Hi everybody I am so excited to mention something completely new and unique that you will love specially for all those that have been following and keeping up with me. And it’s called Top Model Search Canada! It is a pageant created by MTCW inc who also happen to be the ones that created Miss Teenage Canada how cool is that? Now let me tell you a bit more before I get way too excited!.

Top Model Search Canada is fundamentally both a pageant and a model search. It is very unique because you do receive a crown and receive titles such as runner ups like in a pageant but you also have the chance to sign with agents and model runway internationally as well, its the best of both worlds, who could ask for more?!

It is also very unique because the winner and runner ups also get crowned as well. The winner gets the title of “Miss Supranational” and runner ups receive the title of “Miss Supermodel Canada International” and “Top Model of the world Canada”. And if you happen to win any of these titles you can represent Canada at international competitions. Now as for prizes, the winner will receive over $15,000 in cash, prizes and scholarships but there are also different awards for different categories like: Swimsuit, Best posing for camera!, Best smile, Best Cover Model, Best hair, best commercial model, best editorial model, best spokesmodel , photogenic appeal, congeniality award, Runway awards and Peoples choice Award. There are also different requirements as well to apply though, since it is a model search the minimum height is 5’7″ so all the ladies out there who are 5’7″ or over can celebrate ! As for others you can still celebrate because the sister pageant for Top Model Search Canada is Miss Teenage Canada which is beyond amazing.

Since there is a pageant element to it as well and I am currently part of the Miss Teenage Canada pageant my advice to all you ladies competing in Top Model Search Canada this August 12 and those of you ladies considering applying is to always shine on the outside and smile on the inside as well it really portrays on stage when you’re genuinely happy.

Well thats all for now , stay in touch and keep coming back to my blog to check up on updates on my Miss Teenage Canada experience.

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