Foxy blonde sucks and rides a dong

Foxy blonde sucks and rides a dong
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It was amazing how fast Danny drove on the way back to their house. Amazing that he didn't get pulled over, but he didn't care. He was so horny, and the fact that his wife was suggesting that the three of them go back to the house and have sex was making him even hornier. His cock had become rock hard right after he realized his wife was dead serious when she suggested it. Now, as he drove home thinking about the possibilities, his cock was so hard that it almost hurt.

He could feel it throbbing as he pulled into the drive and shut off the van. "Well," he said trying not to sound too anxious. "Here we are." "I think I want to take a bath first." said Kayla. "I smell like lake." 'What?' The little horny dude that lived inside his head and ran the controls of his pecker was suddenly nervous.

"That's not a bad idea." agreed Sara. Besides, she wanted to give herself a once-over with her razor adorable gal acquires nailed so hard hardcore blowjob anyone saw her naked in the light. 'NO!!' Screamed the little horny dude in his head as he hit the panic button. In Danny's mind red lights were flashing and an alarm sound was blaring. He was suddenly afraid that if it took too long to get things going that "it" would never happen.

The bath might relax them and they might get tired or sleepy before anything happened. He had to say something, do something. He could feel his boner wilting as the little horny dude in his head wept and said 'Oh well, better luck next time.' "Well don't take too long in the tub or there won't be enough hot water for everyone." 'Good call.' said the little horny dude.

'Keep 'em moving. Don't let them get tired.' "Ok." Kayla said. "I'll go first," said Danny, "Won't take me long." And it didn't. Now he lay on the bed in his underpants, waiting for the girls to bathe, and it was excruciating.

The thought of the two of them getting naked and fucking him was making him crazy. However, the anticipation was the worst part. 'God, what is the hold-up?' he though as he lay there waiting. He thought all the waiting was going to put him over the edge.

The little horny dude in his head was nervously pacing back and forth and muttering "Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up" Sara was in the tub frantically looking for, and totally obliterating any unwanted hair she found. She was not unlike a Samurai warrior fighting a horde of little hair ninjas. When she felt confident that she had gotten them all, she washed up. There was an aching in her loins, and she too wanted to hurry.

She hadn't been laid in so long, and she was nervously looking forward to it. She felt a little bit weird about fucking Danny, especially if Kayla was going to watch, but after the things he had done to her out at the lake, she just wasn't going to be satisfied with her own fingers. Kayla was downstairs waiting on her turn to bathe, and getting something to drink.

She was relieved to see that Bobby was sacked out on the sofa and drooling. "Won't have to worry about him." she said to herself then headed upstairs to take her turn in the tub. As he lay there Danny began to wonder, 'What should he do about his dick?' He didn't want to look too obvious when the girls came in, didn't want his rock hard cock showing through his underpants with a little wet spot on the end where a scout team had escaped.

That would be embarrassing. But, he didn't want to look like he wasn't horny for them either. He decided that a semi-erection would convey the right message, and tried to maintain one.

Thinking just enough dirty thoughts to keep him-self semi-hard, but not so much that he got too hard. Not an easy task. Sara was done in the bath. He could hear her getting out. 'About time!' Danny thought to himself. He glanced out the door into the hallway as she came out of the bathroom. She had a towel wrapped around her as she passed. He liked that look on a woman. He wouldn't have minded at all if she just came back in wearing nothing but that towel.

Kayla came upstairs then with several bottles of water. "Thought we might need these later." she said as she put them on the night stand young married couple trying out a swinger party for the first time the bed.

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Then she went to get in the tub. She was pretty keyed up about what was about to happen. The episode out at the lake was so damn erotic that it made her very hot. Like Sara, she too was nervously looking forward to this. The thought of seeing Danny fuck Sara was about the kinkiest thing she could think of to watch. Danny continued to lay there suffering from the waiting. Wasn't sure how much longer he would make it before he touched himself. He tried to think of anything else but sex, but no matter what, his mind would just automatically find its way back to Kayla and Sara getting naked.

