Hi everybody!! I am sorry I have not been posting as often as I used to but I have been super busy with all my school work since this is my last year and I will be graduating this June.

Anyways, I am so excited to tell you all about the Bridal Showcase I attended this March 22nd!. The Bridal showcase took place at the gorgeous Blackfoot Inn and was held in a very big and spacious room. The room consisted of having multiple businesses inside displaying what they had to offer for upcoming brides and most of them were even offering candy to eat (Yummy!!!) . To just name some of these businesses there was: Scentsy Wickless, Cakes by Katia and Calgary Food Art by Elka (Wait until you see the pictures below, they are stunning), Willow and Whimsy, Positively Photos (this is so fun completely recommend it for a wedding), Southland Transportation, Wild Bills DJ services, Sujata photography, Moores Clothing for Men, Mary Kay , etc. There was also a beautiful bridal gown fashion show and the Calgary Calendar Firemen were also present at the event they were there signing their calendars that they were selling and for all those ladies that one want as well you can go on to their website . And of course the two amazing ladies for planning the whole event were Diane and Karen whom I had the amazing pleasure of meeting. Here is a picture of these two wonderful ladies and the fireman calendar boys:

                                 (Karen on the left side and Diane on the right)

So instead of me just telling you how amazing each business was I will just show it in pictures since a picture is worth a thousands words also every name of the company is linked to their website and here we go:

                                           (The Wild Bill’s DJ Services Booth )

                                      (Willow Whimsy, such gorgeous flowers)

(One of my favorites, this beauty is a watermelon believe it or not and it is made by Cakes by Katia and Calgary Food Art by Elka.)

                     (At the Positively Photos , Photo Booth, sooo fun)

(Speaking with one of my favorite ladies of the night about the Southland Safely Home Transportation)

Here is one of the brides from the bridal show with the firefighters from the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society.

(One of the hilarious couple from the bridal show)

For more info on upcoming events and for future brides don’t hesitate to visit the Welcome Wagon Website since they are always hosting new awesome events!. Well that’s all for now and I hoped you all enjoyed reading this post I wish everyone wonderful day and until next time 😀

Love xoxoxo,

-Claudia Carta

Miss Teenage Calgary 2014

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