I am extremely proud  and privileged to be a Canadian citizen.  This amazing country has so much to offer in terms of freedom and opportunity.  Canada is a beautiful country bursting with everything, including Niagara Falls and our many provincial parks.  Canada is also filled with every type of person you could imagine because it is the second largest country in the world with one of the highest number of immigrants.

The beautiful Niagara Falls

The beautiful Niagara Falls

People from other countries make their way to our nation in order to find a better life with enhanced opportunities for their children’s future.  Canada accepts people and embraces those who are different and unique.  Canada welcomes all people with open arms.   The fact that I am entitled to freedom of speech, a free education, free health care and equal opportunities just shows the world how Canada has so much to offer to a young girl like me.

One of the things that makes Canada a truly great place to live is our freedom and acceptance of everyone and acceptance of community.  A prime example of this is a movement the United States finally made to legalize gay marriages.  Canada was far ahead of our big brother to the south in that Canadians have shown acceptance in the form of legalization of gay marriages in 2005.  Whether it’s accepting gay marriage or accepting those of different cultures, religions and views, Canada creates a safe environment in which everyone is accepted and free.

Canada gives students the chance to a successful career.  Through free education, students are given the opportunity to truly make a living doing whatever their heart desires.  Not only are students given the opportunity to a successful career but they are given many choices as to what they would like to pursue.  My dream of obtaining a business degree with a minor in human resources would not be a realistic goal if it would not have been for my free education.

Terry Fox running to raise awareness towards cancer research

Terry Fox running to raise awareness towards cancer research

My Canadian role model would unquestionably be Terry Fox.  He took a negative situation and turned it into something positive.   Terry Fox inspired the nation and the world through his courageous struggle against cancer and his determination to raise funds for cancer research.  Not long after losing his leg to cancer, he decided to run across Canada to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  He ran from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Thunder Bay, Ontario, covering over 5,000 km in 143 days.  He inspired many around Canada and even the world to believe in hope.

Canada is an amazing place to call home.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Canada Day and thank you so much for reading!

Xoxo Brooklyn Miss Teenage Calgary 2015

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