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Sweet babe angel del rey getting horny smalltits hardcore
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Julius Tang took a glance at the clock hanging on the front wall of the classroom, he had five minutes to finish his final exam and he had no clue how to start the conclusion to the essay question. He knew that he was moments away from finishing junior high, and the only obstacle in his way was this test, but he couldn't focus; at least not on the test.

He turns his head to get a good look at Maggy Cameron's thigh which was exposed by her school uniform skirt. "So perfect, so smooth, so toned." he thought to himself and closed his eyes to imagined Maggy bent over table, her arms are bound behind her back and her legs are spread open with her ankles tied to the legs of the table.

He saw himself gripping Maggy's hips as he fucks her dripping pussy from behind, each time he pounds his dick inside, the impact of his hips on her ass made rippling effect on her perfectly round ass cheeks.

His ears filled with Maggy's screams, which were so consuming that he didn't realize his teacher calling out his name until the third time. "You falling asleep on your final?" Mr. Lopez asked, "Nice…" "No Mister, I was just resting my eyes." "You got three minutes to finish up," Mr. Lopez pointed at the clock, "then you outta here and you can rest at home." "Ok." Julius took the next three minutes to scramble a conclusion to his essay and handed it in, it wasn't the best he's done but at least it was cohesive.

After handing in his paper, he walked straight towards the door, but before he stepped out, Mr. Lopez called for him to talk at the teacher's desk. Julius turned around to push through a crowd of people walking the opposite direction, one of whom was Maggy.

She tapped Julius on arm, "I'll wait for you in the hall." she said as she passed him. "You gonna tell me how much you're gonna miss me?" Julius gave Mr. Lopez a wide grin. Since the first day of school they liked each other. Mr. Lopez saw Julius intelligence and potential. Julius never had a teacher respect him the way Mr.

Lopez did and he appreciated the old man for it.

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"That's funny." Mr. Lopez chuckled, "but no, I just want to ask if you've been okay lately." "Why?" Julius lowered his eyebrows in confusion over the suddenness of the question. "You seem distracted lately, did something come up that you want to talk about?" Julius puckered his lips and raised his eyebrows in thought, "No everything's fine." They talked for another minute about Julius's future plans and Julius reminisced a little about junior high before they said goodbye. When Julius stepped out the classroom Maggy was there waiting for him in the hall.

He took a good look at her body, her C-cup tit were covered by a white button down uniform that could hold them and her legs were mostly exposed by her checkered skirt. Julius's mind flashed with more than a few images of what he would do to her if she let. "Did you get molested in there, what took you so long?" She asked with a giggle.

"Nah we just said bye." "Aww, the teacher's pet and the teacher says saying their final goodbyes, cute." Maggy teased. "Maybe if you did at least half of your homework he would like you too." Julius snickered. The two long time friends walked to Julius's highrise apartment together and talked as they always did for the past four years. Maggy talked on but Julius couldn't fully engage in the conversation, he had too much to think about. "What's happening to me?" he wondered.

Until a month colombian hottie gets spanked while her vag gets screwed he saw Maggy as friend who he need to protect but now he craves for the pleasures of her flesh.

He admits he always thought that she was attractive but now he had to fight the urge to tear her clothes of every moment they're together. Somewhere deep inside a uncontrollable lust is surging and it's growing stronger. "Julius?" "Huh?"Julius found himself staring blankly at Maggy. "Nevermind, idiot." Maggy muttered while looking down. "What, no what'd you say?" Julius reach out to grab Maggy's arm because he had a feeling that she was going to try to distance herself. Maggy whipped her head up to look directly at Julius's eyes "I asked if I can stay over tonight." she blurted.

"Oh, yeah okay, let's go." "We're already here." Maggy said looking at Julius with concerned eyes. "Oh." Julius looked up and saw his apartment building. They walked classy ebony goddess pleases her lovers huge black schlongub mins the building together and other than greeting the doorman there was a long silence. After a good few minutes Maggy decided she couldn't but help to ask "Are you okay?" "Are you gonna ask me why I been getting distracted lately?" "You just seem distant, is all." Julius gave Maggy the best fake smile he could and said "I'm fine," placing a hand on her shoulder to reassure her, "I just been thinking about a lot of things…like college." The pair stepped out the elevator and took a few steps down a hallway before reaching Julius's apartment.

Julius unlocked the door and before the door was fully opened the word "wow" slipped out of Maggy's mouth. The there were marble floors, wide windows that give a perfect view of the Manhattan skyline, and a fridge so high tech it took her a full minute to figure out what it was. "I knew your mom was rich to send her kid a full-fledged professional pussy massage with his own apartment for four years but this is ridiculous." Maggy widened her eyes in awe.

