I’m here today to talk about a more serious and touchy subject. I need you to think back on a hard time you encountered in your life. Where you were so sad, betrayed, lost, hurt etc that you felt like you had no purpose or motive in this world. Now that you’ve thought of at least one situation, compare it to how you are NOW. Does it blow your mind that in that state of mind, years or months ago you wanted to alter your life? Or the vulnerable words you played in your head driving you crazy that you wanted to disappear from this world so badly because of one situation, that doesn’t even affect you today? That being said, this is my platform as a delegate and goal in life, it’s ending the stigma surrounding mental illnesses that trigger suicides. I want to be someone who gives and helps a person another reason to live.

Did you know in 2012 approximately 4000 people ended their own life? Did you know that everyday in Alberta, more than 1 person will die as a result of a suicide? Did you know that there will be 5 attempted suicide/self-inflicted injury hospital admissions? And did you know that there will be 14 attempted suicide/self-inflicted injury emergency department visits? How does this personally make you feel, knowing that there are great people out there, who are ending their lives short? Don’t YOU feel helpless? Don’t you want to help end this stigma? This is why I am so intrigued in this topic. Not only that, but I have experienced this first hand. I’m fortunate to be healthy and alive today. Although I have days that are more grey than others, I continue to live my life because everything is temporary. I am lucky enough to be able to be a delegate in Miss Teenage Canada-World. This is my chance to voice my opinion and to help those in need.

I hope you follow my journey to ending this stigma, one person at a time.

Best regards,

Miss Teenage Calgary 2016.

Written by: Stacey
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