unison, their voices hoarse. Slowly and stiffly they all untangled and laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling while remnants of the orgasms caused all of them to shudder and sigh in contentment.

The girls cuddled up to David, one on each side and soon both were dozing off. David was still very much awake, his incredible orgasm had given him energy instead of draining him.

While the girls slept, he carefully untangled himself and covered the girls up, tucking them in. Feeling a bit stiff still, he opted for another quick shower to wash all the fluids away and get some of the kinks out of his muscles. The rush of extra energy surprised Aphrodite, her crystal body lit up in a strong pink glow.

Her simulacrum now complete, it basked in the glow. Her Avatar had shed excess energy during his sexual encounter and was sated now. She could feel him relax and move about. It was time to meet him in the flesh. She connected with the young woman's body, taking possession of her creation. The simulacrum gasped as Aphrodite connected her consciousness with her creation. Both where one now and while the body would not last long, it would give her enough pleasure and energy to last a while.

She had missed the intimate physical contact with humans, however fleeting, they were intense and precious memories. Tonight she would create more. David had just finished drying himself off when he heard someone on the stairs. Looking at the bed he could see both his lovers sound asleep. He quickly started to get some pants on but a sudden calm refrained him from doing so.

Curious at his sudden calm, he moved with mom freinds n me the hallway to meet this new visitor. The woman walking up the stairs was vaguely familiar, short silky red hot andy rides a massive meat pole, a lush face with big grey eyes and full lips.

Her figure was amazing, a wasp like waste, double D breasts standing proud and a perfect ass held high by legs that seemed to go on forever. He probably would have gotten an instant erection but she was semi translucent and glowing in a soft pink light, almost ghost like.

Nevertheless his cock did stir and the woman smiled slyly. She walked past him, keeping her eyes on him until she reached his bedroom door. Glancing inside to the bed she smiled pleased and turned to walk to Tillie's room. David was stunned, horny and confused. His cock however had no such problems and rose to attention when she passed.

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The woman hadn't spoken a word yet as she beckoned him into Tillie's room. Unsure of what to do, too much things that had happened in the last 48 hours, David thought what the hell and followed her inside. She sat down on the bed, her legs parted showing of her bare pussy. David followed and sat down next to her, turning his face towards her, analyzing her face. He knew her from somewhere but she was different somehow besides the obvious. "You know who I am David as I know you intimately" Aphrodite spoke.

"Aphrodite?" David spoke, almost a whisper on his breath. "Yes, I am and you are my Avatar, my hero in the realms of mortal flesh" she answered him smiling. "Are you a real honest to God Goddess? Like in the Greek myths?" he asked flushed and in awe.

"Yes and no" she told him "I am not mortal and I have powers beyond your ken but my powers are bound to love, fertility and lust with some side benefits." "That makes me not a god like you would describe, more of an archangel I suspect" "Shush" she said as David started to ask questions again "let me tell you what I am and what you have become, should you have more questions then, I shall answer them." "Aphrodite is just the last name given to me, for as long as I can remember I have been worshipped for what I stand for." "I may be as old as the Earth itself, I don't know, I have lost memories during the ages, parts of me broken away and lost in time." "You have woken me recently from my slumber, you and your sister for which I am very grateful." "Maybe you have noticed that your sexual prowess has improved dramatically these last two days and your sisters as well, she has become my Oracle, my voice." "Yes, I did repair the damage in her head, making her whole again but no, I did not instill the feelings in her, those were her own all along." David didn't verbalize his questions, she just answered them as they came in his head.

"Ah yes, of that I am guilty, I did lower your cultural abhorrence at incest but to be honest, for me it's as horrid not to love your family as you have done as you thought incest was." "No children should come of it but it is as pure a love as any other." She paused a moment to gaze in his eyes, seeking his gentle soul and reached sweet teen in wild gangbang realgangbangs fuckparty to it.

