Every girl dreams of being a princess, and I am so honored that I am able to say I am one for a whole year!  My name is Brooklyn S. and I on March 22nd, 2015 I was crowned as your new Miss Teenage Calgary 2015.  I’ll begin by filling you in on my journey thus far.

The first day of my pageant experience was overwhelmingly joyful.  I had the honor of working with Jane Gagne a pageant queen and our choreographer.  She coached us through everything from how to properly walk in a runway setting to how to confidently present yourself to the judges.  We also learned small details like how to sit properly during an interview.  Prejudging that day was very energetic.  All thirty-five delegates had worked so unbelievably hard practicing their interview skills and rehearsing their swimwear and then the moment came where we could all show off our skills to the judges.  I remember lining up getting ready for swimwear.  My heart was pounding and I was excited to show off my body that I had worked hard for, however; the swimwear portion itself was a complete blur.  I don’t remember how but apparently I managed to slightly stumble right in front of the judges!  I did not let that stop me and I smiled and kept going as if nothing had happened.  After swimwear I immediately changed into my interview outfit and the judges asked me questions about myself and my platform.  I felt very confident with my answers and I walked away with a sense of relief knowing I did my best.

After interview I headed home because I was fortunate that the pageant was being held in my city so I did not need a hotel room.  That night I could not stop smiling.  I was so excited for the pageant day to come I hardly got any sleep. Finally the day had come – Pageant Day.  The day seemed to whiz right by my face.  I remember reviewing the dance with some delegate and then the next minute I was getting my hair and makeup done and before I knew it, I was standing on stage in my evening gown!  For me, I felt like I had accomplished something big and I had a lot of fun at the same time.  As they called up the finalists one by one, I could almost hear a pin drop in the room.  I remember holding hands with the beautiful Ilinca S. (Miss Teenage Alberta 2015) while Sarah Ashley (our announcer and former Miss Teenage delegate) called out the finalists.  That’s when I heard my name – Brooklyn S!  I was at a loss for words I could barely walk to get my crown!  As soon as I heard Ilinca Serban get called I knew the road to Toronto would be amazing and I cannot wait to represent my city in Miss Teenage Canada this summer!

Since I was crowned, my mind has been doing circles with all the excitement inside just waiting to burst out and I cannot wait to see where my journey takes me.  I hope to make the most of this experience.  Winning the title of Miss Teenage Calgary 2015 is a huge accomplishment of mine.  I have had no previous experience in the world of pageantry and this has given me the self-confidence I need.  The moment I receive the email from Miss Teenage Canada with the words “congratulations” I started telling everyone I knew and started planning for the amazing experiences to come!

I would now like to talk a little more about myself.  For six years I professionally danced and sang in the Calgary Stampede Grandstand show.  That experience helped make me into who I am today and also helped me to gain the confidence of performing on stage.  By far the most influential and amazing years of my life were spent with The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts. As The Young Canadians like to say, “This is where the magic began”.  I trained an intensive 40 hours per week schedule as a singer and dancer in the program and this helped me to work far beyond the confines of my comfort zone.  This “push” was to work towards the pinnacle performance of the year at the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, in front of 20,000 people each night.  I finished my final year with the company in 2014 which turned out to be a rewarding year for me.  While with The Young Canadians, I also got the opportunity to work in ‘Disney Intensive’ workshops in Anaheim, California for two years in a row, focusing on dancing, singing and performing, and even got to attend a workshop put on by the dance world’s famous “Nappy Tabs!”  Being a member of The Young Canadians really was an honor and I loved every second on stage.  I was privileged to do back-up singing for Susan Aglukark and Paul Brandt and opportunities like those are what make The Young Canadians a huge part of my life and I am so grateful for the amazing experiences.

I hope to make the most out of this whole experience and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to compete in Nationals!  I hope this write-up helped give you an insight into more about my life and I would like to extend a thank you to all my sponsors (and especially to Bennett Jones LLP for paying my entire sponsorship to attend Nationals) for your amazing help in all that is to come!  Don’t forget to check back on my blog for more insight on my MTC journey.

Lots of love,

Brooklyn S. your new Miss Teenage Calgary 2015

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