As I take a deep breath in, my eyes wander around the room where I met all the lovely, beautiful girls I’m competing against. The feeling of butterflies storming in my stomach as I’ve waited for this day to come in what feels like years. As the day moves on, I remember Michelle saying to not worry about whats happening until the moment approaches itself. Being a teen with anxiety, this slight piece of certainty reassured me to stay calm and to stay true to myself. The day of the pageant was a blur, time flew by briskly. One moment I was holding hands with my pageant sisters watching the stunning ladies one by one being called and next thing I knew I heard my number (#24), and name being called. At this point, I didn’t know whether to cry or smile, so I did both. Out of the 14 girls, I was placed 5th. This being my first pageant, I’m proud to say I went in with a positive mindset and knew no matter what, I was just grateful for the opportunity.


Now, let me introduce myself. My names Stacey, I am 18 years old and I was born in Saskatchewan and moved to the beautiful Calgary Alberta when I was 14. Growing up my life revolved around piano and dance. I won 3 silver medals for piano and achieved the highest mark in Saskatchewan. Alongside this, I competed every year and won many scholarships. You could say I quite literally breathe and live for music, and there will always be a part of me that connects so deep within. As for dance, I started at the young age of 5. I was very competitive and passionate about all genres of dance. From ballet, to tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, and even acrobatics. I remember my very first solo as a toddler to my very last solo as a teen. I remember the refreshing feeling of overcoming my fear (as a big audience is quite uneasy) and the feeling of accomplishing everything i worked so hard for. There wasn’t a time of day when I wasn’t dedicating my time to dance or piano.

As a creator of movement and all things art, I aspire to live a “magical” life. Where I can enhance the beauty of my natural features or the beauty of nature. To connect with myself and to those around me. I’m most passionate about caring for others and to give back. The great feeling of making someone else happy because I believe in karma and what comes around goes around! I’ve endured a lot of challenges in life to get to where I am today. As the humble and compassionate teen I am, I cannot wait to further educate and speak for those who cant, about current issues and my passions with the world! Stay tuned! Xoxo


With lots of love, Miss Teenage Calgary 2016 – Stacey





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Hi everyone! My week has been full of unique and incredible experiences and today was no different. We entered the Toronto Eaton Centre where we instantly felt famous as people were asking for our photos and

waving at us – such a cool experience! I round a corner and ran smack into a food truck. Right inside the mall! Now I know I’ve seen everything. It was a beautiful blue truck and your eyes are immediately drawn to it. They were very efficient with getting their orders and food ready. With 82 girls here in Toronto with me, I prepared myself to wait in line for a while but I was surprised when the line was moving pretty quickly! When it was my turn to order I asked about their gluten free options, as it was a taco and burrito truck and I was nervous that they

didn’t have any gluten free wraps, as soon as I asked the guy at the till assured me that they could safely make me a burrito but without the wrap -basically a taco salad (specifically I ordered the Pollo Chicken). This was nice because being celiac I can’t always go to a restaurant or food truck and expect them to have food that fits my dietary needs, luckily the taco truck didn’t disappoint me (they even gave me extra rice for free because I could not have the wrap). One of the coolest assets about the truck is the fact there was glass where the cooks were preparing the meals so I could see exactly how they make each taco/ burrito. As soon as I got my meal I sat down and immediately started digging in. The ingredients were fresh and you could tell they were made with care. Every last bite was savoured and my tastebuds were very satisfied.

Richtree Natural Markets Inc. operates four market-style, open kitchen restaurants across Ontario -the Toronto Eaton Centre, College Park, Bayview/York Mills Centre and Square One Mississauga. Richtree offers casual dining and takeout services! The inspired menu items use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients, including antibiotic and hormone free meats!

Overall the whole experience was so different and original, I can’t wait to go back!

Thanks so much for reading and if you’re ever near downtown Toronto drop by at the Toronto Eaton Centre and visit this food truck!! It is defiantly worth seeing!

