Hi Everyone!! Today is February 26 and I am happy to say that it is Pink Shirt Day which is basically a day where people around the world unite and wear pink to represent our support of anti-bullying. Although I myself  have been sick today and was not able to attend events outside to show my support, I did it from my own home.

(Supporting Pink Shirt Day!!)

For those of you who don’t know how it all started let me just give you a quick summary. Pink Shirt Day started when two high school boys saw another high school boy getting bullied for wearing a pink t-shirt. So to show their support and to prevent any further bullying they messaged all their male friends and told them about their idea of preventing bullying by buying pink tank tops and all of them wearing it the next school day. So the boys went out and got 50 pink shirts and handed them out the next day. The bullied boy walked in and was completely at relief when he saw the immense support he was getting and the bully was never heard from again.

That’s how it happened and that is the reason for Pink Shirt Day , it is the day were we all unite and wear a pink shirt to show our support for anti-bullying. If you know of someone getting bullied stand up for them and if you can’t do that then tell a teacher, an adult or parent, a counselor or even the police. Any one of these people can help and can prevent the physical/emotional pain this person is going through. It will put your conscience at peace and it will give you a boost of happiness to know you made someone’s life easier. If you are getting bullied yourself speak out and find help because you aren’t alone.

Always remember this ”If you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel then it isn’t the end.” Well that’s all for now my lovelies! Hope to hear from you!

Love xoxox,

-Claudia Carta

Miss Teenage Calgary 2014



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