Ideal kitten is geeting pissed on and bursts wet slit

Ideal kitten is geeting pissed on and bursts wet slit
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It all started when I went to the bus stop for my first day at my new school. I was standing on the curb waiting for the bus when a girl walked up to me.

"You must be new," she said. "Yeah, I start today!" I replied. She opened her arms and said, "I'm Kelly, want a hug?" I gave her a hug and introduced myself, "I'm Dave." Over the next couple weeks Kelly and I got to know each other pretty well.

I was a Junior and she was a Freshman. Kelly had a small petite figure. She couldn't have weighed more than 90 pounds. So one day I was walking home from the store and decided to stop by Kellys. I had was extremely bored, and needed someone to talk to. When I walked up she was already outside.

She was sitting on the electric box in front of her house and looked sad. "What's wrong?" I asked. She answered back, "My boyfriend just broke up with me." "Oh, I'm sorry, how long were you and him together?" I asked. "7 months," she replied. "Damn, that really sucks, did you two ever do anything sexual?" "No, I'm still a virgin." she answered back. "Well that's good, that could have made the hurt even worse" "Yeah." she said almost under her breath.

Kelly was sitting with her legs criss-crossed, and was wearing some loose booty shorts. I looked down slightly and could see up the leg of the shorts. I had a perfect view of Kellys panties. They were a frilly pink and grey boyshorts type. This gave me an immediate hard-on. Me and her talked for a little bit longer, than she had to go inside because it was staring to get dark.

As I walked home I couldn't get the image of Kellys panties out of my mind. When I got home I started thinking about what her cunt looked like. Fantasizing about taking her cherry. I could only imagine how sweet her pussy must have been. I thought about asking her out and waiting for a little while and then asking her to have sex.

But it would have been at least two months, and I didn't want to wait that long. I wanted her cunt now. So I started thinking of ways that I could fuck her as soon as possible.I thought about asking her to fuck, but I knew she would never just come out and fuck me. Then the best idea popped into my mind. I could rape her and take her cherry by force. Now let me tell you, I am no small-fry. I have a 9 1/2 inch cock with a girth that is three fingers thick all the way around.

I planned it for about a week. Everytime I saw Kelly all I could think about was tearing apart her cunt, but I was able to act completely normal around her. So I decided to do it on friday night. I knew for a fact that her sister was going to be staying at a friends house. And that her dad works the graveyard shift Monday through Friday. It was 9:00pm and her dad had already left for work, and Kellys sister had left a while ago.

I was wearing all black so no one could see my next to Kellys window. I hid outside Kellys window until I heard her get into her bed. I put on my ski mask and walked over to her sisters window.

I knew that Kellys sister never closed ehr window all the way. II slid the window slowly and quietly. I slipped into the room, and calmly close the window again. I eased my non professional awesome chick sucks and bonks well to the door.Kellys door was right next to her sisters.

I opened the door and peeked around the corner and could see Kelly sound asleep in her bed. I slowly crept into her room, and quietly walked up to her bed. I pulled the covers off of Kelly nice and easily. She didn't even twitch. All she was wearing was a small silk bra and those cute panties that I had seen before. I almost felt like drooling, while I was looking down at her body. I leaned forward and placed my hand over her mouth.

Her eyes jumped open and I whispered, "You screeam and you die." She shook her head up and down to say okay.

She came in like a wrecking ball

I removed my hand and she asked, "Who are you, and what do you want?" "It college attractive teen loves to engulf hardcore and blowjob matter who I am, and what do you think I want," I replied. I moved my hand down her chest and ripped her bra off. She jumped as if she was going to fight back. "You fight back and I'll kill you." She said okay, as the tears started to develop in her eyes.

I looked down at her chest, and I could see her cute little b-cup sized breasts. I started squeezing her boobs, and pinching her nipples. I then leaned down and started sucking on one of her nipples.

It was a little cold in her house so her nipple was hard as I flicked it with my tongue. Than I switched over to her other nipple. As I continued with this I slid my hand down her body, and started pulling off her panties.

I could hear Kelly crying completely now. I stopped sucking on her nipples and pulled out my now throbbing cock. As she looked at my cock, her eyes widened. I told her to open her mouth, and she didn't even try to fight against my orders. She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock into her mouth.

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I grabbed the back of her head, and shoved my cock as deep as I could into the back of her throat. She started to gag as I fucked her small throat. She kept crying as I fucked her throat miley cyrus cum tribute compilation and deep.

I could see my cock bulging in the back of her throat. As she continued to swallow my cock, I started to rub her cunt. It was exactly how I had imagined it. She kept it completely bald. It was so smooth, and her pussy lips stuck out so prominently.

She had one juicy cunt, that was for sure. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. Then I got down between her legs. She tried to close her legs, but she tied to close them. I grabbed her knees and forced them open.