He was just about out of his mind when Sara came into the room. Her hair was still wet hand sexily hanging down on her shoulders. She was wearing a short nightgown that was almost see-through.

Danny could definitely make out the dark circles around her nipples through the fabric. It was short enough that he could see the white of her panties peeking out underneath as she passed, and was that a little bit of butt cheek? 'Oh damn!' he thought as she sat down in the small orange recliner they had in the room. He felt his dick tingle and felt the blood rushing into it. He glanced down and was embarrassed to see the beginnings of a wet spot.

Hot blowjob session with fantastic looker denise brunette was feeling very self-conscious as she walked in. Just moments ago she had stood in her room debating on what to wear. Her comfortable, practical jamies, or this thing. She had only brought this one in case it was really hot and she needed something cooler to sleep in. Now, she felt ashamed of it.

She sort of felt slutty parading around in front of Danny in it, but what could she do now. Also, what would Kayla think when she came in and saw her wearing this. 'Oh well.' she thought. The decision was made and she would have to live with it.

There was a long awkward silence in the room that made both Danny and Sara feel like screaming. Neither one knew just what to say. They were both so jazzed up with anticipation, and the sexual tension in the room could be felt. That, combined with the wait for Kayla to get done, was almost maddening. Kayla could finally be heard getting out of the tub. A sense of relief fell over both Danny and Sara.

Soon enough she entered the room wearing her regular old jamies, nothing so risque' as what she saw on Sara. She felt a little inadequate, and that made her nervous. A part of her mind was saying, 'Look at her, you can't compete with that.

Good god, just look what she's wearing. How could Danny not fall in love with that?' There was however, another part of her brain that said, ' Danny would never leave you. He is mad about you. You have nothing to worry about.' She decided to ignore both and lay down on the bed.

Danny had already put the movie in and had it cued up to the start. They had decided to watch the movie Undercover. It was as close to porn as you can get, the kind of thing you could see late at night on Cinemax. Kayla didn't want to put in any of the real porn, she didn't know what Sara would think if she knew that Kayla watched porn. So for now, that would remain a secret. "Ok." Kayla said as she hit the bed.

"You wanna start the movie?" 'Crap!' Danny thought as he realized he left the remote on the t.v. stand. Now he would have to get up and his boner would stick out funny in his undies. Then he would have to readjust it when he got back into bed. He got up and retrieved the remote trying not to let his manhood shift around too much. As he isis love is the boss woman in charge and cumshot and latina back in front of Sara he noticed that he could see down the top of her nighty.

The sight of her naked tits made his dick ache and he was sure that the wet spot had just gotten a little bigger. He thought he was home free, going to make it back without any un-do attention to his bulging shorts. "Wow, look at you!" Kayla said as he lay back down. Danny didn't say a word, but could feel the heat in his cheeks. "That's nice." Kayla said and reached out to rub it a little through the thin fabric.

"You got a scout team." 'Oh god!' how embarrassing. "Yep." he said sheepishly. 'Just had to go and point that out.' He thought. Sara didn't say anything but she definitely looked over when Kayla commented on Danny's package. She didn't need to have it pointed out, she had already noticed, and it made her wet.

Kayla withdrew from his bulge and lay back to watch the movie as Danny hit the play button. They all watched the movie in busty milf in lingerie gets tongue jizzed but their minds weren't on it. Each one of them was thinking about sex, and what might happen.

Whenever a sex scene would come on, they all squirmed a little. Danny's dick was getting so hard it was a wonder it didn't just tear through the front of his undies. Kayla and Sara were both getting so turned on that they could feel the wetness in theirs.

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As the movie wore on, everyone was getting frustrated, Danny more so than the girls. It was beginning to look like all three of them were going to chicken out. Nobody knew just exactly how to initiate some action. Danny looked first over at Kayla.

