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White teen hairy pussy creampie first time disobeying daddy
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Chapter 5: Another Hot Christmas It was about a quarter past eleven when Bianca and Daniela finished watching their third episode of The Legend of Dalze.

Daniela's parents had gone home a few hours earlier. And by this time Bianca's parents were already in bed watching tv just before going to sleep. "So, it's getting pretty late. Shall we call it a day?" asked Bianca as she looked up from Daniela's shoulder. "Yeah. I'm actually getting the munchies. I think I'll finally go get myself a bit of Camel Drool.

Is it still on the dinner table or." answered Daniela, nudging Bianca to let her get up from the bed. "Nah, should some jamming for cute oriental japanese hardcore in the fridge now.

I'll just go brush my teeth and then wait for you in bed." said Bianca as she sat up from Daniela's shoulder and off the bed. The day had been spent blissfuly after lunch, and dinner, despite it being a little weird for Daniela this year it was still cozy as usual with the parents talking to each other and the girls chatting up their stories and gossips over cod fish, baked rice and greens.

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With Daniela in the kitchen busy with her midnight snack, Bianca thought she'd surprise her with her own naughty garments. After thinking about what to wear under her jammies, Bianca finally decided on a teddy lingerie piece she hadn't touched in a while.

It was a one piece, white, floral lace teddy adorned with satin bows along the middle, a thong, and adjustable satin straps and lace up back.

Complete with a white leg garter featuring two small ribbons on the side. With her lingerie and jammies laid out on her bed she began to strip her t-shirt and her skirt. Now fully naked, she begun to slip her feet into her lingerie, sliding it up her legs, past her plump thighs heres a chic that has a empty bottle fetish that it reached her waist.

There, she adjusted the thong back-side of it and eventually pulled the rest of it up to cover her flat belly and finally her perky B-cups. The last step was to adjust it here and there so it would fit comfortably and then tie the laces on the back to a snug fit. All done. Then Bianca walked over to the full body mirror on her closet door to take a quick glance at herself.

She looked great. The white lingerie really complimented her tan skin, and her breasts were nice and round under the lace. Looking at her gorgeous self was almost hypnotizing. She heard Daniela picking through the silverware drawer in the kitchen and then closing it. She snapped out of it and grabbed her hair brush to quickly get rid of some of the knots in her short blonde, wavy hair before putting on her jammies and running off to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

With a clean mouth she headed back to her room and slid herself under the covers of her bed. Now, she only had to wait for Daniela to get in bed with her so they could start playing around, like they've done every Vintage interracial anal color climax night before.

Daniela had forgotten how delicious Camel Drool was since she didn't get many chances to eat some. As far as she knew, it wasn't very popular in the states, if at all.

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Not like it had a big following in Portugal either. She wondered why. It was only caramel mouse. If anything it should be as popular as chocolate mousse. Her bowl was finally empty. She rinsed it in the kitchen sink and headed back to Bianca's room. As she passed by the bathroom, she figured she might as well brush her teeth and do her business while she's at it. Bianca was growing giddy with excitement as she heard the noise of Daniela brushing her teeth coming through her door.

For her this meant the wait was almost over and Daniela would soon be in bed with her. Not only that but her parents who were now sleeping one floor above her on the opposite side of the house had no clue what was to happen in her room throughout the night.

She knew how her parents didn't support homosexuality, but she didn't give two cents about it, never did, and in fact - it only added to her excitement.

There was a certain rush she got from loving Daniela in secrecy right under the same roof as her parents as they slept. Bianca shut her eyes really tight and with a wide smile hid her head under the covers. She could barely wait. Being occasional lovers the way they were, kept their desires for each other always bursting at the seams whenever they met. Finally the bathroom door opened and she could hear the toilet tank filling back up.

Every little sound tickled her senses. The rattle of the door knob. The bathroom light switch being flipped. The gentle creak of the floor as Daniela stepped closer and closer.

The faint brushing of the bedroom door on the floor rug as she closed it behind her. The doorknob lock being pushed to its locked position. The overhead light being switched off, and now. the darkness. For even with her eyes closed and her face hidden, hearing all those sounds in the safe promise of light is not as intense as hearing them in the dark.

Even if she opened her eyes now, she would still see darkness and not horny mature guys seduces and bangs sexy babe cece capella able to witness the source of those sounds that excited her so. But, that is only true under the covers. As it always had been, Christmas lights hung right outside Bianca's bedroom windows, faintly illuminating it with golden white light, now gently touching Daniela's skin as she stripped off her clothes.

Having slowly pulled the covers off her head, Bianca watched as Daniela's silhouette just stood in the middle of her room, hugging herself, staring at the Christmas lights slowly dancing by the cold winds outside. "Dani?" Bianca gently called. "Yea?" replied Daniela as she turned to Bianca. "You okay?" asked Bianca as she lifted the covers off her head.

"Yeah. Sorry." Daniela answered. She walked over to Bianca's bed and began to climb over to her side. "I don't know if you feel the same way but, I've always found those lights so numbingly comfortable." "Oh, yeah?" said Bianca following Daniela with her head. "Specially when the wind blows and their light dances in your room.

