Learning the tao massage small tits lesbians

Learning the tao massage small tits lesbians
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I looked at Rebecca and focused on her eyes. "I'll end this for you Rebecca. I don't care who this guy is. If you tell me it's OK I will make sure that he never bothers you again". "Well you might get the chance sooner than you think" she said cryptically. "Huh?" I replied She turned away from me, shielding herself from the rest of the bar and whispered, "He's just walked in. I KNEW he was following me tonight".

I turned to face the general room. Most of the faces I recognized from work. Others were strangers to me. "In the green shirt by the pillar" she told me. I scanned again and saw him standing by a pillar near the front of room.

He was about 5 foot 8 or 9. He was solid but more stocky than muscled. He wore a lime green work shirt and a pair of brown chinos. He was looking around the room for Rebecca but due to her position she was hidden from him.

He pushed off the pillar and started walking towards us. I got up and walked over to Robert. I whispered in his ear. I saw his eyes go wide when he heard what I had to say.

I explained what I the other side of kat doing and he nodded his head. "I don't care what you tell the other guys Rob but the first part stays between us. Got it?" "No probs" he turned away and went and chatted to a couple of other guys in the room. I changed my direction and christy mack amazing ass bang bootylicious and twerking over to Trevor who was now at the bar.

He was still looking around the room. I walked up to him and lent against the bar. I turned to him. "Pretty busy in here tonight huh?" He looked straight ahead, "Yep". "You come for the band? Cause you've missed their first set." He turned to me, "What? The band? No. I'm here to meet my girlfriend".

"Oh nice one. What's her name?" He pushed off the bar and fully turned to me, "What's it to you?" "Woah - just making conversation mate." "Well order your drink and move on".

I was a fair bit taller than him so I straightened up to my full 6 foot 2 and looked down at him, "Maybe you should head home and be with your wife.Trevor." He took a half step back in shock, "Sorry.uh.do I know you?" "Nope.

But I know you and I would suggest that you down your drink and leave the bar." I stepped a bit closer and lowered my voice. "Then I would suggest that you forget about your girlfriend, her name, her address and wipe the videos off your phone. Because if I find out that you are still sniffing around her not only will me and half a dozen of my mates belt sevens shades of shit out of you, I'll also go around to your home, I will introduce myself to your wife and I will explain what you have been up to in the last year.

I will destroy your home life and your relationship with your family and friends. I will then go to the police station and lay a complaint that a local man abused a 17 year old girl while she was unconscious on a sofa after a birthday party and took videos of himself doing it. Then - I'll make sure that everyone in your community knows how you operate spicy nympho is brought in butthole loony bin for painful treatment young girls." I stepped back and slapped him on the shoulder like I had just told him a joke so that people wouldn't wonder what was going on.

He stared at me with wide open eyes. I could see anger but also fear. He spat out his words in a furious whisper, "I don't appreciate being threatened by a complete stranger buddy. Where's Rebecca I want to talk to her." With that he tried to push past me. I grabbed his arm keeping a friendly smile on my face as to not alarm others around us. I stopped him in his tracks but not before he saw Rebecca sitting in the corner.

He shook his arm from my grasp and marched over to Rebecca. "Come with me now" he said from behind his teeth. "No Trevor. I don't want to" she said with as much bravery as she could muster. I came up behind him, "You heard her mate. Now if I was you I would leave." He turned to me with hate in his eyes. He went to say something but noticed Robert and about 7 or 8 other guys standing in a loose half circle around me. "Go now Trevor or I swear to God we will take you outside and beat the shit out of you".

Trevor stood straight and turned to Rebecca. "I was finished with you anyway you little whore." I snapped. I'm not proud of it. I'm not the kind of guy who looks for a fight but seeing the way his words hurt Rebecca I flipped. I grabbed him around his neck in a headlock and started marching him out of the bar. I was followed by the guys who were in on the situation that Robert had outlined. There were a few screams and I was surprised at how strong Trevor was.

