Real reap force sxe storys

Real reap force sxe storys
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The loud moans of Pansy Parkinson echo into the empty class room, Muffle only by Ron cock down her throat -Look Ron! I have finally manage to fit my hand up her ass! Pansy Parkinson was on all four. Ron was fucking her face while Harry, at her other end, was having fun pushing his entire hand in and out of the girl anus.

Each time he was remove it from inside of her, it made a loud Popping sound.

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Ron look at Harry's hand from is point of view as it disappear inside the bitch ass. His cock was already down the slut throat and her moan felt so good, he decide to leave it there.

- I'm sure she can take more! -yeah bitch, said Harry, relax your ass and take my arm up there. You want it up to the elbow! As soon he finish is sentence, he felt her ass relax completely and he started to ram his arm up her poop hole. -fuck I'm gonna cum so hard! Screamed Ron Weasley while removing his cock from Pansy's mouth. The girl started to choke from the lack of air.

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Ron had kept her down on his cock for 2 minutes. Harry watch his friend paint the slytherin bitch's face while he ram his arm with all his might. With that final thrust he manage to fit his arm to the elbow inside the poor girl who could now scream out loud. He decide she needed to clean his arm from her shit.

If she hadn't want to eat her own shit she should have clean her bowel before they use her. Filthy girl!

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While Harry made the girl lick his arm, still on all four, like a good dog, Ron looked at her now destroyed rectum. - Accio Gregory Goyle Quidditch bat! He cast in pieds dans la cul lesbian silence of the class room.

Pansy had finish cleaning most of Harry's arm when the bat came flying in the room, breaking the window of the door. It land in Ron's hand. Harry knew what his friend had in mind.

Ron start to push the bat up the slut's, now, loose ass. When only the handle was sticking out, Harry told the girl she was to keep it in here, dress back in her wizard robe and go back to the slytherin house.

- you will go see Gregory Goyle and tell him you find the perfect use for his quidditch bat. Then, when he'll ask what, you'll show him! Order Harry. When someone will remove the bat from your anus you'll have a great orgasm and empty your bowel at the same time!

He add. Pansy Parkinson, with a hard quidditch bat up her ass, started to redress and the two friend did the same. But, before they could all reach the door, Argus Flinch's face peer through the broken glass of the door. -Vandalism! Student in the corridor two horny schoolmates having sex on red couch curfew. That's gonna cost you a lot Potter! - shut up stupid old fart, answer Harry.

If I hadn't safe the school last year, you wouldn't have a job today. Hell you would be dead. You should thank me. Also Ron and me are in our last year here and are way to old to go sleep at the hour of the curfew.

You will never bother me again with your boring school's law!

- yes, was all he could answer. - Now, Pansy here been a bad girl. We already punish her ass for it but you should take care of her face. Until morning, fuck her face without mercy. Just be sure she don't die. Command Harry. -And you Pansy take that like a champ then go do what I've already order you to do. Harry and Ron departed without even looking behind where they would have witness Flinch dropping his pants and get out his filthy dick. When they finally slip in their respective bed, Harry saw it was only mid night.

He slowly drifted to sleep while thinking that Pansy would suffer at least 6 hours of pure face fucking by the filthiest cock of the school. Harry wakes up the next morning with mist of his dreams where he had fucked every hot girl of the school. He smiled knowing he could do it now.

Ron and him got dress and got down stair to the main hall for breakfast. It was still early and the room was almost empty. They sit down and start to eat the cereal. They Start to spoke about PAnsy and how she should feel this morning and how Goyle should have been shit all over Soon their friends regroup with them.

Hermione and Ginny where whispering to each other and Harry was quite intrigue but Neville was siting between him and the girl. He could not ask them what secret they were speaking about without him hearing. So he decide let it go. When the breakfast period was finish they all uk babe sucks for facial in front of voyeur to go to their class.

Fortunately, their first class was a all 7 grade attending class. Introduction to the muggle world and how to live secretly into it.

Like he needed that class. Director McGonagall made her entrance in the main hall with Kingsley Shaklebolt behind her.

-Everyone to your classroom and for all the 7 grade, the class will be given in the mainhall but please get out until the room is ready! Said the old witch. They all stand up and leaved the room.

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In all the wave of student, Harry lost is friend. -Hey Harry! Harry turned his head and saw Luna Lovegood making her way toward him throughout the students. -Hi Luna said Harry looking at the girl from head to toes. He hadn't saw her since last year.

Even if he had always found her to weird to be a girlfriend. He had always wanted to fuck her brain out. More than that. He kind of buzz way of being had made him horny for using her as a dumb bimbo.

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- Luna. Everytime you'll see me, you'll have the urge to suck and lick my balls but you cannot let it shown. You'll have to find a way to convince me of letting you doing it. But you can't ask for it directly. - Luna's eyes mist over then she focus on Harry. He could see something had change in her.

She was looking at him with hunger in her eyes.