Huge tits star stella fox public sex threesome in a subway train

Huge tits star stella fox public sex threesome in a subway train
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A SOPHISTOCATED AND VERSATILE LADY This is a story inspired by the striking looks (and sheer sexiness) of my friend Me_Pink_Girlie. Seeing her photos, I just had to incorporate her into a story. She is a truly beautiful lady! I used her photos to guide me as to the outline of the story. I hope you like it. Jan stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled, thinking: 'You're not 'that' bad looking.' She turned away and walked into the bedroom, looking down at Samantha, who was lying in bed, looking up at her.

Jan and Samantha had been seeing each other for several months, only Jan had tired of Samantha's clingy nature. Jan was bisexual, enjoying the love and company of both men and women, whereas Samantha was one-hundred per cent gay, and did not approve of Jan's admiration of 'disgusting men' as she thought of them. Both in their mid-twenties, the women were experienced as regards sex, enjoying the pleasures of the flesh whenever they could.

"You look lovely," Samantha said, starry eyed. "Come down here with me." Jan smiled. "I've just had a shower." Samantha pulled the duvet from her, lying there with her legs apart. Five feet one, with a slight build and short dark hair, Samantha possessed harsh yet attractive features.

She placed one hand upon her dark brown nipple and the other between her legs, opening her small, thin pussy lips, exposing her moist entrance. "So? You can have another. Come on." Looking down at Samantha, Jan felt a tingling between her legs. The couple had not made love the previous evening.

Jan dropped her dressing gown, revealing her perfect round breasts, with pink nipples and areolas. The curves of her body were graceful and pleasing upon the eye; her hips ultimately feminine. Jan smiled provocatively and placed her hand upon her shaven vulva, inserting a finger into her inviting looking slit, removing it and holding it out for Samantha, who raised her head.

Opening her mouth, she licked Jan's fingers, smiling at her. "Mmmmmmm." Jan smiled, her blue eyes twinkling. She lay beside Samantha, smiling as their lips made gentle contact. Samantha placed her hand upon the back of Jan's head, running her fingers through her wet blonde hair.

Their tongues touched and began to encircle as Jan lay back, with her lover moving on top. Jan let out a contented sigh as Samantha felt her soft breasts, bringing her nipples to life, which Jan adored.

Feeling Samantha kissing her neck, Jan lay there in heaven. Samantha nibbled whilst continuing to pleasure Jan's nipples, moving down her neck and onto her chest, licking her areolas and sucking the now fully erect pleasure buttons. Samantha glided her tongue down her lover's body, kissing her as she went. Jan lay there with her eyes closed, enjoying the attention. Feeling vibrations sweeping through her, Jan softly moaned as Samantha kissed her way down her beautiful body, leaving one hand upon her soft breast, while the other ran up and down her thigh, occasionally making contact the smooth, shaven vulva.

Samantha then ran her tongue over Jan's mons, stroking her lover's outer lips. Jan swayed her hips when Samantha's tongue met the top of her slit, sliding down and touching the top of her clitoral hood. She pulled it up with her finger and placed her tongue upon the exposed, erect clitoris. Jan, becoming increasingly excited, rested her hand upon Samantha's back, looking up at her exposed pussy, yet unable to move due to the extreme sensations powering through her.

She was totally at Samantha's mercy. Feeling a finger enter her wet vagina, Jan let out an excited sigh, moving her pelvis in unison with Samantha's hand action. Sexy babes making love on sofa hd a second finger enter her, Jan was overwhelmed with sheer pleasure, and grabbed Jan's buttocks, feeling her way towards the hovering pussy and slipping a finger inside.

Samira collectionne les bites en double penetration that Jan had become excited, Samantha jumped up and opened a drawer to the bedside table, pulling out a red, medium sized vibrator.

Seeing Jan looking up at her, Samantha smiled down, and moved between the open legs, thrusting her face into the welcoming pussy. Jan wriggled as Samantha slipped her tongue between the smooth pink lips and up onto her erect clitoris. Jan placed her hands upon Samantha's head, running her fingers through the hair of her pleasure provider.