She was watching the movie. He looked down at her body and damn if he didn't want to fuck her right then. He looked over at Sara and saw that the way she was sitting he could sort of see up her night-gown. He must have looked too long, because when he looked up he realized that she noticed.

She smiled at him knowingly, assuring him that she knew what he was doing. He was embarrassed as he turned his head.

He looked at Kayla. She apparently hadn't noticed the little exchange of body to sweat with sexy japanese gal shiina between Danny and Sara.

In the movie, two people were getting it on. Kayla couldn't wait any longer. She reached over and put her hand on Danny's dick. "Wow." She said.

"You are rock hard." Her hand catching stepdaughter masturbating in the living room so good on his dick.

"Can't help it." he replied. "I'm laying here in my underwear with two sexy women, watching a dirty movie, and I'm horny as hell. If I wasn't hard I'd be dead." "Well, how about we try and do something about that." Kayla said with an ornery look. "Oh man," Danny said as he reached out and pulled her to him. "I thought you'd never ask." As they began to kiss, he thought, 'finally, here we go.' The little horny dude in his head started to do the happy dance.

Their bodies were pressed so close together that a flea couldn't have wiggled its way in between them. Danny liked the way Kayla's tits felt squished up against his chest. Kayla liked the feeling his hard cock pressed up against her lower belly, and how his hands felt groping her ass. Sara liked the fact that they were finally starting to get it on. She was going to enjoy watching them. She had never actually watched to people have sex in person, had never been in the same room or anything.

She was finding this to be very erotic, and she couldn't help but get really turned on. She watched as Kayla startled Danny as he lay on the bed. Danny ran his hands up Kayla's shirt and played with her boobs for a moment and then just pulled it up and off of her. With her boobs free of their covering, Danny raised his head and began to suck on first one, then the other.

He was enjoying the way she was rubbing her crotch against his hard-on as she sat atop him, and was afraid the sensation would make him blow in his pants. He started to pull her shorts down off her hips as he continued to suck on her tits. Kayla was also enjoying the sensations down below.

Feeling Danny's hard cock pressed up against her pussy was hot. She was almost disappointed in having to get up to remove her shorts.

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Would have been neat to feel Danny's cock twitching between them as he blew, which she was pretty sure he was about ready to do. She rolled over on her back and then Danny sat up and pulled her shorts off.

Sara watched as Danny sat between Kayla's knees and ran his hands up and down her legs. Then he put his hand up between her legs and started to play with Kayla's pussy. She felt herself get a little wetter as she watched him finger her with one hand and play with her boobs with the other. And his dick, it was pointing straight out in front of him, pushing hard against his underwear. She was extremely turned on by the wet spot of cum at the end of it.

What Kayla referred to as a scout team she guessed. Danny was thoroughly enjoying finger fucking his wife while her friend watched. He looked over at Sara who was just sitting there watching. She looked really intent, like she didn't want to miss a full sex stories xxxx baby 14.

Their eyes met, and Danny could see in her eyes that she really wanted to get some. "You can come and join us on the bed." he told Sara. "Sure." agreed Kayla. "There's enough room." she patted the bed beside her. Sara got up and climbed on the bed. She found herself wanting Danny to touch her, to run his hands over her body like he was Kayla's. Wanted to feel his fingers inside her like she had out at the lake. From where she now sat, she could actually see Danny's fingers sliding in and out of Kayla's wet pussy.

Kind of felt weird about looking at first but it was so erotic, that she soon became comfortable with it. Besides, Kayla didn't seem to mind. Kayla didn't mind. She was getting a thrill out of her husband playing with her as her friend watched. She looked over at Sara and could tell that the poor girl was going to die if she didn't get some action soon.

Danny also thought Sara was looking rather "needy" as he thought of it. He wondered just how wet she was by now, young dykes make each other shiver and groan Kayla's pussy was so wet that you could have easily slid two cocks in there, which gave him cause for thought. 'Wonder what that would be like, two cocks fucking my wife's pussy at the same time.' He had seen that in porno's before.

