WAIT! Did you mean Prince’s or Princess???

The often incorrectly pronounced park known as Prince’s Island Park was named after Peter Anthony Prince, the founder of Eau Claire Lumber Mill. (Which is also another amazing location to visit!) The park was built on land, donated to the city by the Prince family. (How cool is that? It’s like were literally stepping on royalty!!) The island is 20 hectares and is linked by 3 bridges to Eau Claire, downtown Calgary, and to the community of Crescent Heights.


1/3 bridges in Prince’s Island Park.

It is also part of the pathway and hiking trail system lining both sides of the Bow River. You will often see people rafting in the river, enjoying the views of the park. One of the important and cute attractions in Prince’s Island Park are the Canadian geese and mallard ducks. I’ve gone personally a few times to feed the birds, and I must say, once they see you handing out food, you better be prepared for all of them to come rushing in towards you!!


The Canadian geese and mallard ducks sure know how to win peoples hearts.

You may think, well what’s so great about a park? But if you’re an adventurous and nature-loving human like myself, you’ll take it like it’s a fresh breath of air. Around the beautiful bright green and colorful park holds a cafe, live musicians, ice cream trucks, picnic areas ( in which you see the happily married couple, or the joyful young family running around with the sun gleaming on their happy faces), flower gardens, water fountains, a playground for the children, view of downtown, and the eye pleasing sunset that hits the scenery in patterns and colours you could not even imagine.

vsco_081115 vsco_050716


Prince’s Island Park is also friendly to dogs, so if you’re an animal lover like me, prepare yourself for the many “aw’s”, “oh my gosh there’s a dog!”, “that dog is so cute!” during your walks.

Another great thing the park has to offer is during the winters, you can go cross country skiing and outdoor skating!! This park is starting to sound like a dream vacation! (hahaha) The best thing about this is that if you live in Calgary, it’s just minutes away from your location 🙂

So come explore this beautiful, majestic, aesthetically pleasing land and all it has to offer! I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it just as much or even more than me 🙂

Goodbye for now,

Miss Teenage Calgary 2016



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Hello beautiful people! I guess it’s been a fair amount of time since I’ve chatted with everyone. You’re probably all wondering what I have been up to. Well I’ve got some answers. 🙂

I participated in a lovely parade in Calgary called the Lilac Festival. I was lucky enough to ride in a BMW Convertible alone and hand out candy to all the children. I learned after an hour of smiling that it does in fact hurt your cheeks!! I was able to talk to many open minded children about how I became a princess and how they can too! I was welcomed with open arms and was greeted by many.



On Fathers Day, I drove to Nanton, AB to attend Cakes for Dad. A fundraiser my friend Jade (Miss Teenage South Western Alberta 2016) held. Where people brought in cakes they created and we got to judge it on the appearance. Jade and I were accompanied by the Mayor of Nanton and one of her teachers. The events profits are going to Fort Mac to keep Alberta Strong! The Winner of the cake was awarded with a picture with the judges in the newspaper!


I’m also currently in the midst of planning a few special events! (check back for updates)

As Nationals is approaching soon, just in 3 weeks!! I’ve been preparing myself mentally and physically. (also check back on what my platform is ;))

I’ve endured hikes to expand my mind and to also keep in shape. I’ve taken adventures into the mountains to free my mind and to enjoy what mother nature has to offer. I’ve been pushing myself to go to the gym everyday and to eat healthier and to live a happier life (I’m really seeing results!!!). I’ve fought some fears like jumping off a bridge into the river, which I’d like to add is actually very powerful on the mind. After accomplishing something so big like that I feel like I can conquer anything else! I’ve gotten rid of some negative energy in my life, and with the love and support from the right people I’m improving more and more each day in finding myself and becoming the strong woman I know I am. Just remember, time heals all wounds 🙂



We’ll chat again soon, xoxo

Love Stacey.


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During mid February, I had found out that the JUNO awards this year were being held in Calgary. As ecstatic as I was to even think about being in the same room as my favorite Celebrities, (The Weeknd, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, etc) I quickly filled out an online application to be a volunteer. Keeping in mind, I did not earn my title as Miss Teenage Calgary 2016 yet.

Fast track to March 28th and now having my title, I got an email back from the lovely Audience Producer, Freda Lynds. She informed me that I was going to be part of the seat filler crew! I immediately knew I could use this as an advantage to promote my reign as Miss Teenage Calgary 2016. I emailed her back speaking about my platform and sure enough it was a go for me to wear my sash and crown!

April 3rd, the big day finally approached me. I went with my best friend Sanjali. We had lined up behind all of the other seat fillers and one at a time we entered the door. I faintly heard a lady call out “Miss Teenage Calgary”. I turned around and there I was greeted by Freda Lynds. She told me that she had saved a special seat for Sanjali and I. Of course after hearing this, we continued to freak out because of how excited we were. Moments later, a large group of us walked down to where all the seat fillers were going to be seated.