Samantha, with one hand upon her own pussy, slowly inserted the vibrator into Jan's pussy, watching it stretch the perfect flesh, the lips parting. Once fully in, Samantha turned the device on, feeling it begin to buzz. She then pulled it halfway out, it quickly reinserting it, watching Jan's pink inner lips begin to swell. After a minute, Samantha switched the device onto full power. Jan moaned loudly. Samantha, meanwhile, continued to play with her own pussy, running her fingers from her increasingly juicy vaginal orifice, up to her clit and back again.

Jan moved her hips, thrusting them at the vibrating plastic penis, the tingling between her legs having developed into a pulsing fury that dominated her. She began breathing more vigorously, closing her eyes as the orgasm approached. Samantha moved her hand from her own pleasure zone, placing it upon the top of Jan's slit and pulling her lips up before removing the vibrator and gliding over that beautiful clitoris. "Oh, fuck!" Jan murmured as she tensed up. Taking delight at Jan's reaction, Samantha reinserted the cock, quickly pulling it out again, observing her lover's vagina contracting and closing up as clear, viscous fluid seeped from the entrance.

She thrust it back in, following the move up with short, sharp jerks as Jan whimpered and flailed her arms around. Suddenly, she cried out and lifted her pelvis from the bed, a momentous orgasm hitting her with an unrivalled force.

Her arms flailed around and her legs convulsed as the vibrations swept through her entire body. Samantha slowly removed the toy, gazing down upon the perfect symmetry of Jan's perfect pussy, which glistened in the early morning sunlight that had filled the room. Samantha kissed her way up Jan's recovering body, making contact with her soft, succulent lips. They kissed passionately. Jan, still excited, pulled her lover close. Feeling invigorated following her intense climax, Jan raised herself up and moved between Samantha's open legs which public agent mature women sex so inviting.

Picking up the vibrator, she licked her own juices, adoring the sweet flavour. Samantha looked up with a lustful glint in her eye. Acutely aware that Samantha enjoyed somewhat more vigorous stimulation, Jan placed the palm of her hand upon the shaven pleasure haven, rubbing it with purpose.

She then moved her head down and sucked the engorged lips, stabbing Samantha's clit with her tongue, which she had rolled, erecting it. Samantha squeaked and squirmed, thrusting herself into Jan's face. With the vibrator on full speed, Jan placed it against the slippery lips and clitoris, running it up and down before pushing it into the expectant hole.

Moving it in and out with fervour, Jan watched as Samantha's inner lips became fully engorged. "Aaaaah, aaaaaah, aaaaaah," Samantha went as Jan continued to fuck the increasingly sopping receptacle. She randy renae cruz gets her panties spunked vigorously rubbed Samantha's clit, sensing that she would soon climax.

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Samantha raised her legs into the air, holding them with her hands as she pushed against the plastic pleasure tool. As Jan pushed hard upon the glistening clit, the explosion hit Samantha, who let out a low pitched groan, letting go of her legs, which flailed around as the cock continued pushing in and out.

Finally, it was all too much. Samantha pushed her knees together and lay there with her eyes closed, panting. Smiling at seeing Samantha still in her post orgasmic state, she lay beside her, kissing her neck. "How was that?" Samantha opened her eyes, turning to her lady. "Beautiful, just like you." The couple lay in each other's arms, kissing and hugging; exchanging sweet nothings. After ten minutes, Jan got up and looked down at Samantha. "I'm going to wash myself and start getting ready." "I don't want you to go," Samantha said with a mournful expression.

"I have to." Jan was due to attend a weekend conference with the company for which she worked.

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"I'll see you on Monday." "But that's four days away." "I'll phone you." Samantha, who was a very possessive woman, was not happy. "Okay." Jan smiled. "Wait for me." **************************************************************************************************************************** Jan sat in the lecture hall, listening to the content of the speaker's views with interest. She hoped to use ideas to make her position with the company yet more secure. Sitting on side of her was an older woman whom she had met previously, and knew her to be a great socialiser.

