As I take a deep breath in, my eyes wander around the room where I met all the lovely, beautiful girls I’m competing against. The feeling of butterflies storming in my stomach as I’ve waited for this day to come in what feels like years. As the day moves on, I remember Michelle saying to not worry about whats happening until the moment approaches itself. Being a teen with anxiety, this slight piece of certainty reassured me to stay calm and to stay true to myself. The day of the pageant was a blur, time flew by briskly. One moment I was holding hands with my pageant sisters watching the stunning ladies one by one being called and next thing I knew I heard my number (#24), and name being called. At this point, I didn’t know whether to cry or smile, so I did both. Out of the 14 girls, I was placed 5th. This being my first pageant, I’m proud to say I went in with a positive mindset and knew no matter what, I was just grateful for the opportunity.


Now, let me introduce myself. My names Stacey, I am 18 years old and I was born in Saskatchewan and moved to the beautiful Calgary Alberta when I was 14. Growing up my life revolved around piano and dance. I won 3 silver medals for piano and achieved the highest mark in Saskatchewan. Alongside this, I competed every year and won many scholarships. You could say I quite literally breathe and live for music, and there will always be a part of me that connects so deep within. As for dance, I started at the young age of 5. I was very competitive and passionate about all genres of dance. From ballet, to tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, and even acrobatics. I remember my very first solo as a toddler to my very last solo as a teen. I remember the refreshing feeling of overcoming my fear (as a big audience is quite uneasy) and the feeling of accomplishing everything i worked so hard for. There wasn’t a time of day when I wasn’t dedicating my time to dance or piano.

As a creator of movement and all things art, I aspire to live a “magical” life. Where I can enhance the beauty of my natural features or the beauty of nature. To connect with myself and to those around me. I’m most passionate about caring for others and to give back. The great feeling of making someone else happy because I believe in karma and what comes around goes around! I’ve endured a lot of challenges in life to get to where I am today. As the humble and compassionate teen I am, I cannot wait to further educate and speak for those who cant, about current issues and my passions with the world! Stay tuned! Xoxo


With lots of love, Miss Teenage Calgary 2016 – Stacey





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