A young lady who was working there came up to us and pulled out 2 tickets. Freda had generously provided us seats right next to the floor. I immediately scurried to Freda and gave her a huge hug and thanked her for this opportunity. I was blown away and speechless. Thank you again Freda, I’m forever thankful!!


We then walked down to our seats, we realized right next to us is where all the celebrities were being seated. We met Alessia Cara and she was so genuine and happy it was great meeting someone my age who is still so humble even with all the fame she has.


At this point I wanted to scream so loud, I was completely overjoyed. The show was amazing, it was a great pleasure meeting everyone that i did, and I’ll never forget that surreal day!



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As I take a deep breath in, my eyes wander around the room where I met all the lovely, beautiful girls I’m competing against. The feeling of butterflies storming in my stomach as I’ve waited for this day to come in what feels like years. As the day moves on, I remember Michelle saying to not worry about whats happening until the moment approaches itself. Being a teen with anxiety, this slight piece of certainty reassured me to stay calm and to stay true to myself. The day of the pageant was a blur, time flew by briskly. One moment I was holding hands with my pageant sisters watching the stunning ladies one by one being called and next thing I knew I heard my number (#24), and name being called. At this point, I didn’t know whether to cry or smile, so I did both. Out of the 14 girls, I was placed 5th. This being my first pageant, I’m proud to say I went in with a positive mindset and knew no matter what, I was just grateful for the opportunity.


Now, let me introduce myself. My names Stacey, I am 18 years old and I was born in Saskatchewan and moved to the beautiful Calgary Alberta when I was 14. Growing up my life revolved around piano and dance. I won 3 silver medals for piano and achieved the highest mark in Saskatchewan. Alongside this, I competed every year and won many scholarships. You could say I quite literally breathe and live for music, and there will always be a part of me that connects so deep within. As for dance, I started at the young age of 5. I was very competitive and passionate about all genres of dance. From ballet, to tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, and even acrobatics. I remember my very first solo as a toddler to my very last solo as a teen. I remember the refreshing feeling of overcoming my fear (as a big audience is quite uneasy) and the feeling of accomplishing everything i worked so hard for. There wasn’t a time of day when I wasn’t dedicating my time to dance or piano.

As a creator of movement and all things art, I aspire to live a “magical” life. Where I can enhance the beauty of my natural features or the beauty of nature. To connect with myself and to those around me. I’m most passionate about caring for others and to give back. The great feeling of making someone else happy because I believe in karma and what comes around goes around! I’ve endured a lot of challenges in life to get to where I am today. As the humble and compassionate teen I am, I cannot wait to further educate and speak for those who cant, about current issues and my passions with the world! Stay tuned! Xoxo


With lots of love, Miss Teenage Calgary 2016 – Stacey





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Hi everyone! My week has been full of unique and incredible experiences and today was no different. We entered the Toronto Eaton Centre where we instantly felt famous as people were asking for our photos and



waving at us – such a cool experience! I round a corner and ran smack into a food truck. Right inside the mall! Now I know I’ve seen everything. It was a beautiful blue truck and your eyes are immediately drawn to it. They were very efficient with getting their orders and food ready. With 82 girls here in Toronto with me, I prepared myself to wait in line for a while but I was surprised when the line was moving pretty quickly! When it was my turn to order I asked about their gluten free options, as it was a taco and burrito truck and I was nervous that they

didn’t have any gluten free wraps, as soon as I asked the guy at the till assured me that they could safely make me a burrito but without the wrap -basically a taco salad (specifically I ordered the Pollo Chicken). This was nice because being celiac I can’t always go to a restaurant or food truck and expect them to have food that fits my dietary needs, luckily the taco truck didn’t disappoint me (they even gave me extra rice for free because I could not have the wrap). One of the coolest assets about the truck is the fact there was glass where the cooks were preparing the meals so I could see exactly how they make each taco/ burrito. As soon as I got my meal I sat down and immediately started digging in. The ingredients were fresh and you could tell they were made with care. Every last bite was savoured and my tastebuds were very satisfied.

Richtree Natural Markets Inc. operates four market-style, open kitchen restaurants across Ontario -the Toronto Eaton Centre, College Park, Bayview/York Mills Centre and Square One Mississauga. Richtree offers casual dining and takeout services! The inspired menu items use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients, including antibiotic and hormone free meats!

Overall the whole experience was so different and original, I can’t wait to go back!

Thanks so much for reading and if you’re ever near downtown Toronto drop by at the Toronto Eaton Centre and visit this food truck!! It is defiantly worth seeing!

Miss Teenage Calgary

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