David gasped at the caress she gave him, not physical but in his mind and body. He could feel her intent and love for him and all others, the need for passion and lust wrapped in love.

"Yes, I need that feeling, that energy to wake and be aware. You have supplied me with enough so I could manifest for you here." "That is not all an Avatar is, you are a champion to my cause, spreading love and sexuality to all that would be receptive to it." "You are also my prime conduit to my energy needs, your energy feeds me, keeps me awake and allows me to grow and exist." "You will heal the broken and assist the seeking in finding love and passion, if you would serve me that is." Aphrodite waited for David to respond to her, watching him closely as his mind raced to make sense of what she had told him.

David mulled it over for a few moment, his face serious until he made his decision, his smile telling her all she needed to know.

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"I will gladly serve you my Goddess for as long as I can on one condition, should I ever tire or for whatever reason want to leave your service, you'll let me." David spoke to her getting on one knee. He took her hand and kissed it as she answered "Silly boy, there is no reason for that condition, you either serve me because you want to or not at all, there is nothing forcing you to stay should you wish to leave nor will I make you stay against your will." "Any other questions?"She asked him pleased with his response.

"Yeah, can you have sex in this form?" David asked her boldly with a big grin on his face. She laughed at his question, a tear flowing down her face as she took a moment and said "This body is made for sex dear boy, long and passionate sex." David got up, pulling Aphrodite of the bed and embraced her, his lips seeking hers.

When their lips met, their power flowed between them, intermingled and formed an almost physical bond. Both their eyes opened, glowing in the same pinkish light.

In the mirror David could see himself holding the near translucent Goddess in his arms, his body wrapped in her glow. Somehow it felt natural to him and he started to kiss her in earnest. She responded with a ferocity that enticed him even more, his kiss more forceful, and their tongues battling it out.

Aphrodite felt all her senses focus on ebony teen train man milk cookies and tiny simulacrum, the pleasurable feelings long forgotten reawakening and her passion and lust getting new impulses from her young and willing Avatar.

David took the initiative and with a smooth swoop placed her on the bed and parted her legs, kneeling in front of her. His mouth was on her cunt an instant later, the feeling of her crystal flesh strange but pleasant on his tongue and mouth. Her taste was divine, sweet and arousing, and as he licked her lips he noticed the energy flowing beneath her skin.

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It was the same as when he sensed it in Tillie only now visible to the naked eye. He moved his tongue several times up and down, licking down her entrance, tongue fucking her a for a short while before he turned his attention to her clit.

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Aphrodite was moaning already, the stimuli pleasing her tremendously, letting her Avatar work her body without assisting or interfering him so she would get her first orgasm naturally. When his attention came to her clit, she came up gasping, surprised at the intensity of the feeling. It amazing ass on this teen cameltoe huge nipples g string round ass and camel toe been too long and now she would have a night she could relish for a long time, experiencing everything again for the first time, in the hands of an expert lover.

David almost stopped what he was doing when she shot up but her hands on the back of his head told him that beauteous babe gets pussy massaged hardcore and blowjob continue.

He divided his attention between her clit and her entrance, at one point pushing her so far up he could lick her asshole, causing a cry of joy from her as it was a new sensation she had never had before but enjoyed immensely. It didn't take David's skilled tongue and mouth long to get her to come hard and loudly. Just before her orgasm he saw the flow of energy come together near her clit, growing in intensity. She cried out as a fire started in her loins and spread through her entire body, energy visibly spilling over to her crystal body back in the lab.

Her back arched, she shook for pounded so hard she screams with pleasure time, her gasps for air coming at the same time as her shudders.

David was licking up the juices she had sprayed on his face and in his mouth. The taste getting better with each lick, he felt himself getting more aroused and harder than ever before, almost primal in his need of her. He teased her a bit with his tongue, flicking over her clit causing more gasps and shudders as he cleaned up most of the juice she had released. When he got up, he saw that her face was set in a look of wanton lust and her desire was aimed at him.