Miss Teenage Calgary

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I hope everyone is having the most fantastic summer! In approximately 15 hours I will be Toronto bound heading to the Miss Teenage Canada pageant!! I am beyond excited and can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back home to Calgary.  Before I get ahead of myself I would like to draw attention to my platform.  I have chosen to focus on teens with disabilities.  There is an organization in my high school called TASC which stands for Teaching of Attitude, Social Skills and Communication.  It is here disabled teens from grades 10 through 12 are able to learn to communicate with others.  During grade 12 I volunteered and worked with TASC.  In doing so, I found there is a definite isolation between teens with disabilities and the rest of the school. I realized that although the program was about teaching disabled teens social skills, they were being deprived of the social interaction between students within the school.  Yes, they did have the other students in the TASC program to talk to or interact with but those were only a handful of students in which they would become comfortable around.

During the school year we had a number of assemblies, and I will not forget our first assembly we had starting out the new year.  We were there to welcome the new grade 10’s and new students that had joined our school.  Naturally everyone was invited including the new TASC students.  During the assembly I can remember some of the people near me complaining and acting completely inappropriate towards the TASC students because they

Some of the TASC students and me on World Autism Awareness Day

Some of the TASC students and me on World Autism Awareness Day

were too noisy and some of them were even yelling at the top of their lungs.  I sympathized for the TASC students because they weren’t used to the big crowds making lots of noise and cheering every two seconds.   Both the new TASC students and other new students were uncomfortable with one another and at that moment I realized that the integration of the TASC students and the other students within the school was necessary in order for everyone to interact with each other in an appropriate manner.  When the TASC students leave the program they are just the same happy, kind teens who entered although they have successfully learned the basics to human interaction and are more comfortable engaging in conversation with others around them.  It is also the same for most students who leave high school; they may enter feeling uncomfortable with the TASC students around and leave feeling comfortable around them and will interact with them the same as they would a new friend.  It is not only the TASC students that need to learn how to act around others, but in a greater scheme of things, it is the general population of students who need to experience the behaviour of TASC students in order to better understand and be accepting of other people’s actions.

I have a cousin who has been disabled all of her life.  She is a very kind, loving and happy person.  When she was little and was uncomfortable around strangers, she would become very shy and sometimes act inappropriate towards them.  When she began school she was put in a program like TASC where she could learn how to properly interact with other students at her school.  The program helped her immensely and by the time she graduated grade 12, she learned how to better act around others.  She is still the same loveable person she always was, but she is able to conduct herself better in social situations and likewise, the children that went to school with her, learned tolerance and acceptance.  My cousin graduated with many friends consisting of other TASC children, as well as non-TASC kids in her school.

As Miss Teenage Canada I would promote these types of organizations in schools in the hopes of eliminating the isolation between students within programs such as TASC and other teens within the school.  I feel as a spokesperson for Miss Teenage Canada, I would be in a better position to be heard.  Having the Miss Teenage Canada title would help draw attention to my platform because I will find myself making appearances and talks.  I would love the opportunity to visit schools in my new capacity as Miss Teenage Canada.

Thanks so much for reading!

~Miss Teenage Calgary~

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I am extremely proud  and privileged to be a Canadian citizen.  This amazing country has so much to offer in terms of freedom and opportunity.  Canada is a beautiful country bursting with everything, including Niagara Falls and our many provincial parks.  Canada is also filled with every type of person you could imagine because it is the second largest country in the world with one of the highest number of immigrants.

The beautiful Niagara Falls

The beautiful Niagara Falls

People from other countries make their way to our nation in order to find a better life with enhanced opportunities for their children’s future.  Canada accepts people and embraces those who are different and unique.  Canada welcomes all people with open arms.   The fact that I am entitled to freedom of speech, a free education, free health care and equal opportunities just shows the world how Canada has so much to offer to a young girl like me.

One of the things that makes Canada a truly great place to live is our freedom and acceptance of everyone and acceptance of community.  A prime example of this is a movement the United States finally made to legalize gay marriages.  Canada was far ahead of our big brother to the south in that Canadians have shown acceptance in the form of legalization of gay marriages in 2005.  Whether it’s accepting gay marriage or accepting those of different cultures, religions and views, Canada creates a safe environment in which everyone is accepted and free.

