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                  (Me at the Peace Bridge in Downtown Calgary)

Okay! so as you probably already know, my name is Claudia and I am this years reigning Miss Teenage Calgary 2014. So let me tell you a bit about myself!. I was born in the beautiful city of Habana , Cuba on October 12, 1995 so that makes me 18 years old!. My astrology sign is Libra and yes I do live up to the expectations of a Libra 😛 . I moved to Canada in the June of 2005 and Calgary has been my new home since then and I would not want it any other way. I just recently moved into a new home a year ago in the beautiful community of New Brighton. I live here with my parents and cute little shih tzu dog named Tuck.

                            (Tuck, isn’t he the cutest shih tzu ever?)

I am currently in my grade 12 year in high school! and I have attend the same high school (Bishop Grandin High School) since grade 10 and I am so excited to be graduating this year with all my friends. It will be so amazing to see each one of them walk the stage.  I adore my friends specially my best friends they have been by my side always and will forever continue to be. But I don’t just love my best friends , and family and puppy I also love to cook, dance, read, and i absolutely love all animals.

      (Top Left: Cuban dessert called ”flan” made it myself, Top Center: Carrying a baby lion        Top Right: One of my favorite books it’s called ”Night”by Elie Wiesel, Bottom: Dancing)

Those are just some pictures so that you get the idea :D. Now some facts about me I love music whether it is dancing to it or singing to it ! Some of my favorite songs right now are Timber by Pitbull ft Kesha,     Happy by Pharrell Williams and The Monster by Eminem ft Rihanna .My favorite male singer is Pitbull and female singer is Beyonce. My favorite color is pink but I love to wear black and white. My favorite time of the day is night for sure , I consider myself a night owl I usually get my best ideas at night and stay up until late. I love watching movies and the movies that have made me laugh the most are definitely Pitch Perfect and 21 Jump Street soooo funny hahaha and the movie that has made me cry the most is definitely Marley and Me for those of you who have seen it you know why , I don’t want to spoil it for anyone out there.

Now I want to tell you a bit about my platform in the pageant. My platform is education for young children and teenagers. I do a lot of volunteer work mainly based on  children and I know that the children’s I work with are amazing tiny individuals and are so blessed to live in a place like Canada where education is taken for granted. I am well aware and know that so many children around the world don’t have the luxury of a proper education . This saddens me because education allows children to reach their full potential and opens a door of unlimited possibilities. It is a vital human right that each child deserves to receive. Although I myself have also been very blessed and fortunate to have received great education since a young age I know this is not the case for others around the world specially for females. It makes me upset and frustrated that something as basic as education is not available to other children. That is why I made education for children and teenagers my platform and I hope that in my one year reign as Miss Teenage Calgary 2014 I will be able to raise more awareness and become an well known ambassador for this cause. My current dream for my platform is to raise enough money that we will be able to build a school for children in Sub-Saharan Africa where schools are drastically needed. 

Well that’s all for now! Please click the links under the ”About me” box on the right hand side to get in contact with me through twitter or my facebook page!. I love receiving messages and promise to reply!. If you want to send me a business email or would like me to make an appearance at your event you can also do so by clicking the mail icon and if you want to know a bit more go on my website www.claudializcarta.com as well as you can leave comments here on my blog! I hope to hear from you soon <3 !

Love xoxoox,

-Claudia Carta

Miss Teenage Calgary 2014


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