Would that be gay? Kayla had an orgasm. When it was over and she stopped shaking she said, "I think Sara would like some attention." "I would be glad to give her some." Danny said as he moved over to where Sara was sitting.

Kayla lay there and watched as Danny leaned in and kissed Sara. She could see that their tongues where dancing in each-others mouths, as Danny's hands worked the soft flesh of Sara's boobs through her nighty.

He ran his hands down her sides and took hold of the hem of the gown. She raised her arms up as Danny slowly slid the thin garment up and over her head. Now that her boobs were out he leaned down and began to suck on them. Sara was feeling a little self-conscious. She felt a little weird sitting here in Kayla's bed, letting Danny explore her body. It was different out at the lake, it was dark, but here in the light of their bedroom?

It just made her very aware of how real this was. 'Should I really be doing this?' she thought. She would have been lying if she said it wasn't making her hot, no matter how "funny" she felt about it. Danny didn't feel funny at all. He was rather turned on by the thought of having sex with Sara while Kayla watched. Besides he knew Kayla well enough to know that this was going to get her hot office fuck with small tits petite brunette giselle leon fucking horny that they would talk about it for weeks, having to fuck each time they did.

He also knew that from now on, every time Kayla lay in bed and pleasured herself, she would think about it. He was fondling her tit with his left hand as he sucked and licked it. Kayla sat up now, wanting to get a better view of the action. She watched as Danny ran his right hand down Sara's back and wedged it between her ass and the bed. Once there he began to squeeze her ass cheek.

She was getting so horny watching them that she thought she would explode. Sara had closed her eyes when Kayla sat up and scooted next to them. She didn't want to make eye contact with Kayla. She was still feeling a little guilty, a little ashamed. Danny let go of Sara's boob with his left hand and reached it over to Kayla's crotch. He slid his fingers inside her pussy and slowly began to finger fuck her. Kayla in turn reached out, took Sara's hand, and guided it to Danny's dick.

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Now she was on the verge of cuming. "Oh-god!" Kayla said as an orgasm overtook her. She couldn't help it, this was so fucking erotic. Sara who still had her eyes shut, started to squeeze Danny's cock through his undies. It felt so hard, and so big. She wished he would just jam it in her pussy and give her some sweet relief.

She opened her eyes and saw Kayla's body trembling, and knew that she was cuming. She thought it was hot, and felt the wetness in her panties get worse. She felt like she was going to die if Danny didn't do something to put out the fire in her loins. Danny let go of both of them for a minute to remove his shirt. "Undies too." said Kayla. "I wanna see that hard cock." "Oh god so do I." agreed Sara. Out at the lake nobody could see anything. It was dark, and most of their bodies were underwater.

Danny got up off the bed and dropped his shorts. When he stood back up, his dick was pointing straight out in front of him. The head of his cock was all wet from scout stacked gilf lexi rides a big boner that just couldn't wait. Danny figured that the "early ones" probably had attention deficit disorder and that they were the ones that got Kayla pregnant the first time.

He just stood there for a minute. "That's nice." Kayla said as Danny's dick pointed at her.

Sara thought it looked bigger than it felt, and reached up her hand and began to stroke it. She just stared at it as she did. She couldn't wait to have it inside her. She let go as he began to move. Danny got back on the bed and pushed Kayla onto her back. Then he kissed his way down her body until his mouth was poised right over her wet pussy.

He paused then kissed it ever so gently. Then he continued kissing down one leg and then the other. Upon returning to her sweet cunt, her raised his head and looked at her. She seemed pleased, she was staring straight up at the ceiling and she was breathing heavily. Danny then glanced over at Sara, who was looking back at him as if to say, "For god sakes man, don't stop now!" Danny hoped she was enjoying the show.

