Onkel hilft nichte bei hausaufgaben und fickt er sie

Onkel hilft nichte bei hausaufgaben und fickt er sie
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This is not a story, it is a simple hypnosis test. If you are looking for erotic sex scenes, then you might as well look somewhere else. I offer a chance to experience a light hypnosis test. So if you want to see some small example read on.

There are so many different ways to hypnotize an individual. Many people do not realize we are often in a state of hypnosis. If you day dream, then you are somewhat in an altered state of mind. Do you watch tv and get so occupied, that everything else around you just falls out of your thoughts? All of our senses are affected by this, and this is the test we are going to try. The five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The most simple form of this is sight.

So it is easy for more than 90% of people to successfully test their visual sense.

So try this small example. I want you to see a red rose in your mind now. See the red petals, perhaps in burgandy in color and not fully blossomed yet.

See the greenish-brown stem and the pointy thorns protrudding now from the small thin flower. See the rose now and the small droplets of water on the petals. You can see this so easily now, you are ready for the next task. See the rose's burgundy coloration grow darker now, slightly red, slightly purple now. Slowly in your mind's eye you see the dark purple come alive now and the colors have suddenly changed to a very exciting shade of purple.

It happens now without even thinking about it very much father watches his daughter chayse evans goes black all.

You can see this and are now ready to go to the next test. Sound is the next easiest test because we often do it as much as we day dream. We hear a song we like and moments later we are humming it as it replays in our minds without actually hearing it. Think of a song now that you like and as you do, you immediately find it so easy to recall, and hear it play so clearly in your mind now that you are compelled to sway with the sound. Perhaps, you are humming or singing or even tapping your foot now, but the more you think of it, the better your mind can hear it now.

The more you can hear it, the more your body relaxes and your mind follows to the music without even thinking about it now. You are ready for the next test. I want you to imagine smelling the odor of the opposite sex, perhaps it is an alluring perfume. Perhaps it is a soapy clean smell. Perhaps it is the erotic smell of sex that wafts so easily up towards your nose now. Allow the aroma to grow and turn you on.

It happens so easily, that you feel yourself excited by the idea that you can be aroused in such a way. In fact, as the scent increases now, you find your arousal level grows with each word you read and find it easier and easier to just follow my words and enjoy the sensations I give you now.

You are not even wondering about anything, but the erotic aroma around you now. It is like a wonderful exciting alluring hand guiding you and brother blackmail his sister jizzboom you even more turned on now. You are now ready for the next test. I want you to think of the sweet taste that comes from chocolate, whether it is milk, dark or white chocolate.

Whether it be a truffle, caramel or nougat surrounded by your chocolate, it doesn't matter. Just think of the chocolate you love now, and taste it as it enters your mouth. No need to think of anything but the delicious flavor of the chocolatey goodness as it swooshes along your tongue and rolls around your mouth Feel it touch the roof of your mouth as your teeth chew it slowly, savoring the flavor rather than swallowing it.

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The piece turns slowly from solid to liquid and slides like an ice cube on a hot body in the sun. Feel the sugar fill your body with a boost of energy and an erotic pleasure which is the result of such decadent chocolate.

It is a rush that fills your body and your pulse quickens, wanting more and more as we go to the next test. Imagine lips of a fantasy lover at the nape of your neck now. Feel their hands bend your neck slightly as the kiss that comes is soft and loving. It gives you such delicious chills now and the kissing is small pecks mixed with prolonged tenderness. You can feel the heat of their breath and the comforting warmth of their body pressed closer to yours.

Nibbling on the lobe of your hear, whispering the words you so want to hear.

Feel your body so aroused now as a hand comes around from behind you and covers your waist and stomach with a loving touch you crave now. Feel your need for more grow.

The more you read, the more your arousal grows. In fact, it happens without any effort at all. My words are like fingers caressing your mind and body wherever you need it now.

Feel my hands like a fantasy lover and let them explore your body. Let them touch and rub you. The more you feel, the more you want to feel. You crave more. You need more and it is so easy to just let my words guide you and you find it easy to read and follow each and every word as my hands fondle you where you need them to fondle you now.

Follow my words and relax 10 times as much now.

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Crave the touch You want the touch You need the touch Just relax and let my words caress you now As you read You relax 10 times as much NOW Letting my words take you to a deep deep state now A deep state of relaxation NOW A deep erotic sensation now The erotic pleasure is growing the deeper you go You want the erotic pleasure So you go deeper and deeper now Letting the pleasure grow You feel the need to cum now You want to cum now And when I say the words "CUM NOW" You will have an instant orgasm An orgasm so powerful An orgasm so good That you will know it is the best orgasm of your life Once you cum, you will feel the orgasm continue The orgasm will last longer than ever before Once you feel it slow down Another orgasm will take its place Even better than the last orgasm The anya krey hot maid cleans her pussy will consume you You feel the need to cum so much now You crave to cum You want to cum so bad now The pleasure just continues to grow Deeper and deeper now, so willing to do as I tell you now Wanting to cum so badly You would do anything to have your orgasm Once you are done cumming for me Once you are settled down and ready to go on with your life You will leave me a message You wish you could leave me a message now But you want to orgasm now You want to explode with pleasure You want to thank me for my hypnosis You will find out that my words always have this effect on you You will love to read my words and experience the pleasure of release This story will have a bigger effect on your mind and body the more you read it You will always cum once you are done reading my words You are so horny right now You CRAVE to cum Once you are done cumming, you will thank me Once you are done cumming, you will tell me what you thought Once you are done cumming, you will awaken And know my words did this to you You will have the most powerful orgasm of your life Once you read my secret words CUM NOW