He was making it difficult to walk in a straight line. This of course resulted in his head being crashed into tables and pillars (completely by accident you understand). He was strong but I was stronger, and with the help of adrenaline flowing through my body he was no match.

I got to the door of the bar and used him as a battering ram.

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I walked him outside into the cooler air and around the corner of the building into the alley way. I pushed horny slutty bitches fuck a lucky dude pornstars group sex to the ground and he scrabbled across the concrete and regained his footing.

He looked like a wild animal. "THAT'S Cock gets deep inside the wet pussy hardcore blowjob he screamed at me. "Fine" I said back, "call the cops and we'll settle this with them. I'm sure they would be interested in your story". He was unsure of himself now. He knew that I was holding all the cards. Even if he did come at me I had 8 guys waiting to jump on him and the truth as backup.

"You leave her alone, do you understand me? If you even appear in the same supermarket as her we will hunt you down and let others know about your past. Got it?" I said in a quiet but menacing voice. He knew he was beaten. "You better watch your back mate" he spat trying to save face. Tease the pink inside her young pussy he was walking away down the alley with his tail between his legs. Robert came up behind me "Bloody hell that was pretty intense.

You wanna drink?" "I want about 7". The group of us went back into the bar. Some people clapped when we came in, others walked up to us to find out what was going on. Robert was putting the story that we agreed on before the scene. He was a landlord that had got a bit stalker-ish. It was obvious that Rebecca had been crying but she had people around her that were making sure she was OK.

I noticed Sarah crouching next to Rebecca rubbing her arm. She looked up at me and gave me a wink. "Here comes your knight in shining armour honey". Rebecca saw me, hopped up and gave me a huge hug. A couple of people actually said 'Ahhhhh' in a truly Hollywood moment. "Thank you Micky". The rest of the night was great.

Rebecca bounced back quickly and was soon enjoying some dancing and shots. We managed to chat a bit and have some fun but I spent most of the evening talking about sport with the guys. Folk didn't need to see me leering all over a 19 year old. I occasionally glanced across at Rebecca to see if she was OK. She spent a lot of time dancing with Sarah and they had a great time fending off Simon and his clumsy advances. A couple of times I managed to lock eyes with her. The tingle that shot down my spine when this happened was intense.

I even managed to position myself in the group so that I was able to watch her dance in her tight dress. A couple of the guys made passing comments about her and also Sarah. I tried to be professional but inside I was agreeing with them wholeheartedly. The night was winding up.

I had had a few too many but was not in as bad shape as others. I doubted very much that Robert was going to remember much about the evening and a couple of us had laughed when we saw a very drunk Simon leaving the bar with a very large unattractive lady that most definitely did not work in our offices. I was getting ready to head off but wanted to find Rebecca to make sure she was OK.

I couldn't see her in the bar so I went into the side room where the pushed aside pool tables were. I walked in to see Rebecca and Sarah in an embrace. Sarah had her back to me and Rebecca was facing me with her eyes closed. She opened them and then straightened up breaking their embrace. Sarah let go of her. I noticed that her hands came away from Rebecca's arse and that Rebecca reach behind herself and adjusted her dress. Probably nothing but it felt like I had interrupted something.

I was disappointed that I had not come in more quietly. Sarah turned to Rebecca and hoped that she had a good night and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

Rebecca giggled but there didn't seem to be much in it. Although subconsciously I think I saved the thought of what it could have been in my spank bank. Sarah came up to me and said goodnight. She put her hand on my arm and gave it a squeeze.

"Be nice" she whispered. Rebecca was a bit worse for wear. She was leaning up against a pool table and swaying. "I have to tell you a shecret", she slurred. "Sharah was feeling my arse and was fingering me a little bit." She leaned in closer, "It was actually really nice." I knew Sarah was up to something.

I smiled. "Should I take you home Rebecca?" "Yes - but only if you promise to schtart calling me Becky". "It's a deal". I put my arm around her and walked her out of the bar. It was difficult as I was semi erect due to the story that 'Becky' had just told me. She didn't seem to mind that Sarah had been fingering her.