She was. She was watching Danny prepare to lick Kayla's pussy and she found she was a bit envious. She hadn't had her pussy licked since before she got married, and that was only as a teenager. She didn't figure the kid had even known what he was doing. Her husband wouldn't do that, thought it was disgusting, so she had missed out on it for many years. She hoped she would be next. Kayla was feeling a little bit self-conscious having him go down on her in front of Sara like this.

She had never having been involved in a threesome with Bill and another woman, but as his tongue went to work on her, she loosened up and began to get into it. He began by just kissing it, then, slid his tongue deep inside. God she tasted good. He suddenly wondered what Sara's would taste like. Would it be this good? He would have to try and find out.

He began to lick harder as he could tell Kayla was really getting into it. He buried his tongue as deep as he could and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her hips bucked as he did, and he stopped. He took a deep breath and then dove back in, really going at it this time. He was going fast and hard with his tongue, licking all the way from the bottom to the top.

He even managed to lick her asshole a couple of times sending shivers through her body. He gave her one serious tongue lashing, not quitting till he was sure she had gotten off. He had to stop then, his neck had a hell of a crick in it and he had blown his load into the bedspread when Kayla had her orgasm. He sat up pleased that he had done a good job Kayla just lay there, she would need a minute to recuperate.

"Oh dear god I hope it's my turn." They heard Sara say. In the excitement, they had almost forgotten she was even there. Danny was suddenly embarrassed for having cum all over the bed. He could feel his cheeks getting hot busty asian slut tigerr benson intense domination with anal was sure he was turning red.

He glanced at Sara out of the corner of his eye, but it didn't seem like she noticed, or maybe she didn't care. She looked more like a woman who desperately wanted to get fucked. "You like having your pussy eaten?" he asked her. "It's been so long since anyone has, that I don't remember what the hell it's even like." She paused, then went on, "Stupid husband wouldn't go down on me. He said it was disgusting." "Well, I don't think it's disgusting." Danny told her. "As a matter of fact I love it.

I would be happy to eat your pussy for you, but you'll have to be on top, I have a crick in my neck." Kayla scooted over as Danny stretched out on his back. His dick was starting to go limp and drooped over to the left as usual. His tongue however was ready to go, ready to taste Sara's pussy.

Sara wasn't sure about this. She was a little apprehensive about having her pussy licked. Wasn't even sure what she was supposed to do, just how did he want her to olfd fart licks young pink cookie oldvsyoung and hardcore on top.

"Well?" said Danny, "I'm waiting." He tilted his head back a little, stuck his tongue out and wiggled it around. "I." Sara started. "I don't know." she said doubtfully. "You may not want to, I'm kind of wet down there." "Good!" Danny said excitedly.

"The wetter the better!" "It's o.k." Kayla reassured her, "He likes it when it's good and wet." She hesitated for a minute but ultimately decided that she wanted to. Wanted to feel Danny's tongue up inside her. "Not really sure how you want me." She said a little embarrassed. "Just put your ass in my face, and your head toward my feet." Danny told her. Sara looked a little hot pov blowjob session with jaylyn rose by this.

"Won't I squash you?" She asked. "Not really." Danny said. "Your weight will be on your knees, not me." Sara still was a little worried. Was having a hard time picturing just what he meant. Danny noticed the quizzical look on her face and said, "Here, like this. Honey, show her what I mean." Kayla got up on her hands and knees and straddled herself across Danny's body.

Her head was over his thighs as she lowered her pussy down onto his face. Danny, having pussy real porn usa mom son his face did what came natural. He raised his head and began to lick it. Gave it several good strokes with his tongue and then stopped. He patted Kayla on the butt, and she climbed off of him.

"O.k." Sara agreed. "But I have to pee first." "Me too actually." said Kayla. "Hell," said Danny. "We all might as well have a potty break." 'This will give my dick time to recover.' Danny thought.

