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My name is Jordan and im 16, 5'10 with dark brown hair and green eyes. I always thought I had a muscular enough body from going to the gym 3 times a week. I am bisexual and was never really sure of my sexuality. My penis is 5.5 inches, relatively wide though, quite average overall. One day I was at our private gym in our upscale subdivision, when a boy I knew from school who lived a few streets away came in to work out.

It was 9:00 at night, and nobody else was in the gym because it pretty late for all the rich people to be working out. It was on an honor system to let yourself in and out with a key and keep it clean.

The boy who came in was named Josh, and he was about the same height as me, and he had short dirty blonde hair. He was in very good shape, being there a few times a week at the same time consistently, working out for an hour and then showering. I had seen him in the shower at this gym and also in the school gyms shower after football practice.

His body was incredible, being nearly hairless and slightly tanned, with no tan lines meaning he tanned in the nude. He was more of a player than me, getting with a lot of hot girls at our school. He had grabbed the teams asses like we all do in a "good job" way, though with one really handsome guy named Alex it seemed to mean something more than that.

I inferred (and really hoped) that he may also be bisexual or gay. I had seen his penis many times; he kept his pubes shaved, and it was probably 6 inches when he had an erection. It had slightly rough sex makes busty lovely chick cum naturaltits hardcore girth than mine from what I could tell.

His ass was incredible too, very muscular and shaved clean like his front side. His skin, muscles, and body were just perfect. I had fantasized about sucking his amazing penis and being all over his body many times while I masturbated in the shower on weekends and after working out (only if there was nobody around). I decided to stop working out on the bench press machine and go over and talk to him. "Hey Josh" I said. "He said Hey Jordan, been here long?".

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I responded "Nope, just started about 10 minutes ago". He said "oh ok I'm actually not going to do much tonight, Im really sore from practice today".

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So we both went to opposite sides of the circuit and started to work out. We made some small talk in-between exercises, and he even complemented how strong my legs look while doing one of the exercises. I noticed throughout the circuit he was staring at my body, and he probably noticed I was staring at his. I was beginning to think about his penis and how sexy he was right in the middle of an exercise, giving me a slow boner that I could feel growing larger with every beat of my heart. I knew it would be easily visible forming a tent in my loose workout shorts.

I decided to stop and go hit the shower, trying to hide my stiffee on the way past Josh. "Hey hold on" he said, making me slow down but still soora pappa characters cartoon sex to turn i love cumming inside my girlfriends pussy creampie cumshot from to hide my tent.

I was really embarrassed that I couldn't keep going and I had an erection while standing right next to him. "You don't have to hide it man its alright I don't mind and nobody else is around" He told me. I was slightly shocked, but also intrigued that I could stand with it full out right in front of him.

I turned slightly towards him, which from his perspective would give a full silhouette of my bulge. He was staring right at it. Then he said "are you gay?" I was really surprised he would just come right out and ask it. I looked around and over towards the door before giving my answer. "Yeah, or Im bi.

I like guys and girls, you know?" "Have you ever done anything…with a guy?" "Yeah, just touching with one of my friends before…it felt good to me" I said. I was getting incredibly turned on, talking to the guy of my dreams right here about gay stuff.

"Can I see it?" he asked me right out. I was shocked, but I was so turned on I didn't object. I slowly began to pull down my shorts and boxers at the same time, until my rock hard 5.5 incher sprung out of my shorts, and bobbed up and down. Josh slowly reached out with his hand, and I knew what he wanted to do. I let him touch it with his sweaty warm hand. I was so wanting to do everything with him at that moment. He slowly began to stroke my penis, from the head down a few inches and back.

He put his other hand onto my ballsack, and began to roll my balls around in his fingers. "Does that feel good?" he asked. I just let out a relaxed moan of approval and closed my eyes, tilting my head back in pleasure and he sped up with what he was doing.

Then he moved forward off of the seat of the machine he was on, onto his knees in front of me. "Oh god, hes going to suck my dick" I thought anxiously. He put his tougne out and just touched the tip of my dick with it. He slowly began to lick around it, and down the shaft to my balls. He sucked on one at a time. I was feeling like I could blow my load with only a slight more bit of pleasuring. He then started to take the whole thing in his mouth, initially just the head.