On the other side was a man in his mid-late thirties, who occasionally glanced at her. At the end of the lecture, the woman immediately stood up, loudly proclaiming that she was off to the bar. Jan smiled and told her that she would partake of lunch before drinking. "Is the food any good?" the man next to her asked.

"It usually is," said Jan. "Is this your first conference?" He stood up. "Yes. I only joined the company six months ago. I'm Keith." He held out a hand.

Jan smiled and shook hands. "I'm Jan. Good to meet you. I'll show you where the dining room is." Keith, who was a divorcee, felt happy to have met such a friendly lady. Feeling guilty, he found her highly attractive. He felt drawn to her alluring blue eyes, which sat upon softly structured cheek-bones.

Noticing her naturally pouting, succulent lips, the lower of which looked so inviting, he felt a shudder of excitement run through him. Her pale, dusky brown eyebrows complimented her natural blonde hair. He had previously noticed that she had a good figure, yet standing before her he could not help but notice her perfect cleavage.

"Thanks. That's kind of you." "My pleasure." Charmed by his old fashioned wiles, Jan smiled and led Keith out of the lecture hall.

Over lunch the talked of issues raised during the morning lectures, Keith providing the lady with a number of views, based on his wealth of experience. The conversation then drifted on to conferences in general, and how boring and lonely the evenings can be. "Well, I could accompany you out this evening," Keith said with genuine benevolence, "if you don't xxx sax school girls porn com sex stories being seen out with an old codger like me." Jan laughed.

"I don't think you're an old codger at all. Yes, that would be nice." "Good. It'll give me something to look forward to." "Me too." Jan glanced at her watch. "We'd better get back." **************************************************************************************************************************** Jan and Keith spent the afternoon together, listening to the lectures and whispering things to one another, giggling.

They commented on the lecturers and made pithy comments. By the end of the afternoon, they were more than good friends. 'He's really nice,' Jan thought. 'I haven't met a man as nice as him for quite a while. He looks like he has a nice body as well.' 'Jan's a really nice person,' Keith thought. 'She's gorgeous as well.

It's just a shame she's out of my league.' Throughout the evening they became closer, discovering that they had much in common, and made each other laugh. Over dinner, Keith told of his relationship breakdown with his wife, saying how lonely he felt living alone. Jan, feeling that she could trust him, explained that she was in fact bisexual, hoping desperately that he was open minded.

Keith said, "So what?" Jan felt happy. Sitting in a quiet bar, they shared a bottle of wine, feeling completely relaxed. Keith, having gained in confidence said, "So, do you often have relationships with guys?" Jan smiled.

"On the rare occasions that I find a nice one." Keith smiled. "I know what you mean. Finding a nice woman isn't easy." "Oh, I'm sure you have them queuing up." "I wish." "Well, I think you're nice." "I think you're nice as well, but I'm an old fart." Jan laughed.

"No you're not. You're an attractive, experienced man." "You think so?" Keith looked into Jan's beautiful blue eyes, mesmerised by her sheer beauty. Slowly, their heads moved together and their lips touched. They brushed together, and parted, moving together once again. Keith placed his arm upon Jan's shoulder as their lips began to move sensuously, their mouths beginning to open as they became lost in the moment, uncaring of those around them.

Their tongues touched, and Jan placed her hand upon Keith's. Finally, they moved apart. Keith smiled. "That was nice." "It was.

Shall we get a drink back at the hotel?" Keith glanced around. "I think we'd better. We have an audience." Jan chuckled. "Sod them. I liked it." They continued exchanging kisses until they had both finished their drinks, leaving the establishment hand in hand. Walking back to the hotel they whispered sweet nothings, sharing kisses and hugging. In the bar, they found a quiet corner, sitting close and continuing to become close.

Keith said, "You, Jan, are beautiful." "And you are a good looking man, and a good kisser." "So are you." Keith looked at his watch. "We're going to have to turn in for the night." Jan sighed. "I suppose so." Keith felt a surge of bravado. "You can always slender beauty has her moist cunt plowed to my room for a night cap, if you like." "Yes," Jan beamed. "I would like." Keith smiled. "Good." Ten minutes later, they stood up and made their way out of the bar, heading towards the lift.

