Hello beautiful people! I guess it’s been a fair amount of time since I’ve chatted with everyone. You’re probably all wondering what I have been up to. Well I’ve got some answers. 🙂

I participated in a lovely parade in Calgary called the Lilac Festival. I was lucky enough to ride in a BMW Convertible alone and hand out candy to all the children. I learned after an hour of smiling that it does in fact hurt your cheeks!! I was able to talk to many open minded children about how I became a princess and how they can too! I was welcomed with open arms and was greeted by many.



On Fathers Day, I drove to Nanton, AB to attend Cakes for Dad. A fundraiser my friend Jade (Miss Teenage South Western Alberta 2016) held. Where people brought in cakes they created and we got to judge it on the appearance. Jade and I were accompanied by the Mayor of Nanton and one of her teachers. The events profits are going to Fort Mac to keep Alberta Strong! The Winner of the cake was awarded with a picture with the judges in the newspaper!


I’m also currently in the midst of planning a few special events! (check back for updates)

As Nationals is approaching soon, just in 3 weeks!! I’ve been preparing myself mentally and physically. (also check back on what my platform is ;))

I’ve endured hikes to expand my mind and to also keep in shape. I’ve taken adventures into the mountains to free my mind and to enjoy what mother nature has to offer. I’ve been pushing myself to go to the gym everyday and to eat healthier and to live a happier life (I’m really seeing results!!!). I’ve fought some fears like jumping off a bridge into the river, which I’d like to add is actually very powerful on the mind. After accomplishing something so big like that I feel like I can conquer anything else! I’ve gotten rid of some negative energy in my life, and with the love and support from the right people I’m improving more and more each day in finding myself and becoming the strong woman I know I am. Just remember, time heals all wounds 🙂



We’ll chat again soon, xoxo

Love Stacey.


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