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Yennefer and ciri the best fuck big dick d cartoon play free
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This is the sequel to 'Slut School 1' Here I was, dressed in my fuck-me clothes, walking into a crowded bar, which Julia tells me is a pick-up joint. My husband, Ralph, had a firm grip of my arm. Was he worried that I might chicken out? Even a week ago I would not have dared to be seen in public dressed like this. I was wearing bright red high heels, my legs were bare, my shorts were so tight that you could see the shape of my pussy Julia tells me that that is called a camel toe and my top was a singlet with extra large armholes, which meant that from the side you could see my bare breasts, almost all the way to my areolae.

Ralph wanted me to become a slut, and he had employed Julia to train me, although Julia preferred to say that she was trying to release my inner slut. Whatever! My first session with Julia and her two live-in lovers had gone very well so well that Ralph and I had been fucking like rabbits ever since.

Now I was to experience being hit on by randy males in this pick-up joint. When we got inside Julia and her two lovers, Jules and Jim, were already at the bar, with drinks in front of them. Thank goodness that I knew somebody in this bewildering scene! After greeting our friends and ordering drinks we stood for a moment chatting. I looked around the room and realised that I was not the only woman dressed provocatively.

Short skirts and skimpy tops were pretty common. Their was huge variety, but, if there was a common theme, it was a lot of bare skin. One woman seemed to be the exception to this rule; she was wearing a full length skirt, but then I saw her move and I realised that her skirt was composed of 4 separate panels which hung together like a normal skirt while she was still but revealed her legs, all the way to her panties when she moved.

The outfit that I admired the most consisted of a tiny pleated skirt and two pasties which were somehow attached to klara new wife fucks while cuck watches nipples and covered little more than her nipples.

She was barefoot when I spotted her, but there was a pair of high heels lying close by. Then the band started playing and Jules asked me to dance with him.

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As we danced he held me very close. He had his hands through the extra-large armholes of my singlet and was rubbing his hands up and down my bare back. He pressed his body against mine. "Jules? Why is your cock so hard, pressing against me? Am I really that sexy?" "Rosemary, you are the sexiest woman in the room, without any exaggeration, but also Julia has said that you will be begging Jim and me to fuck you within a few weeks, maybe even sooner, and it was the thought of fucking you that got me so hard.

I hope that you are not offended?" "Not at all. In fact I'm flattered." And I kissed him on the lips, right there in the middle of the dance floor.

He responded by moving his right hand to squeeze my naked nipple, under my barely-existent top. "Oh! Jules! Thank you." And I kissed him again, more aggressively this time. Just then the music stopped so we made our way back to the bar through the crowd of other dancers. Jules still had his hand on my bare back under my top.

As we moved through the crowd I felt several hands grab my bum briefly as we passed all sorts of men. Ralph and Julia had been dancing too and they arrived back at our spot, that Jim had been guarding, just before us. I noticed how comfortable Ralph and Julia were with each other. I knew that in the past, they had been fuck buddies. Should I be jealous? But my session with Julia, Jules and Jim three nights ago had been so good.

And Ralph had sent me to that. I decided that if I was to fuck Jules and Jim then it was OK for Ralph and Julia to fuck too. I knew that I could never explain this logic to my parents; I never intended to try to explain it to them, but it seemed to be the logic that my new husband applied.

The cold beer that I was drinking was a relief after the hot dance floor, even if we had been caressing each other more than dancing. Ass of a pretty hotty screwed hard hardcore russian had barely finished my first glass and was asking Ralph to get me a refill, when someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to dance.

I was ready to tell him 'No thank you.' when I turned toward him. He was stunning.

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Tall, obviously fit and muscular, with a gentle smile on his face. Without a hesitation I stepped up to him and was led onto the floor. As we danced he slipped his hands inside my top and rubbed my bare back. "Please don't do that." "Why not?

You were obviously enjoying it during the last dance." "Yes. But Jules is a friend." I called Jules a friend? I'd only met him 3 days ago.

Was he a friend because I had stroked his cock for 10 minutes, then watched him and Jim fuck Julia? Was he a friend because Julia had fucked my husband (and probably would again soon) and Jules was Julia's live-in lover?

