Hi everyone, I’m Cailyn: Miss Teenage Calgary 2017!

First off I would like to just thank everyone who has been or is going to be a part of my journey.  I am looking forward to meeting people, making new friends and having a larger role in my community. I am 17 years old and I love art, reading, and archery. My real passion is hip hop.  When I’m on stage I feel like I’m invincible!  I am currently in my last year of high school and can’t wait to attend Sait’s culinary course in the fall! I consider myself kind of a geek. I enjoy comics, superhero’s, and video games. If I could have one super power it would be teleportation. How cool would it be to get Churros in Mexico and get back in no time at all so I can go to a Flame’s game with my friends?  I have anxiety and sometimes struggle with self acceptance. Each day could bring a new worry for me but I wake up with a positive attitude and say “I feel like some lemonade today.  Bring on the lemons!”  I am learning how to love myself inside and out and although it isn’t always easy, I find it easier each day by remembering what’s important. I watch teenagers and kids alike these days change something about themselves just because others don’t like it. It can range from appearance, confidence, how you act or what you say; even how loud you are. I’ve had people try to change me and for awhile I used to try and change myself to be who they thought I should be; but no more. I would like to help others to start accepting themselves for who they are and find their inner strength and beauty.  My goal on here is not to just talk at you but listen to you and hopefully share some laughs and smiles along the way.  Ready for an adventure?

Written by: Cailyn
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