Fingers on the clitoris this sweet ftv girl

Fingers on the clitoris this sweet ftv girl
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Good Deed I was a Boy Scout for a few years but once I discovered girls that was all over. At fifteen I was quite a roccosiffredi russian fucked in ass by rocco with the ladies. I lost my virginity to my English teacher when I was thirteen and since then I have had my fair share of girls. Anyway back to the Boy Scout thing and trying to do a good deed every day…I could not resist offering this little old lady a hand with her grocery bags as she crossed the busy street.

I also remember an old saying my father told me about no good deed going unpunished. Well it is true. Not only did I carry her groceries across the street for her but I also wound up carrying them about eight more city blocks to her house. Then I even carried them inside and sat them on her kitchen table for her. Those stupid plastic bags cut into my hands.

She rewarded me with a glass of chocolate milk and some of her homemade chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate milk was ice cold and very good but not as good as her cookies were. Then she called out to Kandi to come down for cookies and milk too. She introduced me to her granddaughter Kandi. Kandi was a year younger than I was at fourteen but she was something special. She was beautiful and she was so sexy in that outfit that I got an instant erection. She had on the tiniest shorts that I had ever seen.

They were very low under her belly button and I swear that I could see some of her pubic hairs sticking up above the top of her skimpy shorts. They came right up to her crotch too. As Kandi passed by me I could see the top of the crack of her ass and a few inches of the bottom of her ass cheeks too.

Those shorts were less than half of what those old Daisy Dukes used to be. College girl fucks at frat house party top was one of those triangular pieces of material that girls put on their heads sometimes to keep their hair from blowing in the wind.

It was connected by a string around her back and another one around her neck. It was so loose though that I was able to see the side half of her breast as she walked by me. She was simply a fucking little wet dream. I wanted to fuck her so badly that I could taste it.

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Kandi sat down across from me and her grandmother sat a glass of chocolate milk in front of her as she reached for a cookie. She stared right at me as she licked her cookie with her tongue in a way that made me feel as if she were licking my cock.

It was one of the sexiest things that I had ever seen. Then she sat back and bit into her cookie dropping crumbs all over herself.

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Kandi then brushed her tits for me. It looked like she was cupping them and squeezing them just to tease me. Her nipples got hard and poked out in her thin top. I could not see what she was doing under the table but she was certainly taking her time brushing her legs and crotch free of those crumbs. Every bite gave me another little sex show just like that one.

Oh how I wanted to brush those crumbs off of her tits myself. All too soon my cold chocolate milk was gone, those delicious chocolate chip cookies were gone, and the old lady said goodbye and thank you to me. Panic set in…I didn't want to leave. Kandi told her grandmother that she would see me out. So she grabbed my arm and crushed it into her tit as she walked me out of the kitchen and down the hallway toward the front door.

She stopped me and kissed me. What a kiss that was, it was sloppy wet and her tongue was everywhere. She licked my lips, my chin, and even my nose then she plowed her tongue back into my mouth for a lip lock like I had never had before. This girl was really something else. I had a hold of her ass cheeks and was crushing my cock into her pubic mound since we had first started kissing. When we were finally done she pushed me toward the stairs, opened and closed the front door, and then shouted to her grandmother that she was going up to her bedroom.

She grabbed my arm and rushed me up the stairs to her bedroom. She rushed me inside and pushed me regina and xena lick each others muffs onto her bed. Then she jumped on top of me and started kissing me just like she had downstairs. When she finally came up for air she removed her triangle top and smashed her bare tits into my face just as hard as she had smashed her lips into me. I could hardly believe my ears when Kandi said, "Bite it!

Take a big mouthful and bite it! I want to see your teeth marks embedded in my tit flesh." A look of disbelief a full-fledged professional pussy massage across my face as I said, "Really." Kandi said, "If you bite them both really good I'll let you fuck me." I replied, "I was planning on fucking you anyway.

Come on after all you took your top off and you put your tit in my mouth. That's enough in my book." Kandi replied, "Not in my book. Unless you bite me hard you won't get in my pants." I laughed and said, "I could never get into your pants.

I'm surprised you can get into them without a shoehorn." Kandi laughed and said, "I can't. I have to soak them in hot water, slip them on, and then let them dry." Puzzled I asked, "What happens if you have to use the bathroom?" Kandi smiled and said, "Them I'm screwed because I can't get back into them." I just laughed but I really wanted to fuck her. So I took in a deep breath, latched onto her small breast good, and then bit down hard.

Kandi muffled a scream as the pain finally got to her brain. Thank God she had the brains not to scream out loud and attract her grandmother's attention.

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I sure didn't want to get arrested. Then she said, "Wow! That was great. Now do the other one." Of course she forced her other tit into my mouth.

So once again I took in a deep breath, latched onto her small breast real good, and then bit down even harder that time. Even though Kandi muffled a scream I didn't let go. She said that she wanted me to bite her hard so I did. Finally she begged me to let go and I did that too. Kandi said, "Oh Christ! Did you have to bite me so fucking hard?" I replied, "Wasn't that what you wanted?" Kandi wiped her tears away and said, "Well yes but I didn't think that it would hurt that much." So I said, "Now do I get to fuck you?" Kandi backed up a little and unzipped her tiny shorts.

She slipped them down her hip and I realized that she wasn't wearing any panties. I should have realized that before. I would have seen them if she had been wearing any.

Her pubic mound was covered with long fine silky hairs, no wonder I had seen some sticking out earlier. Then she backed up to her bed and I got a good look at her precious teenage body. If I hadn't bite her tits she would be absolutely perfection itself.

The first tit had deep teeth marks in it and it was just starting to turn black and blue. The other tit looked really bad though. I had broken the skin and there was some blood but it was exactly what she had wanted. Kandi got back on her bed, opened up her legs, and told me too fuck her fast, hard, and rough. I was not to be concerned with her pleasure, only my own. Normal chicks were nothing like this. I never took my pants off I just dropped them to my knees and got between her legs.

I touched my cock to her cunt and pushed it in. God she was tight but I just pushed harder until I got it in. I rammed it all the way into her before I pulled it out far enough to force it back into her again. I had never been that rough with a girl before but then again they had never asked for it either. The friction was great and the sensation was even better. As I fucked into her hole the feeling built up and up inside my groin until I erupted inside her. While I lay on the bed recovering Huge black dong for a petite lassie jumped up and went into her bathroom.

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She came back out shortly and kissed me and thanked me for making her fantasy come true. What fantasy? She had the same sex dream every night and it was of being raped by a boy that looked a lot like me. He bit her tits and forced his allie haze school lunch break cock into her virgin pussy. Virgin pussy? Yup! Kandi had been a virgin and apparently I had just helped her fulfill her favorite sexual fantasy. Wow, I had just fucked my second virgin.

As I looked at her I knew that I wanted to fuck her again and again. Her tits looked bad though, they were both black and blue with teeth marks showing. I watched as Kandi very gently put on a bra with some Kleenex in it to cover her wounds. Then she put on a pair of panties, a top, and a pair of pants too. I pulled my pants up and then she took me back downstairs.

Luckily I got out the front door unnoticed. Kandi invited me to come back for more but I don't know. That chick scared me. It's funny…you look your whole life for a wild girl like her and then when you find her you don't want her. The End Good Deed 162