No. I decided that I had called Jules a friend because I already found that I was comfortable having physical contact with him. My first session with Julia had already had that effect on me! "I'd like to be your friend too, and give you pleasure the way that he did." "But I don't even know your name." "That's easily fixed. I'm Sam." "I'm Rosemary. Pleased to meet you." This time, when he slipped his hands back under my skimpy top to stroke my back, I just pulled him tight against me, a manoeuvre which pressed an obviously hard cock against my lower body.

How flattering for a girl! I think that I am going to enjoy becoming a slut. When he moved one hand from my back to my breast and squeezed my nipple, I just moaned and rested my head on his shoulder.

We danced like that until the end of the number, but when it finished I pulled away from him and started toward our little group at the bar. "Rosemary! Wait! Can I buy you a drink? Can we get to know each other? I'd really like to be your friend." "Well, OK, but I need to tell you that my husband is here and that I will be going home with him tonight.

Do you still want to buy me that drink?" "Yes. Of course. What will it be?" "I'd love a large, cold beer. I'm so hot!" "Thank you Sam. . Oh! That really hit the spot." "So Rosemary. I don't get it. You're a beautiful woman dressed to draw attention to yourself. The room is full of beautiful women dressed to draw attention to themselves, although none of them is as beautiful as you.

But I'd bet you anything that you are the only one who arrived here with her husband and is planning to leave with her husband." "My husband wanted me to go out with him, dressed like this. I guess that this must be the only place in this city where I can feel comfortable showing off my body to strangers. We've only been married a few weeks and he is trying to gently break down my inhibitions." The band started up again and Sam took me back to the dance floor.

He immediately slipped his left hand inside my singlet, stroking my bare back, and soon after he was squeezing my left nipple with his right hand again. I just moaned and pulled my body against his. I was pleased to note that his cock was as hard as before. As we danced I caught a glimpse of Ralph and Julia dancing very close together, I was pretty sure that Ralph could see where Sam's hands were on my body. Then I saw through a gap frisky beauty gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the jizz the crowd that Ralph had his hand on Julia's bare arse, with her short skirt pushed up above her waist.

'Is what's good for the goose good for the gander?' I wondered. Just then Ralph caught my eye and winked at me. I winked back. Sam led me back to where we had been sitting before, but one of our chairs had vanished, so he simply sat on the remaining one and pulled me onto his lap. He still had one hand inside my top, stroking my bare back. The other hand was sliding up my thigh. When he got close to my pussy I was about to tell him to stop, but then I remembered Ralph's hand on Julia's bare arse, and I said nothing.

As Sam caressed my pussy through the thin material of my shorts, I wished that I had worn a short skirt without panties instead of shorts, but when his thumb started to caress my clit I forgot all regrets and just soaked up the feeling.

When my orgasm hit me I pressed my open mouth against Sam's mouth in an attempt to muffle my scream. As my orgasm subsided I realised that there was now a large wet patch in the crotch of my shorts. "Hello Sam. I see that you've already made my wifes acquaintance." "Ralph! I never thought that you were the marrying kind." "I wasn't until Hot lovely teen tempted by old dude met Rosemary and fell in love with her.

Rosemary, Julia and I thought that it was time for us to leave. Julia's coming home with us tonight. Are you ready to go?" "Do we have to leave? I was just getting to know Sam here." "Why don't you invite Sam home too. We'll all have another drink and get to know each other even better.

How about it, Sam?" So we all ended up in a taxi together, headed for our place. We all crowded into the back seat, so I ended up sitting on Sam's lap again and Julia sat on Ralph's lap. Sam slid one hand down inside my shorts searching for my clit. To make it easier for him I lifted my bum up and slid my shorts down to the top of my thigh.

Meanwhile Ralph had slid his hand up Julia's thigh exposing her cunt to Sam and me (and the driver?). "Where are Jules and Jim?" I asked. "They went home early. When you and Sam hooked up, they lost interest and decided to get an early night." As Ralph finger fucked Julia and Sam finger fucked me I knew that soon I would be watching my husband fucking Julia and they would watch Sam fucking me.

Nothing else young hottie has her wet puss drilled to matter. I was fast becoming the slut that Ralph had wished for. To be continued in Slut School 3