I was a little jealous that Sarah had beaten me to it. I might have to have a word to her on Monday! We got outside into the cooler air which managed to jolt me a little more awake. I saw a taxi and hailed it. I put Becky in the back seat and climbed in after her and told the driver where to go. It was a 20 minute drive to her house from the bar so I settled back into the seat with Becky's head resting in my lap.

"She's not going to be sick is she?" the taxi driver asked. "I don't think so" I replied. The taxi ride was fairly uneventful. I stroked Becky's leg and hip while she doze on me. It was the first time I had really touched her in an intimate way. The taxi driver talked his way through the trip, telling me that he was sick of weather, tired of drunks abusing him and his holiday plans with his wife.

I just sat there and let it wash over me. Before I knew it we were outside her apartment and I was handing over some cash for the fare. I woke Rebecca up and asked her for her key.

She reached into her purse and pulled it out. "Are you coming in?" she asked. "Do you want me to?" "Yes. Please". I helped her to the door. She unlocked it and walked inside. Her apartment was on the ground floor. It was small but tidy. We stepped into a hallway.

At the end of it I could see a kitchen. The door on my left lead into a bedroom and the door on the right into what looked like a spare room. Further up on the left there was a bathroom.

We walk through the second door on the right into a cozy living room which opened up into a dining room and kitchen. Becky had regained her composure a bit now, the cool air and 20 minute snooze allowing her to function better. "Fancy a coffee?" "Love one" I replied sitting on the sofa.

"I'll put the kettle on and then quickly get out of this dress. Is that OK?" "Do you need some help?" I stephenie 16k gisfeart twitter 79mp4. "Behave yourself" she retorted.

She filled the kettle up with some water and switched it on and then walked down the hall towards the bedroom. I looked around the room. There was a large TV with a collection of DVD's and books tidily stacked on some shelves.

The 3 seat sofa was comfortable but had extra cushions on it anyway. There were a few photos of who I guess was her parents and brother plus some mass produced art work in frames. The room had a slight floral smell about it which looked like it was emanating from the scented oil refresher on a shelf above the TV. An empty wine glass sat on a vintage looking coffee table as well as some fashion magazines. I was looking to get comfortable so I took my shoes off, stretched and waited.

A few minutes later Becky walked down the hall and back into the kitchen. She was wearing a tight Nirvana t-shirt and a pair of thick cotton pyjama bottoms.

I called through to her, "I saw them in Reading in 94." "Sorry?" "Nirvana.

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Reading 94. I was about 3 rows from the front. It was amazing." "You like Nirvana?" "I was a child of the 80's and 90's, of course I like Nirvana." "I thought you'd be into Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra or some other black and white TV star" "Bah.just make me my coffee. Milk no sugar" She opened up the cupboard, "Shit - I'll need to wash up some mugs". She turned on the tap and waited for the water to get hot.

She bent over to get some washing liquid from the cupboard under the sink. I turned to see her stunning arse tight against the soft flannel of her pyjamas.

She stood back up, squirted some dish washing liquid into the water and started cleaning the various dirty dishes stacked on the bench. "I'll lend a hand" I said as I hopped off the sofa and headed through to the kitchen I had good intentions to help with the washing up but I was sidetracked by a great side profile of her in the t-shirt.

My reason for coming over suddenly changed. I saw that the drying towel was on a hook just to her left on one of the cupboards. I bent down to grab it and was suddenly intoxicated by her perfume. I noticed that she had stopped washing the cups. She was leaning up against the sink, I could see the rise and fall of her shoulders.

I moved in closer. Taking one last breath and preparing myself to be slapped I placed my hands on her hips. She took a sharp intake of breath - but didn't turn around. Slowly I moved my hands around the front of her so they left her hips and rested on her tight stomach.

Her t-shirt was tight so with one hand I hooked my fingers under the hem and lifted it so I could feel her skin directly. I stepped in and lightly pressed myself up against her. Due to fear I wasn't hard - yet. Becky leaned forward a little bending from her waist which caused her arse to fully come into contact with my now rapidly expanding cock.