He could tell that she wanted him, to devour him whole, she was a sexual predator looking at a kindred spirit because he felt exactly the same. She got on her knees on the bed, moving to the edge and bit his babe shows off her beautiful body mavenhouse, one after the other.

Her hands moved to his cock as her tongue travelled between his nipples licking them and softly blowing on them when wet. With delicate movements she started to rub her hands up and down on his cock. At first she used both hands to stroke him but when she moved her mouth to his cock head, one hand started to fondle his balls. David had closed his eyes and moaned when she started to suck his cock.

He could feel her soft lips, wet and willing moving over his cock head, going down smoking hot latina babe fingers her pussy shaft all the way to his crotch.

Her tongue wrapping around his shaft, licking it where it could, her teeth softly biting at short intervals. Soon she was moving up and down his cock, giving him the same treatment only faster. Alternating her suction she made him shudder under her careful administrations, feeling his energy build to that pleasurable release.

David opened his eyes and looked down, seeing his cock disappear in her mouth yet vaguely visible through her translucent body. It was the weirdest and sexiest things he had ever seen, his cock in her mouth, he could see her tongue on the side appear and disappear beneath his cock, her throat expand to let him in and he could even see when she applied more suction. The sight was so bizarre and sexy, David felt his orgasm rushing instantly to the surface with great force.

She felt the rise and sudden release of his energy in an orgasm. The force surprised her and the pleasant throbbing in her mouth of his cock made her touch herself, so horny had he made her. His cum shot out into her throat and she swallowed all he could produce, sucking it out of his cock with force when it didn't arrive fast enough for her.

She relished his taste and manipulated his balls to keep producing a bit longer. David felt the pressure she brought to bear intensifying his orgasm even more as she sucked the seed out of him hard.

Expertly she let him hang in the orgasm a little longer, stimulating him with precision with her mouth and hands. When he became too sensitive she let him go, licking her lips as she looked at him like a kitten that just had gotten a treat. David felt week in the knees and feel on the bed next to her. Aphrodite straddled his chest, looking down on him. Her skin had become less translucent during the sex, making her look more like a real woman.

Her face showed she was pleased with him and he answered that smile with one of his own. He was about to say something when she pressed a finger on sex xxx vd2019 sex stories lips, shaking her head.

There would be no more words, just two lovers making beautiful noise. She gave him a small respite before moving up and back, squatting down on his cock. His cock entered her cunt directly and she sat down on him, her butt barely touching him. She held this position, knees bend towards his face, her feet keeping her balance and her breasts hanging in front of him between her legs.

Aphrodite turned her head up to look at him as she started to massage his cock in her cunt without moving. David looked on in amazement as she did things to his cock that seemed impossible. He moved his arms back to his head, popping it up to get a better view of his cock in her cunt, her lips puffy on the lower side of his shaft.

The massage continued for a few minutes before she started to move again, straight up and down again, never settling down on him. It felt like she was jacking him with her cunt instead of her hands and he was breathing heavily with lust filled eyes as she continued to work on him.

Getting the desired response Aphrodite increased the speed, feeding of the extra lust she was creating in him with this show of her special skills. His lust tasted so exquisite she took extra time with his cock, extending the feeling she was giving, building to an ever greater orgasm for him. When she felt for his energy build up she was pleased to notice that he already was hoarding it for a release and even more pleased when she saw that he had wired it to her.

Clever boy she thought to herself as she increased her grip on his cock with her cunt and moved in a slightly altered way up and down. David held on with all he could as her cunt was working miracles on his cock, wanting to let her join in his orgasm. Almost painfully she gripped his cock as she went in for the orgasm, her cunt clamping down so hard she had to force him in her, using her weight, angle and speed to get his cock fully inside her.

David had felt the sudden increase in resistance and bucked up, forcing himself deeper in her as she forced herself down. The sensation was a combination of pain and incredible good sex at the same time. The orgasm hit them both like a brick wall coming down. Their screams waking up the girls in the other room as David unleashed his energy in Aphrodite and came to a new high in orgasms.

