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The couple stumbled out into the biting night air and unconsciously chose a direction in which to walk. The man, dressed as a puppeteer, clutched his companion tight around the waist and said, "You're my most beautiful doll." And she was. She had the perfect height and figure for this puppeteer.

She just barely had to prop her slim, gorgeous body up on her toes to give him the kiss his compliment had aimed for. She held it just a second longer than he expected, and when she pulled away the puppeteer could not take his eyes off her moist ruby red lips.

The doll said, "That's easy since I'm the only doll you have.

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What makes me so special?" "The way you do exactly as you're told, that's what," he said. "I do exactly what I want," she said, "it just so happens that it mostly corresponds with what I'm told." "Spin around," he told her. She spun around. As he watched her he grew excited.

The flick of her curly blonde hair and the rouge on her cheeks made her a caricature of her own beauty. Her black and white dress that just barely gave away a hint of the shape of her buttocks when she spun made the puppeteers heart jump, and when her eyes caught his as she slowed her turn he gave her a mischievous smile.

"What?" she asked. "Why did you want to leave the party?" he responded. "It's late. I thought we might be able to have more fun ourselves." "Oh, really? And where is that?" "Right here looks good to me," she said.

She stopped pussy ramming with a sexy wench smalltits homemade. The puppeteer looked around and found that they were somehow alone in a park. It was dark, the moon above them only a sliver of light. The night was silent.

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The city street they had left was invisible in every direction and the air was undisturbed by anything but their soft and excited breathing. "So what kind of fun are we going to have?" asked the puppeteer.

And the doll said, "Practice. You're going to practice." "Practice what?" "Being my puppeteer, silly" she said, "what else?" "Oh. Right," he added belatedly.

"Well? Tell me what to do, Master," and she gave him a look that betrayed her obedience, but made him want to be that Master more than ever. "Before we do anything else," he said, "I think we're going to need some fire to stay warm. So fetch some sticks." "Found one," she said as she grabbed the entirety of his manhood in her hands.

The puppeteer gave a jolt. Her face inches from his and his penis was swelling rapidly in her fist. The feeling of her hot breath on his neck made him want to thrust his own hand right up her frilly little skirt and find was he knew was waiting for him. But, no, there would be plenty of time for that.

He roughly spun her around and whispered in her ear from behind, "Some sticks that are made of wood, please." She lingered a second and then pranced away like the doll that she was, never turning around to reveal the smile on her face. For she wasn't ready just yet to let the puppeteer know how sexy japanese girl taking bath she enjoyed taking his orders, or how much more she would enjoy disobeying them.

She walked around the edge of their little clearing picking up twigs and branches and remembering the feeling of the puppeteers growing cock in her hand.

"Stop," came the puppeteer's voice. Again the doll kept her back to him. "You're doing it wrong, little one." At this she turned to face him.

"How so, Master?" "I would like you to turn back around and pick up that branch, without bending your knees." Bastard, she thought. If you're going to rush the game like that, why don't you just come over here and fuck me now? But she obeyed. And the puppeteer watched as his little doll planted her high-heeled feet twice her shoulders' width apart and bent over with straight legs and the sexiest arched back he had ever seen.

She's flexible, he thought, that might be useful. When she could easily have reached the branch on the ground, she continued to bend over until the was almost folded in two, and as she did this the back of her skirt rode up to reveal a perfectly round, smooth ass at the top of those beautifully muscled legs.

And in the bright moonlight the puppeteer could just make out the outline of her parted vagina lips framing a white glint off the hot wetness accumulating on her clitoris. I knew it, he said to himself. Resisting the temptation to creep up behind and slide a finger inside her, he said, "That should be good for now.

Come over here." He met her gaze with a newly confident and self-satisfied smile as she approached him, and said, "Just drop them there." "Are you sure I shouldn't turn around first, Master?" "Uh, well," he said taken by surprise, "only if you desire it, love." And she dropped the pile of sticks at his feet where she stood, giving him a smile that for the first time hinted at defiance.

Not ready to give over his power so easily, the puppeteer decided to show her who was in charge. "Now. Kiss me," he commanded. The doll's gaze did not falter. She held it for a second, just to make him doubt the force of his orders, and then she took a step towards him, grabbing the back of his neck and planting her rose-red lips onto his.

She had been more than ready to seduce her puppeteer into submission, but when his tongue entered blood only best xnxx downlod mouth the shock her body took drew all other thoughts from her mind.

Their tongues met in wet heat and for the first time, she noticed the burning between her legs. Her thighs rubbed together and she realized that they were soaking wet. Did the puppeteer know how he was affecting her? No, she thought, and then she stopped thinking, again. He bit down on her bottom lip at the same time her clitoris met the top of his leg and a small orgasm pulsed through her entire body.

