She squirts and stops the massage hilarious asian student real amateur

She squirts and stops the massage hilarious asian student real amateur
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It had been only a few hours since I'd gotten to Matt's house, and we had already gone from awkward conversations to lusting over each other's bodies.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing, hands groping the other's cock, and the occasional soft moan, I pulled my hand away. "Matt, you know I like you, but we can't do this right now." He hesitated, whined quietly but pulled his hand away as well. "I know right now this feels right, and god does it ever, but we need to wait.

It doesn't feel right doing this so soon." Matt nodded slowly, shifting his body back away from me. "I know you're right," he sighed before continuing, "but it's so hard to stop now." He bucked his hips awkwardly, as if trying to rub himself against the bed without me noticing.

I wanted to argue with him, to hold my ground and do what I knew was right; but I felt the temptation as well. The ever growing need to give into the pleasure and release everything building up inside of me. Finally, I gave in and agreed that this problem needed to be dealt with. "Ok," I started, his eyes brightening mischievously. Before I could say anything else, he had closed the distance between celeste star and lux kassidy eating muff. His mouth was quickly on mine and he began rubbing his cock against mine.

Overcome by the heat and the growing pleasure he was causing, I tilted my head back and let out a moan that was much louder than I had expected. I froze, worried that someone had heard but he was quick to reassure me. "My parents are out for the night. It's part of the reason I invited you over tonight actually." We both grinned and returned to our grinding. "Wait," he suddenly said and I felt his body pull away.

I was worried I had done something wrong when I noticed his hands moving to his boxers. He lifted himself off the bed and pulled them off completely, revealing his bouncing erection. My breath caught in my throat as I took in his now fully naked body.

It was exactly what I had thought it would look like: it was long, not too thin but not too thick either.

He was circumcised, leaving the tip a slightly darker pink than the rest. A vein along the entire top of the shaft, starting from a trimmed base. He coughed uncomfortably and my attention was brought back to the situation. He looked uncomfortable as if unsure what I would think.

I smiled at him reassuringly and leaned forward to make out with him again. My hand slowly moved down his body until I felt his warmth in my hand for the first time. His cock twitched in my hand reflexively and I started stroking it.

He moaned softly and twitched his hips forward slightly, causing me to smirk knowing I was causing hardcore rough sex fat chubby amateur rough crying cry hard fuck force to lose control. In one quick motion I pushed him down on the bed and pinned his arms above his head. As the shock spread over his face I crashed my mouth into his, causing us both to melt into pure pleasure.

I began to grind my still clothed erection against his. I felt his hands slide over my back slowly moving down to my ass and grabbing it firmly with both hands. Finally, his hands moved up and pulled down my boxers by the waistband. I pulled myself away from Matt's body, allowing my throbbing erection to bounce slightly in the air. While my cock was not quite as impressive as his, it was still far from small.

I was circumcised, just under 7 inches and slightly thicker than Matt's. "Fuck," Matt whispered under his breath.

He reached out and grabbed my cock, stroking it hesitantly. I had known that the first time someone else would touch me would feel amazing, but I had never thought it would feel this good. A shiver waved through my body as pure ecstasy overcame me. He seemed to sense my feelings busty milf and teen girl threeway action on the couch threesome and blowjob tightened his grip on my erection.

He began to stroke me harder and faster, causing me to moan loudly. I reached over and began stroking Matt's cock again, trying to switch up my grip and make him moan again. Pron hot xnxx best story efforts were not wasted as he moaned loudly again, loosening his grip on me as he lost himself in pleasure. I bucked my hips to get his attention back and he smirked, returning his attention to pleasing me again.

We continued stroking each other, entering a kind of competition to see who could cause the most pleasure. Soon, I could feel the pleasure building up and I knew I would cum soon. I looked over, about to tell Matt I was close, when I noticed his head was tilted back and his eyes were closed.

I saw his stomach moving up and down rapidly as his breath quickened and I knew he was close too. I quickened my stroking and Matt began thrusting into my hand again. "Holy shit, Alex. I'm going to cum." Something inside me forced me to make this the best experience for him, and I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. I began to bob my head up and down over his length, taking in the unfamiliar taste and feel of it.

I felt Matt's cock begin to twitch in my mouth, followed quickly by him groaning. I felt 4 spurts of hot cum hit the back of my throat, followed by a few more spurts hitting my tongue.

I braced myself for a bitter taste, however I was surprised with how sweet it tasted. I looked up at Matt, swallowed his load and wiped my mouth. "Fuck," Matt panted. "That was the hottest thing that has ever happened to me." "Shut up," I growled, angrily close to cumming.

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I bucked my hips again and Matt took the hint. He grabbed my erection again, stroking it intensely as I came closer and closer to the edge. I quickly reached the point of no return and shot my load all over Matt. After the orgasm had passed, I looked up and noticed I had hit him in the face with my cum. He wiped it away in mock disgust and we both laughed. "I'm sorry I didn't, you know, return the favor," Matt blushed. "I just wasn't ready to do that yet." I smiled and rubbed his arm reassuringly.

"It's ok. That was still amazing." I suddenly noticed how tired I felt and looked over at the clock: 4am. I settled down next to Matt, both of us coming down from the intense feelings. "I guess we didn't get much studying done." "I think this was a better use of our time." Matt kissed me passionately one more time, and we both slowly drifted off to sleep.

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