Her tight cunt fighting each throb of his cock as it forced his cum in her. Both were writhing in the throes of their orgasm, gasping and shaking in sheer enjoyment. Their energies shot in and out of each other, forming new sensations as they hit, giving them both aftershock after aftershock. When she finally lost her balance she fell on her knees over him, her breasts on his face. Finally free, David's cock shot out more cum with a vengeance, spraying her ass and back all the way to her neck with hot cum.

Her pussy drenched David's stomach and leaked the juices on the bed, soaking the mattress through and through. When she was finally able, she moved down a bit, laying her head on David's chest, sighing softly. "I am out of practice" Aphrodite whispered, relaxing her body, snuggling closer to David. "Out of practice?" David whispered back "Are you kidding? That was amazing." She smiled, pleased with the compliment, and said "I was referring to my energy intake but I am glad you are pleased nevertheless." "What do you mean?" David asked, his curiosity as a writer being prodded.

She moved up, leaning on her elbows and forearms on David's chest as she looked at his face, the cum on her back and ass slowly flowing down on to David and the bed. She grinned as she felt the streams of his cum flow of her, still warm to her skin. "The intensity and amount of sexual energy released just now was almost more then I could store and feed on, it used to take an orgy of several hours to reach these levels but with you it takes almost no effort" Aphrodite explained.

"It is pleasing but also confusing" she continued smiling "however, the side benefit is that I can keep this body active longer with all the surplus you generate." "Active? For how long?" David asked surprised, not having though of an expiration date on the artificial but very beautiful woman on top of him. "Indefinitely" she grinned moving in for a kiss. Tillie woke to the joyful sounds of great sex, nestled against Maggie on David's bed. She could feel Maggie stir in her sleep, the sounds in the other room waking her as well.

Turning around she came face to face with Maggie who just opened her eyes, yawning with a grin. Tillie felt a duality in the presence of Aphrodite in her mind and when she followed that feeling she shot up in bed grinning like a mad teenager.

Aphrodite had made her corporeal form, she was sure of it. Curious as to what form she had taken, Tillie got out of bed, leaving a groggy Maggie behind. Maggie on her part stretched lazily, her face lit up in a big smile as she recalled her recent fun. Not knowing what made Tillie get up like that she turned around once more, wrapping the blanket tightly over her body, dozing off again. From the hallway Tillie saw Aphrodite's form lying on top of her brother, cum streaming down her sides.

They looked so hot together she thought, the smell of David's cum teasing her nostrils as she moved closer. In her haste she had forgotten the strap on and now it was teasing her cunt as she tried to tip toe closer. Licking her lips and swallowing a moan she saw Aphrodite move up to kiss David. David heard the muffled moan from his sister and when he and Aphrodite had finished their loving kiss, he said "Hey there lover, did we wake you?" Aphrodite turned her head to face her Oracle and smiled at her with joy.

She was very happy with Tillie, her Oracle, as she had bound David to her and made him a full Avatar on her own. The love she holds for her brother is very strong Aphrodite thought as her gaze went over the perky teen's body.

Tillie turned red, feeling caught and stammered "Yeah, you were kind of loud." Aphrodite grinned at Tillie's discomfort and motioned her closer.

The toy Tillie was wearing intrigued her, it looked like a man's penis but was made from an artificial material and seemed to enter her as well. "What is that delightful looking toy you are wearing?" Aphrodite asked Tillie. Tillie stood in front of the bed, looking at the cum sprayed body of Aphrodite, her nose basking in the scent of sex when she replied "It's a dual sided strap on cock, one side for my pleasure, the other for my partner." "Show me how it works" Aphrodite asked getting up from David to stand next to Tillie.

"Okay but let me wash it first, it is still sticky from eh before" Tillie grinned as she undid the strap on. She walked to the bathroom sink and started to clean the two sided dildo with Aphrodite watching her closely. David had gotten up as well, following the girls into the bathroom.

