Hi everyone! My week has been full of unique and incredible experiences and today was no different. We entered the Toronto Eaton Centre where we instantly felt famous as people were asking for our photos and



waving at us – such a cool experience! I round a corner and ran smack into a food truck. Right inside the mall! Now I know I’ve seen everything. It was a beautiful blue truck and your eyes are immediately drawn to it. They were very efficient with getting their orders and food ready. With 82 girls here in Toronto with me, I prepared myself to wait in line for a while but I was surprised when the line was moving pretty quickly! When it was my turn to order I asked about their gluten free options, as it was a taco and burrito truck and I was nervous that they

didn’t have any gluten free wraps, as soon as I asked the guy at the till assured me that they could safely make me a burrito but without the wrap -basically a taco salad (specifically I ordered the Pollo Chicken). This was nice because being celiac I can’t always go to a restaurant or food truck and expect them to have food that fits my dietary needs, luckily the taco truck didn’t disappoint me (they even gave me extra rice for free because I could not have the wrap). One of the coolest assets about the truck is the fact there was glass where the cooks were preparing the meals so I could see exactly how they make each taco/ burrito. As soon as I got my meal I sat down and immediately started digging in. The ingredients were fresh and you could tell they were made with care. Every last bite was savoured and my tastebuds were very satisfied.

Richtree Natural Markets Inc. operates four market-style, open kitchen restaurants across Ontario -the Toronto Eaton Centre, College Park, Bayview/York Mills Centre and Square One Mississauga. Richtree offers casual dining and takeout services! The inspired menu items use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients, including antibiotic and hormone free meats!

Overall the whole experience was so different and original, I can’t wait to go back!

Thanks so much for reading and if you’re ever near downtown Toronto drop by at the Toronto Eaton Centre and visit this food truck!! It is defiantly worth seeing!

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