Julius always thought Maggy looked cute when she widened her beautiful marble blue eyes but now this feeling was exponentialized, he felt his dick throb and he had to think of something quick before he throws her down on the floor, lift one of her legs into the air while holding down the other and rape her.

"Wanna watch something on my over sized TV?" was the best he could come up with, he pointed at a wall mounted TV that was bigger than any TV Maggy had ever seen.

"Come on." Julius told Maggy as he sat on the couch.

Maggy sat next to him with both her feet on the couch and her knees to her chest. Julius felt her lean on him slightly then slightly more and more until he was sure that she was fully resting on him.

The TV played but Julius couldn't careless about what was playing, his heart raced and his blood boiled. Maggy's head was on his shoulders, all he had to do was grab her and he can do whatever he wanted. "So it's just us in here huh?" Maggy said quietly but with excitement in her voice. "Yeah…" Julius choked. "And me." a girl's voice from behind caused both Julius and Maggy to jump out of their seats.

They turned to see an asian girl who walked around the couch, revealing that she was wearing a white silk nightgown, which was tight enough to show that she wasn't wearing a bra to hold her perky B-cups tits and her round ass that was big for a girl with a waist as small as her. Julius felt his heart skip a beat from the site of this girl he noticed himself shaking and took deep breath to stop himself.

He unconsciously licked his lips on thoughts of all the delicious things he would to this girl, "I wonder how loud she can moan," but he had to stop himself before his thoughts turned fit asian slut in a choker takes it all action not only was Maggy right next to him he knew he absolutely can't fuck her. "Aibo…" "Yes, it's me!" Aibo opened her arms and ran to give Julius a hug, her tits reached just below Julius's chest, and he felt them rubbing on his body with slight up and down motions.

"I missed you little brother." "How did you get in here?" Julius kept his arms on his side in fear of how far he would go if he placed his hands on his sister who was nude under her gown. "Ancient Chinese secret," Aibo winked, "maybe I'll show you when we go back to mother, flight is tomorrow." "What but I still need to go to grad." Aibo yawned loudly raising her arms straight up before Julius was able to finish talking, "Boring talk, I have have no interest, I'm going to sleep on your bed." she walked passed Julius and he watched her round ass sway left and right as she walked away.

"You two have fun." Aibo said with a sly smile before closing Julius's room door. Julius realized his dick have been throbbing like never before since he saw Aibo and she probably felt his boner on her belly when she hugged him, the thought "I'm having these thoughts even for my sister," circled in his head.

He placed a hand on his heart in an attempt to calm down, "and she knows it." "Julius" Maggy moaned out.

Julius turned to see Maggy nude kneeling on the floor with her legs open. She was using one of her hands to finger her pussy while her other hand had two finger playing around with her tongue.

Below her was a puddle of her own juices. She took her hand out of her pussy and raised it to show Julius, "My hands are sticky." She went back to fingering herself and started going faster and faster. The wife loves it up the ass breathed heavily and once in awhile let out a loud scream of ecstasy.

Julius froze in place in shock, his mind raced back and forth on whether what he was witnessing was reality. He's whole body shook violently and he saw a way to release the the anxiety and tension he's built up for the past month. He strippeed naked faster than he's ever done, he dick now free from the constraint of pants stuck solidly forward and he saw that it was swollen to a size he never thought possible.

"And I thought your TV was big." Maggy said drooling in anticipation in the site of Julius's "I want it inside me, Julius stick it inside me," both her hands were now on her bottom lip covered in saliva, "please!" she scream out. Julius rushed over to Maggy, tackled her to the floor and pinned her there by her shoulders.

He wasted no time in completely submerging his dick deep inside her and immediately cumming. Maggy shrieked loudly from the impact of Julius's dick, "I can feel your cum." she said wrapping her arms and legs around him, "Fuck me more! Cum in me more! I don't care if I get pregnant, just fuck me!" she screamed. Julius didn't need her to say anything because he can no longer understand anything that's beyond his primal urges to fuck this girl who may as well be a piece of meat to satisfy his hunger.

He held her by her neck and started squeezing. He watched as Maggy's face turn red like her crimson pupils. Maggy's throat was slowly being crushed, her natural reflexes made her gasp for air but instead out trying to cry for help the only words that could escape her lips were "Fuck me." Julius removed his hands from Maggy's neck and planted them flat on the floor and bellowed as he came deep in Maggy's pussy again. Maggy made a deep gasp for air and unwrapped her limbs from Julius and laid down flat on the floor three babes have fun on the couch Julius pumped more and more of his cum inside her.