Sara went first, followed by Kayla. Danny of course went last, and when he came back, Sara had returned to the chair while Kayla sat on the bed cross-legged. Danny thought that maybe he would have to get Sara "warmed up" so to speak. He sat on the edge of the bed in front of her, his now limp dick just hanging there looking unimpressive. 'Why can't I have a raging boner right now?' he thought.

He reached his hand out to Sara and said, "Come here you sexy thing." She hesitated a second then got up and stepped over to him. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him as he stood up. As he put his arms around her, she bent her head down and they started juggs indian throats dong big tits and big butt kiss.

Sara was a very good kisser, and did weird stuff with her tongue. Danny couldn't help but wonder what kind of blow job she could give. He ran his hands down her sides and stopped at the top edge of her panties. He kept his mouth firmly planted on hers, as he wriggled his fingers into the waistband and slowly slid them down.

Once past her hips, they just fell to the floor and lay around her ankles. Danny was very excited now that she was completely without apparel. His hand went quickly to her ass and he squeezed and fondled it, after all, he had always been an ass man.

Kayla watched Danny playing with Sara's ass, and knew that it had to be turning him on, which got her turned on too. Sara took two tiny little steps to get her ankles free of the fallen panties. Danny's hands on her naked flesh felt so good. She just kept kissing him back, and enjoyed herself. She was even starting to be comfortable with the fact that Danny was Kayla's husband, and that she was sitting there watching them get it on. She even found it a little erotic. Danny slowly began to kiss down her chin to her neck then slowly kissed his way to her breasts.

As he did, he sat down on the edge of the bed which put her boobs right at head level. Now he could suck and lick them without having to bend his head down.

His hands, still on her ass, pulled her nearer to him. Now her body was pressed up against him and it felt good. He could feel wife's hands rubbing his back. He hoped that this was turning Kayla on, and that she wasn't getting jealous or anything. Sara had dropped her hands down to Danny's shoulders as he sat down, and now that he was going at her tits like a starving baby, she was getting more and more into this.

She looked at Kayla who looked back. When their eyes met, Sara suddenly felt a little nervous again. "You o.k.?" she asked. "Sure," Karla replied softly. "I'm o.k. How are you doing?" Sara was silent for a moment.

"Great!" was her simple answer. Danny could feel her body tense up a bit, and wondered if she was ready for more. He slid his right hand around to the front of her, reached up and groped her boob, then slid it dynamic three some delight hardcore and blowjob her stomach to her crotch.

Just as Kayla had done before, Sara spread her legs a little. His fingers started to brush back and forth ever so lightly across her pussy. He could feel her wetness, and the heat coming off her cunt was intense. She shuddered as two of Danny's fingers penetrated her. Her left hand went around Danny's shoulders.

Her right hand, went to his head and held him tightly against her chest as she ran her fingers through his hair. His fingers felt so good as they slid in and out of her sex starved pussy. "Don't stop," Sara said. "Please don't stop. Kayla can kill me tomorrow if she wants to, but don't you dare stop." Danny was turned on by her words and began to finger her pussy faster.

Sara actually had a small orgasm right then. She held her breath, closed her eyes, and bit her lower lip till it passed. Kayla noticed everything that was going on, and as she looked at Sara's face, she could tell that she was getting off. It was really hot to watch, and it made Kayla's pussy tingle a little. Watching Danny and Sara getting it on was turning out to be more erotic than she could ever have imagined.

When Danny could feel that Sara was no longer holding her breath, he took it as a sign that it was time to give her pussy a good tongue lashing. He let go of her and slid back on the bed lay down on his back. He squirmed around till he was comfortable and ready. He looked over at Sara and asked, "You ready?" Sara was so worked up by now that she didn't hesitate. Kayla watched as she climbed up on the bed and shifted her body around the same way she had been shown earlier.

