During mid February, I had found out that the JUNO awards this year were being held in Calgary. As ecstatic as I was to even think about being in the same room as my favorite Celebrities, (The Weeknd, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, etc) I quickly filled out an online application to be a volunteer. Keeping in mind, I did not earn my title as Miss Teenage Calgary 2016 yet.

Fast track to March 28th and now having my title, I got an email back from the lovely Audience Producer, Freda Lynds. She informed me that I was going to be part of the seat filler crew! I immediately knew I could use this as an advantage to promote my reign as Miss Teenage Calgary 2016. I emailed her back speaking about my platform and sure enough it was a go for me to wear my sash and crown!

April 3rd, the big day finally approached me. I went with my best friend Sanjali. We had lined up behind all of the other seat fillers and one at a time we entered the door. I faintly heard a lady call out “Miss Teenage Calgary”. I turned around and there I was greeted by Freda Lynds. She told me that she had saved a special seat for Sanjali and I. Of course after hearing this, we continued to freak out because of how excited we were. Moments later, a large group of us walked down to where all the seat fillers were going to be seated.


A young lady who was working there came up to us and pulled out 2 tickets. Freda had generously provided us seats right next to the floor. I immediately scurried to Freda and gave her a huge hug and thanked her for this opportunity. I was blown away and speechless. Thank you again Freda, I’m forever thankful!!


We then walked down to our seats, we realized right next to us is where all the celebrities were being seated. We met Alessia Cara and she was so genuine and happy it was great meeting someone my age who is still so humble even with all the fame she has.


At this point I wanted to scream so loud, I was completely overjoyed. The show was amazing, it was a great pleasure meeting everyone that i did, and I’ll never forget that surreal day!



Written by: Stacey
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