Hand in hand they walked down the corridor, exchanging the occasional kiss, their eyes meeting, before closing as their lips softly met. Moving apart, they smiled.

Words had not been spoken since leaving the bar, where they had spent half an hour talking and exchanging passionate kisses, ignoring the disapproving glances of those around them. Approaching the room, Jan felt her nerves beginning to niggle at her. She had been avidly looking forward to a drink in Keith's room, yet the thought of being alone with the man who had captivated her in such a dramatic fashion, made her feel apprehensive. Looking at the sweet lady by his side, Keith smiled, a warm feeling enveloping his senses.

Jan had transpired to be a highly intelligent and charming lady. She was a sexy woman, he knew, yet her touch and her kisses had surpassed all expectations. Keith, too, though, experienced apprehension. 'Oh God, I hope she doesn't think I'm just after one thing.' He looked at Jan and smiled. Arriving at the room, Keith unlocked it, standing aside and allowing Jan to enter, which she did, smiling at him in acknowledging his chivalry.

His eyes moved down her shapely body. Feeling a stirring in his loins, Keith moved closer, kissing Jan softly on the lips. "White wine?" "Please." Keith pulled away, walking across the room and opening the drinks cabinet, pulling out two small bottles.

Jan, meanwhile, sat upon the bed, watching Keith pour the wine into the tumblers provided. Smiling at her, he said, "The glasses aren't the ultimate in sophistication, but needs must." Jan smiled as Keith sat beside her, delicately sipping her drink.

"I suppose you must regularly entertain ladies in your hotel room." Keith laughed. "I'd love to say that I'm fighting them off, but this is the first ever time." "Well, I feel privileged." 1first time under15 fuming storys, I'm the one who's privileged." Looking into Keith's eyes, Jan felt a compulsion deep within her.

She hesitated, feeling uncertain of herself.

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'Kiss him and lay down on the bed,' said a voice within her head. 'You want him, and you know he wants you.' Seeing Keith moved towards her, Jan smiled. Looking deeply into those mesmeric blue eyes, Keith slowly moved his head closer. Their lips touched briefly. Just inches away from each other, they closed their eyes and their lips touched again, both feeling waves of excitement flooding through them.

Feeling a surge of passion, Keith pressed himself closer, their mouths opening and tongues meeting, delicately entwining, encircling.

Feeling euphoria overcoming her, Jan pulled his shoulders closer as they became lost in their sensuous kiss. Keith ran his hands down her back, sending a shiver through the lady. Moving their lips apart, Keith began softly kissing and nibbling her neck, Jan experiencing a tingling between her legs.

She craned her neck back, the sensation of his warm kisses and breath upon her flesh overwhelming her. Together, they fell onto the bed. Feeling her firm buttocks, Keith squeezed, feeling his penis rising and pressing against her.

On realising that Keith was aroused, Jan began removing his shirt, feeling the naked flesh of his back. Keith felt a rush of excitement as he felt her soft thigh, running his hand up and down; their lips once again making contact. Keith moved his hand up, feeling the contour of her perfectly formed, firm breasts as Jan gasped. Still, with their lips together, Jan removed his shirt and Keith began unbuttoning her blouse, feeling her lacy bra.

Jan moved her hands down, feeling his thighs as Keith kissed around the top of her bra, also beginning to loosen the button on her skirt and lowering the zip with one hand, whilst feeling her breast with the other, detecting her nipple and gently squeezing.

Jan felt overwhelmed with pleasure, which raced through her. Jan, meanwhile, had placed her hand upon Keith's crotch, feeling his pulsing erection. Keith groaned at the softness of her touch and nibbled her neck, moving guy assists with hymen checkup and reaming of virgin sweetie head down, licking her as he moved towards the top of her breast, simultaneously unclipping her bra-strap.

Jan, feeling her juices beginning to flow, pulled his trousers down and felt his buttock, placing her hand upon it. Having moved down her body, Keith began moving his mouth across her now exposed breasts, detecting her explicit tasting of a hard one eyed monster and licking around her pink areolar, whilst slipping her skirt down.

