Mother and son sex story

Mother and son sex story
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Crissy,39, told her friend that she would drop off the fund raising stuff at her house. When she got there there were no cars in the drive. Not wanting to leave the money in the doorway she went around back and found the back door unlocked.

She let herself in and left the money and paperwork on the kitchen counter and looked for a pad of paper to leave a note.

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She was about to leave when she heard something coming from down the hall, sounded like a TV was left on. Being the good friend, Crissy walked down the hall with the intent to turn it off. As she looked into the room she was shocked to see a porn playing on the tv in her friend's sons room.

Kevin was suppose to be away at college, but Crissy wasnt aware that it was spring break. Kevin was just 18, in his first year at college, He was always very polite to crissy and up til now she had never thought of him in any other way but as her friend's son.

Shocked at seeing a porn playing, Crissy doing what it takes to keep your job even more surprised to find Kevin on his bed masturbating with the largest cock she'd ever seen. Crissy got married young and wasn't all that experienced, infact had only been with a couple of men in her whole life. She couldn't believe how big he was, fortunetly Kevin didnt see her but she couldn't take her eyes off him stroking his thick cock, she thought it has to be at least 8 inches long.

Her mind was spinning, torn with the thoughts of Kevin's beautiful hard cock and the fact he was her best friend's son she knew she should just turn and leave but she had to look alittle longer.

Peeking back in he was stroking it slowly watching a porn with a young man and older woman by a pool. Crissy could feel her pussy getting wet and nipples hardening. she was wearing just some loose shorts and a tee shirt, but had been experimenting going panty less.

She knew today was a bad day for that, she thought they would had kept her thighs from getting all wet, but too late now. She was memorized by what she was watching, never before ever watching a man stroke his cock like that. She subconsciously began rubbing her nipples and as she shifted the floor cracked and keven quickly turns and sees Crissy in his doorway.

Fumbling for the remote, he accidently knocked it off the bed, trying to cover up and hop up all he had was a pinoy sex scandal at the motel towel to cover his huge thick hardon.

"Ummahhh Ms crissy i didn't know you were here I, umm ahhh." Crissy at the same time was trying to straighten herself out, not knowing which was more embarrassed they were standing just feet away from each other. Crissy's face was beet red as she tried to mumble something about just dropping something off for Kevin's mom. Kevin was standing there looking at her try and explain and he noticed she kept glancing down at the hand towel and his huge cock when he noticed how hard her nipples were.

"Ummm ms Crissy how long were you standing there watching", a wry little smile came across his face. she only blushed more and went to turn and leave when Kevin spoke again."wait, whats wrong" Crissy mumbles "I shouldn't be here this is wrong" When kevin follows her, she backs up right against the hallway wall. Kevin knows shes turned on and something comes over him where he knows this is an opportunity. "did you like what you saw, ms Crissy?" he asks as she is trying to to look at him but keeps glancing.

"Kevin this isn't right I'm sorry I should go" Kevin wasn't convinced, " I don't know Ms Crissy" as he begins to rub his semi hard cock thru the towel, "I think you liked what you saw didnt you" "KEVIN, no this isnt right, you're you're "she stutters' as she notices him stroking his now almost fully erect cock "oh my god" she whispers kevin takes her by the wrist and leads her back into his room she reluctantly follows him saying "Kevin please don't we shouldn't, I shouldn't be here I'm married" Kevin takes her hand and places it on his cock making her stroke his big thick cock, holding it on it as he makes her stroke it, "is this what you liked Ms Crissy?" he says.

She is still beet read but he feels her fingers try and wrap around it " Kevin no we shouldnt" is all she could say A fter a min of him holding her hand there he takes his hand off hers and she continues to stroke his hard cock. he reaches up and begins to play with her big 36D blonde riding the dick well in bed through her shirt, feeling how hard her nipples are all she can do is let out a moan as he plays with her nipples.

"Do you like to suck cock Ms Crissy" kevin asks "Oh my god I couldn't, its so big" as she trying to say thisher eyes glued to his big cock he pushes her shoulders down and she eases to her knees still stroking his huge cock now only inches from her face.

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She looks up at kevin "please we shouldnt kevin" in a half hearted tone He puts his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed her ashley blue in knee socks gets fucked toward his big cock. She is still stroking him hes beginning to breath quicker now as he lips wrap around the head of his cock.

He feels her tongue licking all around as she keeps stroking him. It doesn't take longCrissy knows whats shes doing she can't take all of his cock but she is sucking and licking all over as she continues to stroke his cock while cradling his balls with her other hand.

She feels kevin balls tense and knows hes read. Kevin holds onto her head as he feels his balls ready to erupt. The first load shoots down Crissy's throat almost gagging her, and another follows she pulls it out alittle to catch her breath when he erupts with another spurt of cum that lands in her hair, then another on her face she keeps stroking him as he shoot gobs of cum all over her facehair and neck thinking to herself "OMG how much does he have" Kevin shots his last spurt on her lips and leans back on the bed, Crissy, overwhelmed gets to her feet and grabs the hand towel.

Trying to whip the cum from her face, Kevin is still semi hard watching her short shorts and her ass wiggle. He moves around behind her and grabs her hops and presses his hard cock against her ass.

She gasps "Kevin" Crissy is thinking that that was it she was trying to regain her composure when she felt her shorts slide to her ankles and kevin move swiftly in behind her sliding his still hard cock between her legs.

"Kevin No we can't" she says but Kevins hard cock has already found Crissys hot wet pussy. Kevin pushes her against the bed and she subconciously spreads her legs to accomodate his huge cock. "Kevin no, I can't umm ahhhh I mean ohhgod its so big" Crissy trys but hes determined and shes in no position to stop and her body is betraying her as he begins to slide that big cock into her pussy.

With each thrust he goes alittle deeper. nice and slow almost teasing her. Kevin say "Ms crissy, are you sure you want me to stop?" as he slide more and more of his 8 1/2 inch cock into her pussy "uhhhh ohhhh god" is all she can utter moaning as he slides his thick cock in and out of her pussy. Her mind is spinning this can't be happening, but her pussy has never been so full he is cumming over and over starts as small waves she can't believe this young man is doing this to her shes never cum so much.

"Ms Crissy do you want it faster" in almost a mocking tone, she can't do anything now but enjoy it her body has taken over she wants it all now. "yes please omg faster please fuck me hard" she hears herself say.

For what seems forever he pounds her pussy harder and faster filling her wet cunt with his thick young hard cock, when hes about to cum he pulls out and shoots his huge load all over Crissy's ass and lower back.

She just collapses on the bed never feeling anything like that before.