He took a second to ready himself and then moved in for the rest. He managed to get 2 more inches into his mouth before pulling back to catch his breath.

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We both knew he was an amateur at this but I didn't mind it was such a turn on being sucked off by him. He tried again managing about 4 inches down for a few sucks.

I then pulled out and said "My turn", with a big smile on my face. He sat back down on the padded chair of the machine, and I began to pull down his shorts. By now he had a full erection like me, and when I saw his dick again I was ready to try and take it all. I took it into my mouth, and went all the way down the shaft with my nose touching his skin at the base.

I tried very hard not to gag, and I was proud I made it. I repeated swallowing it, and also licking his balls. After a minute of me sucking him off, he said "Ive tried putting my fingers into my ass in the shower, and it felt really good. I want you to try and get your cock into my asshole".

I was amazed he was so ready for me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him after me towards the showers. We both kicked off our shorts and boxers as we happily speedwalked towards the bathroom.

I turned on one of showers, and pulled him in towards me in an embrace with our dicks pressed up against eachother and our bodies. I grabbed his ass cheecks with both hands, feeling how amazing and muscular they were.

I looked him in the eyes and realized how this was one of the greatest moments of my life yet. With my left hand I gripped his dick and squeezed and rubbed it. I got some soap from the wall dispenser on my right hand, and reached around to find his asshole. I pushed up against it with the pad of my index finger, and vintage interracial anal color climax pressure until it squeezed in.

I let him take it in slowly, as I knew anal play could hurt. I started moving it around and he let out a moan of pleasure. I pushed in as far as I could get it, wiggled it around, and slowly pulled it out. I grabbed his hips and turned him around. I got a ton of liquid soap from the dispenser into my hands, then rubbed it into his beautiful clean asshole, and all over my dick. "Ready?" I asked him.

He nodded.

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I placed the head of penis up against his asshole, both totally lubed from the soap. Slowly I pushed, watching as I penetrated him. It felt amazing, he was so tight. He looked back and squinted with some pain, so I took it slow. The whole tip of my penis was in. I waited, and he said "ok keep going".

I slowly pushed inch by inch into his muscular ass, and I knew I would cum without much more work. I slowly pulled back, able to tell he was enjoying it was much as I was. I reached around with my right hand and grabbed his dick again.

As I did another slow thrust in, I pulled my hand in on his dick, masturbating him in rhythm with my thrusts. I increased speed on both fronts, until I knew I was ready to explode.

I finished with a final quick few thrusts in his asshole, releasing the climax of my ecstasy. My dick in his butt was pulsating, resulting in tons of jizz. It was the most amazing ejaculation ive ever had, waves and waves of pleasure swept over me. I let out a very loud moan as I finished ejaculating. He turned back and smiled, but he still hadn't come.

So I slowly pulled my dick out, white cum leaking from his asshole behind it. He bent down and licked the cum off the tip of my dick. I then put my hands on the wall for support, and bent over with my ass cheeks spread out. I put soap all over my asshole with one of my hands, and then braced myself.

His purplish red tip pushed into my asshole, and I knew because he was pretty wide that it would hurt. Though for the first inch it was painful, after I let it settle I told him he could go ahead and use my asshole to give him his pleasure.

He began thrusting all the way in and out, working up a fast pace. It felt incredible, icing on the cake for me. I could tell he was going to cum soon because of the speed he had going.

He let out a much louder moan then I did, and I could feel his dick spasming, so I tightened up my asshole on it to make it even better for him. He slowed down, and then pulled out.

His dick as still full on hard but it collegiate cock gets into addie andrews milfy mouth soon be limp.

I got down on my knees and let the shower rinse off the soap and fecal matter, and began to suck the last jizz out of his dick. I then stood up and we made out, sharing his bit cum in our mouths. He was an amazing kisser, probably from his practice on girls. We then washed eachother off in the shower while we were there, then toweled off afterwards.

We got outside the gym, and we kissed and I grabbed his ass one last time before I went home for the night, and told him "Im ready to do that anytime to you want again". He smiled and we walked our separate directions for the night. After that night we began hanging out often and sucked eachother off after football practice when the other guys left, and had sex when we knew we could be in private.

It was the greatest time of my life.