Jan moaned when his mouth came into contact raunchy threesome action with foxy mira sunset pornstars cumshot her now erect nipple.

He gently sucked, sending a shockwave through her as she began pulling his tight boxer briefs down. With his manhood free of its incarceration, she wrapped her hand around it and moved her hand up and down. Moving to her other breast, Keith took great delight in kissing and sucking, circumspectly nibbling, while he felt her soft, silky thighs, rubbing his hands up and down, teasing her by stopping when he reached her lacy white panties.

With her hand upon his erection, Jan moved on top of her lover and kissed his nipple, running her other hand through the hair on his chest. Moving down his now naked body, she kissed his naval. Keith lay back, overawed by the sensitive touch of the lady, whose hand was upon his scrotum, feeling his testicles and moving them around.

Inch by inch she moved lower down, teasing him, her tongue flicking at his flesh. She held his circumcised cock up, the full length visible to her as she kissed the inside of his thighs, before laying his member down upon his belly, looking at it before running her tongue along the shaft, up to his glans, which dribbled fluid. Seeing it, she licked the end, tasting the sweetness, before lifting the shaft and placing her pretty lips upon the end, slowly engulfing it.

Keith tensed up as she moved her lips back and forth. She thought: 'He he's not been with a woman for a while, so he'll cum quickly, so let's do it.' Moving the free skin of the shaft up and down, Jan moved her mouth down the shaft, feeling Keith's hips move due to the delight of her skilful and sensuous touch. With her other hand she manipulated his balls, feeling his precum dribble into her mouth. Raising his head and seeing the erotic sight of the beautiful lady greedily sucking on his pride and joy, he murmured, "Fucking hell, Jan." Spurred on by his words, Jan continued sucking on his stiff penis, taking in the entire length and sending waves of delight through the man.

Keith's moans encouraged Jan, who now felt desperate to taste his seed. She increased the pace of her movement, before removing her lips and looking down at the purple mushroom head that glistened in the light. Her saliva covered the erect penis, a sight that made her lower regions tingle.

She could feel that she was very wet. Placing her mouth back upon her new toy, Jan took him adalynnx enjoying my njoy toys bodystocking penetration the way in, holding her mouth in position and cupping his ball sack.

Feeling him move his hips again she moved back down the shaft, making several small fast strokes upon his helmet, utilising her tongue, running it around the top and bringing her lips to rest upon the crown as she ran her hand up and down the shaft.

Feeling his testicles beginning to retract, Jan knew that her lover was close to orgasm, and increased her rhythmic movement. Keith continually groaned, muttering, 'Fuck, Jan, fuck!' His hand was resting gently upon her head, running his fingers through her long blonde hair. Finally, he gasped, "I'm gonna cum." Jan readied herself for the event, moving her head yet faster, feeling desperate for her mouth to be fed. With a lurch of his pelvis, Keith climaxed, firing a thick, hot wad of semen into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat.

Jan continued the pumping action with her hand as a second salvo fired from deep within him, followed by another, and another, and another.

Keith cried out in ecstasy as Jan moved her lips around his sensitive glans, causing him to move around uncontrollably as he held her head, saying, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Moving her mouth away from his throbbing cock, Jan swallowed the contents and moved up his body, kissing him as she went, licking and biting his neck before making contact with his lips, their mouths opening and tongues entwining, the remnants of his sperm moving between them.

"God, that was amazing, Jan," Keith panted. Looking into his brown eyes, Jan whispered, "It was fun." Keith ran his hand down her back, feeling every inch of her soft, warm body; kissing her again, the passion within him ignited by the wonderful lady. He thought: 'Wow, she really is special; more special than I even realised. That was incredible!' Feeling determined to make her feel as good as she had done for him, he parted from her lips, kissing her cheeks and moving to her ear, probing it with his tongue.