"Would you like to take a shower?" David asked Aphrodite. "A shower is a standing bath like a waterfall?" she asked him. "Yes it is, except you can choose the temperature of the water, hot or cold" he answered turning the water on.

She looked at the stream of warm water and back at the dildo, now clean in Tillie's hands. "May I reward you for the excellent job you have done and have my way with you?" Aphrodite asked Tillie. She nodded her agreement and Aphrodite leaned forward, cupping her face and kissed her gently. "Well then, attach the device to hidden cam handjob were not hiring but we have a job for you if you would please and let us all get in the water spray" Aphrodite said as she spread her legs to allow Tillie the access she needed to insert and bind the strap on.

She purred softly when Tillie slid the dildo partly inside and moved it a few times in and out before attaching the harness.

Setting the clasp, Tillie stepped back as Aphrodite looked at herself in the mirror. A smile appeared on her face and Tillie saw the delight with her new toy in her expression. David was already under the shower watching the girls get ready.

He wondered what Aphrodite was planning but whatever it was, it would be fun, that he was sure of. "David, I will need you assistance shortly" Aphrodite said as she and Tillie stepped into the shower, joining him. He nodded at her and got a sponge and scented soap. The warm water cleansed away all the sweat and fluids while David took his time washing both women in a gentle fashion.

Tillie was getting aroused in anticipation of what Aphrodite had in store for her, the strap on promising something wild and fun. "Please allow me to control your energies and other bodily functions until I release it, the experience will be better for it" Aphrodite asked the both of them.

"Okay" was Tillie's answer, drawn out in trepidation, David just nodded his assent. Aphrodite moved to stand behind Tillie and placed her hands in Tillie's armpits, lifting her a good 10 inches of the ground. Tillie let go of a squeal in surprise and David just looked amazed. Both noticed that she was influencing their bodies but couldn't see how without interfering.

"David, please stand in front of her and guide your cock into her cunt as she descents" He did as she told him, holding his cock in his hand he guided it towards his sisters pussy. Aphrodite slowly lowered Tillie onto David's cock while entering her asshole with the strap on.

Tillie felt herself heat up as both her holes were being filled at the same time in an incredible slow and sensual way. There was no hurt, just a tingling sensation of the penetration itself.

When she was resting on the two cocks her feet barely reached the floor. Standing on her toes, she breathed out, letting go of the air she had held during the descent.

"David please wrap your arms around me and pull us as close as you can" Aphrodite told him. He wrapped his arms around Tillie and Aphrodite, pulling them as close as he could without hurting them. Tillie's breasts were squashed against his chest and he could feel her hard nipples on his skin. Getting a good grip, he managed to lock his hands, increasing the tension even more. "Excellent" Aphrodite said and activated the rewiring she had done in all of them.

A purple glow engulfed the three lovers, each in complete touch with the other, their physical sensations mingling until there was no way to tell which feeling originated where. David and Aphrodite moved in unison, one pushing up deeper into Tillie while the other slid almost out and then the reverse, keeping Tillie suspended between them, her feet of the floor. Tillie was franticly kissing David, her tongue a force in his mouth while Aphrodite licked, sucked and bit in Tillie's neck.

Aphrodite had wired all the girls nipples to Tillie's clit and each movement induced tremendous arousal in all three of them.

Tillie's asshole was wired like a cunt and David's cock was shared amongst them all. The sensation of those feelings joined would have made them all come in an instant but Aphrodite had stretched the energy required for orgasm to an enormous amount causing them to ride the edge of orgasm until they almost blacked out. The glow emanating from them was almost blinding when the orgasm storm hit them.

Tillie was the first focus and she basked in the power of their love making. Her body strengthened by Aphrodite, she shook wildly caught between them, feeling her entire being energized by the experience.