Canada gives students the chance to a successful career.  Through free education, students are given the opportunity to truly make a living doing whatever their heart desires.  Not only are students given the opportunity to a successful career but they are given many choices as to what they would like to pursue.  My dream of obtaining a business degree with a minor in human resources would not be a realistic goal if it would not have been for my free education.

Terry Fox running to raise awareness towards cancer research

Terry Fox running to raise awareness towards cancer research

My Canadian role model would unquestionably be Terry Fox.  He took a negative situation and turned it into something positive.   Terry Fox inspired the nation and the world through his courageous struggle against cancer and his determination to raise funds for cancer research.  Not long after losing his leg to cancer, he decided to run across Canada to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  He ran from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Thunder Bay, Ontario, covering over 5,000 km in 143 days.  He inspired many around Canada and even the world to believe in hope.

Canada is an amazing place to call home.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Canada Day and thank you so much for reading!

Xoxo Brooklyn Miss Teenage Calgary 2015

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With the Canada pageant quickly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to update you on the exciting things I’ve been involved with over the past few months.

First off, I’d love to thank Bennett Jones LLP for sponsoring me on my way to nationals.  It truly means a lot that they are backing me.  Bennett Jones is a law firm in Calgary with offices in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Beijing, Hong Kong and Dubai.  I am honored and will do my very best to make them proud of me.

On April 4th, I volunteered at an Easter Egg hunt where I got to hang out with none other than the Easter Bunny himself!  Turns out he doesn’t have a lot to say, but he’s a down to earth fella.  I hid Easter eggs for children to find and I pose for pictures and signed autographs for one or two fans.  The best part was when children would come up to me and ask if I was really a true princess.  I felt like a strong role model for kids to look up to.  Keeping the crown to myself was tricky because all the kids wanted to try it on so they too could feel like a princess!  I felt very loved and enjoyed all the congratulations on my successes and wishing me good luck at nationals.

On April 25th, I was given the opportunity to do my first 025modeling gig!  I performed in a Bridal Fair with KSP Models.  It was exciting to play dress-up as a bride for a day.  I tried on lots of beautiful dresses and finally decided on one that was simple and elegant.  I really enjoyed walking the runway and the energy on stage was fantastic.


I graduated with honors from Central Memorial High School on May 28th.  I spent a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends saying good-bye to an amazing chapter in my life.  It is bittersweet leaving the comfort of high school but I can honestly say I am really excited to begin the next phase of my life, first with the pageant and then University!

On June 27th and 28th, I got the amazing opportunity to spend two fun-filled days volunteering at the International Gay Rodeo Association in Strathmore, Alberta, hosted by ARGRA (Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association).  As a volunteer, I got the chance to be in grand entry which is a parade of all of the executives, sponsors and flag bearers for Canada and the United States.  I also volunteered at the front gate and managed to do a bit of fund raising for Free the Children and I got to hand out awards to various rodeo event winners.

The best part of the event was the atmosphere of it all.  Everyone always seemed to have a smile on their face and they were all so kind and welcoming throughout the weekend.  No 108one was left out and everyone was supported.  This event happened on the perfect weekend as the Supreme Court had just declared same sex marriages legal in all 50 states of the U.S.  This is a momentous accomplishment in our world today and I was happy to be a part of it and share in this accomplishment with the people at the event who all feel so strongly about the rights for people to love whomever they choose.  The theme in the US was echoed throughout the weekend:  “Love Always Wins”.  This means that unconditional love is a natural force that is capable of doing away with all negativity and all suffering, misery and chaos.  Love is one of the most powerful mechanisms that the human race has ever developed and no hatred is vast or powerful enough to concur it.

ARGRA is a Calgary based non-profit society that is 100% volunteer driven. It is truly an international event with people coming from all corners of the globe to attend.  This makes it the largest gay rodeo association in the world.  ARGRA’s philosophy is that everyone is entitled to a safe place, where all genders, orientations and backgrounds are celebrated and welcomed. ARGRA is diverse and invites everyone to 113join them, without fear of prejudice or discrimination.

If this weren’t enough, can you believe I also got to meet Aaron Pritchett!  LeAnn Rimes, George Canyon and the Village People were also some of the people who performed throughout the weekend.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  ~ Dr. Seuss

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

xoxo Brooklyn, Miss Teenage Calgary 2015.



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