He glided down to her neck, whilst placing his hand upon her breast, moving his head down to it, kissing her flesh as he went, before arriving at her hard nipple, which he took into his mouth, gently sucking. Hearing Jan moan, he placed one hand upon the other breast, cupping it and feeling the exquisiteness. His other hand had moved down onto her tummy, past her bellybutton, reaching the top of her panties.

Placing his hand upon them he felt his partner move, the sensitivity of his touch affecting sharon lee nailed your husband sneaky sex senses. Whilst continuing his attention upon her perfect breasts, he moved his hand down onto her leg, feeling her stocking top. Jan's legs involuntarily opened, and he felt the silkiness of her inner thigh, gliding up to the material of her panties, placing his hand on them, feeling the wetness seeping through.

Moving his head down to her belly, he left one hand on her breast. The other he slipped inside her lacy panties and began slipping them down. Jan lifted herself to aid him in his plight, the garment sliding down her legs, leaving her smooth pussy exposed to him.

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Leaving her breast, Keith's other hand slid down her beautiful body, coming to rest upon her mons. He kissed and licked the inside of her thighs, stopping when he endless pleasure from ebon sex hardcore and blowjob her outer pussy lips.

Both hands were now moving serenely around her pussy, although not onto it. Jan gasped as he lifted her legs and tickled the area between her pussy entrance and anus. Her love juice trickled out of her beautiful hole, Keith wasting no time in lapping it up.

'Mmmmmm, that's sweet,' he thought as he lapped it up and moved closer to her sex. Placing his tongue inside her pussy, he could feel Jan move. With one hand he held her labia open, and moved his tongue along the pink petals, while inserting a finger of his other hand into her wet hole.

As Jan groaned, Keith began paying attention those enticing lips, sucking them into his mouth as he continued to move his finger in and out of her sopping and gaping pussy. Jan wriggled around, the feeling around her pussy gaining in intensity as each second passed.

Keith moved his tongue upward, arriving upon her swollen clitoris, encircling it and pushing the hood back. Jan began writhing around, yet more juice bubbling from her beautiful pussy and dribbling down.

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With her entire nether regions wet, Keith moved his finger down, finding the tight anus, which he massaged, whilst continuing the delicate assault upon her hard and engorged clitoris. Feeling his finger upon her anus, Jan softly said, "Fuck, yes!" Keith moved his head away and pushed Jan's legs up. He gently placed a finger upon her clit and moved his tongue to her anus. Hearing Jan softly moan, he was satisfied that she appreciated anal stimulation, increasing the pressure of his tongue, causing her to moan again.

Inserting two fingers into her pussy, he continued fucking her butt hole with his tongue. Jan was now breathing heavily, and her hips were moving from side to side. Pleased that his lover seemed to be nearing a climax, he allowed his tongue to return to her clit, and repositioned his fingers, one entering her anus, with two inside her pussy. Jan began writhing in ecstasy, the sensation of two holes being penetrated and the skilful tongue upon her love button, sending her into a dramatic orgasm.

She cried out, bucking her pelvis as yet more juice flowed from her love hole, pushing his head into her. Keith continued as Jan's legs flailed around, finally closing upon him when the intensity of the climax became too much. Keith shuffled back and smiled, moving up to kiss her, the couple embracing and kissing passionately. Their arms were wrapped around one another, feeling, caressing, lost in their own orgasmic pleasures. "That was fucking good," Jan whispered, breathless.

Keith kissed her on the lips, looking into her eyes and said, "Good." They moved their lips together, captivated by the beautiful act that would serve to be a prelude to the main event, their bodies close together, wrapped around each other, stroking and softly feeling.

Jan looked down and smiled. "It looks like someone's ready for more." Keith brushed lips with her, repeating the process a number of times over before saying, "Who's the someone and ready for what?" Jan smiled. "I don't know. You tell me." Lying on their sides and looking deeply into each other's eyes, they kissed; their eyes involuntary closing as they became lost in the moment.

Keith's hand moved onto Jan's soft breast, massaging her still erect nipple as the lady rolled onto her back, with her lover following, and moving on top of her. Their tongues continued to dance around their mouths, the couple lost in ecstasy as Jan opened her legs yet wider, the tingling around her nether regions dominating her. Keith positioned his erection on the edge of her sopping vagina, gently easing it in.

