WAIT! Did you mean Prince’s or Princess???

The often incorrectly pronounced park known as Prince’s Island Park was named after Peter Anthony Prince, the founder of Eau Claire Lumber Mill. (Which is also another amazing location to visit!) The park was built on land, donated to the city by the Prince family. (How cool is that? It’s like were literally stepping on royalty!!) The island is 20 hectares and is linked by 3 bridges to Eau Claire, downtown Calgary, and to the community of Crescent Heights.


1/3 bridges in Prince’s Island Park.

It is also part of the pathway and hiking trail system lining both sides of the Bow River. You will often see people rafting in the river, enjoying the views of the park. One of the important and cute attractions in Prince’s Island Park are the Canadian geese and mallard ducks. I’ve gone personally a few times to feed the birds, and I must say, once they see you handing out food, you better be prepared for all of them to come rushing in towards you!!


The Canadian geese and mallard ducks sure know how to win peoples hearts.

You may think, well what’s so great about a park? But if you’re an adventurous and nature-loving human like myself, you’ll take it like it’s a fresh breath of air. Around the beautiful bright green and colorful park holds a cafe, live musicians, ice cream trucks, picnic areas ( in which you see the happily married couple, or the joyful young family running around with the sun gleaming on their happy faces), flower gardens, water fountains, a playground for the children, view of downtown, and the eye pleasing sunset that hits the scenery in patterns and colours you could not even imagine.

vsco_081115 vsco_050716


Prince’s Island Park is also friendly to dogs, so if you’re an animal lover like me, prepare yourself for the many “aw’s”, “oh my gosh there’s a dog!”, “that dog is so cute!” during your walks.

Another great thing the park has to offer is during the winters, you can go cross country skiing and outdoor skating!! This park is starting to sound like a dream vacation! (hahaha) The best thing about this is that if you live in Calgary, it’s just minutes away from your location 🙂

So come explore this beautiful, majestic, aesthetically pleasing land and all it has to offer! I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it just as much or even more than me 🙂

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