"What did I just say to you?" I demanded. "I'm sorry," she whimpered back. I looked down at her hairless twat and licked my lips. I got about 6 inches from her cunt and could smell her sweet virgin aroma. I opend my mouth and slowly slid my tongue up her slit. Her taste was like an addictive drug. I spread her wet pussy lips, and began licking the inside of her snatch. I kept flicking her clit with my tongue.

And enen though Kelly was trying to hide it, I could tell she was enjoying me eating out her pussy. She was trying to hide the soft moans she was letting out. Then I stood up and pulled my pants off completely. I positioned my cock at the opening of Kellys tight hole. I layed down on Kellys petite body, and started to push into her. I slid in about an inch and a half before I hid her hymen. I was about to get my chance. I reared back and then slammed my cock as hard as I could into her twat.

I ripped past her cherry, and slid my whole 9 1/2 inches into her now deflowered pussy. She tried to let out a scream, but I muffled it by shoving my tongue into her mouth. I pistoned my cock in and out of Kellys sweet hole. After a few minutes of fucking Kellys sweet twat, I could hear her soft moans.

I continued to pound away at Kelly as hard and as deep as I could. I was also making out with Kelly as I gave her, her first fucking. She didn't seem to dislike that at all. I wanted to cum inside of her little petite body, but there was more that I wanted to do to her.

I pulled my hard dick out of her, and could see the blood from her now broken cherry and all of her cum. I could tell that I gave this chick multiple orgasms.

I told Kelly to roll over onto her stomach, and she did what she was commanded to. This girl had to have the tightest looking and cutest ass on the planet. I spread her ass sheeks and shoved my tongue deep into her tight pink ass hole. I could tell that she wasn't enjoying this very much, as she was squirming and whinning as i ate out her ass. I slapped her hard on the ass and told her, to stop whinning and squirming and to just deal with it.

She sure as hell stopped whinning and squirming. I dove back into her ass, and started eating it out like there was no tomorrow. I can't even begin to describe how great her ass hole tasted.

I was shoving my tongue as deep into her hole as it could go. By the time I was done her ass hole was dripping wet with my spit. I pulled my face out of her ass, and lined up my cock with her ass hole. I told her that this was going to hurt. She grabbed her pillow. I pulled back and plowed my cock deep inot her tight ass. Kelly squeezed her pillow tightly and bit down into it to muffle her scream. "Good little girl, keep quiet," I dude initiates excellent sex scene hardcore blowjob to her.

She was in so much pain that she couldn't even reply.

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I could see her tears flowing down her face like a river. I was destroying this petite girls ass, and loving every minute of it. I grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her back towards me. I whispered in her ear, "You like ne fucking your tight little ass don't you? You like being my dirty little whore, huh?" She nodded her head up and down. I continued to fuck her ass for another 15 minutes. her ass wasn't going to be so tight after I got done with her. I told her to open her mouth.

She opend it and I spit ointo her mouth. I told her to swallow it, and she did. I pulled my cock out of her ass and told her to get on her knees on the floor. She got off her bed and got on her knees. I told her to open her mouth and stop crying. She opened her mouth, but continued to cry. I slapped her across the face, leaving a hand print. "Now you have I reason to cry." I said to her. I grabbed the back of her head and told her to suck her ass juices off my cock.

She sucked ym cock into her mouth and did what she was told. I shoved my entire cock into her gagging mouth. "You love tasting your ass off my cock, don't you, you little slut?" I asked her.

She nodded her head up and down as she aki sora episode 1 english dubbed on my cock with tears rolling down her face. I felt my ballens start to tense up. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to keep it open.

I jacked off my raging hard dick until I blew my entire load into this little tramps mouth. At least 7 huge spurts of cum came bursting out of my cock. I ordered her to swallow it. She swallowed every last drop, gaging as she did. I grabbed her by the throat and said sternly, "You tell anyone about this, and I will kill you, oh and this is not the last time you will see me." I pushed her to the floor, and she styaed there. I went homecleaned up, and went to bed. It was 1:30 in the morning.

I had been fucking that bitch for 4 teens teamed up to make their stepmom alexis fawx fuck with them. Before I knew it, it was Monday morning again, and I had to go to school. I saw Kelly standing at the bus stop, waiting alone as she was the only one there. I could see that she was still feeling the effects of what I had done to her.

I gave her a hug and asked, "How was your weekend?" "It was horrible." "How was it horrible?" "Well someone did something really bad to me." I pinned Kelly up against the wall and looked directly into her eyes. "I thought I told you not to tell anyone or I was going to kill you," I said to her. Her eyes widened and started to swell up with tears. "It was you?" She asked. "Yeah, and like I said on Friday night, it would not be the last time you ever saw me."