Kayla found Sara's eagerness to mount Danny's face very sexy. Sara could feel Danny's hot breath on her pussy and ass as she lowered herself to his face. Keeping her arms stiff, she kept herself up off of the rest of him. She was still a little afraid of squashing him, but her excitement rose as Danny reached around and grabbed her ass. She was so ready for this.

Danny held on to her ass to hold her in place, help keep her down lower to his face. He could smell her pussy and it turned him on. He gently kissed and licked it all around. Then he gave her cunt a good solid lick, from her clit, almost all the way to her asshole. Her pussy tasted good to him, not as good as his wife's, but alright.

He gave her one or two long solid licks, and then he began to really go at it. Sara's body shuddered as he began to eat her out in earnest. She dropped her head down and looked at his semi erect cock. As she watched, she could see that it was getting harder. It made her feel good to know that eating her pussy was turning him on.

His tongue was going harder and faster, which real mother mother and son sax her buck and grind her hips as much as his firm hold on her would allow.

Kayla thought it looked like Sara was trying to ride his face as if it were a horse. It was making her so turned on that she thought she was going to have to play with herself.

"Ride 'em Cowgirl!" She suddenly blurted out, but as the words left her mouth, they sort of sounded silly in her ears. She felt a little embarrassed and wished she could take it back. She could hear the wet slurping sounds made as Danny ate Sara out, and decided to go around to the top of the bed so she would be able to see Danny's tongue in action. Seeing his face buried in Sara's cunt, and hearing those sounds really got her going. An image she would record in her mind and recall over and over again whenever she played with herself.

Danny was actually having a hard time underneath Sara. Her hips were bucking around so much that he thought maybe she was going to break his tongue off or something. How was he going to explain to the doctor just how he sprained his tongue? He stretched out his pointer finger and placed it firmly on her ass-hole, putting enough pressure on it to make sure she felt it.

Sara stopped bucking and arched her ass back against his finger. Clearly she liked it. Kayla, having had enough of watching, wanted to play too, so she went back down to the bottom of the bed and lie next to Danny's legs.

She reached over and fondled his balls which made him moan. Sara had closed her eyes and tilted her head back as Danny touched her ass-hole. She was so excited, that she didn't even realize that Kayla had started to stroke Danny's dick. Danny loved the fact that he was being jacked off as he ate Sara's pussy. However, the fact that all he could see was ass, meant that he wasn't sure by whom.

He figured it was probably Kayla though, it felt very familiar. He took his finger from Sara's a-hole and slid it into her cunt. It would need to be good and wet for what he was going to do next. He placed it back on the rear exit and wiggled just the tip of it in. Sara moaned and pushed back against it as he did. He ground his mouth into her cunt and slid his finger into her ass. Sara cried out with excitement as he fingered her ass, and licked her pussy at the same time.

When she was younger, she had always enjoyed having her ass played with, but her husband had never been into it. She had never actually tried anal penetration, but now she was thinking that maybe she would like it. She was so close to having a mind blowing orgasm that her pussy ached. Kayla was extremely horny now. Stroking Danny's dick while watching Sara get off on his face was about all she could stand. She couldn't resist any longer, so she reached down and began to rub her own pussy, trying to get a little relief.

Now the fact that Kayla was jerking him off, and the fact that he was finger fucking Sara's ass while he ate her out, was going to make him cum. He had passed the point of no return when Sara started to grind her pussy on his face. He could feel it building up way down in his testicles, and he could tell it was going to be a big one too, like Mount Vesuvius.

All of the sudden, Sara arched herself straight up and cried out. "Oh shit." her hips stopped bucking and her whole body tensed up. "OH FUCK! She cried out again. Now Sara's pussy was having contractions on his tongue, her ass twitched around his finger, and Kayla was stroking his cock.

All this would have been enough to make him blow, but what put him over the edge, what made him blow so hard that his cum shot out and hit Kayla on the forehead and Sara on the tits, was the warm gush of cunt juice that exploded all over his face.

Holy shit, Sara's a squirter!