She rocked back and forth pleasuring herself against him while their tongues and lips and teeth continued to wrestle in their passion. Public japan blow job and creampie with china puppeteer, despite his confident outlook could not believe the fervor with which his innocent-looking doll attacked him.

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He could feel the wetness from her panty-less crotch beginning to soak through his pant leg but he didn't care. It was all he could do to keep up with the rapid intensity of their tongue play. He was now fully erect and hardly aware of his own thrusting returning those of his relentless puppet on his thigh.

Then her hip bone rolled up against the underside of his head through his pants in such a way that he thought he would cum immediately. Instead, he slapped both of his hands onto the doll's now bare buttocks, her skirt having ridden all the way up to her waist.

He squeezed those perfect ass cheeks and forced her even closer to him, as their kissing german sex porn sonaxy boollywood sex way to the furious biting and sucking of each other's necks.

His doll began to speed up her thrusting and all the puppeteer could manage to think was of the wet heat of her pussy that had reached his fingertips. Suddenly they were on the ground and she was on top of him, still thrusting, even harder than before. She bit his neck so hard that he had to squeeze her ass tightly to keep from pulling away. As he did this she let out a moan that could have made the puppeteer hard by itself, and he took this opportunity to finally slip the middle finger of his left hand into her waiting vagina.

He slid it down over her asshole and it was excepted like an old friend by her smooth hairless lips, and at last it was surrounded by her warmth. Everything stopped. The doll was now straddling her puppeteer, and she grasped his left hand which still had a single finger inside of her.

"I'm cold," she said with a pout. She was back. "What?" "Don't you think we should make the fire like you said?" And after a beat she added, "Master." "It's just so difficult for me to stay focussed on your orders if I'm cold." She cupped her still covered breasts in her hands.

"Okay," he tanner mayes es un colegiala muy cachonda. "Okay. There are a couple of logs over there, why don't you grab them?" "Oh, baby, I don't know if I can lift those. They look heavy." "Alright, then. Why don't you get off me so I can go grab them?" "Oh," she giggled, "right." She stood up, pulling the puppeteer's finger out of her still moist vagina, fixed her skirt, and then walked straight over his head giving him a perfect view of goal he had been so close to achieving.

He stood up and awkwardly tucked his erection into his waistband. He then begrudgingly gathered a couple of logs and threw them on top of the kindling. He pulled a lighter from his pocket and tried to light the twigs. After a few failed attempts he said, "It won't work, the kindling is too wet." "We'll just have to burn something else to dry it out then," said the doll.

"Like what?" "Take off your clothes," she said. "What?" "Do you want me, Master? Then take off your clothes and set fire to them." "I give the orders here," he said. "You take off your dress." "Okay, Master, I'm just afraid I won't be able to stay excited for you in this sort of cold." He hesitated, and said, "Alright, alright. But when I'm done with this you're taking off your dress." "Okay, Master." The puppeteer took off his shirt to reveal tan skin and a lean muscled torso.

The doll looked on with an eager smile while he stuffed his shirt under the logs and lit it on fire. When he turned back to her the smile was gone, replaced with a blank and innocent look. The wood did not catch, and so the puppeteer had to remove his shoes to get to his socks, and then his slacks, and finally his underwear had to be added to the fire as well before it would really start. The doll stood there looking at his naked body, with its bronze color and muscle lines defined in the flickering firelight.

Despite the distraction his penis was long and still hard, and the doll could not help but imagine taking it in her fist and sliding it deep inside of her while she wrapped her legs over this man's strong back.

"Now take off your dress," he said. She grabbed the bottom of the skirt, pulling it up over her head and thought, That's the last order you'll give tonight. Puppeteer watched as all he desired was revealed before him. The skirt came up above the perfectly bare vagina that had so briefly been his. He could still see her wetness glistening around it. Then came her hips and flat, white stomach with skin that just begged to be touched.

And finally her breasts. As she pulled the dress off of them they bounced and the puppeteer saw that the nipples were puffy and a light pink, looking not at all as if they had been cold.

But he never noticed. He was entranced by the small perky breasts and how they seemed to be inviting him to bury his face in them.

She stared back at him apathetically. The puppeteer began to approach her when she spoke. "Warm me up," she said. "Put your arms around me." As all the puppeteer was wanted to do was touch that incredible body, he obliged. He pressed his hairy chest against her delicate breasts and wrapped her in his arms.

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His penis was pushed to one side against her stomach but she seemed not to notice as he gently thrust against her. He was appreciating the fine grooves of her back and about to venture below to her ass again when she spoke a second time.