They both gasped and opened their eyes as he advanced into her, feeling the warm softness of her inner depths. Jan pushed against him, her clitoris touching against his pubic bone, sending waves of pleasure through her, such as she had never known. Keith moved his pelvis in a slow rhythmic motion, his cock moving in and out of her pulsing pussy.

He clasped onto the cheeks of her buttocks, pulling her onto him as Jan thrust herself at him. He kissed and nibbled her neck as he continued to pump into her, holding her tightly against his body. The couple rolled onto their sides, Keith's member pushing into her as she wrapped her top leg around him, manoeuvring herself on top of the man who had created such dramatic sensations within her.

She leaned forward, kissing him while pushing her vulva against him. They both gasped. Jan, with her pussy tingling with the sheer joy of their union, sat up and looked down at her lover, pushing vulva against him once again, taking his hard shaft all the way into her, feeling his glans pressing against her cervix.

Keith moved with her, his hands cupping her beautiful breasts, feeling them loving them and stroking her nipples, which sent yet more waves of pleasure through her. Seeing her engorged pink labia wrapped around lovely brunette girl in a red robe strips wet cock, Keith marvelled at the sight, which was the most erotic image her had ever seen. He couldn't take his eyes off the perfection of the lady's pussy, feeling like he was in another world.

Jan moved her hips from side to side, and up and down, experiencing every possible sensation that she could possibly gain from the penis and body of her new lover, her pussy leaking her sweet juice onto his scrotum.

They squelched together, adoring the sensation of their bodies and the erotic sounds of the fluids that flowed more freely than they ever had in her life. Feeling that she was nearing a climax, Jan leaned down, kissing him and placing her hands beneath her shoulders as Keith moved his hands to her buttocks, feeling for her anus, which he found and probed, his finger moving just inside, causing Jan to moan.

"Oh, fuck, Jan," Keith whimpered. "I'm gonna cum." Jan, consumed with sheer delight, whispered, "So am I." The couple increased the speed of their movements. Keith pushed into her depths, all six and a half inches of his slender yet sufficient cock entering her wet tunnel. Their moans and groans increased in intensity, as did their breathing as they kissed and licked one another, becoming like wild animals as their orgasms approached. Finally, Keith felt the moment arrive, lurching his hips up at his lover, and firing the first wad of his thick, creamy juice deep into her.

Feeling the hot semen enter her, Jan gasped, and teen anal party hd i neva let a cockslut go entire body was overcome with an intense orgasm that caused her to straighten her spine and cry out. Keith thrust into her again, groaning as the second ejaculation fired into her.

With each dramatic release of his seed, he pressed himself into her, massaging her firm breasts as they panted. Finally, their orgasms faded and Jan collapsed onto her lover, kissing him as their tongues and lips moved together, their bodies bathed in perspiration. Jan, shaking from the intensity of her climax, rolled off her man, lying on her back and looking up at the ceiling.

Keith moved closer, kissing her neck and holding femaleagent sexy woman is game for anything on agents couch tight. Feeling that Jan was an adventurous woman, Keith moved his hand between her legs, inserting two fingers into her vagina and scooping out his love juice before moving his hand to her mouth and feeding it to her.

Jan greedily sucked his fingers clean. Happy that she had enjoyed the taste of their combined juices, Keith retrieved more, repeating the process a number of times until her pussy was empty of his juice, and her mouth was full. Smiling, he kissed her, the couple exchanging fluids as their tongues entwined, an equal amount of the semen and vaginal juices occupying each of their loving mouths.

"Mmmmmmmmh," Jan smiled. "That was nice. You're a kinky sod. I like it." "It was, and I am," Keith concurred. "What's more we've only just begun." Jan chuckled. "You're a randy sod." Keith nodded.

"Yep. Would you have me any other way?" Jan kissed him. "No, and what's more it's still early." TO BE CONTINUED? Please leave your (sensible) comments, especially if it's a negative vote. Suggestions are welcome as well. Thanks for reading. Douggie.