In the past when people I know visit Calgary they always ask me if we have any really good tourist attractions that they should stop by. Often in times I’m never quite sure where to start, we have the Calgary zoo, which has just recently updated its animals with lemurs and they also have everything from penguins, to lions, to wolves and even dinosaurs. They have something for everyone in the family. The Telus spark center which is an interactive science center that teaches kids about thing like the water cycle, how light and sound travel. It was also just recently updated with a mind bending maze which is fun for the whole family or for you and your friends. We have also been lucky enough to have a bunch of different art pieces recently installed down town Calgary including the ‘wonderland’ piece otherwise known to locals as the big head in front of the bow building. For those who don’t know the Bow building is currently Calgary’s tallest skyscraper surpassing the well know Calgary tower (which is indeed another tourist attraction downtown.) Although there are very many unique things to see or visit in Calgary I believe my favorite is the Calgary peace bridge. Now you might be thinking “really a bridge?” but let me explain. This amazing piece of architecture opened in March of 2012, and is a whopping 428 feet end to end spanning across the bow river. The bridge was built to make it easier for pedestrians to get from the southern bow river pathway (which is a beautiful walk I might add) to downtown Calgary. I think what makes this bridge so special is the design and architecture of it. It was designed to be accessible to everyone no matter your ability to move, it was created with the intentions of keep as much space open as possible, also it has multiple lighting fixtures intergraded into the ground and sides of the bridge in order to keep it well-lit even at night. My personal favorite thing about the lights is that on special occasions the lights can vary in color creating a beautiful sceptical. The design of the bridge earned it the nickname “finger trap bridge” from locals here because it really does look like a finger trap. Due to the structure and 24/7 lighting I promise you can always get an amazing picture on or off the bridge. I have found the most amazing photos are taken when it’s at night because the lights from the bridge can often in times reflect off the water giving your photos an amazing glowing effect that you can’t get with any photo editor. The surrounding pathways and trees also make for great backgrounds due to their vibrant colors. My favorite time is just after spring but still before summer because there are beautiful flowers that grow riverside and beside the paths varying from bright yellow to deep purple. I think this is one of my favorite places to visit when we have an exciting event, for example my friends and I all took a limo to the bridge and took amazing grad photos and those are something I’m going to cherish forever. It is also a great place to take a late night or day time walk with your family or partner or even friends really. The bow river is one of Alberta’s larges rivers running from almost end to end of the province so it does make a great date spot by the bridge and beside the river. So I suggest if you ever come to Calgary you seriously have to visit the Calgary peace bridge and get some great photos.

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