I took one of my hands off her belly and moved her long hair to the side exposing her neck. Placing my hand back on her belly I lent down and softly brushed my chin against the inside of her neck. Her head slightly moved allowing me easier access to her skin. I started to kiss her neck cindy sun in blonde bombshell does backseat anal heard her breathing change ever so slightly.

My hands now were slowly rubbing her belly, feeling her taught stomach. My kissing of her neck became a little more intense. Pushing my lips against her soft skin and occasionally allowing my tongue to trail along her curves. I realized my hands were now just below her breasts.

Continuing to kiss her I pushed my hands up between her tits and the tight material of the shirt. As I searched for as much of her breasts as possible I felt her areolas alia but sex big cock still soft nipples under my touch. Lightly, appreciating their size and swell, I moved my fingers so each breast sat in the palm of my hand.

Her breathing was now becoming more shallow as I massaged her tits.

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I could feel her nipples becoming hard, small raised nubs rubbing up against my palm. My hardness was also now starting to become apparent. My cock was pressing up against my jeans. I could feel it against her arse which was now ever so slightly moving against my crotch. She was standing up against the bench with her two arms slighty splayed supporting her. But with every passing second she was leaning further back in to me. I knew she was giving me permission to proceed when she reached up with both of her hands and over her shirt placed them on mine.

Her nipples were now fully erect. I lifted my hands and arms so her shirt pulled up exposing her stomach and tits. She helped me by lifting her arms above her head so I could completely remove her shirt. She dropped the shirt to the floor and went back to her previous position. Her arse was gently grinding against me now. The flannel of her pyjamas did nothing to hide the definition of her two cheeks. I could feel my cock settling into her arse crack.

My hands were free to explore her breasts now. From the beginning swell of the upper chest down to the hard nipples and all her mass in between. Becky had her head leaning back up against my shoulder.

Her breathing was quick and shallow with small moans. I gently pinched each nipple, rolling them between my fingers. "Oooooh Micky - that feels amazing", she sighed. I trailed one of my hands down over her tight belly and continued to kiss, suck and lick her neck and shoulders. I continued trailing my hands downwards until I hit the top of her pyjama bottoms. I traced my fingers along the waist band listening to Rebecca pant and continue to move against me.

My fingers went down and cupped her crotch so that the heel of my hand was against her mound and my fingers up against her crotch. It was warm mulata gordinha peladinha dançando centro do rio! tube porn I felt the give under my touch that made me think she was already very wet. My lower hand continued to rub and massage her pussy while my other hand kept up the gentle manipulation of her nipple.

Becky shifted slightly, spreading her stance which meant the gap between her legs was wider allowing me access to more of her. I released her crotch and breast and hooked my fingers into her pyjama bottom waistband. I stretched the band over her hips and let them fall to the floor. She was wearing a pink pair of briefs, not quite a g-string but close.

Putting one hand back on her tit I place my other hand back in the same position. Due to the thin material of her panties I could feel so much more of her. The slight difference in texture on her mound made me think she had shaved her hair into a small strip.

Her pussy had already parted with arousal. I felt the give as my fingers entered the shallow crevasse between her swollen lips. "Ooooooo God.yes.right there" she moaned. I wanted virgin school doll stripped and cunt licked be as 'sensitive' as possible but I was becoming extremely horny.

I wanted to feel myself inside her. The lust was starting to take over my decision making.

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I hooked my fingers under the elastic of her panties and felt her wetness. I slipped my finger along her wet slit and listened to her moan her approval. Becky then took control.

She pushed away from the sink and moved my hand away from her pussy. I stood back a little. She bent down giving me an amazing view of her arse and slid off her panties. She stood up again and turned to face me. The view was amazing. Her large tits sat high and proud. Her face was flushed and there was a very faint sheen of sweat on her chest.

Her pussy was shaved except for a small line of trimmed pubic hair. She moved into me and we shared our first proper kiss. Our mouths connected, tongues exploring each other.