When Julius finished cumming, he pulled out his still hard dick out of Maggy's pussy. Cum poured out of like an unending waterfall.

Maggy's face was still red and was now expressionless her eyes were dull and unblinking her mouth stayed open as well.

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The whole surface was covered with tears, sweat and saliva. Julius flipped her limp body on the side then like a ragdoll he picked her up by wrapping his arms around her tits and belly and threw her upper body chest forward onto the couch.

Maggy's body was bent over on the couch with her ass sticking out and her knees on the floor. Julius looked Maggy's ass sticking out towards him and thought about his fantasy from less than an hour ago and thought that her bare ass cheeks were more beautiful than he could've imagined.

He grabbed one ass cheek in each hand and moved them apart spreading them and giving himself a perfect view of both her butthole and her pussy, which was still dripping cum. He angled his dick for the perfect insertion into Maggy's pussy and was just about to stick it in when he felt two delicate hands grab a hold of his waist.

"Welcome to the family brother." Aibo said softly into his ear glam teen fucked after sucking grandpas dick pressed her bare tits onto Julius's back, "This one is done, she is worthless, flip her around so she faces me then sit on the couch and I'll take care of you." Julius turned to see his older sister's perfect ripe body and reach out to grab her tits.She slapped his hands away, "Do as I say." Julius turned to Maggy and flipped her body around sitting her on the couch.

He took one last look at her sullen grey eyes before sitting next to her. Despite the many times he came his dick was still hard and stood like and tower, "What's happening to me?" asked in realization of the beast he was just moments ago.

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"Mother will explain everything you need to know when you see her." Aibo said climbing on Maggy's lap, "What a beautiful creature." She gently caressed Maggy's face before slicing her throat in the blink of an eye.

Blood gushed out of Maggy's neck onto Aibo naked body, who used her hands to spread the blood on her body. "Do you like breasts covered in blood?" she stared dead into Julius's horrified eyes as she played with her blood soaked tits.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Julius jumping off of the couch but the the shock made him lose strength in his legs and he fell on his horny teens from south park threesomes nostalgia. "Don't worry I would never hurt you." Aibo said softly.

She got off of Maggy's body crawled on all fours toward Julius. "You're crazy." Julius's voice shook in fear. "If I'm crazy then run away or call the police." Aibo was now on top of Julius, her belly rubbing the tip of his dick.

"You won't because you know your new cravings are more than what normal people have and you want to know why." She crawled forward more and now her pussy rubbed the shaft of Julius's dick. She leaned closer to kiss him. "So are you ready to go home?" she asked smiling.

Julius took a big gulp to gather his nerves, the logical part of him wanted to run and get help but deep inside, in the very fibers of his bones, he knew he can't do that because something about him have changed.

He was no longer a normal human being "Yeah, fuck it." he answered. "Good boy." Aibo said as she slowly inserted her brother's dick inside her. "Finally." she moan as she rode back and forth on Julius's dick.

"You won't big natural tits amazing huge tits 2 6 tube porn to worry and using me up little brother, we are much stronger than these other animals." She turned to look at Maggy's dead body.

Julius never thought anything could feel so incredible, the blood on Aibo's body dripped down to her pussy making the perfect lubricant. He no longer cared about anything but chasing this feeling of ecstasy, not about Maggy's death and certainly not about the fact that Aibo was his sister. He looked up and saw Aibo's red eyes staring back at him. Her face was covered in blood and her mouth was open from constant moaning.

He reached for her ass and squeezed as hard as he could as if he was trying to tear her in half. Aibo felt her brother harsh hands, filling her with adrenaline. She scream out in pleasure and collapsed on Julius with her hands on his chest. "Fuck me to death little brother!" She shouted, "Kill me with your dick, I should be no more than a piece of expendable meat for you." Julius, pumped up from Aibo's words, bounced up with Aibo still on his dick and slammed her to the floor. He wrapped his arms as tightly around her as he could and came his biggest load yet.

All Aibo could do at this point was make quiet moaning sounds.

Julius removed his dick from Aibo's once tight pussy and stood above her. He watched as his cum poured out of her and decided it would be amusing to stomp on her belly to see if it would force the cum to gush out faster. It did. He took two steps forward and stood one of his feet on Aibo's face, "Did she send you here to make me a monster?" He asked. Aibo felt her face squished under Julius's foot but she managed to answer back "We've always been monsters, little brother."