I think they'll always remind me of you. Of us. Together like this." Daniela explained as she got in bed. Bianca turned her body around to face Daniela. "Welcome back, Dani." Bianca said softly as she placed her right hand on Daniela's hip, bbc loving cop feasted on pussy in threesome interracial and reality under the covers. They stared at each other's eyes for a few seconds until Daniela began to caress Bianca's face with her hand.

She wanted to kiss her immediately, but held herself back. Rushing a precious moment like this would only ruin its value. She had to start slow. Eventually, Daniela propped herself up on her elbow over Bianca. Then, using her middle finger she brushed away a few strands of hair off Bianca's face.

That's when she finally leaned in to start kissing her. No tongue, only their lips slowly kissing each other to start building up steam. Kiss after kiss they began to move and shift their bodies. Daniela was now propped on both her elbows with her hands caressing Bianca's hair and her left knee teasing Bianca's crotch.

Finally their tongues were swapping saliva, slowly still as they grew more and more turned on. With both her hands on Daniela's hips, Bianca slid her right hand down to squeeze Daniela's ass cheek, and her other hand slid up across Daniela's back until it finally rested on the back of her busty and gorgeous stepmom joins stephani deepthroating a meaty cock, gently holding it.

By this point they could feel their passion swell up as they kissed each other more intensively. The engines were clearly running, it was about time the fun had started.

Daniela sat up on Bianca's lap and grabbed her hands to help her sit up as well. Then, as she slid her hands down her back to reach for the bottom end of her shirt, she felt a rippling, textured sensation through it.

Was Bianca wearing something under her jammies? She grabbed the shirt by the ends and pulled it off Bianca. That's when she saw Bianca's smile and the white lingerie piece she had on. Even though it was dark, the Christmas lights showed her well enough how sexy Bianca looked in it.

"Whoa! I haven't seen this in a while!" said Daniela as she felt the texture of Bianca's lingerie. "I still remember when you bought it." "Doesn't it look good?" Bianca asked. Daniela smiled as she pushed Bianca back down. "Well, let's find out, shall we?" Daniela replied. Bianca moved her arms behind her head exposing her torso for Daniela's taking. Placing her hands on An explosive dong sucking session hardcore blowjob breasts, Daniela then slowly slid them down to her belly gently feeling the texture of Bianca's lingerie again.

But her hands didn't stop there as they moved further down to Bianca's knees, bending them up revealing Bianca's lace-covered pussy sandwiched between her legs. Daniela held Bianca's legs up for a little while as she appreciated the tantalizing view, yearning to shove her face right on it.

That's when she finally moved Bianca's legs apart, backed up on the bed a few steps and charged with her mouth for Bianca's crotch, gently biting her pussy and teasing Bianca's clit with her teeth through her lingerie.

Bianca began to squirm a bit. Daniela felt it and heard her giving little gasps whenever she'd hit the right spot. Her lips could even feel the moisture that had started to build up on Bianca's thong. This amused Daniela and also satisfied her.

It was like randomly pushing the right buttons and Bianca's gasps and squirms serving as her rewards that made her feel in power of Bianca's whole body through one single spot. She kept her rhythm up, even rubbing her nose on Bianca's pussy to change the pace a little bit. But she knew that through the fabric she could only do so much and Bianca's legs weren't squirming as much anymore - she obviously was growing a bit bored.

Daniela rose her head and crawled up between Bianca's legs to kiss her. Just before she slowly moved in for the kiss, she gently brushed her fingers on Bianca's hair as she gazed into her eyes and then her lips, appreciating their beauty and lustfulness. Slowly, they exchanged kisses and sucked on eachother's tongues.

Daniela had placed her hands around Bianca's face as they kissed, with her thumbs caressing her cheekbones, feeling her soft skin. Then, Bianca pushed Daniela and rolled her over so that she was now on top, holding Daniela down by her shoulders. Sitting up on Daniela's lap she began to undo the laces on the back of her lingerie, but Daniela stopped her - she wanted to do it.

Bianca smiled and helped Daniela sit up so she could put her hands on Bianca's back and search for the knot. Bianca took this opportunity to also remove Daniela's lacey bra. A few seconds after she had undone the latch on the bra, she felt her lingerie loosen up on her torso.

Daniela had finally undone the knot that held Bianca's piece together. It was time to take it off. Before standing up to remove it, Bianca pulled Daniela's bra off giving her a chance to grope her juicy tits. Finally standing above Daniela, she pointed at her leg garter. Propped on her right elbow and using her left hand Daniela pulled the leg garter down Bianca's leg. After removing it completely, she held it with her teeth as she watched Bianca pull her lingerie piece down and step out of it.

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She now stood completely naked. Her perky, tan tits proudly pointing up. With her lingerie and Daniela's bra by the foot of her bed, Bianca slowly kneeled down and pushed Daniela's shoulder down along with her until her head was resting on the pillow with Bianca's hovering just above it, looking into her eyes. "I'm going to make you mine, tonight." whispered Bianca after taking the leg garter back and throwing it on the floor. "Likewise, my love.

Merry Christmas." Daniela replied. "Ah, yes. May we have yet another white-hot Christmas together." said Bianca as she crawled backwards down Daniela's belly, kissing it "And many." kissing it again "Many more."