The orgasm was so intense, loving and joyful, it defied description in her mind. Tillie just rode the river, letting the orgasm flow over her and past her, leaving her basking in a sensational afterglow before passing it on to David. Like his sister, he was real incest home story son fuck own mother in law unprepared for what hit him, he had incredible orgasms before this night but this was something else.

He felt like his body throbbed, the sensation mom and son massage at clint coming spread out to his entire body and mind. He could feel the force blonde gets skinny cunt pounded to orgasm which he sprayed his cum into Tillie, each throb an exquisite experience that seemed to last an eternity.

The feeling of a woman's orgasm riding each throb made him cry out and like Tillie, he felt the love and joy being spread by the intense orgasm. Unable to hold on longer to the sensation, he passed it on to Aphrodite. Aphrodite simply basked in the power, never before had so few fueled her so. She could feel every nerve of her lover's fire in delight and felt the joy and love fall over her like a warm blanket. Riding the pleasure wave, she infused her simulacrum's energy matrix to a point she had never before, fearing it may be too much.

Her own stores were filled to her current maximum charge and still there was so much energy left. Needing to discharge at least some more, she targeted Maggie and filled her up with the excess energy before sharing what was left with her two lovers.

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Maggie woke up in a shock, her entire body heated up as a small sliver of the orgasm storm hit her. Her back arched as she came up, howling in pleasure as her body shook in incredible orgasmic throes. She felt her cunt contract and unleash a torrent of juice, her nipples so hard they almost hurt. Every nerve lit up in her and when she finally came down from the first wave, a second one hit her.

Maggie glowed in the energy given to her, her mind in shock and her body helpless as it reacted to the intense pleasure given to it. Her mind could not make old lady forced a young boy sense of it and before the third wave hit, she passed out in extreme orgasmic joy. Aphrodite took what remained of the energy, infusing it in her Avatar's energy matrix. David felt the addition in himself but was unsure of what had happened, he would ask Aphrodite later, now his main concern was Tillie.

She hung limp between them, still suspended on his cock and Aphrodite's strap on. Her breathing was regular and she had a loopy grin on her face but was either passed out or deep asleep. Sensing his concern, Aphrodite said "She is fine David, just exhausted." With care they placed her in her own bed on top of the covers as the mattress was still soggy from the previous lovemaking.

David tucked her in with a clean sheet, kissed her goodnight and closed the door behind him. He joined Amateur hidden french mom and son under the shower where she was enjoying the warm water caressing her body.

She had removed the strap on and stood in the shower stall waiting for him. David kissed her softly on the lips and pulled her in for a hug. Aphrodite smiled at his display of affection for her, enjoying the emotions he broadcasted to her. Breaking the hug, Aphrodite took the sponge and applied a generous helping of soap, rubbing it thickly over her body.

Still covered with soap, she moved to David and started to rub her body against his, washing him with her body. Their slippery bodies pressed against each other and their hands finished the job, sharing the sponge.

The water removed the last remnants of soap and they both dried themselves afterwards, David getting his robe and grabbing Tillie's for Aphrodite to wear. "So, what do you want to do next?" David asked Aphrodite softly, not wanting to wake the others.

"I would like something to eat, there is a lingering scent downstairs that has made me crave solid food" she answered. David grinned at her choice of words and said "Food it is then, if the Goddess would be so kind as to follow me" before walking down the stairs to the kitchen. Aphrodite stared at her Avatar walking down, already planning what memories she wild beautiful babe got her pussy and ass lick and fuck like to revisit with her new Avatar and Oracle before she would rebuild her former glory.

These are good times and better is still to come she thought following David to the kitchen. Her crystal form, still in the lab pulsed with energy, rebuilding and rewiring herself with the extra energy she had gained. Aphrodite had never considered what she could do with unlimited energy so for now, she would create extra stores and dedicate a full section of her crystal form for the link between her crystal and flesh form. The internet tome would be helpful in dressing her flesh form and she dedicated part of her mind to search for appropriate attire that would please her Avatar.