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Well, just this Thursday I was blessed and felt honored to be a part of the event a Touch of Gold hosted by Shonalie Stadnyk the founder of Believe in the Gold. Let me tell you a bit about Believe in the Gold before I get on telling you about my night. Believe in the Gold is basically an organization that all started with an amazing girl named Jacey. Jacey was diagnosed with Stage IV Ewings Sarcoma when she was 16 and continued to fight it for two years while supporting organizations that would help towards cancer research. Sadly she passed away and that day heaven earned another angel above. She was truly a brave girl that many people loved and admired and I wish I would have gotten the chance to have met her personally. After Jacey passed on her mom (Shonalie) continued Jacey’s dream and legacy with Believe in the Gold . She raises awareness about childhood cancer and she hosts events like the one I attend this Thursday ”Touch of Gold” to raise funds for research. All the money raised goes towards research and helping families with children who have cancer to help pay off their bills. And believe me these families have a lot to pay for some things are : Parking, Groceries, Ambulance Trips, Medication , Broviac Supplies (Required for chemo therapy and not covered by insurance), Rent ,and Mortgage. Believe in the Gold raises funds and pays for the research and helps the families with these medical bills. It is really a great cause and I encourage everyone to donate towards it because they do amazing things with the funds and make such differences in many families and kids lives. To donate please go on their website Believe in the Gold and click on Donate in the right hand corner. 

Now to tell you a bit about my night it all started with meeting Shonalie as soon as I walked in. And let me tell you she is a strong determined women to be doing all this. The event was held at the Gerry Thomas Gallery and everything inside had definitely a touch of Gold. From the wine glasses to the walking statue man covered in gold to the Olympic medalists themselves.  

(Wine Glasses that said ”Believe in the Gold”)

Alone with all the wonderful people I met throughout the night I realized that each person in that room had a connection to cancer. Whether it was personal, through a family member or friend. We , each one of us in that room had been somehow touched by this. I know in my case it was my grandpa , he passed away 2 years ago from cancer and my family to this day it is still very hard on us. It is devastating to lose a loved one to this. 

Well to not get off track and all very emotional again there where 3 very famous Gold Olympians at the event . The first one being Michelle Cameron a Canadian Olympic synchronized swimmer whom I had the absolute pleasure of talking with and even taking a picture with. She is very down to earth and an amazing women to talk to, I had an amazing time with her (She was also born right here in Calgary). As well as there were two other great Olympians too, the other being Cheryl Bernard a Canadian Olympic Curler and also lastly Catriona Le May Doan a Canadian Olympic Speed Skater. These 3 ladies hold a gold medal and are such great Canadian role models . 

      (With Michelle Cameron on my left and Shonalie Stadnyk on my right)

The night consisted of live and silent auctions! ,wine tastings , live music and very delicious dessert table! There was a bit of everything and a bit for everyone. It was truly a wonderful night! Although I have to admit when I saw that the dessert table had French Macarons my heart skipped a beat!. It was absolutely deliciousssss!!! I love macarons! and they were golden too so they went with the theme. Now for those of you who are wondering what some of the auctions items were and what the golden statue man looked like here you go:

The guitar on the top left is a legitimate guitar signed by Taylor Swift herself and the bottom left is a gold necklace with the famous symbol representing cancer. It was so stunning the pictures don’t do it justice it was and still is truly beautiful. And of course on the right hand side is the famous golden statue man posing. He was covered in golden color from head to toe. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I did and I hope it inspired everyone to hopefully donate to such a great cause too!. Before I go though I would love to thank the photographer of the night Anet Hershey for taking all these wonderful photos and sending them to me. Well that’s it have a wonderful weekend everyone! and Stay Golden <3

Love xoxoxo,

-Claudia Carta

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