She pulled away and without saying a word started to unbutton my shirt. It fell off me revealing my torso. I wasn't sure how she would react to my middle aged body. She smiled and ran her hand through my chest hair. She moved down over my belly (she didn't seem to mind the extra 'padding') and while staring at my eyes started to loosen my belt. Her expert fingers had the belt undone and my jeans down within seconds.

She looked down at my crotch. My cock was fully erect and causing my boxers to look like a tent. I had a large dark wet patch where my pre-cum had leaked. "So you're enjoying this then?" she cooed. She started stroking me through my boxers while kissing me.

The sensation was electric. I just hoped that unlike my wanking sessions I beautiful teen girl tries anal with her boyfriend!

in 4k be able to hold on for longer than a few minutes. Becky hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down, crouching to remove them fully. My cock sprang out. I have always been a little above average size and I was probably the hardest I'd ever been. Becky saw my offering and licked her lips. She stood back up and passionately kissed me again.

Her hand gripped my shaft and slowly started to wank me. I moaned a little. I had thought about how it would feel to have her hold me and now I was experiencing it first-hand (excuse the pun). We continued kissing as I snaked my hand back between her legs. Her slit was open and wet.

I slid my finger along her again, front to the back and then back to the front. I continued up until I found her clit which was already swollen. Gently pressing on it I felt her legs shake and her hold on to me with her free arm. She whispered in my ear "Again, I'm so close to cumming". I was amazed that she was already at that point.

Although I felt my own excitement starting to rise. I knew for me it was the fact that I had dreamed about being with her in this way that my stamina was never going to be great. I continued to press on her clit with my finger making smooth, slow circular movements. It was driving her wild.

Her fingers clawed my back, I felt her hot breath against my neck and her moans resonated through me. Her hand was now frantically wanking me as we stood as close together as we could masturbating each other.

"I'm going to cum Micky.please cum with me" she moaned breathlessly. I quickened my pace as her moans grew louder. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and knew I would soon burst.

With my thumb still working her clit I plunged 2 fingers deep into her moist cunt. The wet and warmth enveloped them. Almost immediately she started her orgasm. I felt the walls of her cunt contract gagged sub restrained and dildofucked submissive discipline my fingers become awash with her juices.

She cried out as she threw her head back slamming up against me, her breasts crashing into my chest. Her hand moving on my cock made slick by my pre-cum only needed to pump once more as I swelled and let loose with rope after rope of thick cum, splashing up against her stomach, crotch, hand and thighs. My head swam with the exertion and effort. She hung on to me tightly as I moved my fingers slowly inside her careful not to touch her sensitive clit.

She continued to grind against my pinoy sex scandal at the motel for a minute or so and then let my cock go. I took this as the hint to take my fingers out of her. She grabbed my hand and bought it up to her face. She looked at me as she licked and sucked my fingers, enjoying her own juices. She then lifted her own hand and started to lick my jism off.

Once she was finished I stood there with her. Naked. My cock starting to soften. Her head resting under my chin. Breathing together in silence. I felt dizzy with joy. "I should clean myself up a bit" she said breaking the silence. I was instantly concerned. Did she regret what just happened? "You OK?" I enquired. "I'm better than OK.

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I feel amazing. That was wonderful Micky". She lifted her head and kissed me deeply. I could taste our juices in her mouth. I didn't care. If I could have stayed like this forever I would have. She broke away and picked up her shirt and pyjamas. "I'm just going to have a quick shower" she said starting to walk out of the kitchen.

I could see our juices glistening on her beautiful skin. I was amazed at how good she looked naked. Although her breasts were large they didn't look out of doctor x story sex stories f me on her body. Her slim waist curved nicely into her toned arse, and her legs were shapely but strong. I bent down to get my clothes. As I stood up I noticed she had stopped at the bathroom door.

With her free hand she was tracing the outline of her breast and nipple. She flattened her hand and reached down to her crotch where she smeared some of my cum against her puffy cunt lips. "You joining me?" I don't think my feet touched the floor.