Monday night we had our sponsor party, it was so exciting because I got to meet representatives from each of the pageants sponsors. We have sponsors from everything from shoes, to tanning solutions, jewellery, watches and even dentistry (got keep those pearly whites clean). Once we walked in to the room there were tables filled with bags for us, it was kind of crazy to me to think these people were actually giving us things for this pageant. It was really encouraging to know that they supported us and believed in what we were doing. So as a huge thank you to our sponsor’s I’m going to tell all of you a little about each. First sponsor I would like to take the time to thank has graciously supplied all of us girls here at the pageant with brand new heels for the show! Nine west is out shoe sponsor and  the shoes are to die for and I can’t wait to wear them!(even if my feet die in the process) . The next sponsor is superadorbs, they are a adorable 😉 accsessory company that has everything from earrings to ears, necklaces to key chains and everything a teenage girl (or styling person who is no long in their teens) could ask for . I personally was gift a beautiful black chocker necklace the a silver hoop and little star studs. Next we have our dental sponsor Archer Dental, who gave us a tooth care – care package ( which was honestly a life saver because I had lost my toothbrush somewhere along the way between Calgary and Ontario….oops). Plus the dentist is actually really funny so you don’t have to worry about having to do that awkward fake laugh when he makes a joke, cause he’s in tour mouth and you don’t want to offend him . Another one of our fantastic sponsors is Golden Glamour Goddesses who specialize in eyelash extentions, spray tans ( mobile spray tans too which I did get and highly recommend) and other healthy skin care products. They spoiled us with Shea body butters and a  refreshing  scented soap. Finally but deffinetly not lastly we have our lovely sponsors over at Uptothetime  who gave all of us girls beautiful necklaces with a charm on each one, the cool part about that is some of the charms were different and the chains differed from rose gold, gold and silver. They are also supplying whoever wins the title of Miss Teenage Canada with a watch of her choosing! All these of these amazing people and so many more have helped me get this far and I am honored and so thankful to them. 2 years ago is when I first saw a post for this pageant and I never would have thought of be where I am today ! I honestly can say that I love these girls and the whole thing about pageant sisters is true, I know that I have made some life long friends from all over Canada. Also I would like to take the time to thank you, the person who is reading this. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today, everyone who has supported me I am forever thankful for and I appreciate it so much, words can’t even describe.   The beautiful west nine shoes (that I’m not sure I can walk in yet 😂)

 The watch I choose from Uptothetime that just happend to also match my dress

Modeling what it’s like to spray skin brighter on your legs

 Archer Dental coming in clutch with the toothbrush I needed !

  1. The crazy cute accessories from super adorbs!
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