For our second blog assignment, it’s all about our designing skills. I particularly love this idea because I am a creative person. If you read my introduction I stated that I quite literally breathe art. All my life I’ve drawn pictures as a way to escape from the real world, it’s very therapeutic to me. I especially love taking inspiration from other artists and making it my own. During a hard time in my life, I would sit for hours and just draw. (Fun fact, all of my drawings are hung on my bedroom wall!!) So I am very very excited and proud to announce my beautiful handmade design! 🙂


Took me an hour and a half to perfect it 🙂

I’ve chosen to show the different forms of women, because no matter what height or size you are, it’s about who you are as a person. I wholeheartedly believe that all women are beautiful. Miss Teenage Canada also portrays the different sizes of girls in this pageant, so I figured it was a perfect way to showcase this.

The good people at Sign Source Solution are donating a roll-up banner to the Miss Teenage Canada organization. This business specializes in making signs and event signage. They are located in Toronto and whats even more amazing is that someone from the company will be there on July 24th, the night of the Miss Teenage Canada show, to pose with the winning design and designer!! I have my fingers crossed, do you?

Cant wait to see the winning roll-up banner, stay tuned!

Love Miss Teenage Calgary 2016


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