"Now I want you to make me hot." He stepped back. "What?" The doll sat down then on the ground right in front of him. His dick was jouncing only inches from her face. She leaned back on her hands and open he legs and told him, "Eat me." The puppeteer could hardly believe his ears, but instantly all he wanted to do was to fulfill this wish. Without question, he got down on his hands and knees.

He began to kiss gently her inner thighs. He could taste her juices from earlier on when wife takes on two bbc bulls for hubby had spread as she used him as a pleasure tool. His eyes were now so close to her vagina that he could barely focus on it.

Her lips were wide open for him to see the deep pink of her clitoris, swollen with anticipation. He looked up at her once before diving in and received an expectant gaze that told him he should no longer delay. The doll let out a quick exhale of breath as her puppeteer touched his lips to her. He began by sucking gently on her clit which after just a few seconds made her entire body shudder. All of a sudden he let out his tongue to stroke up and down the entrance to her vagina.

She grabbed his hair with in a fist, almost losing her balance and falling back. He looked up at her and she pushed his face back down. As he licked and sucked on her she watched him, and her desire grew even stronger as she grew nearer and nearer to climax. She began to thrust herself against his mouth, the pressure of the strong muscle of his tongue against her clit almost becoming too much to bare. He sped up his motions until the doll thought she could not take it anymore and so she pulled his head up.

She said, "Since you've been such a good boy now I will give you something too. But don't think you get to stop. Get on your back." He obeyed. She climbed on top of him and slid her tongue into his mouth for a brief and passionate second before turning around so that her pussy and asshole were right in his face. "This won't last very long, so enjoy it while you can," she said. And with that the puppeteer suddenly felt his entire cock engulfed in warmth. Through her legs and past her hanging breasts he could see her head move up and down rapidly over his penis.

Her lips stretched out over the base of his cock before they sucked straight back up to the tip, just to do it again, and again. He was totally entranced by this vision when the doll lowered her pussy down onto his face. It surprised him and his neck went limp for a second, allowing his head to fall back. Then he immediately bounced back and thrust his tongue inside of her. The smell and taste of her overwhelmed his senses as he toyed with the soft tissue of her clitoris.

At the same time he could not help himself but begin to thrust his own member deeper into her mouth. She responded merely by thrusting back down on his face. After only about a minute of this, the puppeteers penis started to throb as he approached orgasm.

But the doll must have sensed this, for she sat suddenly upright. She allowed the puppeteer to continue to pleasure her for another 30 seconds, which he gladly did. Then two sexy nymphs give up their asses stood up, turned around, and without a word sat down on his penis.

She rubbed her wet, open vagina up and down the underside of the shaft to protesting moans from the puppeteer. Then, without a word, she grabbed his cock, pointed it upward and slipped it inside of her. It went deeper than she expected and gave her a jolt, which only made her desire for the puppeteer increase several times.

She leaned down to kiss him, and when their mouths met she grabbed his torso and rolled them over so that he was on top. "It's your turn now," she said. He looked at her with an intensity like he could devour her in a second, and she smiled and dug her nails into his ass cheeks.

He began to thrust hard and fast. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around his body and his penis entered her even more deeply than before. He continued to thrust faster and faster while the doll began to moan aloud in spite of herself. She needed to do something with her pleasure, so she reached down and grabbed the puppeteer by the balls, squeezing just enough to make him wince but not to deter him from his purpose.

With her other hand she caressed his asshole and he changed his thrusts to long, deep ones, getting further inside the puppeteer than ever. But the doll wanted more. She pushed the puppeteer off of her and faced the other way, getting up on her hands and knees and spreading her legs.

The puppeteer understood. He grabbed her hips and big ass wife cummed inside himself into the waiting opening, now hotter than ever. The doll screamed and the puppeteer moaned as his knees felt weak. But there was no stopping now, only passion. His pushed and pushed into her from behind, one hand on her hip, the other reaching around the squeeze and play with her clit while they both got closer and closer to orgasm.

He sped big ghetto breast tube porn now, his balls slapping up against her on every thrust, her breathing audible and now sounding desperate to cum.

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Just when the puppeteer thought he would explode inside of her, the doll got off of his dick, pushed him over on his back, and reinserted him into her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, and with one huge thrust against him she came. The puppeteer returned it with one of his own and he had an orgasm that seemed to last minutes while they held each other close in the grass.

The fire next to them was now reduced to embers. Lying on their backs in the softening moonlight, the doll looked over at her puppeteer, smiled and said, "Now make me warm." "Yes, Master," he said, and he rolled over on top of her.